February 2, 1970 ~ July 8, 2020

Born in: Torrance, CA
Resided in: Torrance, CA

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  1. Mike Hartley..Scotty’s father
    Scotty was a super nice & considerate caring person.He loved LA Kings ice hockey.He played youth ice hockey.He was a member of El Camino College Championship rollerblade hockey team that went 22-0.He was a champion boogie boarder.Peace yo you Scotty my son.You will be missed.

  2. So much to remember. Learned to ride a motorcycle with Scotty, got hit by lightening when I went camping with Scotty, countless beach trips, riding bikes in the neighborhood, jumping fire (only once, got in trouble for that one), lots of great memories… peace brother

    • Scotty you will be missed Knott’s! Selling cars with you was a lifetime of great memories! Watching you in action you were one of a kind your famous one liners customers couldn’t say No to you you were a kind soul I’m gonna miss you and I will never forget are trip to Arizona for the Subaru ride and drive we had a sad time your brother Mikey D.

  3. candle 6Scotty was my Great friend and like a brother to me. We worked together and sold a lot of cars. He was so good at selling. We had so many fun times together, many trips together and laughs all along the way. Scotty you will never be forgotten. I will miss you brother.

  4. Auntie Brenda loves you. And will miss you so much. Such a great nephew. Forever loved.


  5. candle 8Auntie Brenda loves you Scotty .Had great fun when you came to San Jose to visit when you were young. Going to miss your beautiful smile. Love forever.

    • Where to even begin? So many great memories. The all nighters playing sega hockey. Playing hockey in the Ralph’s parking lot at 3am before it was time to deliver papers. Playing fantasy hockey. All the clubs we went to in Hollywood and manhattan beach, hermosa beach, all over the place. The times at the house with the white carpet. We tore that house up but without going into detail we had some great times there. All the other countless great days we spent together never really appreciating them then like I do now. It’s often I think about those days and miss them. It kills me to know you’re gone and not coming back. You were are good, kind and sensitive person. You will be missed more than I think you knew.

  6. candle 1Dearest Scottie,

    May your memory always be a blessing. You will never be forgotten. You were loved, wanted, cherished and admired. The memories of you riding a skate board, us attending your High School Graduation, Uncle Jimbo giving you a boogie board, Our Many Holiday get together, and Cooking Mac and Cheese for you and your Brothers, will always be some of our fondest memories.

    Although you are not here in body, your spirit will be with us forever. So as you take your journey home, may God Hold you near and dear and know that your family will love you forever.

    Love Uncle Jimbo and Your Auntee J

  7. candle 1My sweet and dearest Scotty.Thank you for all of the fond memories I have with you.You are a wonderful son and your time with our family will be forever cherished.You are an inspiration. I remember you telling Mom and me that you were not pursuing baseball at North HS…you told us you played youth baseball for us..but you didn’t really like it.Your sport of choice was Ice Hockey..we really enjoyed going to your games.And especially seeing you score 2 goals in your first game..what a delightful memory.
    Smile down on us daily from Heaven,Scotty.
    We see your spirit many times each day.
    Until we see you in Heaven..Aloha

    • Hey Scott, the memories I have of you are the good ole days of Hockey at Adams park in Redondo Beach. You were so good and so was your team of You, brother Mark, Chris Cirillo & Tracy Kikawa! I will always remember that sweet and very accurate snap shot inti the lower stick side corner always beating the goaltender! Great Hockey player and a Great Person! It was an honor and a privilege to have had the chance to play against you and your team! You guys were the team
      to beat. Thank u Scotty for all the Hockey Memories bud! I will never forget them ☺!

  8. candle 8Dear Scotty. I’m so sorry we did not realize what was going on. I pray you found peace and are free of pain. You were such a sweet kid and we spent so many holidays as a family together which we will always cherish. Every Christ.mas you always found me to give me a hug mo matter how crowded. We love you. Rest in peace in heaven.

  9. candle 4I am going to miss you my young brother and I know that your listening to Oasis and Boogie Boarding in heaven

  10. candle 4Scotty- I finally mustered up the courage to visit your parents and brother yesterday, so many intense memories. We had so much fun when we were young, we were full of energy, always working on our hockey and body boarding game. Making that hockey goal from 2×4 lumber was one big memory that I have, that thing weighed a ton, we did our best to transport that behemoth to and from your house (hockey HQ), don’t think it made very many trips before it fell apart from lugging it all around. We used to dawn patrol Manhattan pier, 30th street mid December, it was so dang cold, slipping into cold, wet wet-suits rather then being tucked away at home warm in our beds we charged! We were at the Ice rink every weekend, kept us out of trouble, we loved to skate, you were a natural and I learned so much from skating with you. I know you loved to laugh, we have a similar sense of humor. I’m pretty sure you’re up there scoring the winning goal, riding the biggest wave and having the biggest laughs with the others. Scott I’m going to miss you my dear friend you made my childhood so memorable and I cannot thank you enough for being my best friend and brother. I love you and you will forever be close to my heart. Love, Chris Cirillo

  11. candle 4To our dear friend Scotty – while we only had the pleasure of knowing you for a short time, you quickly became a member of our family. We will always treasure certain memories: super bowl parties, checking out your dance moves at Mona’s 60th, taco tuesdays, you taking all of Vern’s money at a poker game and of course the walks to 7-11. Our hearts are broken knowing your life was cut way too short. It will take all of our greatest strengths to move forward without you here with us. We love you. Mona and Vern.

  12. Dear Scotty, it’s been over 30 years since I last saw you. Memories of you skating with those long strides at Bay Harbor with Cirillo and Flynn. You guys had a great line. Hard to believe it’s been that long since we last skated together and competed. Those are lasting memories I will never forget. Rest In Peace, Bay Harbor brother. Love, Bibi

    • candle 2Hello my sweet Scotty. Your departure time is slowly moving along.My feelings of sorrow aren’t subsiding. I find myself drifting from current happenings and shift my focus to memories of you, sometimes emotional.
      These are welcome feelings by me. I have so many memories…and thoroughly enjoy reliving them. Continue watching down on us, your family, until we are all reunited again in Heaven
      Love you forever…mom & dad

  13. candle 7Precious Scotty, you were always a sweet and gentle soul. We’ll miss your beautiful smile and the hugs every time we met. May you find peace in our Lord’s loving arms.

    • Scotty my many memories of you are flooding me…I’m so happy for all of them…from your youth and into your adulthood…you are the essence of careing , love, appreciation , honor, integrity, shareing, and so many more adulations that are available. We greet you daily and also nightly. We miss you.
      Your loving parents..Mom and Dad

      • candle 2My sweet Scotty..I reflected today about our conversations concerning your 3D modeling career. You always commented on your clients requests for your services. How they sometimes gave you a cardboard pattern or a sketch on paper of their proposed and hopeful project, and how they were always negotiating with you for a cheaper price. Exclusive in our conversations you would ask me for my input. You trusted me due to my 30+ years in aircraft tooling and model making. I always referred to my years of experience as “Old World Technology”..and you always had a chuckle/ laugh at that reference.
        We had some great times talking about your 3D CAD career. You amazed me with your skill..,
        Love You Scotty
        Until we are together again “Rest In Peace”

  14. candle 6Scotty was an awesome uncle and he will be missed and never forgotten. I thank you for all the memories and things you taught me as a child and I love you and miss you. RIP!

  15. candle 1Little Brother,
    Im so so sóooo going to miss you… If I could have just one more walk and talk with you , Id hold your hand and never ever let you go. Your my babybrother…Im sooo sorry Scotty, for your physical pain. You can rest your soul and fly with the Hummingbirds and well be watching you zip and swirl and get the Hockey Court in the sky ready for Marc to one day be playing once again with his other half. Mom and Dad are having to learn a new way of there life and we to are dealing with a whole in ourhearts. But the loss of there beautiful son.someone so special ,so loving and so selfless . The pain and hurt and the tears and emptiness shows tenfold all over there faces. I wish I could hold there hearts and let them know how much you adored them ,the best parents anyone could ever ask for. Momma our rock and such an amazing woman. Mom And Dad I am so sorry you have to hurt so much. God gave us all the best Son Brother Uncle Anyone could ask for. Thankyou for being there for Bryan And Joshua and teaching them to be switch hitters and stepping up when there Parents didnt. I love you and the girls adored there Uncle Stock…
    I know well walk again hand in hand i cant get my head wrapped around the thought that Ill not hear your voice on the other end of he phone. I am so proud to be your sister. Im so proud to have seen you walk that scary walk at that place . But you did it and you couldnt get over how the letter was to a tee . You were told its your time to shine when we last spoke. I need you to as the light of a star. Ill be looking for the Rainbow youll always be for us. Rest painless Baby brother.
    Loving you Always
    Your One and Only
    *Supa Seesta” as you always said. aka REESY.
    Ill never let go.

