Sean Lee Brock, Captain USMC, a lifetime resident of Redondo Beach, CA was killed on 02 FEB 2005 @ 1904 while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. He served his country with distinction for 12 years, both enlisted & commisioned with the Marines serving a tour in Afganistan and 2 tours in Iraq. He was also stationed at Pensacola, Camp Pendleton, and Okinawa, Japan in his military career. Sean and Rayme, his fraternal twin, were born at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance, CA. Sean was 29 and looked forward to celebrating his 30th birthday on May 11th. Left to mourn his passing is his beloved wife Heather(Rens) Brock, Lieutenant USN, currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan, his mother Anita Brock, twin Rayme Brock, & sisters Kelly Brock & Ivy Blesser-Liby of Redondo Beach. He was greatly loved by his grandmother, Margaret Espelin, grandparents Joe & Phyllis Russo and many nieces, nephews & friends. Sean is best remembered for his love for scuba diving, the outdoors, personal challenges, non-fiction reading and unyielding love for life. Sean had a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Master's of Science in Administration. He was currently working on a Doctorate in Public Policy & Administration and a second Master's in International Relations. He also found time to share his love for politics by teaching college courses in American Government and History. He inspired others around him to do more with their lives by living his life with honor and uncompromising principles. He shared dreams with his wife of serving in the Peace Corps, the U.S. State Department, traveling the world and raising children together. Funeral Services will be held Friday, Feb. 11 at 10:00 A.M. at the Neighborhood Church of Palos Verdes, 415 Paseo del Mar in Palos Verdes. Full Military Honors will be held immediately following with procession to the Angels Gate Park in San Pedro. A reception will follow at Fort McArthur.

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  1. To the Entire Brock Family, I just wanted to express my condolences to all of you. I am so sorry for your loss. I also want to thank Sean for the sacrafice he has paid, in an effort to keep our country safe. My prayers go out for all of you at this very terrible time. I\’ve only seen Kelly since he passed, and gave her a huge hug, even though I\’m not neighbors with all of you (I live next door to Kelly) that hug was intended for your entire family. May God be with you and your family. Love always, Karen Saucedo

  2. Dear Anita, I was shocked to read in Daily Breeze about your loss. As I was reading about Sean I thought how much he sounded like his father. I am very sorry for your loss. Love, Don Smith

  3. I\’m an old Marine from the Vietnam era and just read an article in The Breeze about how Sean sacrificed his life for our freedom. My deepest compassion and prayers go out to the entire family for the immeasurable loss of your Son, Brother, Husband, Grandson, and Nephew. I also grieve the loss of a fellow Marine. Capt. Conan Chang was right “We warriors will meet up again in Valhalla – Warrior Heaven”, where we share with each other our experiences and lessons learned as warriors before moving on. I know this to be true because as a young man (before the Marines) I had dreams of such a place in vivid detail. I look forward to one day meeting such an honorable man as Captain Sean Brock. Thank you Sean for the sacrifice of not getting to do all that you planned in this life, in exchange for “Our Freedom”. My Deepest Sympathy, Sergeant H.M. Edwards

  4. My deepest sympathy goes out to Sean Brock\’s family and friends. I was Sean\’s 4th grade teacher at Washington School in 1984-85. That was a long time ago, but the minute I saw the headlines in the Daily Breeze, I had a rush of feeling and remembered vividly one of the sweetest, nicest boys I ever taught! He was always shyly helpful to other kids who might be having a litle difficulty in the classroom or on the playground. We had a boy with MS who came to our room in a wheelchair, across the grass and all (we were in the Adams\’ rooms facing the playground at the time. )Sean was one who always helped this neat little boy get that chair going to the playground, even if it meant he would be a bit late to play at recess. I just had to go look up our class picture and I am pleased to see he\’s sitting by me. I\’m so very impressed by the success he made of his young life, education-wise as well as being a strong inspiration to others as such a beautiful human being. The ripples of his life extend far beyond your immediate family . Our country is a better place for his service, and Rayme\’s, of course. My prayers are with you all . Most sincerely, Kathie Frazier

  5. It is with sadness that I read about Sean\’s passing. It\’s obvious that Sean loved his family (and they in turn loved him just as deeply), and that he also loved life. Sean gave his life for us. May God bless Sean, his mother Anita, his wife Heather, his brother Rayme, the entire Brock family, and the families of all soldiers who had been killed in action.

