Wolf Rudy Duane age 57, passed away on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 in Inglewood. Born in Tulsa, OK, .Survived by Son, Markees Williams, Son, Daiman Wolf , Sister, Athielene Wolf of Hawthorne, CA, Brother, Bill Wolf. The Service will be held at White & Day Chapel (RB) 12/23/2007 12:00pm Reception to follow at W&D Lighthouse Reception Rm 12:00- 4:00P Private Inurnment.

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  1. December 12th, 2008 Hello Brotha, It’s been 1 year to the hour when you left me physically and departed this earth to be with God, but one thing I KNOW for sure, and it’s that you’ve never left me spiritually or emotionally, for there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you and about US. Brotha, I’m a year older, and a year wiser–I’ve experienced many ups and downs–some victories and defeats, and I thank you for the part of wisdom about life that YOU shared with me, for I’m sure that wisdom has helped me arrive at this 47th year of my existence. Brotha, I miss you AND Momma. But I know you were both very tired, and also that the Good Lord wanted you both, and when the Good Lord ‘beckons,’ there’s nothing you can do to stop HIM, for he IS an unstoppable yet merciful force. Brotha, I want you to know that you won’t have to worry about me being alone for much longer, for God is arranging things–in their ‘perfect’ order, and time and soon–very soon–at the age of 47, I’ll begin on that journey in life we always talked about–but as I say, I will NOT be alone–for on that journey you always wanted me to ‘experience,’ I’ll have the love of my life with me besides God, you and Mom, and you and Mom both will share in my joys, happiness–all my ups and downs–I know you’ll be here with me every step of the way helping to guide me, as I live and experience my life’s journey–as I continue my prayers to God for HIS love, strength. guidance, blessings and mercies, for after my year of rest, It’s MY time now, to ‘Press On,’ and go fourth into this world–with a clearer and renewed optimism–with peace and love in my soul–for I plan to leave this world a better place–as I plan to live right, help others–and to always give the best in me that I have to give–but along the way, I PROMISE that I WILL stop to smell the roses, enjoy life, and experience love and companionship–all starting here and right now. I’ll have the blessings of God, and the love and support of the only earthly man I’ve ever loved–I’ll have all the happiness I’ve ever wanted and prayed for in life–I’ll continue to carry an ever present abundance of hope in my soul and spirit, continue my prayers to God Almighty–for prayer shall never leave my heart, spirit or soul–never leave the depths of my spirit–for my prayers have gotten me to where I AM and they’ve made me WHO I AM. I know my ‘time’ of true independence is upon ME–It’s upon ME–for my soul is restless–but in a GOOD and POSITIVE way, and it’s time NOW for me to LIVE the promise I made to you often Brotha, and it’s that I WILL LIVE FOR YOU AND I WILL LIVE FOR ME & God Almighty. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU BROTHA–and you will ALWAYS be a part of ME and be a part of everything I shall have the chance in my life going forward to DO and ACCOMPLISH. You’ll always be a part me ME–and as I kissed you that one last time a year ago to the day and hour, I want you to know, that I KNOW we’ll see each other again. But for NOW, I shall rely on our memories together, our prayers together, our talks together, our TIMES together Brotha–for they’ll always hold YOU close to me, and until we SEE each other again, I want you to know that ****I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU**** It’s time for me to BEGIN that journey we always talked about. I love you Brotha~~~~and get back to your ‘music.’ *smile.* Your Baby Sister, Athielene T. Wolf~S…. P.S. Brotha, PLEASE tell Momma her ‘baby’ loves and misses her too!

  2. Brotha, I miss you and know you are up in heaven with Momma and Dad and with the rest of our relatives. I KNOW you enjoyed your ceremony from yesterday, and the slide show in hour honor, and I KNOW you also loved the music that was played and seeing your friends and family as well. I also KNOW you enjoyed the fact that everything went so wonderfully. Brother, YOU will be sorely missed-especially by me, as we spent many wonderful hours together, and seeing as you are with Mom now, I would love for you BOTH to guide me and watch over me, because I will always need your love and assistance in my life. You were my LION, and my protector–my ROCK– and although I saw your health deteriorate rapidly towards the last 3 months of your life, you fought the good fight every day until the very end, but God also knew that you were tired as well, and as I see it clearly now, God did not want you to suffer anymore–for He KNEW that you needed REST and PEACE, as your journey in life and especially in the last 3 months of your life was very difficult. God wanted you with Him, and God always knows best. Brotha, tell Mom I LOVE and Miss her too, and that I will be strong–even given the circumstances, and I will always remember what you always used to say to me– “Live for me baby, sister, Live for ME.” You will always be my LION and you were my rock Brotha, and PLEASE, don’t forget to watch over me and watch out for me, and whenever I am in danger, or when you feel I need your help, please come to me, and I PROMISE that I will fight the good fight, all the way to then end-just like I saw you do Brotha. I MISS YOU, AND WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Your Baby Sister, Athielene Tawana~S