    • candle 5Good morning my dear Scotty. As each morning begins we are reminded of our “super star” Scotty.We begin our day with a tribute,and a good morning to you in your memorial bedroom.We begin each day hoping to see and feel your wonderful spirit….we end our day with a good nite to you..
      As we come and go throughout each day we bid you a goodbye upon leaving and a hello as we return.
      Scotty we will always cherish our time we had together, enjoying the hundreds of wonderful memories of your life.
      Sometimes our days are filled with a deluge of tears..other times filled with laughs of joy.Your memory lives within us always and never ending.
      Until we are together again, Love & Farewell
      Mom and Dad

  16. candle 1My Dear friend Scotty boy! I remembered when we first met in ‘94 you were working in Hermosa Beach at a clothing store called Section 8. We clicked and we never looked back. Always forward with out a care in our twenties. I remembered you worked for CompUSA computer store and you needed help with your truck as you locked your keys inside. I walked in and saw you. You told the “oh hey, the trucks outside. And I looked at him and dangled his truck keys to him. He lit up and said “No way big fella! That’s famous! And we laughed out loud! I had already saw his truck and opened the truck and found his keys before he could tell me where his car was. Ha! We had lots of amazing fun first times together exploring our youthful days! You also introduced me a band from UK – OASIS. Another common shared interest as we would laugh and talk about the bands shinannigains and lyrics! There were many great songs but the album that defined us back then was Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory. Always rocking out to our favorite tunes! When you lived in Miami and we would talk for hours on the phone and laugh and remember good memories of out days in Hollywood. You always had a good memory and would remind me of stories I didn’t even know happened but then you’d remind me of a great legendary story. We had so many and you knew them all. And recently a few years back. You liked that I got more into hockey as we talked And text about the sport and players as we watched the game over the phone sometimes. I will always love you and remember you, my dear friend and cherish all our great times and memories! You will always be missed my brother! Thank you for being in my life Scotty! I love you!

  17. candle 6Well big brother Scotty boy. I had the honor and pleasure to be lucky enough to call you my best friend and my special loving and one of kind brother. The bond we shared and still have means the world to me. Words can’t even describe how much I love you and adore you brother. Man I miss you and love you so much, I think about you every minute that goes by. I had lots of fun playing hockey with you and protecting you out there, you Being the Super star and me your baby brother boo being the enforcer out there. I know We had lots of fun living at are two houses together, all though our neighbors weren’t to pleased of the little noise we made.. But I will cherish you for ever and you will always b with me and in my heart big brother. I know your looking over me and you will guide me in the right direction. Rest easy.Love always your baby bro boo..

  18. candle 2I have some fond memories of Scott. We once shared a vacation in Hawaii. It was such a enhanced trip by being able to spend time with Scott. He loved to laugh and share post of hockey fights and his graphic designs. Scott your life and light will remain in all of us. Until we meet again may Gods beauty in heaven now enjoy your wonderful spirt. We all love and miss you!

  19. candle 7My dear friend, my love, sweet Scotty♡★★★ Your loving, kind and selfless soul will always be remembered. You have forever special place in my heart, you always had:). Rest in peace. Miss you more than you can imagine, Love forever A.

  20. candle 1Scott,
    You brought light to this world. I remember a fun loving soul and a gentle, involved Great Uncle. You mean, and meant, so much to this Ohana.
    Know and take with you all of the love we all have for you. You will always be missed beyond belief. I hope you stay close and greet us all in our end.
    Much Love Scotty💙

  21. candle 4Scotty, I am so luck to have known you and to call you my friend and my brother. We met while working together at CompUSA and once we became friends there was no turning back. Together we sold computers and cars and spent many nights trying to out shine the stars in Hollywood. We shared a love of laughter and the gift of gab and I feel lucky to have shared so many great times with you. You were always kind, thoughtful and generous a person anyone would be lucky to call a friend. I am glad we got out for a bike ride with my family. They were all excited to meet the man that was a part of so many of my stories and you lived up to their high expectations. I will continue to tell the tales of your kindness, generosity and of the many laughs we had and will miss you dearly. Love you always my Brother Scotty, rest easy.

    • candle 3Good morning my Scotty.I welcome another day to remember you and all you stood for.We all take life for granted.We were all blessed to have you with us for so many years. You are so sweet and gentle.Our coming days will always be full of wonderful memories and experiences with you.There were a few times I rescued you and your disabled car on body boarding trips.Also a few trips to emergency as a result of hockey injuries such as broken collar bone and a stick to your eye brow that required stitches. Very fond memories my Scotty.
      Keep looking down on us from Heaven
      Love you forever

      • candle 4My dear brother Scotty, I am sure going to miss you and your kind gentle soul. Throughout the years I have always admired how you carried yourself through life and it’s challenges thrown at you. I especially enjoyed watching you carry on an in-depth conversation about hockey even though I am a basketball fanatic it always amazed me at your enthusiasm. But I will never forget our special moment we had together just the two of us when we went back to school at Cerritos College a few years back. I didn’t have the chance to go to school with you as kids but this run at it was very special to me and I remember all the Composite courses and other courses that we took together for two years it was amazing picking your brain it seemed to come easy to you and I admired your wisdom and I will cherish those moments we spent studying together and just the simple brother bond that we shared.The conversations that we hard driving back and forth four days a week for two years and even in taking summer courses… I am really going to miss you my brother and miss you calling me “Older Brother”🏒 And I know you are up there in heaven shining down on us with a big ole spotlight and down here disguising yourself as a beautiful colorful butterfly🦋 following me around the Beach Cities!!….Well my beautiful intelligent young soul brother I want you to know that I respect you and miss you dearly Shine On Scotty Boy and rest your Soul… I Love and Miss You….. Your Older Brother Michael

        • candle 1Hey Mike I just found out about your brother Scott.
          I’m sorry for your loss. Scott was a great kid . Lots of memories from when we were all young in Palm Springs with your family.
          R.I.P Scott

  22. candle 7Scott, I remember the night you were born. I stayed with your older brother and sister when your parents went to the hospital for your birth. I held you in my arms and watched you grow through the various stages of your life. There were a lot of good times and I know you struggled at times. I’m so sorry for that.
    I admired your gentle way and the love you had for your parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents, nieces and nephews. You were so creative, I was amazed by your CAD drawings. It was obvious that it gave you a lot pleasure. We will miss you so much. I hope you’ve found the peace you deserve. Love you always – Uncle Denny

    • candle 4Good morning my sweet Scotty. Mom and me will be on a trip to Cambria ,we know you will be watching down on us and safely guiding us.We are staying in a beach condo.We will be constantly watching the surfers and we will be imagining we see you body boarding again. I know you will show us a sign you are there. Rest In Peace Scotty.Until we meet again.Love You
      Mom and Dad

  23. candle 6Heaven has another angel now. The sun won’t shine as bright anymore without Scotty. A true sports fanatic from the start – he brought a smile to everyone when watching his favorite team. There are no words that will make a difference but please know the Hartley family is in my prayers. Godspeed Scotty.