  6. To the family of Capt. Sean Brock Our condolences for your loss and our gratitude for his service. Sean was an honorable and noble man, a warrior (Marine) whose sacrifice will always be remembered. The Carrolle Family Victoria & John Carrolle (former Marine) Semper Fi

  7. You don\’t know me but I used to live in Hawthorne until I was recalled during Desert Storm and moved up to Camp Pendleton. I read the Memorial for Capt. Brock and sad I felt for his family. It is a big lost for everyone because his life was cut short. The Chapter 95 Disabled American Veteran asked me to be a board member and we take a moment of silence to remember the Fallen. Sincerly, Lucy Wong Leonard

  8. Our prayers are with you. We pray that God will comfort you with His grace and strength and uphold you with His everlasting arms of support!

  9. SEAN’S EULOGY This eulogy is dedicated to Captain Sean Lee Brock, a best friend, an inspiration to many, a brother, and a comrade in arms. Truly a colorful man, from the Marine Corps to almost joining the Peace Corps. I am deeply saddened to find myself at the podium again- the third time for our circle of friends. Our brotherhood meant the world to me, it will stay with me for eternity. From your high school pranks, to you and Rayme getting me in trouble in boot camp due to your practical jokes, to us giving each other fat lips, shiners and bloody noses from our backyard sparring sessions, most importantly to our countless conversations about life, Politics, Relationships, and the future—–we want you to know that even in your absence, Louie, Ray, and I are still buying the 40 foot cabin cruiser and it will be named after you. The trips to Mexico, Europe, England, Catalina, and Santa Barbara—-YOU were a dreamer, a radiant beam of romanticism and energy, a ball of fire, in all our lives. In less than 3 decades you climbed many mountains. I want to set the stage clear here and now: I would not be Captain Conan Chang without you. I enlisted at 17 and you and Ray joined shortly after. As LCpls in the infantry you convinced me to compete in Supersquad with you. 2 years later we went all the way to the top and won, among the top 40 infantrymen in the Corps. You went to OCS and sparked the fire in me to do the same. We both became officers, staying together through training, and rooming together in Carlsbad. You invested aggressively and bought 2 houses. You motivated me to do the same. I hope you knew how proud I was when you married Heather. I looked forward to being Uncle Conan. I knew you wanted to speak at my wedding, but now that cannot be. After our first time in Iraq, we talked of the risk, what was at stake. During our final trip to Catalina before you left, I sensed the emotion within you about this, but always the professional, always the Marine, you went without hesitation, and with honor. I see the once oppressed Iraqi Shiites risking their lives just to vote, and I have tears knowing that this right to vote was not free. It cost us a brother, a son, a husband, an Uncle. Sean, even though we will not grow old together now and enjoy more trips to Cabo as well as our retirement on the cabin cruiser sipping umbrella drinks, you will be with me. Part of my soul died along with you, but a lot of your soul, your memory, your dreams, live on with all of us. Ray, your twin may not be on earth with you, but know that you have another brother by your side. We will always be family. Sean, I cherish our brotherhood, you’ve made me a better man, a better Marine, a better human being for having known you. I love you, will miss you, and hope to see you again at the Final rally point. Men of character who die with honor end up in warrior heaven known to some as Valhalla, and it is there that we will meet again. Your brother in arms Conan

