Holding on to resentment

  1. My experience with Steve was to best describe an extreme narcissist. He used to cause all types of problems in the family,had no respect for anybody. I was beat and knocked out by him multiple times when I was a teenager. He was also an expert at division. He was somewhat truthful in his own world.From watching his hypocrisy, I decided to be the honest man out of the family in the true sense. I always stayed neutral with all my brothers and sisters, able to speak to anyone of them at any time. The last time I spoke to Steven he was trying to explain to me ways to murder Muslims, and asked me to look it up online and I told him I had no interest and he got mad at me. So that was the last time I spoke to him. I went poking around today to look up the Masonic Lodge to possibly come see him and I come across his obituary. Not surprised ! I hope he truly knew Jesus Christ ! My family has been a broken mess for as long as I can remember ! These are the things that people find truly sad ! ✌️