    • candle 1Good morning my Scotty.Thank you for watching over us from Heaven on our short trip.We are here looking out at the ocean, many surfers are doing what you did in your youth…loving the daily ocean surfing experience. You are a champion body boarder, and are casting your graces to these surfers daily.Continue to watch over them.Mom & Me will continue to honor you by always remembering our time with you…
      My sweet Scotty we all meet again in Heaven and continue to be a family. Love and kisses..Mom & Dad

  24. candle 6Scotty,
    As I am writing this, I am remembering the trips Uncle & I made and stayed with your parents. Even though you were busy working in your room, you always came out to spend time with us. Those memories will stay in our hearts forever. You would join us in the card games or just talk story with us. Though you are not here in person, your spirit lives on within us. You are an Angel now looking down on us. Rest in peace Scotty and remember we will always love you.
    Love you forever…Aunty & Uncle

  25. candle 4Scotty- Thank you for caring so much! Your advice was always helpful for me. I wish I could’ve helped you, I wish I knew how much pain you were in. I pray that you’re pain-free now and at peace. Rest in love, Scotty – you will not be forgotten.

  26. candle 6Dearest Scotty,
    Although we may not have had many times together, I will treasure the moments we were able to spend with you. Our family trips to Disneyland always led to a stopover to spend time with you, your parents and brothers. Those memories forever be with us. I loved the time you spent with Mason and making him feel so special. It broke my heart when I had to tell Mason that you were now in heaven. The first thing he asked was why did Scotty have to go to heaven and now when we go to Disneyland, we won’t be able to see him. I then explained to him that Scotty will always be with us in our hearts. Though your time on earth was short, we will remember & treasure all the special times we spent with you. You will always be remembered, no matter what. Your presence, love and kindness, will forever be with us. Rest for now until we meet again.
    We love and miss you so much Scotty!!!
    Denise, Mason & Lani

    • candle 6My sweet Scotty..You suffered so much over the past 3 years. I will focus on your arthritis and also on the persistent upper shoulder Pain. Your doctor tried everything but you also guided him with your explanation of your pain.The pain that would come on and last for an hour at a time…the doctor tried injections & ointments . You even had to go to emergency room for some relief…I don’t understand Why they couldn’t figure it out.You didn’t deserve to be subjected to constant pain…You Are a special person my Scotty….we will never understand God’s ways….I had a few pills to help relieve your shoulder pain(for a few hours) and am happy it was some temporary help.
      I would say from time to time as you started your day..”another day in paradise “….this was a saying that made us reflect on our earthly daily dealings that are tossed at us!
      We would take our walks.and talk…I now wish we took more…But I cherish every walk we did take and all the great conversations we had..
      Scotty I’ll say goodby for now…until we see you again in Heaven
      Love You
      Mom & Dad

  27. Uncle Tom to nephew Scott – the memories of you and bob playing as kids are captured forever in my heart and our photo albums. I dearly loved our discussions Every time I came around. I will always remember your handsome face will see you soon. Love uncle Tom

  28. candle 8Dear Scotty,
    So many good memories of: A very bright young man, always, a gentle soul, always, a caring cousin and friend, always, a loving son, brother, uncle, great uncle, always!!
    Your departure has left a very large void but we will carry memories of you, always!
    Please keep your light shining bright down onto your loving family, always!
    Prayers that Peace has found you and you are resting free of pain in the arms of Our Lord, always!
    With all our Love, yesterday, today and always
    Sonia and Mike Allar

    • candle 3Scotty..thank you for your journey mercies.We just got home from a short trip to an ocean condo. You gave us a safe return trip. On the way both going and returning you are my constant thought. We are now home and back to our(yours also) house…We visit your room many times daily..being drawn into the many pictures of you that we(Marc,mom & me) have on display.Most of the pictures you had taken( you or Amalia). We ( Marc,mom & me) are missing your positive attitude, awsome O’Hell card game playing…and also I miss your stories about your clients impossible requests when you were on their 3D modeling projects.
      Scotty you are the best..
      Love and miss you
      Mom & Dad
      Until next time…love you

  29. candle 3Alohas, Scotty.

    I know plenty of time has gone by since we’ve spent time together…but most of the experiences we’ve had (in our younger days;) were somehow kept fresh!

    Just know, all of the lessons & wisdom you’ve shared…play an important role in who I’ve become today and I thank you for that! Your spirit will live on…

    Rest In Paradise, Bruddah Scotty!
    Much love, Eric

  30. candle 7Hello my Scotty, I found the newspaper front page picture you have been saving since 2012.It’s the LA Kings first Stanley Cup Championship.I framed it and it is hanging in your bedroom. I also hung your Kings jersey beneath it. You will love it when you see it. I believe your spirit visits us daily.
    Until next time
    We love & miss you
    Mom & Dad

  31. candle 2Yo Scotty, I was just remembering the time when you moved to Marina Del Rey in that sky tide apartment over looking the Venice pier off washing ton blvd. You had your DJ turntables and we would set up the decks in the balcony area and lounge as we over looked the Pacific Ocean and we would talk about the days we would promote while sipping on a cold beer spinning beats laughing at the good old days as always. And every Friday was the spot to come over and hang out for the weekend and lounge and play music. I’d call the Thursday night before and I’d ask if we would have sunset sessions and beats night. You also called it Grey poupon lounge hahaha.
    While we were talking about the good old days we were making new fun days the we would talk about.
    Anyway I was driving past those apartments and what that place and area meant to me as I remembered good times up there.
    And today I’m watching hockey playoffs in August. You didn’t see that coming! I miss that I can’t calll to tell ya about a highlight or what to look for in the next game or who do you think is going to win. Anyway peace be with ya my friend!


  32. candle 7Good morning my sweet Scotty..
    We redid our patio area…
    Took out all the vines and added 3 huge ferns and 2 palms. You will love the new fresh look.
    Time is creeping along since you went to heaven..We are always thinking about you. So until next time Scotty we love and miss you
    Mom and Dad

  33. candle 1Good morning my sweet Scotty. I had a flashback about the time after my knee replacement. Remember you would drive me to my physical therapy sessions following my knee replacement. You and Marc would be my Uber team….These sessions went on for 24 sessions..that was a 3 month ordeal. You guys would drop me off at 7:30 AM…and go to Mickey Dees..
    You & Marc would get us each a sausage cheese & egg McMuffin….These cool memories are what are keeping my outlook happy and positive. Those were wonderful days and I cherish the memories….
    I’ll close for now Scotty…
    We really miss you….
    Mom & Dad

  34. candle 3Good morning my champion Scotty. As every day passes my love and my memories of you grow stronger. Thanks to your love for the group Oasis and your sharing their music with us..I have downloaded some songs that were your favorites.Now they are my way of keeping you near me when I play them. I pick special times to play the songs and think of you….it still doesn’t seem real that you are gone…I miss our walks/talks and just continuing to bond. I’m so sorry I couldn’t help you. The Covid pandemic reduced your ability to see your psychologist express your need for evaluation of your panic disorder & your anxiety disorder.Your final choice was to end your intense pain.
    Scotty I love are my champion forever.
    The world has lost a true super star.
    We miss you..
    Mom & Dad

  35. candle 3Hello my Scotty
    Another day has arrived and I just want to say hello. As always, my champion, I miss you. I’ll say, what I think, it’s just not the situation I want to experience. I enter your room daily and wish this was a dream….but of course it isn’t. My Scotty you are the best..smartest..most intelligent..person in our house. But unfortunately you were not allowed to continue your life. I’ll never understand why your life wasn’t allowed to continue..God sent the Covid scourge down upon us and you weren’t able to talk to your doctor made your choice to end your pain. I’m not made at you..I’ll love and admire you forever..any happiness I experience is subdued.
    Mom drew a heart in the sand at the beach with Scotty your honor. We have that picture in our house.
    Please watch over us always…
    Until we are together as a family again..
    We love and miss you…
    Mom & Dad

  36. candle 2Hi Scotty
    Me , Mom and Marc took a walk from our house to 7-11…and home.
    You know the standard loop you, me and Marc always took. It brought back great memories when we all did that walk. And great memories when you and me walked..It was always interesting discussing numerous things and topics with you.
    So I just wanted to tell you that.
    I’ll check in again soon.
    Scotty you are our hero.
    Love you
    Miss you
    Envy you now being pain free…
    Love you forever
    Mom and dad

