Olguin Jr., Ronald Thomas a 5 year resident of Wenatchee, passed away on Friday, October 13, 2006 in Los Angeles. Born in Torrance, CA, Ronnie was 25 when he died. Ronnie attended Arlington Elementary, Casimir Middle School and North Torrance High School. He moved to Wenatchee, Washington in 2002 to be with his girl friend, Karla Ortiz and son Ryan Olguin. Our son loved camping and fishing and spent many happy times with his family enjoying these activities. He loved music and his loud sound systems. He was preparing to attend college and was excited about the opportunity to become a computer IT technician. His passion was his son Ryan. He truly loved his son and had looked forward to spending many years with him. We will all hold his smile and playful personality close to our hearts. He is survived by Father and Mother, Ronald and Margaret Olguin of Torrance, CA, Brother, David Olguin of Torrance, CA, Sister, Deanna Owens of Torrance, CA, Grandfather and Grandmother, Silvino and Victoria Alvarez of Lawndale, CA, Girlfriend, Karla Ortiz of Wenatchee, WA, Son, Ryan Olguin of Wenatchee, WA, and an extended family of Uncles, Aunts and cousins. The Service will be held at Rice Mortuary Chapel on Friday, October 20, 2006 at 12 Noon. Inurnment will be private.

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  1. We will miss you. Look forward to the day that we might see you again until then rest in peace homie. La Inocente y Ocito

  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to all his family members,and also to his little boy,whom everytime Ronnie spoke of him,you could feel how much he loved and adored him. Forever keep him close within your heart of memory he is your gaurdian angel. I was privledge to have Ronnie as my friend, even for the short time I did know him, I will always remember his smile and the kindness he always showed. God Bless You Ronnie…

  3. My thoughts and prayers go out to his parents,and family members. And especially to Ryan. Everytime I heard Ronnie talk to his son,or even spoke of him, I could feel the love and how much he adored his precious angel. Keep him close within your heart of memories,for he is your gaurdian angel. I had the privledge of Ronnie being my friend, I will forever remember the loud music,his smile and the kindness he always showed. God Bless you Ronnie…YOu will be missed.

  4. I remember when Ronnie first moved to Wenatchee. It seems like only yesterday. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people he met here. My brother introduced us. It didn’t take long for Ronnie to make new friends but that didn’t surprise me. Ronnie will be missed by so many! Ronnie, I will miss all the fun we used to have! We may have had our fights here and there but no matter what our friendship overcame it all and we stayed friends. I love you and will miss you every day until we meet again! Rest In Peace Ronnie!!!

  5. Ronnie, not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, being without you is so unreal,you touched alout of lives but specially ours. I am honored to be the mother of your son,he is a great reminder of you, thank you.Now more than ever our families are one.We did what we had to, but in they end it was always us, you, and our son. You will never be replaced. Karla and Ryan Olguin

  6. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ronnie’s family. Ronnie was a very outgoing person, and I am thankful for the time I had to become his friend, and have him in my life.

  7. Hey Ronnie, just wanted to say that even though your not here anymore your memories are still in my heart. I’ve think about you alot and our frienship..I know we went our own ways since we last seen eachother but I wanted you to know that I am just so proud of the way you were living your life before you left us …you were a little boy when I met you and you grew into a fine man with a beautiful family…. You would be so happy for me to Ronnie, I met a wonderful man who takes good care of me and we had a beautiful son together named Elijah…I also got two great stepsons (can you imagine that Ronnie me, a mother of three)I spoke to your mom, and dad finally, I found the courage to call and find out the truth about what happened to you and I am so sorry about the way you died…I had no idea… I hope and pray that you were’nt in pain and that God took you as fast as he could if you were. I just wish that I could have told you goodbye…Everyday I pray for your Mom, and Dad and your family that God would eaze there suffering and they would have comfort in knowing that you are wacthing them from above…. because thats the kind of person you were….and I know thats the kind of angel you are now… I will have love for you always ….

