Suzanne Elizabeth Bray, age 45, left us unexpectedly on Tuesday, February 16, 2010. She is sorely missed by her beloved husband and best friend, Bob Rice, and many other loved ones and friends. Suzy was born in Minneapolis MN on 4/13/1964 to Ted and Ardis Bray. She leaves behind her father Ted Bray, her sisters Debbie Voigt and Janice Meuwissen, along with their husbands Howard Voigt and Dave Meuwissen. Suzy's mother, Ardis, preceded her in death. She was a loving and devoted wife, daughter, sister and aunt to her 21 nieces and nephews, as well as a loving owner to her beloved dogs, Rosie, Ally & Leah. We have arranged two services to celebrate her life, one in California, and one in Minnesota. Please feel free to bring any pictures you may want to share to celebrate Suzanne. In California, the memorial service will be at the Redondo Beach Historic Library, on Sunday February 21st, 2010, at 3pm. In Minnesota, the memorial service will be held in Earle Brown Heritage Center - 6155 Earle Brown Drive Brooklyn Drive, Brooklyn Center Minnesota, phone number is 800-524-0239 , on Saturday February 27th, 2010, from 2pm to 6pm. If you wish to send flowers to the California service, please have them delivered on Sunday after 12 noon and before 3pm. In lieu of flowers you can also choose to donate to Suzy's passion ...animals. Please donate to Animals Rule at .

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  1. dear lord, hear our prayers: please surround the hearts and souls of suzanne’s loved ones and comfort them. take her soul into your loving embrace and hold her for the evermorrow. in jesus’ holy name we pray, amen.

  2. When I think of Suzie, I picture a sweet smile – with a twinkle of mischief in her eyes. A beautiful, classy, lady with a tender heart. Loyal, talented and selfless. The better half of an enviable partnership. Avoiding the limelight, yet adored by fans of all kinds – including her beloved dogs. Passionate without pestering when it comes to wrongs in the world (definitely not a born Rice!) Our bother Joe once said that he’d like to get remarried, but Bob already had the best woman. My son Joe said that since he has been living there these past months, Suzie had become like a second mom to him. How we miss her and thank the Lord for the gift of her life! “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her….” Proverbs 31

  3. Dear Suzanne, I can’t even begin to think of yoga, bike rides and friday evening chill sessions without you. You were a fabulous friend to me and I am just distraught that we will not see through old age together…and all those things like geriatric aqua-aerobics and alzheimer’s that we talked about. I will miss you dearly and I hope that you are somewhere great looking down on us and continuing to share your warmth, passion and love with us. Aisling.

  4. When I think about Aunt Suzie, I always remember how she loved to take care of her dogs. I remember one summer when we stayed at Wally’s cabin, she was up early every morning taking the dogs on a walk or taking them down to the lake. It was so much fun to get up with her every morning and help her with the dogs. You could tell she really cared about them.

  5. Just heartbroken at the loss of this beautiful woman. We will always remember her with smiles,laughter, love and passion. Our deepest sympathy goes out to you Bob, the love the two of you shared was like none I’ve ever seen before. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  6. Dearest Suzanne, I still feel your warmth around me. You make me a happier person, more engaged in daily life. You loved that I talk to strangers, because you believed the best in everyone and the best in me. I already miss your intelligence, wit and humor. I am saddened that I am not going to be able to share Annrae with you. Think of all that the gals have shared with her (eg, Superbowl Sundays, massages, and good food- healthy of course), and all those things we haven’t- think “Oh Yeah!” You know I love you more than a friend; you were the sister I never had. May Bobby find peace and happiness in memories of you, as I will. Love ya gal, Karen

  7. Dear Suzanne, Rarely does someone affect your life that you have never met, read their discourses or listened to their music. Scott (aka Skinner) and I are both saddened that you and I didn’t meet. I never read a word you wrote (did you write?) and don’t know your favorite song (and even understand you were questionable at karaoke), yet I feel your absence. You left a beautiful mark on those that love you, which translates to everyone around them. To someone I didn’t get the opportunity to meet, you touched my life in the most positive way. With great affection, Jo Ellen