  37. candle 8My Babyboy, as I often addressed you,everytime we talked.
    I miiiss youu. Everyday I drift into my memories I hold dear ,of you . Its so hard though because I need you Scotty. I was visiting with Mikey yesterday and talking about you and how much I love you and miss you. He was holding me as I cryed in his arms. He said” its ok Mom, but you do know that Uncle Scotty had so much love and respect for you,dont you?” He shared with me all the talks you and him had while he wqs in California visiting. He told me ” Mom..The memories of you that Uncle Scotty sharedhe would tell them with such love and admiration for his big sister Reesey,it made me happy for you Mom.” Mikey told me ” Im just so glad that you know Uncle Scotty had so much love for you,that you knew it to .” Yes yes I do Scottyboy ,I do know you loved me and that you know I adore you my ” babyboy”. While I was home for two weeks with Mom and Dad and Marc, we experienced many visits from Hummingbirds at odd times. I like to say it is you coming back to show off your range of motion and I also looked up the legacy of Hummingbirds. They stand for eternal peace and there wings move in the shape of the eternity symbol. So amazing… Mom shared with me the time the Hummingbird flew right above her head and how you took the picture. I also found the picture of one on your facebook page. So for us Hummingbirds mean alot to our hearts now. Bubba and his girlfriend April came by yesterday tobring me a gift,and ielted inside into a puddle of happy tears,he bought me a beautiful necklace,with a Hummingbird charm on it. So now now Ill have you always close to me,where I can keep you safe from harmsway. Youre an awesome Babybrother and I never got to tell you Thankyou for all the joy you e brought to my life and for lifting me up when I went into my depression so bad that I wouldnt even answer the phone. Im always gonna be your Reesey,and youll always be my Babyboy and one day well have a true blue walk in Heaven and if you dont mind ,Can I hold your beautiful hand and never let go? I too find comfort in listening to your favorite playlist and until we can be together again Im gonna im going to love and admire you from here. Ive also registered to be a Volunteer for Suicide Awareness and will be Walking In Your Honour on November 21st on a 10k Walkathon,so we will walk together again and Ill be holding your hand in my mind that day. I MIIIISS YOU LITLE BROTHER….
    Love Reesey

  38. candle 4Hi my sweet and me saw your spirit in the form of a red dragonfly.This dragonfly was flying in big circles near us as we sat on the porch. I’m sure it was your spirit. That was 3 days it returned again and flew near us again. We always look for a reason to believe you are watching over us. Sometimes hummingbirds also.
    I had to remove your bedroom door started to rub on the bottom.
    So I sanded it to relieve the rubbing part…
    We’re you messing with me?…
    I hope know my M. O….
    I’m always looking for something to fix or repair in our house.
    Scotty..until we have another session,
    We love and miss you.
    Mom and Dad

  39. candle 7Good morning my sweet Scotty.
    Here comes another day…Every morning I come downstairs and go into your room.Today was very emotional for me.I stayed for quite awhile looking at all the pictures we have set up on your bed…on your desk..and on your dresser.
    My champion Scotty..I was really shedding tears…I still ask myself ..WHY?
    WHY?…. I’ll never know my son. I’m trying to proceed forward..some days are less emotional. But I welcome the I relive our life we had with you…
    Tomorrow mom and me are going to Lee Vinning to camp with Sandra &Mike.
    Please give us mercy journey’s and watch over us as we are driving 6 hours.
    We will be thinking of you and looking for signs that you are there with us..
    I’ll sign off for now. Until I visit with you and share my thoughts next time..
    We love and miss you so much.
    Love you
    Miss you
    Admire you…
    You are my superstar
    Mom & Dad

  40. My Little Brother.
    I can’t say d being here without you. I’ve been trying so hard for four years to get up on my feet and hold my head up high after losing Robbie after 25 years. I struggle every second of the day to battle the anxiety a d depression that makes my hands shake. But I really got used to you loving me with all your heart and I long to have those talks with you again. I do know that life is a lot emptier without you. I miss you baby boy and I’m going to have to seek help for the loss of you is overwhelming me to much and I’m alone out here Scotty but I’ll stay strong for your honor if you’ll hold bubba in your arms from thus day forward. He needs us real bad but my arms aren’t very strong anymore . I want to come home now there’s no longer a thing out here for me. I love you baby boy n I’ll hang on I promise ok
    Love. Reesy

  41. candle 3Hi Scotty..we just returned from a trip.
    Thank you for providing our journey mercy’s that enabled us to have a safe return home. You are our guiding light from above.We saw your spirit through the constant humming birds that visited the feeder nears us in the camp site. Sandra & Mike said to give you a big aloha for them. We are back and visit your room numerous times daily, enjoying all the pictures you took. We have them on display. Every day is still tough on us, we miss your inspiration and humor. I love the picture I took of you with your new dental work completed. Scotty you look beautiful, I’m sure you know that. We will continue to live every day in your honor. I will have more stories in awhile…
    Love you
    Miss you
    Admire you
    You are my champion…
    Mom & Dad

  42. candle 8Hello my dear Scotty, we are in a super hot heat wave..Sunday Torrance weather hit 103…ouch
    Extremely brutal..
    And to make matters worse our block had power failure. We were without electricity for 46 hours…I’m sure you were watching down on us..thanks for helping us get through it.This morning our power was restored. A transformer failed 3 houses from us.
    Scotty..the days are still very tough for us to bear since you left. Me mom & Marc really miss are our computer guru…you are a super star on computers..
    We still haven’t unpacked the laptop you purchased for us. It’s soooo advanced.
    Sometime in the near future we will get into it.
    Thank you so much for treating us.
    You are always thinking of us. You are so generous.
    Here is a story you will like.
    We just returned from camping with Sandra & Mike. The camp host’s grandson was there.He is a Toyota car salesman just like. Although you didn’t sell Toyota’s…
    But he gave us similar stories like you tell us…In particular the term …Bells
    He doesn’t like bells either.
    It’s always fun talking with you, Scotty.
    Maybe you can make a quick return so we can take another walk together.
    Wouldn’t that be a super fun return…
    Well my dear Scotty:
    I’ll close for now…
    Until we are all together again,
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are our champion
    Mom & Dad

  43. candle 3Hello my sweet Scotty. Today was a joyous & sad day. We arranged having your ashes spread into the ocean. There were about 15 of us on a boat that departed from Redondo Beach. We motored from the dock about 2 miles out to a location..then cut the motor and just drifted in place for an hour. Mom had brought 2 dozen roses..she removed the petals. The roses were bright red & bright yellow….so beautiful.
    Almost as beautiful as you my Scotty.
    We all took multiple hands full and cast the petals into the ocean….Your brother Mike had a collection of songs he played from his phone to a Bluetooth speaker…that really set our hearts and emotions into motion…we all had a good tear filled moment.
    He payed somewhere over the rainbow by Bruddah Iz. And a couple of your Oasis favorites.
    Next we all shared in spreading your ashes into the ocean..each of us casting many hands full. Your spirit is free to follow the currents to anywhere you want to go.
    Sorrow by participating in your passing…
    Joy by being able to honor you and our memories of you.
    We had a lunch at our house in your honor….
    So my sweet Scotty as we continue to have many fond memories of and with you…our days are filled with happiness remembering your sweet face..your personality…your witty sayings…your smartness… and so much more.
    When I stop and search my memories I’m always shedding tears. I will never forget you and all your considerate moments…you are never always pay it forward…
    My Scotty we have another tribute to you coming in the near future.
    We are having a celebration of life for you at our house soon…
    All our family and friends are coming and also your friends.
    It will be a fine tribute to be honoring you.
    I know you will be watching down on us…
    Your room is still set up as a remembrance to you.
    Scotty..until next time:
    Love you
    Miss you
    Honor you
    You are our champion.
    Mom & Dad

