Sutton, William Gregory (Greg) A 50 year resident of the South Bay, our beloved Greg passed away on December 28th in Hermosa Beach, California. Greg graduated from Hawthorne High School in 1977 and was employed by Hughes Aircraft and Jol Designs of Hermosa Beach. Greg's many passions included beach volleyball, off-road racing, collecting guitars, writing & playing music, creative writing, astronomy, concern for all animals and USC Trojan Football. Greg enjoyed travel to the family cabin in Running Springs, trips to the Baja desert, and frequent bike cruises down the strand to the local beach volleyball courts. Greg is survived by his parents, Bill & LaVon Sutton, brother Jeff (Laurie), nephew Graham Sutton of Redondo Beach, and the Fred Martin family and many relatives and close friends near and far. A special thanks to the team of doctors that assisted Greg for many years, Dr. Chong U. Kim, Dr. David O. Kim, and Dr. Sunny Y. Melendez. An informal/casual gathering of friends and family in celebration of Greg's life will be held on Sunday, January 10th between 3 & 5 pm at Rice Mortuary, 5310 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA 90503. In Lieu of flowers the family suggests a donation to your preferred charity. Please visit www.LAfuneral.com to share memories and view a future video tribute to Greg. Much of Greg's inspiration came from music, and his passing can best be summed up in the words of one of his many favorite bands: "If I leave here tomorrow would you still remember me? For I must be traveling on, now. Cause there's too many places I've got to see". We love you Greg!

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  1. I don’t have a single summer memory (growing up) that doesn’t include the Sutton family. Like Greg falling off the log at Rock Creek or trying to keep his brother honest while playing “go fish” on Lake Shasta! Every Thanksgiving – most of them at the family cabin in Running Springs – and every Christmas has memories of Greg. You’ll be missed so much. Aloha, Cuz!

  2. Please accept our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

  3. So many amazingly great memories. Volleyball along the Hermosa strand. Our dog Bear who Greg taught to fetch beer from the frig and whom he used on many occasions as a chick magnet. The great times Laura, Greg and I spent on the old Redondo Pier. Baja and so many amazing adventures. The Fugawi as Greg call us. Greg knew there was an amazing world out there that needed to be explored and we did. We would set out to find Greg a wife and boy did we meet some cute ones. Late night taco stands in the small Mexican villages on Friday night was where we loved to be and where Greg was at his best. The talker he was he would always draw a small crowd. Greg embraced the idea of taking our daughters to Baja and through Greg they fell in love with Baja and even more with Uncle Greg. His late night Baja stories kept everyone at awe, they seemed to go on forever. Greg, the Musician, volleyball player, the story teller, the great adventurer, a great friend. Explore on my brother, Love you Fugawi!

  4. When the name, “Uncle Greg” (as my kids call him) is mentioned – everyone lights up. Big Smiles! Our memoires and stories begin – from 4th street Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach Pier, days of dating, Bear & the Beach, the cabin trips, to Baja trips and Jim & Greg’s BFF talks (that’s what the girls and I would call them) on Christmas Eve. The room becomes loud with love, laughter & happy hearts. Greg, you have such a huge piece of my family’s hearts. Your laughter, song, character voices, love and true honest friendship will live within the Hunter Home Always! And I will always love you, Laura

  5. From my earliest memories of the house in Hawthorne, riding mini bikes, swimming, going to Pop Warner football games and to the airport to watch planes land, to our pre teen days of Running Springs trips, camping at Rock Creek and singing camp songs, houseboating on Lake Shasta, and numerous trips to Mexico, to our teenage days of going to concerts (we both loved Rod Stewart) and the pizza shop where Gary worked, to our adult years, OK, I’ll keep those a secret, to the day Brad and I got married and you sang in our wedding, that meant so much to both of us. Every fun childhood, teen, and adult memory I have include you. I will miss you so much, but I know you are in heaven holding court and telling the same stories I will tell,,but telling them only the way you can,,,you are the greatest story teller ever! Love you, miss you, and will see you when my time comes! Party on little Cuz!