  8. Miss Sunshine (aka Suzanne) I’ve known you forever; you were my goofy friend. I loved that you listened to me. We never had to think about what to say or do, it just was. I always felt comfortable and never second guessed myself. I remember your bravery in the waves at the beach; how you challenged the surf, and kept me safe. Remember the Superbowl Sunday that the power went out in Redondo Beach and you and I raced back to your house (easily beating Mommy and Kimmy) just in time to see the Giants win. Thanks for the great pink hat. I wish we would have more memories to share, but I know you are still goofy and having a great time where ever you are. This is who you are to me. Love, love Annrae Drews (aka Annie)

  9. No words can say how much Suzy’s death hurts. Our family has changed too much these last couple years. My heart will never heal. Love to you my dear sister, Suzy.

  10. Bob Rice is my wonderful cousin and I met Suzy at their wedding celebration in downtown Minneapolis. The dinner and all the decorations and fun and fancy atmosphere were so unique I knew Bob had found his soulmate. I am deeply saddened to learn of the unexpected death of Suzy and the great loss to both her family and Bobs’. Our sincerest prayers are with you all. Love ~

  11. Suzanne I am so blessed to have known you, but the time was too brief. You touched my life as you did so many others with your joy of all things and your smile and laughter. I’ll always remember the fun we had celebrating Karen’s birthday, SuperBowl and all of the football parties and rivalries … the fun we all had will provide a lifetime of warm memories. My love to Bobby and my continued thanks for having you as a significant part of all of our lives…. Love, MJ

  12. Whenever I picture Aunt Suzie, the first thing that comes to mind is her radiant smile. It would light up her whole face. She always had an encouraging word on her lips, always gracious, always caring. I remember her out on the boat each summer, patiently making the rounds on the lake by the hour, making sure all of the nieces and nephews got their turn in the water. She was truly a special lady, was much loved, and will be sorely missed!

  13. Dear Suzanne, Bob and I will always remember your radiance inside and out and your graceful confidence. Shane and Dylan will remember how cool you were to give them “sparklers” on New Years and “poppers” for the Academy Awards — all an extension of your vibrant g-l-o-w. You will be deeply missed. With love and peace, Marianne and Bob Fitzpatrick

  14. The glow of light on Avenue F will be alot dimmer without you..I will miss seeing you in the mornings loading up those dogs ,giving me the wave and nod before embarking on your Off LEASH adventure in Doggie Paradise..I will miss your facial expressions, the twinkle in your eye, your funky shoe collection, your love of creatures and your always welcoming friendship…You made everyone around you feel important & special.. We will all miss you more then you will ever know..

  15. How lucky we are to have had you in our lives…your warmth…your caring nature…your kindness…and your light will live in our hearts forever.

  16. Family reunions will not be the same without Aunt Suzie. She was such an awesome part of our family. I remember that she was the best Slalom Water Skier I had ever seen and she and Uncle Bob always had the craziest funny stories….ususally with two versions: Uncle Bob’s and then Aunt Suzie’s and we always knew that Aunt Suzie’s was probably a little bit closer to what actually happened:) Aunt Suzie will be so missed. Praying to God for strength for all.

  17. Aunt Suzie could do it all, Snowboarding, Wake-boarding, and she even beat Grandma at cards once. Sledding/Lueging with Aunt Suzie this Christmas was awesome. We went down the hill so fast that we got to compare all of our many bruises the next day. I will miss you Aunt Suzie.

  18. Aunt Suzie was a very caring person who will be greatly missed. I will always remember the first time I went tubing. Aunt Suzie was driving and didn’t know that I couldn’t swim. That ride was unforgettable – My cousin, Chalyn and I flew out of the tube and landed in the lake. I am very thankful for the times I got to spend with such a special lady. “Now the God of peace be with you all.” Romans 15:33

  19. You got our humor, & graciously listened to us tell the same Rice Family stories, over & over year after year. You shared your life with us Suzanne, & gave us many stories that we will tell over & over, year after year. “I win,I win I win”. Thank you Suzanne. We love you so.