  3. January 1, 2009 Happy New Year’s Brotha! I really miss you. I pray that you’re watching over me as you promised me you would. I’m holding up fine, and being strong with the help of God, and through praying consistently. I KNOW you’re in a better place with Mom, and although I miss you, I know God wanted you more. PLEASE know I LOVE YOU, and MISS you, but know someday we’ll see one another again, and Please don’t worry about me being alone, because I won’t be alone for much longer, and you know what I mean *smile.* Love you Brotha, Your Baby Sis, Athielene Tawana~S.

  4. Wolf it’s your Lil Buddy Jessica, I miss you so much Wolf. Sometimes I want to call you,but I have to catch myself.I will never ever forget all the coversations we had, I know you cant read this now, but its just relieving to be able get this out I know you knew that I love you,and I will miss yoou very much Much Love your Lil Buddy Jessica P.S.I will look out for Twana I promise.

  5. December 12th, 2009. Saturday. Hey Brotha, It’s been 2 years since you went to be with God. I miss you so VERY much. Our long talks about everything. I miss your listening to and sharing music with me. I miss our talks about sports, politics, and about life. I know you are listening to music, and following NHRA Racing just like I am. It’s been very exciting, as the rules HAVE changed, and I NEVER miss NHRA auto racing–it makes me VERY happy, and I enjoy it even though you’re watching it with me IN spirit. It reminds me of YOU and your love of all things dragster-related. As you know, I’m holding on as best as I can, and know that I always think about the advice you gave me and it was to “Live for ME Baby Sister.” Well, it’s been quite a difficult journey for me, but I’m sure you’re here with me in all that I do, and want what’s BEST for me. I LOVE you Brotha, and KNOW you’re with me. PLEASE know that you ARE missed SO much. SO very much but us ALL. We love you, and know that I will return this time NEXT year–December 12th, 2010, and my life SHOULD be straightened out by THEN 🙂 I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU very much, and may God Bless you and Momma. Your baby sister, Athielene Tawana S….. We both discussed MANY times what that S. stands for 🙂

  6. Happy 60th Birthday Brotha 🙂 I sure miss you. I spoke to Daiman, and he misses you also. We ALL miss you SO very much. I know you’re enjoying your music and NHRA drag-racing. Jr. is going to fly the plain on May 5th in your honor, as the weather in S.C. is rainy, and we know you cannot fly an electric plan in the rain. Jr. says he KNOWS you’ll be with him flying the plain as his co-pilot. PLEASE continue to watch over the rest of us, and especially ME. Your baby sister. Tell Momma I love and miss her a bunch too 🙂 I LOVE YOU AND MISS TALKING TO YOU MUCH 🙂 Athielene Tawana-S. Your Baby Sister forever. xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Happy Belated 60th Birthday Brotha. May 1st has come and gone, and it’s been 3 years since your passing, but you KNOW I miss you tremendously. Miss your impact on my life in so many ways. I truly wished things had ended differently. However, it was what it was. I still love you so much. PLEASE protect and be here with me and P. and Daiman. We love and miss you, and until we ALL meet again, and we WILL…. YOUR FAMILY LOVES AND MISSES YOU BROTHA!! Your Baby Sister, Athielene Tawana~

  8. Hey Brotha! Checking in on you too today, seeing as it’s Mom’s 86th Birthday! KNOW you’re in a better place. PLEASE continue to watch in on us and PLEASE watch over Daiman. He really needs you! I talk to him and try to encourage him. As for me, I’m still hanging in there tough as I CAN! Please pray for me if it’s possible. Love you and Hugs, and tell all up there I said HELLO! Your “Baby Sister” Tawana 🙂 xxoxoxoxoxox

  9. Happy 62nd Birthday Brotha 🙂 I miss you……I LOVE YOU. Please watch over me and guide me. Watch over Daiman too. HE truly needs you! Tell Mom I said Hello, and that I miss her and LOVE her too. “Baby Sister” Tawana~

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