November 3, 1964 ~ July 4, 2020

Born in: Hong Kong, China
Resided in: Redondo Beach, CA

Winnie Pang

November 3, 1964 – July 4, 2020

Born in Hong Kong, Resided in Torrance, CA

Winnie was born in Hong Kong on November 3, 1964 and moved to California at the age of two. She was raised in the San Francisco bay area, eventually graduating from UC Berkeley with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. She moved to Southern California in 1989 after accepting a position at TRW in Redondo Beach, where she eventually met and married Clifford, her husband of 28 years.

She enjoyed traveling, watching Hallmark movies, planting and growing pineapples, taking long walks while listening to her favorite playlist, eating melted ice cream, and drinking cucumber lychee tea as well as milk green tea that tasted like melted ice cream.

She is survived by her husband, three children, both parents, and four brothers and sisters.

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  1. candle 4Although we cry and stand grief-stricken by your absence,
    We promise not to forget the loving memories you gave when your were present,
    But still we miss you so very much, my sister, my sister-in-law and Auntie dear,
    And your caring words we once again long to hear,
    Our hearts’ only solace is one day we will see you as before,
    We will always love you no matter where you are.

  2. candle 1We are blessed to have spent time with you in the years our children were growing up. Thank you for being a wonderful aunt, kind sister-in-law, and beloved sister. Your compassion, generosity, humor, and support have touched our lives, and you will be kept warmly in our hearts forever.

  3. candle 7I am proud to be Winnie’s little brother. I am inspired by how well she lived, how well she raised her family, her devotion and love of her family, and the devotion and love of her family for her. I am still curious how she pulled it all off. I miss you and will always remember the joy and happiness that you brought to me and the world. Thank you for being my big sister and taking care of me.

  4. candle 7Rest In Peace Winnie, spending time with you and your siblings has given me so many happy childhood memories. I recall the carefree days masquerading as castaways in our tree fort, baking and frosting strawberry cakes just because every day was a celebration, learning to ride a bike in the backyard, lazing the days away playing “family” with a much-loved dollhouse, the seemingly endless Monopoly marathons, and cramming all six of us onto the couch for the frightful Creature Feature nights where my love-hate relationship with horror movies began. Alas, the fun sleepovers with my cousins came to an end and we all had to grow up. Life has gotten in the way since then, and you left this world too soon. I will miss your infectious giggle and that mischievous sparkle in your eyes. I’ll see you again one day, save a spot for me in the tree fort….and bring cake!

  5. candle 8I first met Winnie from kindergarten. But have little memory of her. We were so young and it was eons ago. However, years later we met again at Lowell High. We became classmates and good friends. My first impression of her was she was so darn smart. But she never made me feel less intelligent than her. She was humble, kind, sweet and always jolly. After we graduated. She went to college and immediately she found her dream job where she met her future husband. We kept in touch during that period, i was even her bridesmaid.
    Eventually, life changes and people get busy. As times passed, my friendship with Winnie consisted of mainly annual xmas cards and a few mass emails. Though we haven’t spoken for a couple of decades i always looked forward to reading her yearly updates which included her trips and her children achievements.
    So when 2 months ago, out of the blue , Winnie reached out to me and wanted to talk and catch up. I was pleasantly surprised. We did eventually connect and we had the most wonderful conversation.
    The ironic part of this story, not long after our recent connection, i found out her life suddenly came to an end. I was devastated. My heart broke. Such a young life taken away. But on the positive note, at least i knew she passed peacefully with her family beside her.
    Winnie will be remembered fondly. She was a caring doting mom of three, a loving wife and was very dedicated to her job. She will be missed by many.
    RIP Winnie.

  6. candle 1I am blessed to have known such a lovable person as you. You’re always so calm and happy. I remember our hang out place on the first floor at Lowell, your beautiful wedding and the time I visited you in Torrance with Karen. These fond memories I will keep in my heart.
    Rest in Peace Winnie (the pooh).

  7. candle 5I met Winnie in high school and she was a sweet, kind and super smart person. I will remember her infectious smile and bright light, dimmed too soon.
    Deep condolences to the Yu and Pang families.
    Rest In Peace Winnie.

  8. candle 4I am lucky to have met you then later have you as my sister-in-law.
    I got to know you as a kind, humble person who always put others first.
    You will be missed. A life gone too soon.

  9. candle 4Rest in Piece my good friend Winnie. I meet Winnie back in 2006 and worked alongside her for many years. She was incredible, great knowledge of her job and very understanding when it came to understanding the challenges from the others perspective. We will all miss you Winnie and it was my honor to have known you.

    • Thank you for being a part of my family. I still remember the first time I met you so many years ago. It doesn’t seem to be all that long ago, but seeing the fine family you raised makes me realize how much time has really gone by. I can still hear your voice and laughter in my head and of course seeing you smile. Thank you for being such a blessing to Uncle and for the amazing young adults that You both raised. Your kids are a testament of the person you are and I hope that I can be as good of a mother as you. I’ll miss you Aunty. Aloha a hui hou.

