William Cody Williamson IV

william williamson iv

November 17, 1991 ~ April 10, 2008

Resided in: Redondo Beach, CA

William Williamson IV, "Cody", a resident of Redondo Beach, passed away on Thursday, April 10, 2008. He was 16 years old and attended Redondo Beach High School. Cody was a member of the Redondo High School Lacrosse Team, and Club Ice Hockey (LA Hockey Club, and Los Angeles Jr. Kings). Family, Friends, and Sports mattered to him most. He enjoyed Hockey, Lacrosse, Body Boarding, and Skateboarding. He was a fan of Los Angeles Kings Hockey. Cody's civic activities included work with the Pancreatic Cancer action network. He is survived by his Parents, Silvia and Bill Williamson of Redondo Beach, CA; Brother Nickolas 13, and Twins Kristina & Joshua 10. A Viewing with family & friends will be held at Rice Mortuary in Torrance on Tuesday April 15, 2008 from 5 to 9 pm. The Service will be held at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Torrance on Friday April 18 at 11am. Burial will follow at Pacific Crest Cemetery in Redondo Beach. A Reception will then be held at Good Sheperd Lutheran Church. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to A Scholarship Fund in Cody's name for the Redondo High School Lacrosse team or Pancreatic Cancer action network.

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  1. Dear Silvia and Family, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your son, Cody. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this very difficult time. God Bless you all, Leticia

  2. My son just shared history class with cody, however We were crushed when we got the notice of the accident. No words can tell how deeply affect us. I have you all in my prayers everyday. God bless you. ‘Cody just went to meet the team of angels that he is belong now.

  3. Ahhh William CODY Williamson, where to even begin! This past week has been rough but we’re hangin’ in there. Writing this, along with everything we’ve been doing in your honor seems unbelievable. This accident of yours came too soon, and is very unfortunate because you were on your way. 2008 had started out prettty rocky for you, but last i had seen/heard you were doing better. You and Kylen were happy, etc. I could tell you were exhausted, and i am so happy you are now able to lay back and relax. I know you would’ve became something amazing after highschool. You were SOO intelligent,and had so much potential to make it. You brought light into every room you entered. I enjoyed every minute of your presence because it was never dull. You always knew how to make me smile, even if you had just made me want to ring your neck 2 minutes before. But that was just how you were, and we knew that. No one could stay “mad” at you! Whether you were playing hockey or coming up with some crazy plan…you were always the best. STALIN…hellooo? Why do you think we had nicknamed you that? I remember all these times we were able to share, and I’m lucky to have known such an amazing person. I’ll see you soon, but until then watch over us. Especially your family, friends, Kylen, you know. I pray for you and your family everyday. And you are constantly running through my mind. This week hasn’t been the same and i don’t think life ever will be. I will never forget you Little Cody. Or those millions of memories we shared. You taught me so much, and i love you for that. You might not of known that when you were down here but now you do! I love you Cody and i will miss you so much. <3

  4. To Codys Famiy: Im extremely sorry for your loss. My prayers are with you all everyday. My dad was in Italy this past week and when he went to the Vatican in Rome i asked him to light a candle in Codys memory. Ill never forget the way he smiled. He was an amazing guy.

  5. To The Williamson Family, Our hearts are breaking for you and for the loss of Cody. He will be remembered as a bright light, a generous soul and treasured friend. He made a lasting impression on some many people and will never be forgotten. Through our tears, our memories of him can still bring a smile to our face. With love and deepest sympathy, Diane & Erin Walsh

  6. To Bill and family.Bill I wish to give you and your family my deepest condolences for Cody.My prayer is that God will soften your sadness and grief.I did not get to meet your son,but I bet he was a great son.My prayers are with you.Paul

  7. To The Williamson Family: Our deepest sympathy goes out to all of your family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through one of the most heartbreaking times of your lives. My grandson, Cody Oats, told me about the untimely loss of your beloved son. The tributes to your Cody describes what a unique, witty, and loving son he is to the many lives he has touched leaving footprints on their hearts forever. In your heart are a thousand moments that will remain with you always. May these treasured times bring you much needed comfort and strength especially when your pain is unbearable. Talk about Cody to others as you go through the grieving process because he is and will always be your son and brother. Trust that he is there right now and always as you go through this unanticipated direction in your lives. At this time, there are no words; only shoulders to lean on, hands to hold onto, hugs to comfort you as best they can with continuous love. God bless, Trudy and Jerry

  8. Dear Williamson Family: As a means of introduction, our son Brandon is in Kristina & Joshua’s 5th grade class. With all due respect to your personal loss and the fact you do not know our family, upon hearing of your loss, Cody became our son too. And we just wanted to reach out family to family to let you know that on this day, a candle has been lit and prayers have been said in his name and for your family. Kindness & Deep Sympathy – The Millan Family.