  8. In loving Memory Ronnie is a friend to remember; a friend we love so much. the memory runs through my mind; of the last time we touched.. Ronnie lived a life of happiness; a life filled with love. and from one little mistake Ronnie looks down on us from above. Ronnie was always there to make you laugh when your day was going wrong. Where was Ronnie the day when we had to say “so long?” Not seeing Ronnie’s face, not hearing Ronnie’s voice, I wish there could have been some other choice. Life begins and ends so fast. The memory of Ronnie will always last. I wish there was some way I could have said goodbye; the thought of Ronnie runs through my head as I look up in the sky. Knowing Ronnie is looking down on us with a smile on his face, remembering the life Ronnie lived before he left this place. If Ronnie’s life didn’t end so quick; he would have gotten far. Only if Ronnie had chosen not to get into that car. So as I end this poem I want you to remember this; Live your life to the fullest; because it could end real fast. focus your life on the future; but always keep memories of the past. Ronnie u are in my thoughts and heart always!

  9. Ronnie, I read all these thoughts your friends say about you, their memories and all, it makes me realize that you have always been the same loving,goofy guy that I have always loved. It’s good to know you have always had a great life, and a big heart, and for that I am thankful.I miss you always, chubby hubby!

  10. Mom is going to type this because I can’t yet…I love you dad , I will never forget you, I love you, um ..and I like all the fun stuff we did together like going to the park I like all the fun times I wish you could take me to Shrek 3. I love you daddy

  11. Mom is going to type this because I can’t yet…I love you dad , I will never forget you, I love you, um ..and I like all the fun stuff we did together like going to the park I like all the fun times I wish you could take me to Shrek 3. I love you daddy

  12. Ronnie was a loving,caring friend. He was always there for us when we were in need. he will always be in our loving memories.There are times when we feel like this is a joke! But we know that he is in a holy place and for that we are thankful. When ryan grows up we hope that he knows what a great guy his father was, and has memories about him that we do. Our heart goes to karla during these hard times!! ronnie was like our brother and we will never forget our family!! You will always be in our thoughts and our prayers! In loving memory. Love always Kylie Jardine & Chantelle Holbrook

  13. Ronnie was such a wonderful person, and its so unbelievable that he isnt here with us anymore. i still remember the last time i saw him he was at the 7-11 in east wenatchee, but i didnt even think that, that would be the last time i ever saw him. He was always wanting to make people happy and im so sorry that he had to leave everyone so soon.

  14. You will grieve, but your grief will become joy…I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you. John 16:20,22

  15. Memories are the only thing left to prove the past ever happened, sometimes the past is the only thing that brings you back to yourself when you’re lost.

  16. Ronnie- It has been six months Since you have passed and every day gets harder!! Sometimes I wonder what you would be doing right now if you were here with me. I know that you would still be the same loving and understnding guy that you had always been. I miss you so much right now. This is as much pain that I have been in, in a long time. everyone misses you, Tanya,Lacey,Carrie. But they will never feel the love and pain that I do for you.My heart goes out to Karla and Ryan and the rest of your family. You are still my best friend and that will never change. I love you Ronnie!!!!!! I will remember you always!!!!!! LOVE ALWAYS KYLIE JARDINE

  17. Ronnie, it’s been a month from your death today,….. and I don’t know who said it would get easier as time goes by,we need you more than ever.It’s seems silly for me to keep writing. You and I have a bond that nothing can break,like I have always told you that were ever you go I am already there….waiting, and now it’s your turn ….till me meet again. I love and Miss you more than you could have ever imagined.

  18. Another Christmas without you, it was hard for me to put out our ornaments on the tree, remember the one with the beer mug, I still laugh everytime I see it. Ryan and I talk about you almost daily, he is a strong boy, and a great reminder of you. We love you and look forward to seeing you.

  19. Ronny,I don’t know what to say in hopes that you know i’ma writting this but i want to let you know i miss you and so does everyone else we’ll neva forget how much fun we all had with you. No one will ever beable to replace you. You had the greatest smile I will never forget. Ashley loves you and so do I, in a different way I’m just glad to know that i’ll see you again soon someday. we love you and miss you. God bless your loved ones w/love always and por vida Stephani lovell

  20. I can’t believe how time flies, it seemed that just yesterday, we became parents, and now so much has changed. Ryan is 7!!now. Every day that goes by I am thankful for meeting you and giving me the best gift ever. No greater reminder of a love and life shared, than a child. Missing you always….you know who.