  10. candle 1Winnie has always been the ray of sunshine for Clifford and the kids. When things came up, she was the voice of reason. Always calm and loving, Clifford, Catrina, Christine and Cody were always the better because of her guidance and love. We always enjoyed their trips to Hawaii. She will be missed by all. She is now in a place where she an watch and guide the family.

  11. candle 7An amazing and one of the smartest people I had the honor of knowing and working with. I will miss our brag sessions about our kids; but your smile and infectious laugh I will miss most of all.

  12. candle 2When I think of Winnie, the words — loyal, caring, kind, intelligent, and generous –leap in my mind. She was a person with a golden heart. I will always cherish our friendship and am very grateful for having known her.

  13. candle 2Dear Clifford, Catrina, Christine, and Cody,
    My name is Sandra Lui and I am deeply saddened to learn of Winnie’s passing from MaryAnn. My heart and prayers go out to you.
    Winne and I met in high school through mutual friends and we started to hang out in the same group. Meeting for lunch became the highlight of our days. We talked about movies and TV shows, laughed at terrible jokes made and played various card games like 21, speed, spades, spoons, and slapjack. Winnie always had a smile on her face; and during game time, her wicked humor popped out. I still remember the first time Winnie intently slapped my hand hard in slapjack. She smirked and said “Aww…did it hurt?” After this incident, we become competitive over “who can slap the hardest”. Over time, I found Winnie to be an extraordinary person. Her kindness and understanding showed through when she took time to help me on math and chemistry knowing I had little time to study since I worked after school. I would get frustrated, but she always explained the concepts and methods patiently with an encouraging smile.
    After college, our paths diverged and keeping in touch was an exchange of Christmas card and newsletter updates of the Pang family which I eagerly looked forward to. Through her newsletter, I can feel her deep pride and love for her children and family. When I think of Winnie, the words — loyal, caring, kind, intelligent, and generous –leap in my mind. She was a person with a golden heart. I will always cherish our friendship and am very grateful for having known her.
    It is said that those who touch our lives inspire us and love us and they do so for a lifetime. Memories of Winnie will always be with us in our hearts and mind. The adage “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” holds true. Her legacy will continue through her children and they will continue her legacy in touching and inspiring other people.

  14. candle 5I am at a loss that Winnie is not here w/us anymore. She was always the sunshine in our office. If it wasn’t her chuckle, it was her laugh. Personally? I loved her goofiness and how easy going she was. Her children were her pride and joy. Family was always #1. Whether it was about her parents, siblings, husband or kids, she always had something nice to say about them. Her kids? One could say she bragged about them but talking to her, it wasn’t bragging at all. It was her indirect way of telling you how super proud she was that her children were successful and did very well in school and their careers. Christine, Catrina, & Cody, you are your mom’s legacy. I have no doubt that your life’s path will always have your mom’s spirit alongside of you. I am heartbroken that she is gone but I hold her dear in my heart for all the fun talks, laughs and mom to mom discussions we had.

  15. candle 6Sending blessings and peace to Winnie’s beloved ones. Such sorrow at losing a kind and spunky “woman”. I am richer for having been in her friend circle. Good journey to a loving mother, wife, and playful spirit.

  16. candle 2I’m saddened by the tragic news of Winnie’s passing. My deep condolences to her family.

    Winnie was part of my wonderful high school memories. We had a lot of fun together in our social gatherings – at the school cafeteria, senior picnic and other celebratory events. Her infectious laughs and playful demeanor had brought us much joy in our adolescent days. Her gentle, caring and unassuming personality created a special bond in all of us.

    Winnie, as in our past group pictures, we will always have a special spot for you in our hearts.

  17. candle 5I miss my sister Winnie for the way she knew how to cheer me up when my heart was in pain. I am grateful for her generosity of being a good host and all the times she picked me up and drove me back to LAX whenever I visited her.

    She was a Superwoman by being a career woman and doing a fantastic job of raising Catie, Christine and Cody. Thank you, Winnie for trusting in me to take care of your children one summer when Cody was a toddler, Christine was about six and Catie was about 8. Those memories with them will always be cherished in my heart.

    I am proud of Winnie for passing on her legacy to her children to follow your dreams and most importantly, to have a loving and playful smile whenever you tease your Aunt.

    On May 30, I had a chance to speak to you on the phone when the Space Shuttle launched. I had no idea at the time that would be the last time I would speak to you. You were so patient and kind as you educated me on the importance of the launch. Thank you Winnie for always answering my questions and feeding my curious mind with your wise words.

    I’m grateful that I had an opportunity to speak on Wednesday, July 15 in front of your family, friends and colleagues. And, as your children spoke, I felt so proud of them to be so courageous and strong during this time.

    You blessed me with your love and I will cherish that with all of my heart.

    Much love and light to you forever!
    Baby Karen is giving you a spiritual hug and kiss!

  18. candle 1I am so sorry for the loss of this wonderful person. I worked with Winnie from 2005 to 2009 and always found her to be friendly and kind. I’ll pray for Winnie and her family during this difficult time.

  19. candle 4We are saddened by the tragic news of Winnie’s passing. Our deep condolences go out to Cliff and the whole family.

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