  9. Sylvia and Family – My prayers are with you during this time. May all of the wonderful memories you have of your Son keep him close to you always. Edie

  10. Silvia, I can’t tell you how sorry I am to hear about Cody. I remember you bringing him to work and how he was such a cute kid, an aspiring model. Please know that I am keeping you and all your family in my prayers. God Bless Sara

  11. Josh, Bill, Sylvie and Family, We are so sorry to hear about Cody and your truly heartbreaking loss. Our wish is that in time you will remember the joy he brought to you and rejoice in the time you were able to be with him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Much love, Jamie, Ken, Logan and Brett Buckstaff

  12. Hi there! Bill & Williamson Family I heard and read about your tragic loss with your incredible son William/Cody. I know, no words can give you much comfort for your loss. But PLEASE know how deeply sorry I am and am here for you and your family. I know this is not a good time, but whenever you need a lift, again please feel free to contact me. Bill know this! I always thought you were a rock in our little group and know you will be the strength for your family. Call me, when you have a moment, I would enjoy visiting with you and your family. Cell # 310 999 – 4621, home # 310 643 – 7168, cell number is best. Bless You & Your Family & Take Care Ralph Romero III & Family

  13. Dear Williamson Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. If there is anything at all that we can do, please know that we are here. Deepest Condolences, Scott Hochstadt, and the Starz Lacrosse Family

  14. Hello… I see that your son was an goalie and loved the LA Kings. My husband is the President and General Manager for the Kings. I am so sorry he was involved in an accident. He has such a beautiful smile, and it seems he was such a good boy. I would like to extend an invitation to your family to attend an LA Kings game next season as my guest. Please keep my e-mail address so you may contact me when you are ready. My heart goes out to you, and I will be thinking of you. Regards, Wandamae Lombardi

  15. My kids played hockey with the Williamsons at South Bay T.I.D.E.S. Cody positively exemplified what T.I.D.E.S. stood for – teamwork, integrity, dedication, excellence and sportsmanship. This was not limited to sports but encompassed his life as a whole. He will be sorely missed, this is a devastating blow to anyone who knew him or even knew OF him. My heart aches for his family and the friends that knew him so much better than my family did.

  16. Dear Williamson Family: I have responded with your father and husband Bill to many emergencies at the numerous Raytheon facilities located in El Segundo. I am a fireman/paramedic for the City of El Segundo. My heartfelt saddness upon learning the news of the tragic passing of your beloved Cody has remained with me for some time now. Weeks ago I searched the internet looking for some manner to send my condolences. I chanced upon the Rice Mortuary notice in the newspaper and now I have the opportunity, somewhat late, to express my sympathy and empathy for what has befallen your fine family. I am truly sorry for your loss and I have been thinking about you often although I am not an intimate of your family. I apologize for the delay in getting my sentiments to you so late. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you in any manner. I hope to eventually see Bill since our paths often cross each other when I am working. My phone number is: 805-712-6468. Thank you! Sincerely, Robert Sonek

  17. My sweet little boy! It has been two months since your accident and I think of you every minute of everyday. You were my life and I will always have you close in my heart. The day you died a part of me died, I carried you for nine months and watched you grow for 16 years and you will never be forgotten. I count the days for us to be together again in heaven. Rest my sweet little boy and always know that I am near and holding you close. I love you now and always will, I wish I had told you more often how proud I was of you and how much I loved you. Know that you are loved and missed everyday. Rest in peace my son and hold me close and wait for me until we are together again. Your loving mother.

