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ronald cawdrey
Cawdrey, Ronald, a 65 year resident of Redondo Beach, passed away on Thursday, March 28, 2002 in Torrance. Born in Los Angeles, Ron was 65, served in the Army 82nd Airborne, served 36 years as Vice President of CWA Local 9400, and former Redondo Beach City Councilman. Ron is survived by his wife, Anabel (Punky) Cawdrey of Redondo Beach, CA; son Ronald Cawdrey, Jr. of Bullhead City, AZ; son Donald Cawdrey of Logan, UT; daughter Ronda Crowell of Logan, UT; daughter Crystal Cawdrey of Redondo Beach, CA; brother John Cawdrey of Walnut, CA; brother Greg Cawdrey of Newport, OR; and 4 grandchildren. Visitation will be held at White and Day Colonial Mortuary in Redondo Beach on Monday, April 1, 2002 from 4pm to 7pm. Celebration of Mass of Christian Burial will be at 10am at St. Lawrence Martyr Church in Redondo Beach on Tuesday, April 2, 2002.

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  1. ron was the only father i ever had and i\’m just glad i had a chance to know him.have a great journey ron cawdrey.i\’ll see you on the other side.i love you , bill

  2. I frankly do not know what to say. I was very fond of Ron and shocked at his death since I talked to him just a short while ago at Rotary. My deepest sympathy and condolences to the family. Denise Tomaiko.

  3. My condolences go to Ron\’s family. He was a great guy and I liked him very much. The local has lost a great leader. Ron will be missed. Rest in peace Ron.

  4. Punky and Crystal and Family Ron was a good friend of our family and will really be missed. Last time I spoke with Ron He barked at me for letting the family know how he was doing, at that time it wasn\’t that good, but he really was telling me thanks for caring.He is in a better place now and free from pain. Our prayers are with you. Steve

  5. Punky, I offer you and your family my deepest sympathy and prayers. Your Ron was one of the truly good guys. He was one of the first to welcome me to the City so many years ago and I will miss his good cheer and wisdom. With much love, Sue

  6. Punky, Crystal and the Cawdrey family: I have too many memories of Ron to focus on just one. He was always considered a member of our family and would make a point to stop in at the Bopp house at least once a month to see how I and Mom (Maxine) were getting along as he was on his way to Mass. I will miss my friend so much but I know he is in a better place. Love and Peace be with you Ron. Judy

  7. Punky and family we are so sorry for you loss. My family thought the world of Ron he was always there for us in our losses. We won\’t beable to attend but will be thinking of you. Love Bobbi (Burton)and Tom Shearer. Teri Burton and Marygrace Burton

  8. Punky, I am really sorry for your loss. I will miss Ron even though I didn\’t see him much. He was a wonderful person. I remeber the christmas parties when I was a kid with the union he was always making sure us kids had a good time.He was a great friend to our family. I wish you the best. Love Teri Burton, Heather Robedeau, and Amber Kaltman my daughters.

  9. Dear Punky, We will all miss Ron so! He was such a special person. I will always remember when He first started spending time in the Redondo Toll Office when you were on duty. And the support Ron gave me even tho I was on the Management Side and He was on the Union Side. I knew he would be honest about our differences.

  10. Punky and Crystal– Ron was loved by so many people, including our family. He cared so much about his family, friends and his communitiy. It was a great honor to know him and be his friend. My love, thoughts and prayers are with you and your extended family. Carl

  11. I love you Dad,You were always there for me and I will miss you deeply. Our family has lost a very special person and our love goes out to punky with our prayers that she will come thru this knowing my dad always loved her.

  12. Being a former resident of Redondo Beach back in the 60\’s I just wanted to pass on my regards to the family of Ronald Cawdrey. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. God Bless.

  13. Punky, Crystal, Don, Cawdrey Family. I only knew Ron Cawdrey through his son Don. It was always great to be around him. He was always willing to give some of his time to answer a question or give some guidance. A straight shooter and no B.S. When he and Punky remodeled the house, he had pride in it and would talk about the planning, the material, how the work was done and a funny story or two. I recall sitting in his Carson GWA office one day and listening to him explain how and why Jimmy Carter was going to win the 1976 Presidential Election over Gerald Ford. Wish I could have known you better Mr.Cawdrey; it was a privilege to know you at all. Peace always, Dave Abate

  14. We lost Ron to soon. He was a man of integrity, honesty, and vision. And as a politician, I can say he was a soldier – a man who saw his duty and did it.

