Rodriguez, Patricia Mae a 66 year resident of Lawndale, CA passed away on Thursday, October 5, 2006 in Torrance. Born in Watts, CA, Patricia was 66 when she died. She is survived by her husband, Julian Rodriguez, sons, George & Ronald G. Reynoso and Julian Rodriguez III, daughters, Shari Tindell and Victoria Guajardo, brothers, Bob Blackwood & Jack Bell, sister, Joyce Beltz, 15 grandchildren & 12 great grandchildren. A gathering of family & friends will be Monday, October 9, 2006, 5:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. with The Service at 7:00 P.M. both at McCormick Mortuary in Hawthorne, CA. Inurnment will be private.

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  1. Patsy was a very sweet sister-in-law to me. I will always be grateful to her for telling my husband in Jr. High School that she had given her heart to Jesus and was saved, asking him to come to Jesus, too. That will always be a comfort to me.

  2. I’ll always remember Aunt Patsy as gentle and loving. Though I did not know her well, I remember visiting her one Christmas when I was really little and she made me feel so welcome and loved. Every visit after that was the same. The best thing about my Aunt Patsy is that she accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior so I know I’ll get to know her a lot better when we meet again in Heaven! God bless you, Aunt Patsy!

  3. My Grandma was a person of great character. She was very kind, courteous, forgiving, funny, tough, and eager to have confirmation that we were all doing fine. I also love that Grandma was a true spoken person and open to speak here mind in any situation. I know each of us grand kids have our favorite Grandma story. Even before her passing, every time I would hear a Patsy Cline song, Grandma and my Mom would come to mind. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to visit her in the hospital. Like the strong Irish lady she was, she put up a great battle during her recent time. I will always miss my grandma and remember the fun times growing up with her.

  4. I was always so proud of who my grandma was. While other peoples grandmas were knitting sweaters and doilies, mine was just hangin out with the kids. And we loved having her. She always made us laugh. I remember how much I loved gloating about how “COOL” she was to my friends. And I loved any opportunity I got to introduce her to friends…. or boyfriends. I’m especialy glad my fiance’ got to know her. I hope someday I become half as good of a “COOL” but also loving, understanding, funny, welcoming, and warm grandma, as my beautiful grandma Pat was. I love her so much, and she will forever be in my heart and in my memory. XOXO

  5. We lived far apart and so I only saw Aunt Patsy on short visits; I cried every time I had to leave her house. She always treated me like I was the highlight of her day. Sorry, Ronny, but I think I was her favorite! 😉 Mostly, though, I appreciate what an awesome sister and friend she was to my dad. They went through some tough times together and I don’t know where he’d be if he hadn’t had her. Best of all she was instrumental in bringing him to Christ, which has shaped everything about our family. Love you, Aunt Patsy–one of these days I’ll visit you and never have to leave or cry again.

  6. She was the strongest woman I have ever met and I am so proud that is she is my grandmother. I am so happy that she was a part of my life and that my children had the opportunity to know her. I will miss her more then words can say.

  7. We all love Grandma Patty and we all know she is in our hearts and in our souls and we will see her again another time.

  8. to grandma i love you very much, im going to miss you very much,i will always remember you and keep you in my heart

  9. to grandma thank you for being extra nice to me, i will always remember you and keep you in heart and mind,i love you.amber

  10. i love you grandma, you are a special grandma in my heart, that i will love and always respect.thank you for being my grandma. love you byron

  11. my mother-in-law, one of the strongest women ive know for whom i love and respect very much,she accepted me into her family and treated me as one of her own.thank you for sharing some of your wisdom with me (for which i will use), and for being an awesome grandma to my children, for which they will never forget you for it.i promise i will always love,respect and take very good care of your daughter…my mother-in-law, my family will always keep you in our hearts and mind.GOD BLESS YOU

  12. Some of my best memeories when I was little was when my Mom would take us kids over to Aunt Pat’s house. I wanted to play little League just like my cousin George. I remember the swimming pool, and the birthday parties we had at their house. I didn’t get to see much of my Aunt Pat as I grew older, but I’m glad I still have those memories of all of us together.

  13. My Mom was more than just my Mom, She was my confidant, I could tell her anything. She loved her Children & grandchildren & greatgrands too. She was always interested in what was happening in their lives. I’ll miss my freeway calls to her to check in, as we checked up on eachother. Thank you to everyone for your expressions of kindness & love for my Mother.

  14. When I was young I was always with my sister Mary and my brother-in-law Jack. We spent a lot of time with Pat and her family then. George, Shari and I had some wonderful times. Pat was a wonderful woman and was always very kind and generous. She will always have a spot in my heart. I will keep all of her family in my prayers.

  15. i will always remember grandmas fudge.It was and still, is the best fudge in the world.Even if i had the recipe,it will never be as good.i love my grandmother so much i would always talk to her and i will miss her so so much.My mom said she was a firey red head but i think of her as my toaly cool grandma.I miss her so much.To me she never got old.<3

  16. My mother had a very special way with speaking to children as thier equal. She never talked down to them, she always listened to what they had to say. She always had an ecouraging word to make you feel better. She forgave me for many stupid things I have done. That was just the person she was. I am gald I spent as much time as I did with her in the hospital, I only wish I had more time… I will always love her, I will always think of her. For she was “MY MOM” I will see you again when the time comes. P.S. Like she told everyone else… “I WAS ALWAYS HER FAVORITE”

  17. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to Cousin Pat’s memorial. Unfortunely I was out of State at the time. I will always remember her with her flurry red hair and spunky personality. She was a great lady, and after reading some of the testimonies in her guest book, it doesn’t surprise me that she touched some many people. My fondest memory was when I was a kid and my parents, Rich and Flo would take us over there on Sundays, and while us kids were outside playing, Mom and Pat would either be coloring or perming each others hair, then they would make a big pot of spaghetti. Shari, Georgie, Ronny and rest of family, our deepest sympathy to you, and know our love and prayers are with you.

  18. Patsy was more than a sister to me. She was one of my cheerleaders. She and I had a special bond. Whenever one or the other of us was going through an especially hard time, we would sense it and contact the other. This way we could be of comfort or encouragement to the other. I will truly miss her, but I take comfort in the fact that she is free from suffering and with Jesus. The Bible (II Corinthians 5:8) says that when believers are absent from the body, they are present with the Lord. I told Patsy the last time I talked with her that the next time I saw her, she would be at home. I didn’t realize at the time that she would be in her eternal home. I look forward to seeing her there someday. Her brother, Bobby

  19. I truely believe that there is no one in this world that could even come close to being like my grams. I love her so much and I can’t wait to see her again in the paradise.(Rev. 21:3,4) She was the easiest person to talk to. I remember always being at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, all us kids running around and getting into trouble most of the time, but it was always ok because we were at grandma’s & grandpa’s. She was always saying something funny too. And I love how she made each and every one of us feel special. She would give you whatever she had even if she had nothing. Like how she would pull us grandkids aside and slip us money and say “Don’t tell your parents, this is between us”. She was so funny. I could go on for hours about her. I truely miss her and love her so much. I’m glad I have so many good memories to hold onto. She has made an imprint in my heart and in my life and I will cherish her forever.

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