April 3, 1945 ~ September 20, 2022

Born in: Brigham City, Utah
Resided in: Redondo Beach, California

Roger V. Toombs, of Redondo Beach, California, passed away on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, at the age of 77.

Roger was born on April 3, 1945, to Leo and Gladys Toombs in Brigham City, Utah. His early childhood was spent in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding towns. In 1957, Roger’s father Leo passed away. Gladys, Roger, and his older brother Richard subsequently moved south to Westchester, California, in 1959.

Roger graduated from Westchester High School in 1963. He attended Santa Monica City College, where he received an AA degree in Business in 1966.

In 1966, Roger enlisted in the United States Army. His Army career was spent at Fort Ord Army Base, California, where he achieved the rank of Sergeant (E-5), received the National Defense Service Medal, and qualified as a Sharpshooter. Roger received an Honorable Discharge from the Army in July 1972.

Most importantly, at Fort Ord, Roger met the love of his life, Jewell Lee “Julie” Stantorf, in July 1967. Julie had moved to nearby Salinas, California, with her parents, Dr. Harold and Juness Stantorf, in 1953. At the time she met Roger, Julie was studying at Hartnell College and working at the Fort Ord base cleaners. Roger frequently brought his laundry to the cleaners and Julie would always wait on him. Roger’s interest was piqued, to say the least. Eventually Roger bet a friend that Julie would say ‘yes’ to a date. Roger won the bet: Julie accepted, and a romance to last a lifetime was kindled. The couple married on August 7, 1971, at a garden wedding at Julie’s family home. Their daughter Lea was born ten years later.

In 1971, Julie and Roger moved to Southern California, where Julie began a career teaching in the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District, where she taught from 1971 to 2008. Roger pursued a career in business, notably with Magnavox Advanced Products and Systems Company and Snap-On Tools, Inc., until his retirement.

Roger had a passion for automobiles. In fact, Roger owned thirty-three – thirty-three! – different cars and trucks during this lifetime, including eleven Chevrolets, seven Oldsmobiles; multiple Cadillacs, Chryslers, Dodges, and Fords; at least four Buicks, a 1964 MG, and even a 1970 Volkswagen Beetle. Most of all Roger cherished his 1994 and 2008 Chevrolet Corvettes, which he maintained in nearly mint condition at the family home in Redondo Beach, California. Roger also amassed an extensive wristwatch collection, rarely wearing the same watch on consecutive days.

Roger also amassed an extensive collection of nicknames. Yes, nicknames. If you were loved by Roger, then you were nicknamed by Roger. (The converse was not necessarily true.) By last count, he had at least four nicknames for his wife, Julie, and several more for his daughter, Lea. The total number of nicknames for assorted family and friends will likely never be known, but it’s legion.

Roger was a passionate devotee of country music. The family room was often filled with the sounds of Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, George Strait, or Reba McEntire, often emanating from his authentic Wurlitzer jukebox. But in Roger’s eyes, no musician matched Elvis Presley. Julie and Roger saw Elvis in concert, and Roger was known to reset Lea’s Chevrolet Camaro radio settings to stations devoted to Elvis, when given the chance. And Roger’s favorite movie star? John Wayne. Of course.

But Roger’s greatest passion was his love for Julie and Lea. He considered his time best spent if it was in their company, slinging steaks and burgers on the backyard barbeque or listening to country music in the family room while nibbling on cheese and sipping wine. Roger’s taste in wine – he preferred the boxed to the bottled varietals – was questionable. His devotion to, and love for, his family and friends was not.

Roger was preceded in death by his wife, Julie, in 2021; his mother, Gladys, in 2008; his brother Richard, in 2004; and his father, Leo, in 1957. He is survived by his daughter, Lea Lewis, and son-in-law, Tim Lewis.

In accordance with his family’s wishes, Roger will be laid to rest next to Julie, Gladys, Leo, and Richard in a private service in Brigham City, Utah. A Celebration of Life for family and friends will be announced at a later date.

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  1. Loved your dad’s story. Both mom and dad left us way too early..I have great memories of your mom and dad and those will live on forever.

  2. What a wonderful & fascinating story of Roger and his many adventures in life. Of course, his crowning glory was the true love he held for wife, Julie, and daughter, Lea. They embodied all that really mattered in making his life complete. His legacy of incredible & immaculate cars continues to move forward with Lea maintaining the tradition with not a speck of dust or grime to be found anywhere on her treasured ride. I picture Julie & Roger together again now cruising into the sunset with some down home country music clearly audible sounding off his finely tuned speakers. They will be missed but never forgotten.

  3. candle 4I first met Roger while Julie and I had summer jobs as counter girls at Fort Ord Army Post. Roger would stop at the cleaners on a regular basis to pick up items that had been cleaned. Roger was a driver for a colonel in the army. One of Roger’s jobs was to pick up the colonel’s uniforms that had been dry cleaned. Roger quickly caught Julie’s eye. Anytime Roger stopped at the cleaners the employees all knew Julie was the one who would wait on Roger. Although Julie and I were told we could not date any of the customers, Julie could not resist accepting a date from the handsome solder. Their romance continued even after our summer jobs discontinued. In 1969 Roger was one of the groomsmen in Tom’s and my wedding. Two years later I was a bridesmaid in Roger and Julie’s wedding.

    In addition to picking up the colonel’s dry cleaning, Roger washed the colonel’s shiny car daily. Needless to say, the colonel had the cleanest car on the base! Roger continued keeping all the cars he ever owned immaculate. I was always amazed by the detail and care Roger put into washing and waxing his cars. It was always a special treat to get to go for a ride in one of Roger’s sparkling Corvettes. While visiting Julie and Roger, I would always look forward to scenic drives along the gorgeous coastline in one of Roger’s beautiful sports cars.

    Roger was also a master at the barbecue. No one could barbecue hamburgers or steaks that tasted as good as Roger’s! Each piece of meat was grilled to perfection. Every meal I ever had at Roger and Julie’s lovely home was always excellent! Also, I loved listening to Roger’s vast collection of country and western music from his colorful lighted jukebox.

    Roger was always willing to listen to what I had to say. In addition, he gave good advice when I asked for suggestions. I will truly miss my wonderful brother-in-law!

  4. candle 4What can you say about Roger Toombs? He and Julie were our best friends for 50 years. He will always be with us in fond memories, our vacations, our Vegas trips and wine tasting and just hanging out. He was devoted to his family. We will have future good times with our Goddaughter Lea and Tim.

  5. candle 7Dearest Lea
    Your parents were my two favorite people. I was Julie’s roommate at Fresno State. I met Roger when he came to visit her there. I dripped ice cream on the hood of his shiny black high polished car. I tried to wipe it off with the waxed paper the store had given us. For many years we had a good laugh over that, thankfully Roger finally got a chuckle over it. One time Julie had me fly to LA with her. We stayed with Gladys. Such a lovely lady. After college and when we were both teachers, Julie invited me to their apartment in Torrance and introduced me to their neighbor Tom. Tom and I got engaged and then married. Such fun years of barbecues and football games. I have always thought Julie was so beautiful and so creative in the kitchen and talented with a sewing machine. Roger and his brother were always working on cars.
    I had a baby shower at my house for Julie before you were born. Unfortunately, we lost touch after I moved to Laguna Beach in 1997.
    I have wonderful memories and thoughts about Julie, Roger and Gladys and Richard. So sorry for your loss of both parents within a short time. I wish I had connected with them in the last twenty years. Love to Lea and Tim

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