Sylvia Elizabeth Levy was born on April 15, 1919, to Victoria and Joshua James in the city of Colon, Republic of Panama. Sylvia had one younger brother, Robert James (Deceased), with whom she had a very loving and close relationship. She lived in La Boca, Canal Zone where she completed her schooling in the eighth grade which was equivalent of today's high school education. Although classroom education stopped, her education never ended. She was a very avid reader and participated actively in debates on current events and politics. Sylvia met Stanford Levy through mutual friends, fell in love and married on June 17, 1939. Sylvia and "Levy" as he was affectionately called had five children: Audrey, Stanford, Elena, Roberta (Deceased) and Delight. Sylvia was a homemaker for most of her married life, but after her children left home; she was not idle. She became very active in social clubs which included fundraisers, many outings and social events. She also loved to dance and was a member of the Silver Stars Quadrille group. Sylvia was very artistic; she loved crocheting, sewing and creating gifts for family and friends. She was always very interested in how and what her family was doing. When she was able it was not unusual for her to prepare one of our favorite dishes and invite us over just to make us feel special. Although in her later years her health was failing, her faith in God remained strong and unwavering. She was always a loving and caring mother. We will always hold in our hearts her beautiful smile, bubbly laughter and her stories. We will miss her. She is survived by four children, Audrey Ford, Stanford Levy, Elena Morrell and Delight Bowman. Sons in law Raymond Morrell and Kenneth Bowman and Daughter in law Elena Levy, one niece Leatha Sprauve, twelve grand-children, sixteen great grandchildren, one great great grand-daughter and a host of relatives and friends.

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  1. Your grandmother was like a grandmother to me. i loved sitting in the kitchen and talking with her as a teenager and well into my adulthood. My love goes to you and your whole family Valerie. love you all.

  2. Grandmother, It took me a while to be able to come to this website. I wanted to put something special for a special person like you. I will always keep your words, your face and your smile in my heart. I am truly going to miss being able to talk to you. I Love you. DIANNE REEVES lyrics – Better Days Silver gray hair Neatly combed in place There were four generations Of love on her face She was so wise No surprise passed her eyes She’s seen it all I was a child, oh About three or four All day I’d ask questions At night I’d ask more But whenever, she never Would ever turn me away No, no oh woah I’d say how can I be sure What is right or wrong And why does What I want Always take so long Please tell me Where does God live And why won’t He talk to me I’d say Grandma What is love Will I ever find out Why are we so poor What is life about I wanna know the answers Before I fall off to sleep Woah ho woah ho She saw the smile As she tucked me in Then she pulled up that Old rockin’ chair once again But tonight she was Slightly, remarkably Different somehow Slowly she rocked Lookin’ half asleep Grandma yawned As she stretched Then she started to speak What she told me Would mould me and hold me Together inside Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah She said all the things you ask You will know someday But you have got to live In a patient way God put us here by fate And by fate that means Better days She said, child we are all Moons in the dark of night Ain’t no mornings gonna come Till the time is right Can’t get no better days lest You make it through the night You gotta make it Through the night Yes you do You can’t get to no Better days Unless you make it Through the night (baby) Oh ho, you will see Those better days But you gotta be patient Be patient, oh baby Be patient Later that year at The turn of spring Heaven sent angels down And gave Grandma her wings Now, she’s flyin’ And slidin’, and glidin’ In better days And although I’m all grown up I still get confused I stumble through the dark Getting bumped and bruised When night gets in my way I could still hear My Grandma say I can hear her say I can hear her sayin’ You can’t get to no Better days Unless you make it Through the night (baby) Oh ho, you will see Those better days But you gotta be patient Child, do you hear me, yeah Well, well, well, well You can’t get to no, no Better days Unless you make it You got to make it You got to make it Through the night Oh Grandma, oh Grandma Do you see me now, lady Oh oh oh oh oh Tender replies

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