  10. Thank you for allowing me to stand before you to eulogize Sean, a man I truly admired. I came to know him at Santa Barbara where we met during the first day of class. Immediately we developed our original master plan. He would become president of the United States and I would go back to India and become the Prime Minster. Together we would rule the world. As time went on this plan matured and was refined to something new. At his bachelor party in Cabo San Lucas, Sean, Rayme, Louie, Conan and I all came up with the idea of planning our families together. We would all have kids at the same time so they could grow up together. We even teased about our children tormenting each other. In this time I’ve seen many sides to Sean and have had the privilege to witness Sean mature, from a young adolescent who “couldn’t stand the site of tomatoes” to become a revered officer who commanded respect, a man who believed in honor and integrity as the foundation for being. He approached every aspect of life with these two traits, whether it was the military or his private life with family and friends. He felt it his duty to serve and protect his country and the people around him. Never in a million years did I suspect we\’d be called into action to bid him farewell, and as we gather in sorrow to mourn Sean’s death, I feel it\’s important that we also take time to celebrate his life. His fierce loyalty to his friends and family His quirkiness and that crazy look he would get on his face when he had an idea. Work hard and play harder – at Santa Barbara this was the one phrase that applied the most. His willingness to experience new things and Carpe Diem (seize the day). On a whim I remember Sean: o Walking the beach from SB to LA after graduation (Conan & Sean) o Raiding rival frat houses (Sean & Theta Chi) o Bringing lobsters & scallops home for dinner, after scuba diving for them off the beach in IV New Years in Las Vegas (1996 through 2000) o The Gelato Story (Bobby, Jared, Sean) For as long as people have been walking the earth, we have dealt with the devastation of war. Growing up we learned about the wars throughout civilization, and when I learned about the Civil War, or the Spanish American War, or WWI or WWII, or even Viet Nam, they were all just words on a page. I never suspected that I, too, would become a victim of sorrow because of war. So many hearts have been broken, so many lives have been changed, and while the sorrow of war burdens our heart, I believe, in my heart of hearts that Sean redefined what it means to be an officer. Because of his virtue, friendship and compassion, we are now gathered to mourn his passing. Sean has been involved in the military for almost 10 years. I imagine he enjoyed the camaraderie that comes with being a member of the armed forces, and I know that we, as Americans, have been lucky to have him guarding our shores for us. Things will be different now that Sean is gone. I know that his family has paid the ultimate sacrifice and in these times of sorrow, and in all the days ahead, please remember that we, your community members, your friends and your neighbors, are all here for you anytime you need us. We will keep you in our prayers and our homes and hearts are open to you. Please accept my deepest sympathy, for I too have lost. I will always admire and respect Sean for following thru with his beliefs and for his military service. While serving in Iraq I am sure he saw more horror than any of us can imagine, and yet; he willingly did his job because he was an honorable man – a soldier. Sean, you have made me a better person for knowing you. In fact you have brought out the best in all you have touched. The world is a better place because of you. You will always be my hero. If there is any comfort to be taken today, it\’s to realize that he\’s keeping guard now in the clouds above. As he keeps watch over us, I\’d like to think that even though he\’s been gone for just a short time, that he has already earned his wings – and they are golden. Sean, I love you to no end…I will not say good-bye, because that is not what this is. You\’ve touched the hearts and lives of many… Rest well, my brother…until we meet again.

  11. I did not know Sean. I stumbled across this veiwing a family members file. All wanted to say is Thank You to this true American Hero! My prayers are with his friends and family. They must be very proud. God Bless.

  12. I know that this is several months down the line, however, I am so saddened and heartbroken to hear of this. God bless you guys so much for the sacrifice that you have made. Kelly, tell your mom that she is in my prayers and in my thoughts. Love. Oz.

  13. Heather, I don\’t know if you remember me.. I went to College with you for a while… Just want you to know we are sorry to hear of your loss. We are praying for you & the family of Sean. May God be close to you during this hard time! Take Care & God Bless Eric, Becky, Jayden & Teygan Hiemstra

  14. Dear Rayme, You were my discharge nurse when I suffered a heart attack 2 years ago last December. I remember your professional yet compassionate attitude and always appreciated it. May your heroic brother rest in peace and may he live forever in your hearts. I lost an uncle I never knew in WWII and he has remained a legend in our family. My deepest sympathies to you and your family.

  15. You never know how much your friends mean to you until they are no longer there. God bless you Sean….

  16. God Bless you Sean. I hope you knew how much it meant to those people that you were there helping them to be free.

  17. I am a stranger but would like the surviving family members to know that a stranger took note of Sean\’s passing after reading of it in the LA Times. Sean, all Americans mourn your death and appreciate your sacrifice. Jon Berg/Santa Monica

  18. Dear Anita, Rayme, Kelly and Family and dear friends; We cannot begin to comprehend the depths of sorrow and despair you must be feeling. Our \’prayers\’ and love are with you! Feel our HUGS!!! Susan & Michael

  19. Dearest Anita and family, I\’m not sure if you remember me or not, my mother is Marie Davis, who was a friend of Fran Maples. I read in the paper about Sean and I am so sorry for your loss. I can\’t even begin to imagine all that you, Heather, Rayme and Kelly are going through. Again, my deepest sympathies. Thank you Sean for your unselfish sacrifice for our country. You will not be forgotten.

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