Rosa Maria Yzquierdo Noviembre 6, 1930 - Octubre 21, 2015 Rosa Maria Yzquierdo Nacio Noviembre 6, 1930 en La Habana, Cuba, hija de Juana y Luciano Coello, compartio su infancia con sus 6 hermanas y 6 hermanos siendo ella la numero 8 de 13. A sus 23 años de edad conocio al amor de su vida Marcelino Yzquierdo de 33 y en el dia 3 de Diciembre de 1953 contrajo matrimonio. Quiene años despues le dieron vida a sus tres hijitos. En Mayo de 1980 se mudo a California acompañada por su esposo y sus tres hijos Marcelino, Jose Luis y Rosy Yzquierdo(R.I.P). construyendo asi su nuevo hogar y vivio sus ultimos años en Gardena, California. Su amor fue la familia, conservo la calma en dolor y la paciencia en el sufrimiento. Partio dejandonos un tierno ejemplo de humildad , virtud, valor, amor y de resignacion y fe en Dios. Su muerte fue sencilla y apacible como su vida, su memoria sera siempre bendecida. Le sobreviven su desconsolado esposo Marcelino Yzquierdo y sus dos hijos y esposas Marcelino & Sonia Yzquierdo, Jose Luis Yzquierdo & Claudia Yzquierdo. Sus Hermanas Clara y Vicenta, sus 6 nietos Johnathan, Ashley, Elizabeth, Louis, Lesley y Justin Yzquierdo. Sus dos viznietos Lucas & Ethan, sus sobrinos, sobrinas y demas familiares. Lamentando su partida hoy les piden que eleven sus horaciones de piedad y rogando por el eterno descanso de su alma. La seremonia religiosa es la siguiente....

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  1. Rosa Maria Yzquierdo was not only my grandmother but she was also my mom. Anyone who really knows me knows that it is true. When my life was crumbling apart and i lost in a deep hole with no way out, she reached out me took me under her wing and confort me. She was always there to help me get through anything, with no words just love and thats all i really needed. She was an amazing soul inside and out. I looked up to her for 26 years and will continue to do so for as long as I live. I am the person I am today because of her. She taught me to be strong, independent, kind, loving, caring, to think smart, to aways be myself and to keep my head held high. If she wasent there for me growing up teaching me about boys, drugs and becoming a young woman which to this day i still cant believe she called the hole world to tell them the new and i still stuck in the tolite waiting for her to run to the store lol only she would do that. I wouldn’t know where I would be right now. She saved me from a life unfortunately my siblings couldn’t run away from. I thanked God everyday I had her in my life. She thought me how to cook and man do I love to cook now. I’d watch her as she explained step by step “Achly you have to learn how to cook if one day you want to have a family” she said to me. Boy was she right. There’s so many wonderful memories I have with her. Unfortunately at times I took her for granted. She’d call me everyday once we moved to downey. She never failed to the point she was just calling to say hello. We wouldn’t see each other everyday like before so I’m sure it was deficit for her as it was me. But i really didn’t know any better I was in my teens and started getting annoyed then she stop calling and oh how I missed it so much that it hurt, like if she had forgotten me. Not having her around everyday was hard enough I was alone again. Coming home to an empty house no sandwitch or some cut up oranges not even a smile to come home to. So I began to call her. Still was not the same. No matter how far she was from me her voice or a visit on family nights was all I needed something about her was just so piceful and a breath of fresh air. I MISS MY GRANDMA WITH ALL OF MY HEART. I know she would want me to be strong for not only myself but for grandpa and my son. But how can i feel strong when my heart has been ripped out of me and im left with only emptyness? Yes I know your in a better place and yes I know your with Rosi so why dose this still hurt so bad? Who is going to comfort me and show me the love you have once giving to me when I needed it the most? I MISS YOU I MISS YOU I CANT SAY IT ENOUGH I MISS YOU… I LOVE YOU I’ll find a way to be brave and strive through this hard time because at the end of the day I do believe your right besides me wiping away my tears telling me your going to be ok and one day you’ll see me again. Tell Tia Rosie I said to take very good care of you that you are very precious to me. I love you and don’t ever forget me as I will never forget you.

    With all the love in this world yours truly,
    Achly your granddaughter/ daughter

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