  20. Bobby, Words are hard at a time like this but here goes. The service in Redondo Beach was unbelievable for many reasons. As I stood there and observed the love and friendships that you and Suzy have formed, I was overwhelmed. The pictures showed what a wonderful life you shared with a very special woman. Your family is unparalleled with anything that I have ever seen. The way that they surround you shows how much you mean to them and what they mean to you. Life is a mysterious thing Bobby. Suzy will be dearly missed but never forgotten in my world or anyone else’s. Please know that you are a great friend and you mean a lot to me. I look up to you and am proud to call you my friend. So here is a big hug from Reno, NV and the Fischer Family. We love you Bobby! Feesh

  21. Im at a loss of words..which you know for me is odd. Im so sorry and so sad I missed you all at the pier. Thinking of the sweetest smile and laugh that I knew! Dux

  22. Suzy, You and I met only once, at your wedding. But Bob is a dear friend. Although his life has changed forever, know that those of us who love him will always be there for him.

  23. Suzanne, You were like a second mother to me. I pray that you have found peace, but things are so much less peaceful without you here. There are so many things I never got to ask you; so many things I still needed to learn from you. I hope I can lead my life with as much grace, confidence, and kindness as you did. You were so beautiful, inside and out. I will always miss and love you. Thinking of you every day, Hannah