  15. May God be with you at your time of loss. It is our loss also Thank you Ron for always be a guiding light to the guys and my self at the phone company you`ll be truely missed always… THANKS RON ……..Jim Kitchen (GTE AND VERIZON)

  16. i am his grandson he was always there for me when i was in trouble or when i had done something good.he kept telling me to keep trying and not to give up.he always belived in me and i will miss him severly.he was a good grandpa to me and my sister jacque\’,i am proud that he was my grandpa love always MICHAEL

  17. Hi Punky, I remember you and Ron from Dr. Paustian\’s office and I wanted to send you my love and let you know my prayers are with you during this time. God\’s blessings to you and your family. Love, Sara

  18. I was a “rookie” councilman with Ron from 1983-1987 when, with his encouragement, I started the police academy. Ron and Punky “took me under their wings” and helped me tremendously. Ron was always there to give me advice, assistance and friendship. I would have been lost without him. He was a wonderful, loving and caring person, and my deepest sympathy goes to Punky and Ron\’s children and grandchildren. God Bless you, Ron, for all you did for me, and for the City of Redondo Beach. We will miss you!!

  19. Ron had a great positive impact on my life. He recruited me in to CWA where he taught me how to be an effective activist. I often saw Ron help my co-workers in difficult situations. Ron organized union members and Democrats in support my successful election to Torrance City Council. In my later campaigns, Ron was a strong supporter even when the odds were against me. Tim Mock and I had some great times working with Ron and Archie Snow when we were all city council members. I benefited being able to talk with Ron when we worked in the Redondo yard. I will miss Ron, but I will always be thankful for his huge contribution to my life.

  20. I was very saddened to hear of Ron\’s passing. A friend called(Pat Lane) and asked if I had known Ron and that he had passed away. I met Ron in 1956. I had hired on at GTE as a Lineman. Our crew was Chuck Strickland. Jim Roddy, a Williams, Ron and myself. Oh yes I remember Ron, he nailed my belt to a pole and Chuch made me go get it. The next day I got Ron, I drove a pole step thru his safety. Then there was 1963, we both walked the picket line. That was a long time ago. I just wanted to let you that Ron touched a lot of people over the years. God Bless. Bill

  21. I have no computer so I have asked my daughter Judy to pass on this message.I will miss him dearly as he was so much a part of our family. He would stop by on his way to council meetings and came to many of our buffet functions for the block as well as once in a while coming to our block parties. I love you Ron and to the family be at peace that Ron is no longer in pain. Maxine Bopp

  22. For the whole of my life, all twenty long years of it, I was Ron\’s eldest grandchild by blood. But for over ten years, it was just a knowledge, not an actuality. Circumstance kept us apart and hard work brought us back together. My entire life I had searched for some key to my identity. Whenever I asked someone who knew my parents, Ronda and Warren, who I took after more, no one could really give me any answer other than “Neither, really.” When Grandpa came to Palm Springs for a convention and I met him at the reception, all night long the general consensus was to the tune of, “Yup, she\’s a Cawdrey.”, or “Yeah, Ron. She\’s DEFINITELY your granddaughter.” It was a proud night, a foreshadowing of the following morning when Grandpa would accompany me to my Rotary Club meeting. All of my life I have been VERY service oriented and bent on helping others and had no idea what so ever where in the hell I had gotten it from. It was a morning of discovery and immense pride. The morning I got inducted into Rotary, I called him to share the news, and to know that he was SO proud of me was like nothing else I had never known. Here was a man who always selflessly dedicated himself whom I had unknowingly modeled myself after, and to have him gone so soon after getting him back wounds me. But for all that, while I may now be lacking a grandfather, I hurt for Crystal, so close to me in age, who is now without a father. And my tears were for Punky, a woman too young and vital for me to call Grandma without laughing, but whom I call Punky all the while meaning Grandma in my heart. I am forever grateful to the people who recognized my grandfather for the man he was and loved him for it. And I ask you all to carry on the legacy which he started. Many thanks…Blessed Be…Amanda

  23. It was a pleasure working with and knowing Ron, while we had many political differences, he was a honorable and honest man and a joy to be around. Brad Parton