  21. Ronnie, I will never forget your laugh. There are so many funny and priceless memories I will always remember about you. I will never forget when you left Karla and my self when I was 7 months pregnant! waiting for you at plaza super jet waiting and waiting when it was 109 outside and you never arrived. Eventhough we were mad that day, We now think and laugh about it. I also miss you calling Karla a thousand times. now I feel that you are here watching and laughing and saying (What an idiot). I know you know what that means. I will miss you Ronnie, your freind Lupe Toledo.

  22. I watched your video today, and this time I laughed at all your goofy pictures. All those pictures took me back and made me laugh out loud. Thank you. I love you for ever. Karla


  24. It’s good to be here, in your parents home. We miss you like crazy. There is not a day that goes by that you are not mentioned. I miss you so much. It’s is good to be here, but very sad, without you. Loving you always……….

  25. Ronnie, today more than ever I thought about you and I want to thank you for so much. I had some of the best times of my life with you, you introduced me to so much. I remember all our great times, like our weekend get aways with Ryan, the time we went to the Tony Hawk show,and Disneyland… when you gave me the ring, I wear it every day…I miss you.Let’s not forget about the Rainforest Cafe and the bucket of Coronas!!! You were always so fun to be around, and now that your gone, all that’s left is the memories and I thank you for them. I didn’t see it then, but you were always my rock, my best friend….thank you. Your son, is an exact replica of you…you would be as proud of him as he is of you.

  26. Two years since we last saw your smiling face. The days turned into months and the months into years.Not a day goes by without me wishing you were here. Their are things that only you would understand, and times when no one else can fill the emptyness.


  28. Ron, Margaret, David & Deanna, I’m so sorry for the loss of your son and brother. I’m keeping you and the family in my daily prayers. Lil Ronnie was such a caring and loving guy. I have very fond memories of him. When I lived at your home he shared some very nice talks with me. He was a character, always managed to make me laugh and smile 🙂 I was very proud of all his accomplishments and goals he had set for himself. I’ll always have him in my heart and will never forget his handsome smile. Ron and Margaret, you are great parents and I know are proud of the beautiful son and father that Lil Ronnie himself was. Always know that I am here for you anytime. Love you, Your sister Jeannie & Aunt Jeannie

  29. Those we love are never really lost to us… We feel them in so many special ways… Through the friends they always cared about & dreams they left behind…. In beauty that they added to our lives…. In words of wisdom we still carry with us & memories that never will be gone… Those we love are never really lost to us…. For everywhere their special love lives on….because love never dies only people do…..just remember that those who live in the hearts of others…Never die. We feel your loss……..and our hearts are saddend… No words can express our grief… Our prayers are with you all. Te Amo………Pattie & Jim

  30. My Dear Ronnie and Margaret, family With my deepest sympathy and sorrow of your lost. There is nothing I can say that could comfort you at this time because the pain is to great to comfort. For I am truly am sorry. My prayers to you and your family. Love ya Julie Quinones

  31. thank you ron & margret for the memorial it meant alot to get it wow i still cant belive it may god give peace to you and your family and i will countinue to pray for ronnie and you guys with love and respect danny

  32. This summer went by fast…it is was difficult to be there without you. Thank you for all that you left me with, your son and your parents and families love and support. Missing you always. Karla and Ryan O.

  33. To my loving brother, who will be missed dearly. I will miss your smiling face.I cherish all the times we were able to spend together. It makes me realize what a wonderful heavenly father we have to give us the gift of life and love. Romans 6:23 – For the wages sin pays is death, but the gift God gives is everlasting life by Christ Jesus our Lord. And Isaiah 61:3 says that Jehovah God is a god of comfort to all the morning ones. With these scriptures in mind as well as many others I know that our creater is loving and just and cares about those in pain. And he lovingly provides us the provision to see our loved ones again in his new world as brought out in Revelation 21:3-4: the tent of god will be with mankind and he will reside with them and death will be no more …. nor pain or sorrow… former thing have passed away. My brother I will see you soon in Jehovah paradise on earth where we once again will be a family all of us embracing and thanking Jehovah for this precious gift of life and love. Always your sister, Deanna Owens

