Remembrance Items

Items to commemorate a life include folders, cards, ornaments and more. Our in-house staff will customize each piece to make it memorable for your family and guests.

Angel Remembrance Ornament

Keep their memory alive during the holidays and all year through with this beautiful hand blown glass ornament with 22K Gold accents. A special gift for family and friends, each ornament is personalized and individually gift boxed.
Example: Mary Smith May 10,1943 – November 1, 2012


Laminated bookmarks are a lasting keepsake and tribute to your loved one. They can be customized with a poem, prayer, obituary and/or photo.
(Minimum order 8) (Aprox. Size – 8 ¾” x 3″)

Flower Seed Packets

At the conclusion of the services, those attending receive a small personalized packet of Wildflower seeds. After planting, these seeds grow to offer a lasting remembrance, and as the flowers bloom, memories of the deceased can be called to mind.

Tree Seedlings

(Meyer Spruce) Planting a tree in memory of your loved one creates a beautiful and lasting remembrance. Provide each of your family and friends with their own meaningful gift. 25 – 149 $15 each 150 or more $12 each (Tree seedlings measure approx. 10″ and grow to 100′)

Personalized printing is available. Work with our in-house experts to create folders, cards, and other items which will not only be prized keepsakes, but will honor a life.

Memorial Folders

Prayer Cards

Register Books

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