  24. Punky, Crystal and family, I don\’t know how to convey my deepest feeling for the loss we are all experiencing. I am just so thankful that Ron spent 65 years on this earth and blessed us all with his humor, his dedication and his love of life. He will be tremendously missed by everyone who knew him, yet our lives are forever altered for having known him. All my love to you at this time of grief. Kathy Medina

  25. Ron was a very dear person. He gave so much to his communuity and friends. No matter how difficult the issues, Ron always wore a bright smile. He will alays be a favorite friend. Our deepest sympathy to his family. Our love to Crystal and Punky. With thoughts,prayers & love, Dave and Sandy

  26. Dear Punky and Crystal. We were so sorry to hear of Ron\’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both. We have many fond sports memories of Ron and your family. He was always very positive and supportive of Crystal and the teams she played on. He will be missed by many. Bob and Teri Reed

  27. Sometimes people make an impact on your life and you are not quite sure why. Ron made an impact on my life although I only knew him for a short while and did not spend much time with him. I will greatly miss his presence on the WIN Board.

  28. My condolences to Ron\’s family. I first met Ron when we were in the 5th grade at Grant School. He was a kid that everyone liked and it sounds like he never changed. Ron took after his mother, Bertie, who was a very kind and loving person. May your happy memories of Ron sustain you at this time. Charla

  29. Dear Punky and family, We will always remember Ron as a warm and generous person. He was gracious and a pleasure to be with. Our sympathy is with you, Punky, and all of your family. The Bowlby Family

  30. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Ronnie. I went to Grant School and Central Jr. High with him and his brother. Ronnie had a brother I thought his name was Robert. They were only about 2 years apart in age. I knew them along time. I lived in Redondo for over 25 years. We all lost a wonderful friend today.

  31. To the Family of Ron Cawdrey: I would like to express my sorrow in the passing of Chairman Cawdrey. He was always such a professional and seemed like such a kind gentleman. He will be missed by me at future Harbor Commission meetings. I have enjoyed working with him. In deepest sympathy, Diane Cleary Minutes Secretary

  32. Dear Punky, Crystal and all, We were all deeply saddened to hear about Ron. I remember Todd and Crystal in baby strollers at one of the many festivals- Springfests, basketball games, Cawdrey signs on our front lawn and, of course, Ron\’s great smile and hearty laugh! May he rest in peace with the souls of the faithfully departed. God bless you and know we all will miss him. Love, Tony, Jody, Troy, Todd and Triana Doram

  33. I will miss Ron dearly. He will always hold a special place in my heart. My sympathy and condolences goes to the entire Cawdrey family. Rose Whitney

  34. Punky and Family, So, another one of the GOOD guys are gone…we were so fortunate to have known Ron through all the political arenas, youth sports and civic organizations…we remained friends, and had a wonderful LONG visit at the RUHS 95th Reunion. Will miss his infectious smile/wisdom/perserverence/… which reminds us of when he was a candidate for Mayor we supported him 100%…go figure Redondo Beach politics, we would laugh about it later but sadly the truth is Redondo lost out he would have REALLY pulled it together for the city and been a great Mayor. Will send some photos I have and such later. Take care we surround you with love and friendship today and always. We will keep in touch. Love Bart and Judy

  35. I first met Ron over twenty years ago when he became one of the first members of the newly formed Carson/Lomita/Torrance Private Industry Council. Ron’s expertise in City Government and labor relations was instrumental in crafting the framework for local employment and training programs for laid off and unemployed people. As staff to the board, I was fortunate to have had Ron as a teacher, mentor and friend, a relationship that spanned over the next two decades. Few individuals have meant so much to me, both personally and professionally. Ron was my champion. He would go to bat and stand up for Truth, Honesty and Integrity. He was always there for “the little guy.” He went out of his way to avoid hurting anyone\’s feelings. He was charismatic, charming, diplomatic, yet down-to-earth…a real person. Ron had the rare quality of making people feel good about themselves. You just liked when he was around. He always made a point of showing his appreciation for staff and others\’ hard work and found the time in his busy schedule to be there when you needed him. He had a keen sense of humor and we all loved to see his beautiful smile and to hear his wonderful laughter. To me, Ron was a role model of a human being and I will miss him very much.