  34. Please accept our most respectful and sincere condolences on the lost of your son Ronnie. We did not have the opportunity or previlege to know him but we trust that he was a wonderful young man and son.God bless you all and take care. Sincerely Jesse@Anne Balderas and Family

  35. It is now year and a month since you left us. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. Mom and I imagine that you are away like when you were in Wenatchee and we look forward to seeing you again when Jehovah resurrects those who have passed on in this system. We’ll see you in a much better world that is free of the bad things that we see today and we will have a opportunity to prepare you for everlasting life. We still hurt very deeply and time hasn’t seemed to ease the pain of losing you. We are very thankful though for Karla and our beautiful grandson, Ryan. He is a part of you and gives us so much joy. You would be very proud of what a wonderful boy he is. You and Karla have done a wonderful job in giving him love and guidance. Well I finally got the courage to make an entry in your memorial. It still seems unreal to me. I miss you very much, but I look forward to seeing you again. There are lots of people who were touched by you Son. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and for your prayers. We truly appreciate your support and kindness.

  36. To my Olguin family, I’m truly sorry for your loss. I didn’t know Ronnie but just knowing that he was your son I’m sure he was a loving person. Because our children at most times will mimic us. I know I can’t say anything to ease your pain but please know that my prayers are with you and my hope is that you find comfort among your loving family and those that can be there with you, and so I must say that my heart breaks because I can’t be there physically but be rest assured that my heart and thoughts are there with you. May Jehovah be with you and help you through this difficult time. Love you always, Cousin Lydia

  37. Here we are a year later, and we think about you everyday.Time has gone by fast and our Lives have been good so far, your son is so big, we talk about you all the time, He misses you Ronnie, I miss you. Loving you always.

  38. Dear Olguin Family, Our Thoughts and prayers go out to your family, in this difficult time and we will pray God will send your family comfort to ease your pain, Warren and Rosita Balderas Bedwell

  39. Ryan and I, would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for your kind words of comfort. It is nice to know how well loved Ronnie was, he would have appreciated all of your thoughts.Each and everyone of you is a piece to his puzzle, whether linked through family or friendship.Thank you.

  40. Ron Olguin and Family, Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss. My family and I will keep you all in our prayers. Ron, you have been a great mentor to me and I can’t tell you how it pains me to hear of your loss. I hope that all of the support and care from your TSA LAX family can assist you in this time of need. We are all here for you. Your Friends, Daniel Rios and the entire Rios family

  41. To Mr. Ron Olguin and family, I am very sorry to hear about your loss. My family and I have you and yours in our prayers.

  42. Dear Mr. Olguin, My deepest condolencies goes out to you and your family, I know what it’s like to lose a Loved member of your family..I’m verry sorry for your lost, may GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!..I will have you and your family in my prayers!! My Blessings….Carl

  43. My dearest Cousins – Ronnie, Margaret and the entire Olguin Family, We send our deepest sorrow and sympathy for the lost of your beloved son, Ronnie Jr. Ronnie and Margaret, I can’t express enough to ease your pain and loss. Someday soon, we will get together and I will provide my shoulder to you in strength and confort. Our deepest regrets, God Bless Primos Michael & Marta Balderas and Family.

  44. Dearest Ron & Margaret, Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time of great loss. I love you both. If I don’t see you before, see you in paradise. May Jehovah be with you. With Love, Your Cousin Linda

  45. Mr. & Mrs. Olguin, I send my deepest sorrow and sympathy for the lost of your son; my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  46. Dear Ronnie, losing you is the hardest thing I have to go through, i love you, thank you for the beautiful reminder of our love and life shared together,….Ryan. Always yours, Karla and Ryan Olguin

  47. ronnie,chris & i love u very much and we know u will be causing some ruckus up there in heaven!!!god just didnt know what he was in 4 when he took u did he???u will be missed more than u would ever know!!!we love u jennifer and ghost

  48. Dearest Ron & Margaret We saw Ronnie grow up and witnessed his bumps, bruises, tears and laughter. You were caring and loving parents and we know Ronnie loved you both dearly. As parents we do the best we can but as Ecclesiastes 9:11 states ” time and unforseen occurrence befall us all”. At John 5:28-29 “Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out”. Until that day arrives let us all remain close to Jehovah’s organization. Ronnie will always be in our heart. We love you.

