July 15, 1960 ~ August 26, 2020

Born in: Hawthorne, California
Resided in: Downey, California

On the evening of August 26th, at the age of 60, Steven Kosta Drulis passed away surrounded by his family. In his last hours of life his son Nicholas read a verse from the bible to him that we would like to share with you all. It goes as follows:

“For God so loved the world that gave only his son, that so whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God sent the son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him. He who believes  in him is not condemned; he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. And this is the judgement, that the light of has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil. For everyone who does hates light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does what is true comes to the light, that it may clearly seen that his deeds have been wrought in God.” (John 3:16)

Steven Drulis was a charismatic, altruistic, caring, humble, kind-hearted, reliable, devoted, husband, father, brother, brother-in-law, friend, and entrepreneur. He was the youngest in a family of three brothers and two sisters. From a young age Steven lived an adventurous life with his first passion being horseback riding with family. At the age of eight, he got his first job delivering newspapers and pumping gas. As soon as Steven could, he got his work permit which allowed him to work at Chevron. This brought him into the world of cars which he turned into a lifelong career. Being let go from Chevron fueled him to start Drulis Brothers which he opened on July 7, 1994. Steven would say, “you have to make a person hungry enough to overcome the fear of opening a business”, and being let go did exactly that for him. Steven was not successful because he had an easy life but because no obstacle ever discouraged him, rather it propelled him forward. He is like the little red engine that said, “I think I can, I think I can, I know I can” because the word “can’t” never existed in his dictionary. Aside from cars, Steven possessed so many different talents that made you believe there was nothing he couldn’t do. He was the definition of a jack of all trades and always the person you wanted to call when you had a question.

The business Steven built was an extraordinary feat that will be continued by his three sons but the greatest thing he built was his loving family. In 1989, Steven met the love of his life, Ophelia, all because her car broke down and a mutual friend sent her to the gas station he worked at. From the moment he met Ophelia he knew she was meant to be his wife so he asked her to go on a date, which she declined. However, as we all know, Steven does not take no for an answer. After her car had the same issue for the third time and asking her out 3 consecutive times Ophelia finally granted his wish and said yes. The rest is history. They were married on November 14, 1992 and then began exploring the world together through their travels as well as other endeavors. Both Steven and Ophelia shared adventurous and charismatic personalities. Together they were an incredible example of what a true partnership in love, business, life, and parenting looks like. They were always ready and willing to lend a helping hand to whoever needed it. 7 years into their marriage they had their first son, James, followed by, Michael, and last but not least, Nicholas. Steven was a devoted father who tried to pass on all of his knowledge to his children. He worked hard to pave the way for his sons and give them a comfortable life but always pushed all three of them to be extraordinary human beings and hardworking men. Steven provided his children with everything they needed but never handed anything to them to teach them the importance of hard work and humility. One of the ways he did this was by taking his boys to work with him and passing down all of his knowledge to them. He made sure each one of his boys knew how to be independent handymen, entrepreneurs, gentlemen, and social people. Steven lives in each of his children. We can all see his unwavering determination in James, his infectious humor in Michael, and his ever-giving compassion in Nick.

Steven left an incredible legacy through each and every life that he touched. From the moment Steven met you he greeted you with that big smile and his warm-humble heart. His love was never exclusive, but open to anyone who wanted it. He always believed friendship was such a valuable possession so he made friends wherever he went. If you were a friend of his he was always there to provide you with wise counsel, positivity, light, encouragement, and support. Steven was a giving person in almost every sense but one of the biggest legacies he left was all of the lessons he taught us. Steven always shared his life experience and infinite wisdom with anyone he could because he was not only focused on his own success but in the success of others. We now have to say goodbye to the incredible and beloved human being that was Steven Drulis as he begins his eternity in heaven where we will eventually join him. It was a beautiful life filled with love, compassion, adventures, laughs, success, and people who loved him. He continues to live in his business, his wife, his sons, and in each and everyone of us whose lives he touched. Rest in Peace Stevie.

He was and will always be our Superman. –  Ophelia, James, Michael and Nicholas.

The memorial will be held on Saturday, August 29th at 7275 Stewart and Gray Rd., Downey, CA 90241, beginning at 12:00 noon. Due to COVID-19 we will be holding a bigger event in the Spring of 2021.


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    • Dear Ophelia, James, Michael, and Nicholas,
      Our condolences to you all.
      Only met Steve the once and felt the warmth and love exude from Steve. A beautiful man.
      Thinking of you all and sending much love.
      Jonathan and Todd from Australia

  1. candle 4Ophelia and Family, I am truly sorry for your lost. Steve was a very kind soul. May he rest in peace. Sending you my love and prayers.