  6. As a part of the apt. community of 655 2nd St. in Hermosa for many years, I got to know Greg quite well. He had an amazingly gentle spirit and wonderful sense of humor! We had so much fun on our shared deck, get togethers and yearly luau, at which Greg was always master of the BBQ. He loved animals, and enjoyed his always youthful lifestyle. He saw me, and several of the other tenants, through the constant ups and downs of our love lives, and I’m sure got a constant chuckle out of it as well. The antics of 655 kept us all busy and quite amused. We laughed some great, heartfelt laughs! I was fortunate enough to receive an email from Greg a few weeks ago, and we were able to catch up on each other’s lives. I know he has not been able to participate in his life the way he has wanted to for quite a few years. I am so sad that someone with such a kind heart, amazing nature, and zest for life is gone, but I have no doubt that he used the time he had to the fullest. We will miss our “top rooster.” Denise

  7. Greg, you were such a friendly and caring neighbor. I will always remember sharing sunsets and homemade cookies on the deck at 655. I miss you. Love, Robin

  8. It’s just too simple to feel pain and numbness at Greg’s passing. As all the crazy memories and recollections play out in my head, I realize how dear his friendship was, but we always realized it, we knew in the moment how infrigincredible it was to be friends. Everyone was touched by Greg’s amazing wit and musical abilities, his ridiculous stories, such a rare gift of genius. He loved his family and friends so enormously and we all loved him. With Greg we realized an absolutely intoxicating riot of fun and joy, of being human together in this time and place on earth. We knew it was only for a while, didn’t we buddy? But Christ, we still had such a wonderful time. God Bless U Brother.-J.Espo

  9. From the time we were kids we always seemed to find a way to get into some sort of mischief together. I remember the time when we were 8 or 9 years old and we started up the bulldozer up at the cabin, I can’t recall ever seeing our dads run so fast. We did have some great times building forts, hiking, climbing trees and can’t forget the snow ball fights! You always had a story to tell or a joke to crack. I learned at an early age that your jokes and toy trucks equal a chipped tooth! We rode our bikes a million miles together. We solved the problems of the world every night on the row boat in Lake Shasta, which by the way I think I did most of the rowing. Oh and all of those trips to Mexico and Rauls. You will be truly missed cuz! Keep playing and singing in heaven and keep telling the stories like only you can.

  10. Greg was a fun-loving, friendly and happy “younger brother” from my days of enjoying the company of the Sutton family. My sister Peggy and Greg were in the same class at Hawthorne High – all laughing pals of those days. Such fond memories. Greg will be missed and I pray that all of Greg’s family feels the love we have for you and that it helps through this difficult time. Know that Greg is in a peaceful and happy place.

  11. Our family has always loved the Sutton family and I send my deepest love and prayers to Jeff and the rest of the family. I am so sorry that you lost Greg so young.

  12. We are deeply saddened as to the loss of a great friend. Greg was in our wedding 22 years ago along with several of such a great group of fiends that surrounded him. We have so many great memories hang out at the apartments with everyone on Monterey during all times of the year. We spent time at the cabin in Running Springs, water ballooning beach goers, and hanging out listening and discussing music until all hours of the night You will be greatly missed, God Bless you and your family. Kevin, Cynthia, Brittany & Brianna

  13. I have many fond memories of Greg from days at Hawthorne High School. He was always such an easy going lovable guy. We had an awesome time during our travels to Germany with Herr Grahamer’s German class. Greg’s warm smile and easy laugh will always be remembered. I feel honored to have known him. May it comfort the Sutton family to have the deep knowing that Greg is at peace, pain-free, with our Heavenly Father, and in our hearts always.

  14. Greg was always a pleasure to be around. From the day I moved across the street from him 20 years ago till now, I have enjoyed his wit and humor. We shared the love of off road racing, guitars, music and volleyball. He was a great employee and a great friend. MacGeggor, as my kids called him, kept a good sense of humor and a smile on his face till the end. I am sure he is playing a Monte Montgomery tune on his guitar from above, while watching Robby Gordon race the DAKAR in his Hummer. I miss you my friend. My condolences to the family. Peace “Doood”

  15. Words cannot express how sad I am to hear about Greg. He will always be “little Greg” to me. Let your memories of the good times with Greg comfort you. Love, Linda

  16. Jeff, I’m so sorry to hear of your brothers passing. You & your family are in my thoughts & prayers.

  17. From the early Pop Warner Football days, to the many memories of our high school years, including the summers working at Hawthorne Youth Camp, our families have always enjoyed each other’s company and friendship. Greg will be remembered for his quick wit, passion for music, and for being a good friend. The world has lost a very special person. Our prayers are with the Sutton’s now and always.

  18. Our deepest condolences to Jeff and the entire Sutton family. May your heart be comforted today and tomorrow. Peace be with you. Your friend always – Paul and Lynette Heisinger

  19. It’s comforting to know that Greg is at peace and painless. We are so glad that we got to see him one more time, and apparantly on a good day too. Our condolances to the family and his friends. We too feel the loss.