  49. Ronnie I and all your friends out here in wenatchee will miss you and your smile ronnie I will always remember you and have much love for you. Love your homegirl melissa avington.

  50. Its almost been two months and I still think about you everyday!!! My mom said that she misses you so very much and so do I!!! I saw karla and we talked about you For about an hour. All I wanted to do was cry. I wanted to say so much more to her but I didn’t know how to say it.., This world is so different without you in it!!! you are something special don’t forgett it! LOVE ALWAYS Kylie

  51. I like to think that you can read this or maybe even hear me.Happy Birthday Babe!I think back to where we were a year ago ,and I can’t even believe it yet. I want everybody to know that we love you and miss you, and that you would want us to be happy, and for that I am going to make all your dreams live out through Ryan and I. I will raise Ryan to be the man you would have been so proud of.My gift to you….

  52. If I had a choice An Angel’s what I’d be And everything that happened I’d be there to see. You’d be right there with me To wrap my wings around Only you wouldn’t know I was there For I wouldn’t make a sound. I would see ahead of you To help direct your path I’d always be there with you You’d never have to ask. I’d be there protecting you And keeping you from harm For nothing is too hard for me Within my loving arms. When you’d have somewhere to go I’d be with you in flight I’d also be there protecting you In the middle of the night. So if I had a choice An Angel’s what I’d be I’d be right there beside you Helping you to see. I will never forget your voice, your laugh, your kindness and friendship they will be apart of me forever…

  53. I am not sure why I am writing, I know you are asleep. (Ecclesiastes 9:5)But, I just had to say I love and miss you. I sometimes forget that you are no longer here and then I will see your picture or hear a song or see a scary movie and I will think of you sometimes with a smile but most times I can’t help but feel sadden that you aren’t here. I know that unforeseen occurances befall us all but I wish I still had my baby brother. Sometimes you take your loved ones for granted not thinking that there could be a day they will longer be here, but I now cherish every day I have with all my family cause you never know when it could be the last “I love you” ……See you in Jehovah new system of things……… your sis Dee

  54. It is not a good day. I love you, Ronnie. Ryan asks about you all the time,… he’s ok, babe. He just misses you.Everyday he is more and more like you,you would be so proud! Watch over us.XOXOXOXOXO!

  55. We will forever keep Ronnie in our hearts. Our sympathy and sorrow goes out to Karla, Ryan and Mr. and Mrs. Olguin. May he rest in peace and we will meet again someday.

  56. Ronnie and I have alot of memories together. We met in the summer of 2004 when he lived in an apartment on Idaho Street in Wenatchee. The very minute we met, we bonded right of the bat and we became very close. Ronnie helped me out alot. He allowed me to stay with him shortly after we met when I had nowhere to go. In exchange for his generiousity, I cleaned his house because he never was a very good house keeper, but I didn’t mind. He never expected anything from me and I admired that about him. Ronnie was and is a wonderful person and a very dear friend. His friendship means the world to me and I wish he was still here with me today. But even though he’s not here physically, he’ll always have a place in my heart forever. I love you and miss you Ronnie! But it’s not good-bye forever because I’ll see you again one day in a better life and we can share our friendship eternily. Take care of yourself Ronnie, I love you.

  57. Just wanted to say Happy (late) Mothers Day!!! to Karla and Margaret I hope all is going good for you and you bolth are in my thoughts and in my prayers..

  58. I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 months now that you’ve been gone! We all miss you so much! I can’t help but come to this site every day I get on the computer! It’s the first thing I do. I guess it’s my way of visiting you every day! I still find myself crying every time I see your picture though! The first thing I remember when I do look at your picture is your laugh & how you could always make me laugh no matter what & that will always bring a smile to my face! I thank you for that! I love you Ronnie and miss you dearly! I will never forget you! To Ronnies parents & family I would like to wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday & again tell you how truly sorry I am about your loss! To Karla and Ryan I would like to wish the same and to let you know that if you need anything, we’re all here for you! We may have never met but I feel like I know both you and Ryan just from how much Ronnie always talked about you guys! I just wanted to let you know I’m here if ya need me! We love you & miss you Ronnie & will miss you until we meet again! Love Always, Amber

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