  44. Hello my champion ..
    Today we were driving on El Segundo Blvd. in ElSegundo…
    This was dejavous my Scotty.
    I know you’ll remember this…
    You were our delivery stub hub…but ran out of 10;00 PM
    You called me and asked if I had a gas can…and could bring a gsllln of gas..
    I told you I didn’t… but I would get a 1 gallon size on the way, and of course the gas also.
    Remember I told you the 1st gas station was out of stock…So I tried another..they had 1 left…
    So you said you were on El Segundo Blvd….
    I finally found you and together we couldn’t figure out how to get the safety spout to work..ha, a couple of bright guys on paper but couldn’t get it to work…
    So anyway you had a sports magazine in the Jetta..and I managed to make a funnel out of the book…wow what an were able to start the Jetta and head for the nearest gas station.
    Anyway we both had spilled gas on our shoes…
    TJ he topper was the gas station was only 4 blocks away on El Segundo Blvd.
    Scotty this is one of many, many memories I will cherish for ever.
    This memory keeps me close to you…
    My dear Scotty all the remembrances of our time with you are keeping us moving forward…
    I’ll talk to you soon..I have many many more memories to talk to you about
    So my sweet son
    I’ll close for now
    Love you ….
    Miss you…
    Some day I hope God willtell me his reason for treating you so bad
    I so sorry Scotty
    You are my champion
    Love you again…
    Mom & Dad
    The topper is the gas station

  45. candle 3Hello my Scotty..
    Well we had your celebration of life get together on Saturday.Wow Im sure you saw the loving turnout of guests.Your friends all came to cheer you, and send extra love to you. They all shared your life and experiences that each one had with you. I’m sure you counted all that were here…more than 50 people attended..we provided extra spacing so everyone was safe. Bennie Gonzales gave a blessing of the food..and expressed his love and admiration of you..Cris Cirillo, Sean, Alex ,Bennett,Chance& his family, came to say hello. Linda Lee, Jeff Lee and many many others came.
    Cousin Sandra sang a few songs in your tribute.
    Brother Mike programmed the music..lots of Oasis songs and Beach Boys too.
    Ron and Jane Tabura we’re here.Cheryl Tabura made the big head style remembrance pictures we placed everywhere.
    Sonia and Mike Allar also came..Victor too.
    Gian Carlo also came…
    Mom , of course, planned the food menu…
    Marc and Mike Degatano..hung out together praising you over and over.
    Stevie sent a super long text..
    Basically saying how he admired you and learned from your witty phrases, he really misses you.
    Scotty we all really miss you.
    You are so smart and funny at’re so computer savvy..
    We would always come to you when our computer malfunctions…
    Easy fix for a sharp guy like you.
    The day was a fitting celebration of your life..
    We will all continue to trudge day by day remembering you.
    Missing you
    Loving you
    Benefitting from your loving care for us all.
    Scotty you are my champion
    Please watch over us
    Until we speak again
    Love you
    Mom and Dad

  46. To my big brother Scotty, remember those early days playing hockey in our driveways, to us it was the Fabulous Forum! I was Marcel Dione, Frank was Guy LaFluer and Bob Miller, Marc was Butsy Erickson (lol) and of course you were Wayne Gretzky! We played with 4 wheel skates and plastic triangle pucks but that didn’t matter in those days the NHL was different. You came to one of my games we were short players, 1 shift 1 goal, thank you very much I’m out of here, lol!! That 30 second shift really had you winded but you nailed it from the blue line top shelf, but that’s why you were my Gretzky, my hero. I Love you Scotty and I miss you but I know your not far, I know your still around I can still feel you, I can still hear you buddy I love you so much! Now you have a different job, my days of playing are just about over but I know you’ll still be around to help guide me forward in life I learned so much from you while you were here you were so smart and talented and never said no to helping me with any thing. You were the funniest person with the most wit who could talk anyone into anything, you were the best buddy, I love you and will miss having you around but I know your not far and we’ll see each other again and play some more hockey and have some more laughs. Till then, I’ll remember all the great memories and never forget you brother, thank you for everything, I miss you and love you.

  47. candle 4Hello again sweet Scotty.
    I remember another memory to talk to you about.
    You were out delivering or maybe just running around about 10 months ago.
    Anyway you called my cell and said you were in the Westwood area. You were parked in the Jetta..and upon returning you couldn’t find the Jetta car key…
    You said you searched your valeese and your backpack and also all inside the Jetta…and still couldn’t find the key.
    You asked me to bring you the spare key I always kept for emergency.
    So I brought it to you in Westwood.
    You never found your key…
    So I purchased another spare key…
    Anyway these stories and memories of inconvenience are a welcome nowadays.
    I’m always trying to remember anything of you I can.
    So until the next memory Scotty..
    I’ll be patiently waiting for your spirit to give me another sign that you are hovering nearby and watching over us all.
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion
    Mom and dad

  48. candle 3Hi Scotty
    Today Doree Munro came by to say hello to you. She visited you in your room..
    She said you are a wonderful considerate man. She wishes you a carefree painless life up in heaven. And to please continue watching over us all.
    Your life examples that we are all remembering are the kindest and have the truest feelings of anyone.
    We are always feeling your spirit near us and in and around home.
    Your room is full of your presence. Your pictures are everywhere and bring us so much joy.
    I love your bleached short hair. You could have been a model. But your life as a car salesman and also your 3D modeling career are still in my mind.I’m still amazed at your talent.
    You are the greatest…
    You are the kindest..
    You are the most considerate..
    You are my champion….
    Love you
    Miss you
    Enjoy seeing your spirit in our garden..
    Until next time my sweet Scotty
    Mom and Dad

  49. candle 7Dearest Scott I wish I told you how special you are I always looked forward to your presence at our family gatherings. You were a precious light and I’m sad I never told you. You would think I would have learned to always share such feelings and thoughts as I know from my experience that life can be short and in an instant lost. Well I know you can hear me and I know tomorrow I again will feel your presence as your family will be there and you are so with them, I felt you in all there emotions and always in there hearts ♥️… you my dearest Scotty are beautiful inside and out the kind soul that we all need to be 🥰 thoughts of you will always bring me a smile 😊… R.I.P

  50. candle 4Hi Scotty..
    We are at Aurora’s birthday party at her house.I know you are smiling down on Aurora on her special day.
    The theme of her party is a fashion show.
    There is a runway carpet in the back yard.All the kids are continuously changing outfits after each walk in front of us spectators…
    Aurora says hello to her “Uncle Stock”
    We all know your spirit is here with us…Aurora is blowing you a kiss…I’ll close for now..
    I know I’ll see your Spirit today, tomorrow and every day…
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion
    Mom and Dad

  51. candle 7My Dearest and sweet Scotty
    Scotty the days continue to crawl by since you have left us.
    Today is a Sunday.morning…I’m sitting in my living room chair trying to read today’s paper…mom & Marc are still sleeping.
    My thoughts aren’t on the paper…
    My memories are swirling everywhere remembering your life experiences with us and trying to remember yours through the great pictures you took.
    Your pictures are still displayed in your room for us to visit multiple times every day…
    It is said time heals all wounds…maybe physical wounds….
    But not yet for me concerning the emotional sorrow I/we have for your pain and suffering…Scotty you are a super nice and caring young man..OUR HERO….
    Koa still visits you in your room…
    She lays on your bed and window ledge..
    I know your spirit is in your room and everywhere in our house…
    Thank you for watching over us…everyday
    We panted a Japanese Elm tree outside your room in the front yard..for you, my son. Its getting some new dark red leaves …it likes the location there…
    You continually are sending us butterflies and hummingbirds to remind us of you..we thank you so much.
    Please never stop sending your love to us…
    We constantly view the video of spreading your ashes off of Redondo/Hermosa Beach out 2 miles…
    Your body boarding area..
    I know you on the waves daily…mom also spread you some sweet yellow and red rose petals…these will provide you with tranquility and well being…
    Scotty …I very much miss our walks and talks…we talked light heartedly…seriously…jokingly…etc.
    By the way: We borrowed your bedroom doorstop and use it in the bathroom…
    We use your Hockey Pucks as a door stop in your bedroom…thanks for sending me that request to use your picks…
    A fitting use of your loved sport equipment….
    I hope the Kings will rebound this coming season..I know you’ll be watching…
    Today the Dodgers play for the Nstional League title…they are tied 3 games a peace with the Atlanta Braves…
    The winner goes to the World Series..
    Please help the a Dodgers…thanks
    Well Scotty my coffee is getting cold..
    So Ill sign off for now…unyy to I’ll next time:
    Love You
    Miss You
    You are my Champion…
    Mom and Dad