  20. I will truly miss you Greg. One of the people in the family that I felt that I clicked with the most. Whether it was talking about music, surf, or God knows what it felt that we were always on the same page. I remember one of the Thanksgivings at the cabin, on our post-feast walk, we sort of fell behind the group and you were showing Nicole and I all of the constellations that you had recently read about in a book you had brought to the cabin with you. Though it was a short walk that has to be one of my favorite memories of you. Honestly you were the only person that could make stuff like that interesting. Whether it was football games in the street, tree forts, zippy whompfing, ect. you were always game. The cabin and Christmas parties will surely not be the same. I lost my MVP for the Thanksgiving Nerfbowl too. At any rate the game will go on like I know you would want it to, and I know that you are at a much better place somewhere out there in the stars. Greg you really were one of a kind. I miss you, Stinky.

  21. We cannot begin to express our feelings on losing our Gregie–he has been a big part of our family since the day he was born–fun, laughter, love, caring as only Gregie could give us. Our holidays together and all of our fun camping trips, well our life with greg left his mark on all of us. he will be so greatly missed ,but we know he is up there looking over all of us. we are thankful he is no longer suffering pain. thank you gregie for bringing such alot of joy to our lives. love you much auntie vi and uncle fred

  22. The entire Sarner Family sends our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the Suttons and Greg’s extended family and friends. As some of you know, Greg and I were very close friends. Our lives went separate ways decades ago yet Greg has been in my thoughts frequently over the years. I am glad to read he lived a happy and fulfilling life after we lost touch with each other. And it is wonderful to relive the many great memories initiated by this memorial. Greg enjoyed life and cared for people deeply. It is befitting that once again – Greg is a catalyst for bringing people together – reconnecting many long time friends through this memorial. He will always be with and a part of me.

  23. Greg was, for a teenage boy with guitar dreams, a hero to me. He was frequently there in my mind, “Go for it”! Always with gusto, always earnest and always with genuine enthusiasm. Later on I did not get to spend nearly as much time with him as I’d of liked, life does that I guess, and I am deeply saddened by the news. That he no longer suffers is a consolation. As I recall the many fun Christmas parties and trips to the mountains our families were given the gift of sharing, I can feel a smile coming on even through this gloom. I can’t help but think that Greg is behind this confused levity, just as he was for so many other shenanigans! See you on the flip side Greg, you were loved and will be missed!

  24. Greggie and I had grown so close in the past year. We really had a special connection. As my “roomie” at the cabin this year, we stayed up til the wee hours of the night, talking about life, and giggling like the little kids we are at heart. This was after the infamous astronomy lesson we got every year. This year was different though, we got a close look at the moon. It was one of the most bitchin things I can honestly say I’ve ever seen. That was the most special Thanksgiving yet. The cabin, Thanksgiving, the holidays and life in general will not be the same without Greggie. As the days have passed, I’ve realized how many things remind me of him. He’s been a huge part of our family and my life since I was born. He’s always been one of us kids and we’ve had the best times together. He’s an irreplaceable person and will be truely missed by everyone who got lucky enough to know him. I’ll miss his stories, his thoughts, his laughter, his humor, his crazy emails at 3am, his appreciation for music, and most of all, the bond that made us family…”2nd cousins, twice removed, whatever…family.” I love you and miss you dearly Stinkbomb…See you on the darkside of the moon…. Love always and forever, -Your Roomie- Nicole

  25. Greg, you were always one of my most favorite people. Say “hi” to Donna and rest easy my dear friend. My sincere condolences to the Sutton family.

  26. Wow, I can’t believe that a year of “firsts” has gone by already!There have been many, as some of us call them, “Greg sightings” from Redondo Beach to San Francisco to Lake Tahoe to Running Springs and beyond. We now have a star shining down on us from the Ursa Major constellation and a love for Greggie always in our hearts. Love, Sherrie

  27. Oh Bro, it’s taken me well over a year to get to this point. While you and I seemed driven by different life sources, there was never a disconnect in knowing what the other was feeling/thinking. The treasures that you have left behind continue to amaze and make me smile. I’m blessed to have had such a talented brother and to have had 50 great years together. Save me a space around the camp fire, I’ll see you soon! Love ya..

  28. Wow, this has hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve been looking for Greg on the internet for years. I’ve been sending messages to his old email. I just wanted to reconnect with him..to talk about some things that happened when we both lived at 655 2nd Street. He was a great friend to me. I would like to know what happened to Greg. I’m upset that he’s gone and that I’ll never have the chance to reconnect with him. I’m so sorry for his family’s loss.

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