  18. My family and I heard the news from a text message sent to us in coranado over spring brake. I as a Mother was so upset and have not had it off my mind since. My youngest daughter, Aleyah Strahle is friends with Cody’s little sister Kristina. I met him once when I dropped off Aleyah to Kristina’s slumber party.I have see the Williamson family over the years at soccer fields and I am so sorry for this tragic loss.Every parents prayer is to go before their children, it is so upsetting for me to even comprehend what your family is going threw.i do believe from what i have heard and read about Cody, that he was an inspiring boy to peers and full of jokes and smiles who brightened peoples days and that is what makes me belive there was a special place in heaven waiting for him. As hard as it is to belive, because of his age and all the people who loved him soooooo much and how upsetting it is for the people he left behind butI truly think he was needed in heaven for the great qualities in him to be an ANGEL and guide others who are not as strong. i just wanted to say a few words to let the williamson family no that my families thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. To the parents of Cody….there are NO NO words to make you feel better at this time and it is probably so rough to even think you can go on without him in your life, he has touched your life with 16 wonderful years and be soooooo thankful that you brought a boy into this world who touched so many lives in such a short time and the lives that he touched will never forget him.Please be so proud of that. That song I keep thinking about “Only the good die young” I belive that. Every one will have that day where they well leave this earth, but when God chooses them when the are young its for a purpose, because they were special people who touched everyones lifes in a special way and God needed those Qualiteis in Cody for a reason and i truly belive that. Dont think of the “i should of not let him go to eat that night” or the ” if he walked just a little further he could of crossed at the cross walk” You can not feel the guilty feelings because it will eat you up inside.Just think of Cody up in heaven looking down at you and saying “everythings is OK” its hard to imagian when you are feeling soo much pain but if he could tell you that with his own words right now it would make you feel so better I am sure, us as parents always no matter what want to be there to protect our kids but we can’t always be there but that is part of us letting them become independent and part of them growing up. I wish your family a great deal healing and remember to be so blessed for the years you had Cody in your life……Lisa Strahle & Family

  19. Cody will be sadly missed. His loss has left a hole in our hearts. We think of you all with great sympathy. You are in our hearts and prayers. Jackie, Clare and Matthew

  20. Bill/Silvia, we are so sorry for your lose, we cannot imagine how you must feel at this point. Losing a child is probably the most difficult thing that one will ever have to endure and we wanted to let you guys know that you as well as your entire family are in our prayers and we know Cody is with God now and he will be missed.

  21. Bill, Silvia, My condolences to you, and your family, during this difficult time. Although I did not know your son, I am positive that he’s accomplished many wondrous things, and been a source of great pride for both of you. May the best of Cody always live on in your memories. I hope the knowledge that he is in a better place, that he is now filled with a grace that knows no pain, gives you both at least some measure of peace, as you both try to understand this tragic loss. My deepest sympathies, Matthew Everlove

  22. I wish I had the words that could ease the pain you must be feeling. Cody seems like he was a great guy and he affected many peoples lives. God bless you and be with you.

  23. Please accept my heartfelt sympathy for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time. May you take comfort in knowing there is one more angel above us.

  24. Bill and Silvia Words can not express how deeply saddened I am to hear about your loss. Although I did not know Cody personally, I was deeply touched as Bill always speaks of his children with so much pride and joy. My heart is broken for your whole family. May God’s grace give you strength during this very difficult time, but I know that your grief goes way beyond what words can ever express and it’ll take much more than words to mend your broken hearts. May the loving memories of your beautiful son bring you comfort. My sincerest condolences, Wendy Macedo

  25. Queridos primos: Aunque estemos lejos, estamos con ustedes. Pedimos a Dios que les de fortaleza y paz para afrontar estos momentos tan dificiles que hoy les toca vivir. Desde Aca, nuestras mas sinceras condolencias. Tus primos Claudia, Giuliana, Viviana, Marcia y Fernando Beretta

  26. Bill, Silvia and Family. I’m so glad that we had an opportunity to meet and that Trevor had an opportunity toplay hockey with Cody. I know that this is the most difficult time in your life but know that the hockey “families” from over the years are here to support you. Please let us know if there is anything that you need. Love Rick, Teri and Trevor Harris

  27. Dear Silvia, Bill, Nicky, Kristina and Joshua – I was so very saddened to hear the tragic news today about Cody. My heart breaks with you and for you. I pray that God sends you strength and comfort to help see you through this terrible loss. I send my love and deepest sympathy to you all. Elizabeth

  28. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend Cody’s funeral. I played hockey with him growing up and hung out with him outside of the rink as well. He was a great kid with a smile that could light up the room. I think everyone is still in shock that he’s gone. Love you man.