  24. These are some wonderful notes from the Star and Tribune, thought I’d cut and past them here – I miss my sweet pea so much, her loving husband. March 04, 2010 She was my Beisswenger buddy. I loved her perfect smile. She was a breath of fresh air. I like many others fell in love with her in the early 80s.I am sure she is watching us from heaven. I will always love Suzy and think of her often. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ted and his family and to any one who knew her. James R Neumann (Jimbo) ~ | Contact Me February 26, 2010 MY heart goes out to all of those who knew her, loved her, and miss her. Bob and all of Suzanne’s family, be strong and live strong, with Suzanne in your heart. ~ John McGrath, Minneapolis, Minnesota | Contact Me February 25, 2010 Bob, I just heard the sad news. You two are very dear to my heart and I still think about my visit to Redondo Beach a few years ago. Today I know you are hurting my friend and i ask God to comfort you and to comfort everyone whose life was touched by both of you. God blessed you Bobby Rice! Your friend, Chris Collins ~ Chris Collins, Dallas, Texas February 25, 2010 Funny as hell, smart, kind, sweetly patient-especially when Bobbie would tease her with one of his many Suzy stories, beautiful, I could go on and on… best set of legs on the planet… she loved her family and friends, loved her pups, and she loved her husband. She was his straight man to his clown, she was cool elegance with a Mona Lisa smile and yet, one of most down-to-earth woman I’ve ever met. Supportive, engaging and mysterious, there was and never will be, another Suzy. We miss you Suzy and we are so sorry Bob and Suzy’s family are without their beautiful girl. ~ Sam Lovejoy, Minneapolis, Minnesota | Contact Me February 24, 2010 I worked with Suzy at Beisswenger’s in ’81-’82. She was always so full of life, laughter and energy! That is what I’ll always remember! So sorry for your loss. – Carol Norback Forsberg (Irondale ’83) February 24, 2010 Dear Bob, Dave and I just saw Suzy’s obituary in the Rochester paper. We have so many great memories of her and of the four of us in California. We are sorry for your loss. Suzy was so funny and warm and although she never bragged about it, she was crazy smart. ~ Amy Hylden Anderson, Rochester, Minnesota | Contact Me February 23, 2010 A sweeter smile and a kinder spirit I never know. Dux ~ David Duxbury, Long Beach, California | Contact Me February 23, 2010 Dear Ted & Family, The loss of a loved one, especially a child, sibling, is the largest crisis we face in life’s journey. May you be comforted in knowing Suzy was an insipration to all. She will be sorely missed by all. Fondly, Tom & Dee Dee Kozlak ~ Ft Myers, Florida February 23, 2010 Dear Ted & Family, The loss of a loved one, especially a child, sibling, is the largest crisis we face in life’s journey. May you all be comforted in knowing Suzie was an insipration to all. She will be sorely missed. Fondly, Tom & Dee Dee Kozlak ~ Ft Myers, Florida February 23, 2010 I have known Suzy since elementary school and am deeply saddened by the loss of such a warm and beautiful person. Suzy was one of those special people that always warmed me with her smile, she would drive by my house in the summer and her mom would honk and Suzy would give me a wave. I looked so forward to those waves and that smiling face. My Sincerest sympathy – Bruce Irondale class of 1982 ~ Bruce Burnside, Forest Lake, Minnesota I am so saddened to to hear about Suzy. I grew up in the same neighborhood and attended Pike lake, Highview, and Irondale together. She always had something nice to say to me when I delivered the paper to her families house. My deepest sympathies to her family and loved ones. ~ Chris Duoos, Edgewood, Washington February 22, 2010 Suzy and I attended school together from Kindergarten to High School. My deepest sympathies to her family and loved ones. Lisa Olson February 22, 2010 Ted and family – Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Suzie was a special person and I know she will be dearly missed by your whole family. Love, Tony,Betsy and family February 22, 2010 I have such fond memories of Suzy. She was beautiful inside and out. I am so sorry. Brenda Frie February 22, 2010 I’m so shocked and so sorry to hear about Suzie. I remember her fondly from our high school days together at Irondale. How sad to hear this – my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone lucky enough to have been close to her. ~ Paul Dahlberg Bob, Jim and I were shocked at the news. We are thinking of you… May the great memories you have get you through this time… We will see you soon. Jim and Lesley Salsman ~ Jim Salsman, Rochester, Minnesota February 21, 2010 To the famiy, I watched Suzy grow up (along with the rest of the girls). She became such a lovely and gracious woman. Her death is a loss to the world. Jan Shelton February 21, 2010 Bob, I’m in complete shock…my sincere and deapest sympathy. If you need anything let me know, not that I can do much but share your sorrow, which I do. ~ Marc Severin, Ham Lake, Minnesota February 21, 2010 Ted- Sharon and I extend our sympathy to you and your family. Sincerely, Dwaine & Sharon Johnson February 21, 2010 I am so sorry to hear about Suzy. My deepest condolences. Suzy and I knew each other from kindergarten to seniors in high school. I am so sorry for your loss. ~ Jim Paulson, Otsego, Minnesota To Bob and also Suzy’s family, I met Suzy in college at BSU, she lived in the dorm next door to me–we had so much fun! I knew her in and after college–but sadly, we had lost touch over the years. She is remembered as someone who always had a smile for everyone and was absolutely beautiful inside and out. I will always remember Suzy and the positive impact she had on my life. So sorry for your loss. ~ Gail Bernier, Ham Lake, Minnesota February 21, 2010 Bob – I am so sorry to hear about Suzanne’s passing and my condolences and prayers go out from the entire McCally family to you and your family and Suzanne’s family also. May she live on in your heart and memories of the great times you had together. “Like birds on the wire which disappear with the daylight’s passing, such are the separations of this world.” – Jack Kerouac ~ Cray McCally, Minneapolis, Minnesota | Contact Me February 20, 2010 To Bob and to all of Suzy’s family, I’m so sorry for your loss and you are all in my thoughts and prayers! Eventhough I have lost touch over the past few years, Suzy is a huge part of my life. From 5th grade through college, she was one of my best friends! I have so many fun and great memories of our times together. I regret these past years we lost touch, being busy in our own lives, but I will always hold these memories dear to me. She was fun and full of life and I’m sure she is smiling down on all of us. My sincerest sympathy – Julie ~ Julie Lorenson, Stillwater, Minnesota February 20, 2010 My deepest condolences to you, Bob, and your family. Patricia Rillera (your Ave F neighbor

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