  52. candle 3Hi Scotty…
    Great news…
    The Dodgers won yesterday 4-3
    They are going to the World Series
    We will be watching every game..
    Please watch over them and name drop their name to God…
    Go Dodger Blue..
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion..
    Mom & Dad

  53. candle 7Good morning Scotty..
    Yesterday the Dodgers won World Series game 1…
    Dodgers 8…Tampa …3
    Thank you for name dropping our Dodgers name to God..
    I know you are aware of the game result.
    Today is game 2…
    We will be watching again tonite…
    Today I will be looking for a sign that your Spirit is with us here at home..
    Rooting for the Dodgers.
    I had a dream last nite that your LA King’s will get to the Stanley Cup season…
    You and me will be cheering them to victory…I can’t wait to be cheering with you.
    I’m sure your spirit & Kobe Bryant’s spirit have been super happy with the Lakers world championship…
    I’m sure you 2 did a high 5 with each other.
    We are all taking 1 day at a time since you left..sometimes it’s tough..we’re happy and understand that now you are pain free …
    We can say to you..enjoy your freedom..
    Please watch over us here..
    Your room (lots of pictures) is both our sorrow and our happiness …
    We have your picture enlargements in the living room and family remind us of you and your gentle person.
    Until we are together again,
    Miss you
    Love you
    You are our champion
    Mom, Dad ..and Marc (Boo)

  54. candle 3Good morning Scotty..
    I just want to say hello again,
    Everyday is still a challenge but little by little we are dealing with missing you.
    Your room is still our enlightening place.I visit you daily there amoung your pictures. you’re pictures show your wonderful life experiences. Thank you for taking them and now we can experience you through them…
    Yesterday the Dodgers won the World Series…2021 champions.
    It’s been 32 years since they last won it..1988
    You remember the Kirk Gibson home run…it was a classic hit..
    Today mom and me are going on a 2 day trip …please give us journey mercies for a safe travel and return.
    We are all just plugging away around here…some days busy some days not.
    I’ll close for now..
    I’ll check in with you soon…
    Please send us some signs that you are amoung us..Humming birds…butterflies..etc.
    Please watch over us..
    We miss you
    We love you
    You are my champion..
    Mom & Dad & Boo

  55. candle 8Hi Scotty…
    Thank you for giving us your journey mercies and enabling us to return safely from our 2 day anniversary trip.
    You ‘LL be surprised when you/your spirit visits us after this next week..
    We are adding A/C to our house.It was a super hot August & September & October..,this year…
    I called our heater guy in August but he was to busy to come to our house for an estimate…
    So he came a week bad the super hot weather is gone..but with the new A/C next year will be comfortable.
    Your room is still the same setup..
    We visit you daily..
    I know you know we do…We still think of you and your kindness to everyone..
    You were/are the best my Scotty…you were given a raw deal…you made a huge commitment and it went in rewarded..
    God sent Covid..and you were not able to see your psychiatrist to hear that the meds he prescribed weren’t doing you right..
    I’m so sorry Scotty I..I wish I was able to help you…I have good days and not so good days reflecting on your final 2 months…
    I know we all will be together sometime and have a great time with you in Heaven…
    Please employ all the fun areas there so when we get there you’ll be our mentor..and guide…
    That will be a fun time…
    I’ll close for now my sweetest Scotty
    We love you
    We miss you
    You are my Champion
    Mom & Dad & Marc

  56. candle 3Hello my sweet Scotty
    I just want to say hello…
    Not much happening around here.
    I miss a chat here and there with you.
    If you can please send us some good vibes from you.
    We are all just trying to get along and stay healthy and avoid the Covid 19 curse….
    Mom will be having laser eye surgery on Dec..17…
    Please find time to be with her in the surgery room.It’s a 30 minute procedure.
    Of course I’ll be waiting near by…
    Please visit me also.
    Scotty the time crawls along since you left. It’s only been 4 sure seems longer.
    Sometimes I hear a noise in our hallway
    I’m sure your spirit is visiting us…
    We are going to your favorite “Burnt Tortilla” for dinner.:with Ray & Jane
    Nowadays we have to eat outside in a patio setting..:Covid infections dictate this rule…
    Whenever I see an ad about Door Dash I always think of you…you made a pretty good source of income doing that for at least 6 to 9 months..maybe longer…
    I’ve been ree we painting the downstairs bathroom..
    I’ve be working for 4 days already…
    Another 3 days to go…
    I’m doing everything..
    Walls, Ceiling, Cabinets, Cabinet doors & drawers.,.
    Lots of surfaces…3 coats each…
    Takes quite awhile..
    NFL season is halfway completed
    I don’t watch too much…just check the sports page for the standings
    I’m sure Ice Hockey is getting closer to start of the season..
    I’ll be rooting for the Kings…
    I’m know you e we I’ll be looking over them ..give them a nudge towards the net ..
    I’ll close for now my sweet son…I’m tearing up now ..and that’s great with me..,
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my Champion…
    My Super Star..
    Your light is in heaven and we all will be together one day..
    Love you
    Mom, Dad and Marc

  57. candle 7Hi Scotty
    Last nite Aurora & Riley spent the night with us.We had Burnt Tortilla take out dinners.The we all went into the den and had a nice fire.We also watched a movie..”Frozen 2”
    It’s always a fun time when they spend the night. You always joined us for those stay overs..remember we always had popcorn..and some other snacks…
    We miss your physical presence…but we know your spirit is always with us Scotty.
    Aurora is growing into a sweet young girl, she just turned 8…and is loosing some front baby teeth…
    Riley just turned 5…she’s a cutie.
    Hudson just turned 3…he is a whirlwind
    His motor is always on pedal to the metal.
    I know you are having a great pain free existence in Heaven…that’s what you deserve my sweet Scotty…free of pain!
    I think of you and our family memories together always…
    The Covid situation our world is engulfed in …keeps everyone in fear..
    Will we survive if we get it?
    So many have died from it.
    I’m sure you and your acquaintances in Heaven are trying to understand why we are scourged here on earth…
    When you have any spare time please pray for us…
    Your room is in pristine condition just in case God grants one of his miracles and sends you to see us in your worldly body..
    That miracle would sure be sweet..
    You never know..God is the almighty.He could do it…
    But you are experiencing his all mighty Glory..Coming back to earth would be a step down..
    Anyway Scotty if you can send us a spirit message…
    I’ll close for now…
    We love you
    We miss you
    You are our champion
    Love you
    Mom, Dad & Marc

  58. candle 8Hi Scotty..
    This morning is a really unbelievably sad one…for all of us..
    As you know, Michael passed away yesterday. We ( mom and me and Marc ..and Shareyse) are truly sad..confused..unable to process the passing of Michael…
    He appeared to be fully his passing is a shock.
    I’m know you and mike are together right now..I’ll just call it high-giving each other….
    So now we’ll be watching for you and mike’s spirits visiting us…hopefully daily…Scotty I’m just so full of tears…
    Loosing you was just so traumatic..
    Now…Mike…more trauma…
    Scotty I know there is a God…but with you and Mike passing…my faith is being really tested..sometimes I fail my faith..
    So please get with mike and give us your guys your spiritual help…
    Mom , Marc and me really need you guys guidance…and help..
    Scotty this is all a blurr..but with you and Mike’s help and your intervention with God..all of us here in our household will muddle through this sorrowful time…
    I Know we will all be together again sometime… soon..
    They say we are all temporarily visiting here on earth…
    So one day we will be together again…
    Now I’ll be writing to both you.
    Love You…both
    Miss You…both
    You are my champion
    Mike is my champion
    I’ll be writing always.
    Love you both
    Mom, Dad and Marc

  59. candle 3Hi Scotty..and Mike
    How are you guys doing…
    Michael..we are really unable to understand the reason you passed..
    You seemed very healthy. You are always doing your cardiovascular workouts because you ride your bike everywhere.Someday God will reveal to us his reason for taking you and Scotty from us.
    Mike..We all miss you
    Scotty ..we all miss you
    Please can both of you send us a spiritual sign..or a physical sign of your love..
    Send us some hummingbirds . and some monarch butterflies…
    Scotty we haven’t really done any rearranging of your room…
    Michael I know you are watching down on us clearing out your Hermosa room..
    You really have a lot of stuff..
    We will go tomorrow and disassemble your bed…
    Lots of wood screws…
    But by tomorrow your room will be empty…
    Pete has been with us daily.
    Scotty we love you
    Mike we love you
    Boys we really miss you.
    Guys..Marc is trying to cope so please send him some signs of your love…
    Boys you both are our Champions
    Love you
    Miss you
    Mom,Dad,Shareyse & Marc
    Until we are all together in heaven
    Love you both

  60. candle 4Hi Scotty..
    Did you know:
    Today is cousin Brittany’s birthday.
    You and Mike can get together with her and you all can celebrate together.
    Can you also invite Auntie Edna…
    Love you.
    Miss you.
    You are my Champion

  61. candle 2Scott,
    You were always one of the most smiling of all the Grace cousins. Big smile, wavy hair. I wish I had known you as an adult. Peace cuz.