  36. Dear Punky, Crystal, and all the Cawdrey family, Words whether written or spoken can never convey the feeling one feels upon the loss of a loved one. Ron was a true man. A man of his word, his word was his bond. If he said he would do something, he damn well would do it. Ron was a friend to me, as I know he was to many others. He will be sorely missed by us all Ron was a mentor to many of us, and I can only say that I will try to walk as tall for the remainder of my days. I share in the pain of your loss, and wish you my sincerest condolences. All my love and continued friendship! Sincerely, Ernie O\’Dell

  37. I attended the ceremony today but was unable to stay for the reception. Ron was a nine year member of the South Bay Adult School Advisory board and, in that time, I was lucky to be able to gain from his insights and suggestions. Because he attended RUHS when my father, Russ Striff, was a coach there, Ron and I had an added bond. He often recalled memories of my father and I am forever grateful for that. The family is lucky to have been touched by this great man, and for the rest of us, our brief time with him was greatly appreciated and our lives are the better for it. Best of memories to all. Jerry Striff Executive Director, South Bay Adult School

  38. Ron exemplified commitment to serving the Redondo Beach community and helping to build a better sense of community here. I feel blessed that my career path branched at a time which permitted me to meet Ron through the North Redondo Beach Business Association, and benefit from the interaction there and at other local events the last couple of years. Best of memories to all. Sincerely, John Healy

  39. Dear Punky, Crystal & Family: As with everyone else in our community I was very saddened by the loss of Ron. He truly was a man among men, standing tall for the people and things he believed in. And he believed in many things, great things. The worth of the individual and the necessary role of that person in his community. To me he was an example, a role model for all persons who strive to be involved and achieve things greater than themselves. To be selfless and caring to all. When I joined the Redondo Chamber of Commerce in 1985, it was Ron and a Mr. Tom Fouts that became some of my earliest customers. When I moved my catering business into Redondo Beach in 1991, it was Mr. Cawdrey, my Councilman, who I called on for assistance. He spend much time with me helping with design and construction ideas and the details of working with City Hall. Over the years he and his wife Punky were always a welcome sight. And they seemed to be everywhere. A street faire, a holiday party, a Chamber function, Rotary meetings & events, business associations, etc., How did they ever find the time to do it all?? And raise a wonderful family, too. Ron, I will miss you and never forget you either. And Punky (I didn\’t know you\’re name was Anabel) you take care. I know I\’ll see you around, because you have a lot of Ron\’s spirit in you, too. That spirit of adventure, of involvement, of caring and interest in others. Love, Scott & Michelle Fellows

  40. I asked Ron how I could “fix” my speeding ticket problem – His eyes narrowed, he smiled, he said, “Slow down”

  41. My sincere condolences to the Cawdrey family. His service to the Community will long be remembered.

  42. To Punky, Crystal and the family. Ron and Crystal were such an absolute pleasure to be with when I met them on our trip to China. They had an obviously close father/daughter relationship and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. Ron was always so cheerful, smiling, and up-beat. He was warm and friendly to everyone on the trip and up for trying anything. Punky, I got to meet you last June when my daughter and I came by your house to take Crystal up on her offer to look at her old prom dresses. Though we didn\’t get a dress, I\’m glad that I had the opportunity to meet you and to see Ron one more time. By then, of course, he knew he had cancer but sounded optimistic. I\’ve been praying for him ever since. I will continue to do so for you and the family. Ron was clearly a very special person who touched everyone who was fortunate enough to have a chance to meet him. My sincere condolences to your whole family. Love, Elizabeth Benz

  43. Dear Punky and Crystal, No words can express our feelings for you and Ron. As we\’ve been reflecting on our memories of him over the years, I think we can safely say – Ron wasn\’t the Redondo Beach Man of the Year in 1992 – he was the Redondo Beach Man of the Century. My boys and I will miss him deeply – he was ALWAYS there for us – no matter how bad the situation was. I\’m not sure we\’ve ever known another like him. Because of his faith, I\’m sure Ron wasn\’t afraid to die. But I know the hardest thing he ever had to do was leave you two – but you just know he\’s up there watching over you. Crystal – you might just be the most beautiful creature on this earth – take care of your Mom…your Daddy would want that. P.S. Ron may not know that he brought a very good friend back into our lives this week. But I\’ll bet he does. We love you guys – Susie, Bob, Lonnie and Christopher