  29. Bill, Silvia and Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. We are sorry for your loss.

  30. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Cody’s smiling face will be dearly missed. -The Luna Family. Dear cody, Im always going to remember you as the life of the party, you had the ability to make everyone smile. I can’t wait to meet with you again and play some more hockey, those were the good ole days. Ill never forget you man, you were a good friend of mine and ill always remember the good times with you. -Nick Luna

  31. Bill and Sylvia, May God be with you and your family.Remember that where ever you are, Cody will be with you always. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. God Bless you all.

  32. I have had the pleasure of standing side by side with Silvia for the past year and a half and have been blessed with the opportunity to get to know her and her family. I have never met a mother more passionate and more in love with her family. Cody was the light of her life and I know that it will take a long time to come to peace with what has happened. But one thing I know…is that Silvia, Bill and the family have many people that love them and will help them through this incredibly difficult time. In the words of Henry Van Dyke “Some people are so afraid do die that they never begin to live”. Cody lived and embraced life to it’s fullest. And for that, the family should be proud. You are all in my prayers.

  33. Rumiko & I were devastated to hear of your loss. Although we did not know Cody, he as well as your entire family are in our thoughts and prayers. With our deepest sympathy, Frank & Rumiko Cote

  34. Bill and family…I’m so very sorry about your sudden loss of your son. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Take care.

  35. Bill and Silvia- We were so shocked and saddened to hear about Cody. Even now, it’s hard to accept, so we can only imagine what you are going through.We will remember him as a fun-loving kid who always had a smile on his face. Through league games, tournaments and state playoffs, he competed hard and kept us in a lot of games, but no matter what the outcome of any game was, he always came out of the locker room with a smile for the parents. He and Jordy had some good times together, and whenever he spent the night with us, he was always respectful and fun to have around. Cody was a great kid who everyday lived life to the fullest and we’re going to miss him. Take comfort in knowing that he’s looking down at you now with that smile of his, and will always be looking out for you all. Take care and God bless. Joe, Kathy, Jordy and Monica

  36. i dont even know where to start. Cody was an amazing guy.. he was always happy,always made the best out of life, always made me smile, always was so funny. He was always around made friends with everyone, there is no reason why he had to go. we shared alot of good memories in the summer time. I remember this one day i was having the worst day and crying and cody has his friend cody pick me up and we went down to the six man vollyball thing in manhattan, we walked around to all the energy drink stands and got as many as we could. as we weer walking we saw a guy in a spedo and to make me laugh cody said he was going to wear one at the beach next time! He completly cheered up my day. Also one time i went to the hockey rink and i called him and he was telling me all the hisotry behind the zamboni and i couldnt believe how much he knew about hockey he was so smart and he loved hockey so much. he was so sweet he would call me almost every morning and ask me how i was getting down to second street and that we should go down there together and get lunch. Anytime i was sad i could call him and tell him everything and he would give me the best advice and he would ALWAYS make me feel better. Thursday morning my friend liz calls me crying and told me what happend… i didnt believe it at first. My heart dropped and broke in a million pieces. I was going through my closet and i come upon his favorite jacket that had bright rainbow colors on it that deff described his big funny personailty. he asked me all the time for it back but i could never give it back to him, now i have it in memory of him and i will wear it all thet time and remember all our memories. He was such a good friend to everyone and always made everything better its just not fair that this had to happen i’m so sorry to his family i cant even image what you guys are going through. he’s in a better place now.. my grandparents are with him and they will watch over him and take care of him.. Rest in peace cody i will always miss you and be thinking about you.

  37. May God wrap His loving arms around you to strengthen and comfort you. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  38. Dear Silvia,Bill Nickolas,Kristina & Joshua: Cody is one of my daughters best friends I remember many times hearing his name over the years, seeing him with my daugther and friends. Cody “Thank you” for being such a great friend to my daughter. Our deepest condolences. Our prayers are with you and your family. Heaven has a new angel “Cody”.