  62. candle 7Hi Scotty
    Yesterday was an emotional day for us all
    We visited Mike and had his the funeral home..same one you were at.
    This is very tough for mom and me to fact we don’t understand.
    We’ve lost 2 sons..God has a mysterious plan with our family.
    But I’m happy both you and Mike are together in Heaven. Now Marc and Shareyse are our family..please send us your spirits for a visit in the form of butterflies and hummingbirds.
    When we do see them..we know you and Mike are watching over us…
    Just wanted you guys to know we all love you and are fortunate to have had 50 plus years admiring you here on earth.
    You 2 guys are our champions forever…
    Marc and Shareyse say hello…
    Scotty I still visit you in your room
    Pictures are still there…
    Love you
    Miss you
    My champions forever
    Mom,Dad,Shareyse and Boo

  63. Scotty. You and Mike are up in heaven together. Plesse send a sign to your parents. They love and miss you both so much. Heal their hearts somehow. We and miss you guys. It’s hard sometimes to accept God’s plan but we know you are both safe with him. ♥️♥️

  64. candle 8Good morning Scotty..
    Today is Thanksgiving day..
    Mom will be getting the Turkey dinner underway soon.
    You know your mom is the ultimate host and people person…
    Not a large gathering today but still a celebration of giving thanks..
    I’m thankful God you to us ..
    We will cherish our time with you forever..
    Please send us a sign that you and Mike are together and rejoicing in Heaven…
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are our shunning star
    You are our champion
    Until next time… shareyse

  65. candle 7Hi Scotty..we started to bring out the XMAS display always takes 1 week to complete the setup.I’m only 2 days into the setup.So quite a few days to go,
    Check it out in about 5 days..You know these moving displays are 20 years old..So lots of maintenance is always needed..
    I built them on old world technology.
    We talked about that…old world construction of F-18 tooling..
    You are current technology in your 3D modeling technology.
    I’m still amazed at what can be done with it.
    Anyway..I’ll keep hooking up the Xmas display
    Check it out..ok
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my Champion
    Mom..Dad..Marc..and Shareyse

    • Uncle scotty… Look I know I may not have been able to be around my lifetime and I may have chosen a life of what most look at as the bad road, or ashamed to be associated with some one of the likes but you have done more for my mental state than I’ll ever be able to explain. I’m so messed up in my head right now that I can’t figure out a single thing I need to do for myself except work and maintain and not get to far in my head because I refuse to go back to the old me. Uncle scotty man all those days we would spend and make sure we called each other just to check on one another’s mental well being and just to make sure that we both knew that we would always have each other to talk to without any type of judgement whatsoever are the days I will miss. Your such an awesome person uncle scotty inside and out. And you helped me out of a place in my head that I never want to return. I’m sorry. Just know that I’m out here doing the best I can to survive. Just wanna make it you know. With out any type of back tracking. And I know youll forever be by my side until we meet again. The hummingbirds I repeatedly see everyday… I love you uncle scotty so much and you’ll never be forgotten. Love always, your nephew. Bubba….

  66. candle 2Hi my sweet Scotty
    Another day has come and almost gone.
    I’m still missing you so very much…
    I still visit you in your room…
    Pictures of you everywhere ..and some hockey memories
    3 pictures of you and Kissen..
    We know you are happy now…
    Please send us a spirit message…
    Send us some hummingbirds and butterflies…
    Those will bring sll of us happiness
    Miss you
    Love you
    You are our Super Star
    Mom, Dad,Shareyse and Marc

  67. candle 6Hi Scotty…
    Well today we sure do miss you and your computer knowledge.
    We always came to you for any computer questions. I know you remember us being lame on computer adjustments.
    Anyway Marc was doing computer work on Excell…
    Anyway the monitor display was horizontal not vertical…
    We didn’t know how to fix it…
    We tried…Are you messing with us?
    Anyway I called Denise in Hawaii.
    She called us and had to Google to find out how to rotate the screen..
    So: control …alt.. arrow up. all at once
    It worked…screen did rotate
    I just wanted to tell you…
    Love you

  68. candle 2Hi Scotty
    How’s it going…
    Just want to say hello
    Tomorrow mom and me are going to the Hartley’s Xmas…at my brother Tom’s house..
    I know both you and Mike use to go
    This year will be a void without you and Mike…
    Our house Xmas display is up and running…
    But you guys aren’t here to enjoy it…
    It’s sad…
    God has some plan..but it hurts
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my Champion marc

  69. candle 4Hi Scotty
    Just wanted to say hello.
    This Xmas eve will be a real heart wrenching evening
    We all have our seating locations..
    But you and Mike won’t be there in body…but you both will be there in spirit
    We all will miss you and Mike..
    Please flow down your graces on us…
    Miss you so much Scotty…
    Time is going by so slowly..I’m always reflecting on our family experiences with you…
    Talk to you later
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my Champion
    Mom,Dad,Shareyse and Marc

  70. candle 2Hello my sweet Scotty…
    I’ve been watching a custom car show called Bitchen Rides…
    This show is being recorded in Dave Kindig’s shop….
    It’s in Utah…
    Anyway you would really like what they do sometimes…
    If they have to make a difficult part for the car..the shop brings out their laser scanner and 3D models the car surfaces in the specific areas they need to be able to make certain parts…
    The shop has a plasma cutter table..
    They have 3D printing capabilities …
    You would really relate your college study in solid works modeling…and 3D printing…
    This show used everything you know know to do…
    I really thought about you and your love of this trade…
    Scotty we really miss you …
    It’s still very difficult not seeing you and jiving with you…
    I hope your spirit sees this show…
    I’ll close for now my son…
    If you can please visit Shareyse..and help her in her sad time..
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion…
    Mom,Dad,Shareyse..and Marc

  71. candle 2Hello my sweet Scotty
    Well you are a great uncle again…
    Michelle had a girl…
    Her name is Lilah Lynn
    Now Hudson has a sister he can protect
    Hope you are doing great in Heaven
    Miss you so much
    Love you so much
    You are my champion Scotty
    Miss our conversations
    Miss you schooling me on solid works
    Miss you giving me your tips on how you delivered the food from 2 did real well..$800/week that’s great Scotty
    My sweet son please shine your light on us here at casinos ave
    Love & miss you…
    Mom,Dad,Shareyse and Marc

  72. candle 4Happy New Year 2021 my sweet Scotty
    Our celebration is hollow without you
    I’m trying to be happy but without you here it isn’t easy
    Talk to you again my sweet son
    Mom,Dad,Shareyse and Marc
    Miss you Love you
    You are my champion

  73. candle 2Hello my sweet Scotty
    Life continues here a 16521 Casimir Avenue…
    But my daily trip into your room brings my emotions to an understanding that I don’t understand that you are gone forever…
    I miss you my Scotty..
    Our stories together..our laughter..our life experiences..our life expectations..
    It’s hard Scotty…
    Anyway I promised to update you on your favorite team: LA kings
    Their season opened last nite at home…NO Fans..because of COVID
    They had a 3-1 lead after 2 periods.
    But we’re unable to hold it.
    3-3 after regulation.
    They lost 4-3 in OT…
    Sorry Scotty…they must get it in gear…
    It’s an 85 degree day here, it’s Jan 15th
    I’ll check in later on…
    You have a wonderful time in Heaven my Scotty…
    We will all be together in a short time..
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion
    Mom,Dad,Shareyse and Marc

  74. Someday you will find me
    Caught beneath the landslide
    In a champagne supernova in the sky

    Thought of these lyrics and thought of you buddy!