  2. candle 4May your souls Rest In Peace Uncle Steve 🙏🏻 Aunty and the boys be strong 😘 hugs and kisses Love you u all 😘😘

  3. Steve was a beautiful person, inside and out, and he will be relentless and uncompromisingly missed.

    Big hugs – Joni ❤️

  4. candle 1Sending lots of love and hugs. We love you all, sorry we could not be there. We will miss Uncle Steve dearly ♥️

    • candle 7I had the opportunity to meet Steve on several occasions many years back – it is true that he always had a warm smile, positive attitude and kind words to share with everyone, and I am blessed that God allowed our paths to cross. Rest in Peace, my friend. Prayers and condolences for your family and friends all. 🙏

  5. candle 7With deepest sympathy. You remain in our thoughts and prayers always. Much love to you,

  6. Ophelia, James, Michael and Nicholas, I am going to miss Stevie so much. He was like a brother to me. I remember all the times we went waterskiing with Howard and Jimmy. My boys just loved it. I remember all the times when Stevie would be skiing and Howard would try and get him to fall. Howard would keep doing circles until he finally gave up and let go. Stevie was always there for my family. Whenever my mom needed something fixed he was always there. Those nights when we would play cards or just sit and talk, or when he gave shoulder massages, I sure will miss. Remembering all the good times, makes it a little easier. Stevie will always be in our hearts.

  7. candle 8To ophie n the kids hugs to you all..
    Steve was an awesome person how cool is that… may his soul 🙏 RIP and god bless his soul 🙏 😢 💔 ❤
    Condolences to you all. Always in my prayers 🙏 ❤ 🙌 💛 ♥

  8. candle 7Stevie, I will always cherish the memories we had growing up together as kids from horseback riding, and my first car accident you carol and I escaped from. We love you Steve and thanks for the memories. Hope you are riding Oaky up there!

  9. candle 7To Ophelia,james,michael,nick,I can’t say enough about you Dad,he came into our life 41 years ago,and made us complete family,Paul and him work on trucks and anything that was on the road or water….we all are going to miss him soooooo much.,Our prayers are with this difficult Steve

  10. candle 2Steve was one of the best. He was always there to teach someone who needed a hand How to help themselves. He was always a source of good advice, a strong shoulder, and a brute smile.

    He will be missed!

  11. Ophelia, James, Michael, and Nick,
    My condolences to you all.
    Your husband and father meant alot to me and my Mother Rose.
    When we would come to visit Laura Damsky, we would stop in to see Stevie and he would always greet us with a smile and a hug. Since we would be coming from Laughlin NV he would insist on checking out the vehicle before we would drive back, to make sure we wouldn’t get stuck in the desert.
    He was a great man and will be missed.
    Write down your memories about Your Dad and treasure the pictures and memories, so you can share them with your children some day.
    Hugs to you all.
    With deepest sympathy

  12. candle 1My heart goes out to you Ophelia, James, Michael, and Nicholas.
    Steve fought the hardest battle he could for you and he is now at peace watching over all of you.
    Love to you and all your family!

  13. Steve was an amazing man, and what always shined through the most was the love he had for his family. Ophelia, James, Michael, and Nicholas, my heart and prayers are with you now and always. May you rest in peace, Steve. You will be forever missed and never forgotten.

  14. candle 7Vejay N. Seudath
    Thank you Steve, for your generous contribution to our Family. You were always a loving kind Host, whenever my family and myself and our relatives and friends came to visit you. We all miss you very much.🕯️🙏♥️💐

  15. candle 1Although I met Steve only once, at his & Ophelia’s wedding, I’ve heard so many lovely stories over years. I can understand how much he will be missed, but there are also have so many rich and beautiful memories, that he lives on in all our hearts. 💐🌹

  16. candle 8I met Steve through Herzog but he grew to be a friend. I luv,d his smile, laughter and his luv of life. He will be so missed. I will miss him talking to me about his lunch money ( payment of invoices ). Rest In Peace my friend. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇

  17. candle 1STEVE was brilliant kind humble helpful and was a true fighter during his past few years. Ophelia you and Steve raised three fine young men who I am sure will aid you in the future. We will all miss Steve.

  18. To Ophelia and family,

    So sorry to hear about Steve. A genuinely good person, father and husband. We have such fond memories of the times we spent with you all. Steve will be surely missed. You are in our hearts and thoughts. Our condolences to all of the Drulis family.
    Ron and Joyce Marks

  19. Uncle Steve I will always Love You
    And Miss You Dearly. i will see you In Heaven . Love You’re Niece Elaine Cheever .

  20. candle 7We will always Remember Steve as bigger than life. There was nothing he couldn’t do and he was never afraid of any challenges. He was always generous with his time and always offered to take us out on his boat or to go to Lake Arrowhead. He had a great smile and a wonderful laugh. He will be missed by many but leaves all of us with wonderful memories. Our deep condolences to Ophelia and the boys as you go through this devastating time.