  39. Dear Bill, Silvia, Nicky, Josh & Kristina- Words cannot express how deeply sorry we are for your loss. “The Codester” was such a fun loving guy, always with that brillant smile on his face, and a great goalie. Lucas enjoyed playing hockey with/against Cody, and having him as a friend. Please know that Cody is playing “Cloud Hockey” in Heaven. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Beth, Joe, Benj & Lucas Digati

  40. my little cody. i cant believe your gone. i remember watching you grow up. just innocently playing with your little brother nikki and my litlle sister. we grew apart but i always was there for you as i knew you were for me. i remember you holding me when brit died and you promised me everything would be ok, never would i have imagined youd leave too. cody there is so much i wish i would said to you. you would have done great things you were so intellegent. rest in peace cody and i know u and brit are looking down on everyone. i love u and i miss u. -sarah soria

  41. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Williamson’s at this very difficult time. We have so many great Cody memories going back to the early days of TIDES hockey. What a bright light in this world who will truly be missed.

  42. Bill and Family: My thoughts and prayers are with you on the loss of your son Cody. May God give all of you the strength you will need to go on.

  43. hey cody i remember it like it was yesterday running on the playground together with little nikki…i remember being in history with u sitting behinde me and you would always say sabrina put your phone away all extra loud.. haha and before i had my baby me you and kylynn in the nurses office just messing around and talking… well we’ve had lots of memories since we were little kids and this is where i say see you later not good bye. i know your watching over us with britt and i’ll miss u alot and never for get you. see you later

  44. Bill, Silvia,Helen and all your Family and Friends, On behalf of the Soria-Carrillo Family, we send our condolences and keep you all in our prayers. As you may have been overwhelmed with the tremendous amount of friends that Cody had, look for him in all the lives he touched. Love doesn’t die, people do. Cody’s love lives in so many of his family and friends. Although you are in so much pain to have lost Cody when his life was just beginning, remember to share his love in your heart and in your mind. His love for life and the activities he loved most. He will be missed by so many and I thank you for the times he was able to share with my daughters, Sarah & Sabrina.


  46. I feel as though there is nothing I can write that will assuage your grief. I would however like to let you know how Cody touched our lives. Whether I would see Cody at the rink, beach or gym, he truly was one of my son, Kyle’s most cheerful friends. Most recently I would see Cody at 24 Hour Fitness in Hermosa Beach, he would always go out of his way to come over and say hello to me, and have something to say that made me smile. Cody brought smiles and laughter to those who knew him. Taking an excerpt from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “To laugh often and much;…… to leave the world a bit better this is to have succeeded.” Cody did do that.

  47. Mr Williamson and family I was so sad to hear about Cody. I have great memories of him – especially his wonderful smile and sense of humor. The world has lost an amazing kid. Jason

  48. my heart and prayers are with you and your family. i know nothing i say can make things better but i want you to know that so many people are here for you. i believe i may have had cody in my sunday school class at OCF. please contact me if there is anything that i can do for you!

  49. Bill and Family – We never lose the people we love, may happy memories of your son bring you comfort and God’s peace in this most difficult time. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care.

  50. Bill and silvia €“ I know there is nothing I can say to ease your pain. I hope you can find comfort knowing how loved your son was by so many. I remember the sleepovers the year our boys played together, the sounds of laughter that would come out of the bedroom, the midnight refrigerator raids, his smile that lit up his face. We are so blessed for having known him. God bless you all. The Sanzones

  51. Dear Sylvia and family, My heart goes out to you, I was so, so sorry to hear the news. Thoughts are with you. Diane Stapleton

  52. To the family of Cody – I was the first responder on the scene after the accident. I stayed by Cody’s side in the event I could do something more for him until paramedics arrived. I also did my best to offer some comfort by talking to him. He was not alone in the street. Silvia, you may remember that I spoke to you and said I would be praying….I did and I continue to pray for your family during this difficult time.

  53. Bill, Silvia, and family, We would like to extend our condolences and prayers to all of you. Cody will be missed very much especially in the world of hockey. His affectionate smile and happy personality always brought sunshine to everyone around him. He may be gone physically but his spirit will always be with you to brighten your day. When you are having a bad day, just look up at the sunshine and the rays of the sun will be Cody’s spirit embracing you with warmth and love. May you and and your family be blessed with the Aloha spirit during this difficult time.

  54. Still can’t believe this is true. We had some good times together in the water. Your smile and positivity will never be forgotten. Rest well.

  55. Shawn and I are deeply sadden by Cody’s death. The goalie community is a small one and as a goalie parent I felt close to all of Shawn’s peers. Cody was always quick with his smile and friendly hello’s. We will always think of him any time hockey is mentioned. He will be missed. With our sincere condolences, Debbie and Shawn Makaena

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