  44. Punky and Crystal, Our deepest sympathy goes out to both of you and to the rest of your family. Ron will be deeply missed by everyone in our community, he has touched the lives of so many youth with his contributions to coaching. We know this is a very difficult time and we are here for anything that you may need, don\’t hesitate to call. Love The Packards

  45. Dear Punky, Don & Ronda, & Crystal: I wish I had know about the service. I would have been there. (I am Maureen\’s daughter)Uncle Ron was my favorite uncle while I was growing up (next to my Uncle John, of course) I remember he was always full of laughter and smiles. He was a great man. I will always have my memories of him and I pray that you will always remember all the good times you had with him. I know I will. “They” always say, “something good comes out of everything” and I am happy to say I spoke with Don today. I haven\’t spoken to him in 15 years not on purpose, just life getting in the way. It\’s nice to hear he is following in Ron\’s footsteps. Punky, you were always so kind and fun to be around. Keep going! When my mom died I had to just remember all the fun, happy times we had together. I\’m so sorry I was not there. Please know both my husband, Bob and I will hold Ron in our prayers always. Love to you all and God Bless. Love Julie

  46. This is to my Grandpa.I miss him so much but I know he is in a better place now and I will always have a big place in my heart for him.Heaven is a better place now because he is in it.I love you so much you were always there for me.And I try so hard to keep my head held up high like you always said. But it is so difficult for me because your gone,but that\’s not going to change anything. I love you so much and you have always taught me that if I believe in myself I could do anything I wanted to. And that\’s true.You have taught me so much and I won\’t forget that.You have taught your children well to. You taught my mom really well to.LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER. YOUR GRANDAUGHTER, JACQU\’E

  47. To my Father, my Friend, A great man that touched so many, in so many ways. Where ever you are, may the light of love shine upon you. I love and miss you. Your Daughter, Ronda.

  48. To Punky, Crystal and family: So sorry to learn about Ron\’s passing. Take comfort in knowing Ron is finally at rest and in the embrace of Christ after his long and courageous battle. I became friends with Ron during my eight years with the City of Redondo Beach, many of them spend trying to improve and redevelop Artesia Boulevard and working with the NRBBA. Ron was a constant source of encouragement, a fearless debater, a born mediator, a great man to have on your side when facing a tough crowd. He had a great and patient vision, and truly brought out the best in everyone. It was such a joy for me to visit with Ron again after many years when I shared a VIP breakfast with him for an hour after the 2002 Redondo Beach 10K in January. Whenever I see the word “VIP” I will always think of Ron … for he was a VIP in the truest and most honorable sense of the word. During my last visit with Ron, we shared a few laughs about our beloved North Redondo, politics, labor, sports and family. We chatted about his visit to my hometown of Providence with Punky in 1999, and his joy in seeing the amazing “Waterfire” exhibit. And we talked about the future of Redondo Beach, his hometown that he loved so much. It was a great and memorable visit, and I am grateful for the memory. Words seem inadequate at times like these. Ron Cawdrey left his mark on his community, his state and his nation. His legacy will live on in the accomplishments of the people he inspired. And he left his mark behind in the many landmarks that give Redondo Beach that special sense of place: King Harbor, the Pier, Wilderness Park, the Galleria, the City Library, and even the changing face of our beloved Artesia Blvd. When thinking of Ron, I am reminded of the words of Robert Kennedy, who once said: “Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not.” That to me is the essence of Ron’s remarkable life … a life well lived. -Don & Shelley Smail Chico, California

  49. Dear Cawdrey family. Please know that in this time of sorrow that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Ron was a person I called friend. Ron was a teacher and mentor to me. He gave me advise when I need it and showed me the world of politics in Redondo Beach, and beyond. I will miss him,and having discussions with him. He was so knowledgable. I will miss my friend Greg Anderson and Family

  50. Cawdry Family I feel compelled to let you know that Ron had a big impact on me. As an adult I meet him at CWA district L&P meetings. I quickly learned he was a fearless crusader for the working class,honest,and just the kind of mentor I needed. Ron was there to give me the courage and knowlege I needed on my first trip to lobby congress in Sacramento. He asked nothing of me but gave soo much of himself. Ron was the kind of man I want to be. love gregg

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