    I’ve been listening to new music and I can’t share the new tracks with you or your brother.

    It kinda makes me sad and aware that everyday is precious and to be the best we can while we live.

    Love ya man

  75. candle 4Hello my sweet Scotty…
    I’m sure you know your sister Shareyse has taken her life..
    Scotty this is really heart reaching..
    First..You, then…Michael and now..Shareyse have left us.
    Scotty I really miss you and of course Mike & Shareyse…
    We all had wonderful moments during all of you guys and gal lives…
    The memories are so precious to mom & me…
    We always relive the many, many memories…
    From all 3 of your ..sports functions…family gatherings…and youth mis-steps…
    Scotty I’m messsging you as the coordinator for the 3 Hartley angels in Heaven…please update them on anything I share with you..
    Your L A Kings have won 6 straight games..but I know you are aware of this.
    Please get with Mike & Shareyse and have a 3 way high 5…
    Please continue to watch over us here on Casimir Ave.
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion
    You all are our champions…

  76. Hello my Scotty
    I’m sitting in the living room and want to say hello…Miss you
    Miss our times chatting about whatever was a current happening. I always enjoyed you asking for any input I might have to aid you in your particular solid works projects.Your 3D modeling ability amazed me…I still reflect on your hobbies…as a youth, body boarding and roller hockey .and you and Marc doing your paper route driving with skates on..
    That was crazy…
    Time is marching on..
    You went to Heaven on July 7….
    8 months ago..
    Seems like yesterday Scotty..
    Your room is basically untouched..
    All your pictures are still on display
    And I always visit you in the morning to open the blinds..
    I got you Gretzky poster in the frame I made for you..from the garage..
    And it’s in your room waiting to be hung on the wall..
    I’m sure you are with Mike and Shareyse looking down on us here in our house
    Thanks for looking over us..
    We need to know you are there for us…
    Mom and Marc say hello…
    I’ll sign off for now my beloved Scotty
    Love you..
    Miss you..
    You are my champion
    Mom, dad and marc

  77. candle 2My sweet Scotty
    I’m out in our eyes are full of tears thinking about you.
    My sweet I’m really feeling your departure from our family.
    I’ll say it again:
    You dedicated yourself to sobriety
    You entered the rehab center on your own choice…Scotty it was a giant step and a traumatic one…
    Cold turkey..but you made it for 2 weeks…
    You were clear headed and focused on your choice to be free from alcohol
    Congratulations my hero.
    But with the absence of alcohol you had to be totally reliant on your panic disorder medicine…
    You handled it for 3 wonderful months..
    But it wasn’t enough to totally free you from so much apprehension and fear and panic.
    Plus God allowed the Covid pandemic to ravage us all…
    You were unable to talk to your psychiatrist for better medicine..
    And as a result you chose to sleep forever…
    Scotty it’s so unfair that God allowed this to happen to you after you chose your rehab path.
    I’m just devistated this happened..and I was powerless to provide some help.
    I will always remember our conversations about everything and anything. You are a wonderful person..
    Caring and honest..never hurting anyone
    This Earth had lost a truly wonderful angel.
    You are the 1st of our children to leave us..the 1st hurts the most because we are not expecting this
    Now we’ve lost Michael and Shareyse.
    3 children God took away from us…
    I know you 3 are in Heaven
    Have a happy time there
    You are all free from the problems that we all live daily.
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my hero
    Mom,Dad, & Marc

  78. candle 2Hi sweet Scotty
    Today me and Marc went to El the rock you and Mike visited and Mike took your picture sitting on the big rock. You two took a bike stroll on the esplanade..
    We have that picture…I know you’ve seen it. We called Amalia while we were at the rock.
    We called it Scotty’s rock at first…
    Now we call it Hartley’s rock
    We speak to you
    We speak to Mike
    We speak to Shareyse
    It’s our way of visiting all 3 of you…
    By the peaceful ocean…
    Your ashes are already in the ocean
    We will spread Mike’s and Shareyse’s ashes soon,
    You 3 will be drifting to anywhere you want to go.
    You 3 will have the ultimate freedom on Earth…
    Love you all
    Miss you all
    You all are our heroes

  79. candle 6Hello my sweet Scotty
    It’s been awhile since I last talked to you.
    I just want to say hello again…
    Not too much happening..
    The daily stuff repeats itself…
    You and Mike and Shareyse are all together up in Heaven.
    Please give us a sign…
    Scotty the Kings didn’t make the playoffs..
    Love you 3
    Miss you 3
    You 3 are my champions
    Mom..Dad and Marc

  80. candle 2My dearest Scotty
    Although every day comes and goes…
    It seams as a slow pace but I can’t grasp the fact that you have been away from us for 1 year now.
    My day begins the same..every day…I awake and come down the stairs..
    My view is of your room…
    Your door has remained open since you left…
    Your room is still unchanged…
    Your pictures are still on display
    Your LA Kings championship daily breeze framed picture with your Kings sweatshirt hanging from it.
    Your dresser is now a memorial for You and Mike and Shareyse
    We have some of each of your ashes in your individual Urns…
    Last week we took all 3 of your ashes out to sea and spread them with rose petals….
    This was another tribute to all 3 of you..
    Our lovely children…you all are free to drift the seas and enjoy Gods creatures
    I reflect on our conversations about numerous subjects but near to my heart was our connection with tooling mold making.
    After you finished your computer 3D modeling courses and began working for clients…you asked for my input on certain jobs you obtained..
    I was honored that you asked because of my aerospace career…
    Thank you for that…
    Scotty I/we miss you. You were dealt a painful life…
    Anxiety…arthritis…but you didn’t complain
    You are my superstar…
    I don’t have that quality…
    We see Amalia from time to time
    Seeing her reminds me of you…
    I’ll close for now…
    Pray for us on Casimir Ave
    Watch over us
    Have some fun in Heaven with Mike and Shareyse
    Miss you
    Love you
    You are my champion
    Mom Dad and Marc

  81. candle 4Hi Scotty..
    It’s now August…
    Not a lot happening..
    It’s still strange not having you to say hi to.
    It’s sorrowful my dear Scotty..
    We all try to make our days have a purpose..but the memories of you and all of us together just slow down our outlooks. Marc has a necklace with your ashes…that inspires him..he can always talk to you in his mind…
    I open you blinds in the morning and look and visit your pictures still on display in your room…
    I always have flashbacks weekly..
    Always good and some tears appear.
    I know you are at peace bin Heaven
    Some day we all will be together there…
    Marc and I took ashes from all 3 of you to the Rock that Mike took your picture when you two went bike riding on the strand in Manhattan Beach …
    We always visit the Rock and praise all 3 of you…
    I’m sure you ..Mike and Shareyse are all at peace together in Heaven…
    The Dodgers are 4 games behind the Giants with. 52 to play…
    Hope they can catch them
    We will be going camping with Sandra & Mike in 2 weeks Lee Vinning
    We try to have a few plans..just to have a reason to go forward
    GG is there with you in Heaven
    Have her make you all some Saimin…
    Mom says hi..
    Her plants are always the envy of our neighbors…
    Marc says hi
    He’s going to visit Vic tonight
    I’ll close for now…
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are our champion
    Mom,Dad,and Marc

  82. candle 2Hi Scotty
    Time fly’s by
    It’s March 29th 2022 already
    I miss you Scotty so much
    Your pictures are still on display your bed..
    I visit your room every morning and open the blinds to let your sunshine
    come in…
    I still flashback on many memories , of you, memories with you …
    I see many hummingbirds now and then flying around our property..
    And many butterflies also
    It must be you checking on us …
    If I see multiple ones then I know it’s you, Mike and Shari
    Please keep checking on us…
    Your framed Gretzky picture is in your room…not hung on the wall…yet
    Mom has recovered from her AFIB
    Thank you 3 for you help…
    Your Kings are playing great..will make the playoffs
    Scotty you are my champion
    Me and Mom and Boo love you and miss you
    We miss you all:
    Pray for us
    Love you

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