  21. candle 7Dear Ophelia, James, Michael and Nicholas, we are thinking of you. We have so many fond memories of your big hearted and generous Steve. We are thankful for all the happy times we shared together in LA, NYC and Edinburgh. God Bless you all and hope you can take some comfort in knowing your personal angel / superman is watching over you from Heaven. 💐 love from Vida, Olaf and Frederik

  22. candle 1I was so sad to hear about Steve passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Drulis family.
    I’ve know the Drulis family since I was 5 years old. They live around the corner from us in Hawthorne on Ocean Gate Avenue. We lived on 129th and Ocean Gate. I remember Jimmy and Steve always over our house working with my dad on cars building things and roasting peanuts bin the backyard. My parents were good friend with Pat their mom and their father..
    We still have Druils Brothers work on our cars and every time I would see Steve he would tell the story of how my dad actually got the boys interested in car repairs. I guess he showed them how to do an oil change in our big blue Chevy truck.
    I still see them always hanging out with dad. We shared lots of talks through the years. We shared our cancer battles with each-other. And his fight was amazing, he was so determined to fight this with everything he had. Steve was such a great person who cared for everyone. I’m so sorry for your loss, I know he’s in a beautiful place with his parents and Jimmy and I hope with my mom and dad working on the big blue Chevy truck still.
    Linda and Dennis West

  23. candle 4My heart goes out to you Ophelia and the kids – James, Nick and Michael. It’s so hard to think about living life without your life partner who cared so deeply about his family. Prayers so you find comfort in this difficult time. Big Hugs.

  24. candle 8I was so sorry to hear about your loss, my heart aches for you and your boys. I know there is nothing that can be said to lighten your heart at this time just know you will be in my thoughts.

  25. I’m also sorry to hear Steve is gone. He has a great sense of humor yet was always kind. REST IN PEACE Steve.

  26. candle 1Ophelia, James, Michael, and Nicholas, we are sending you our most deepest and sincere condolences . Steve will truly be missed. Wishing you peace in knowing how many people’s lives he touched and influenced. We will always have fond thoughts when we think of him, and will live on in our hearts.

  27. candle 4Ophelia, James, Michael and Nicholas – we are so very sorry to hear about the loss of Steve. He was a great man and will be dearly missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Rest In Peace, Steve.

  28. I met Steve 20 years ago. I brought my Honda into be repaired. It was 2 weeks before Christmas and the bill came to $800.00. He insisted I make payments to him because it was Christmas and he wanted it to be “a good one”. Such a kind soul. Rest In Peace dear Steve.

  29. candle 7I met Steve 20 years ago. I brought my Honda in to be repaired. It was 2 weeks before Christmas and the bill came to $800.00. Steve insisted that I make payments because it was almost Christmas and he wanted it to be “a good one”. He was a kind soul. Rest In Peace dear Steve.

  30. candle 7Steve was my first (and only) mechanic. Since 1983 at Chevron, and then Drulis Bros. He was trustworthy, humble, kind, funny and always, ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile. He shared some of his health struggles with me and I knew he was giving it hell. He will be missed not only for his business but for his big heart and infinite kindness. RIP Steve.

  31. candle 7We are deeply saddened by the news of Steve’s passing. He was a great father, husband and a very kind person. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  32. candle 6We are so sorry for your loss. Steve will be sorely missed. He always brightened my day. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. So sad.

  33. candle 7My heartfelt condolences and prayers for strength as you navigate life and heal your broken hearts. The world was a better place with Steve in it and he left behind a wonderful and loving family and legacy! He will be truly missed and never forgotten.

  34. candle 7My heart filled condolences to you all. Steve was such a great person and I miss him so much. My love and prayers to you all,
    Kathii Adkins

  35. candle 4Ophelia, James, Michael, and Nick,

    What can I say, Stevie was like a brother to me. Growing up, we did a lot of camping, water-skiing, New Year’s Eve’s parties, and played lots of cards! Stevie was always so much fun and willing to lend a hand at a moment’s notice. He was also very smart and could fix anything! We are really going to miss him and his smile and great personality. I know it will live on through you Ophelia and your amazing boys! I hope he is somewhere better now playing poker with Jimmy, Howard and both our Mom’s.

    His memory will live on in our hearts and actions.

    Lots of love to all of you,
    Sandy, David, Jordan and Marley Samuel

  36. candle 4Thanks for the memories. The many years of excellent service. The great advice and friendship.

    You will be missed.

  37. candle 1I just found out. I haven’t talked to Steve in a while. I am very sad as he was a wonderfull person. I dealt with him for years at my trans shop. God Bless. He will be missed.

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