1. Dear Mama,
    Today I am thinking about one of your characteristics, PATIENCE
    Girl-Lu I know there were times I broke your heart, there were many times I made you angry, times you told me to go right but I went left. I did not always do the right things, did not always make choices and decisions as you would have wanted me to. But despite all my wrongs or rebelliousness, one thing I was always certain of and still is today, is that you never stopped loving me, you never stopped praying and fasting for me and never stopped blessing me and steering me in the right directions. I am what I am today first by the Grace of GOD and because of you. I praise GOD for your life and for the privilege and blessings of having you as my Mother. You are irreplaceable not even us, your children can replace you. Thank you so much for all the sacrifices you made for me and my siblings. I am so grateful to GOD for the 62years He kept you on this earth, for the many lives He impacted through you. You were always his available and worthy vessel and I am without a shadow of doubt He pleased with you. You were a blessing to the world and every one that came in your path. You ran a very good race Girl-Lu, you finished your course down here on earth and the cares of this world are no longer your concern. Oh I can’t wait to one day see your glorious crown. My sweet and loving mother, there’s a big void in my heart that no one can fill but JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. I miss you so much Mama and I love you always and forever in Jesus Name.