Theberge, Patricia Ann Passed away peacefully in her home on July 19, 2005. She was born May 14, 1932, to parents Jim and Mary Fanning. She was the second of five children. She graduated from UCLA in 1954 and traveled the world before marrying Thomas Theberge. Patricia was dearly loved by her husband, her four children, Michael, Carol, Kevin and Nancy, and her four grandchildren, Christopher, Claire, Ryan, and Katherine. She will be dearly missed by her family and friends.

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  1. I miss my mom so much. It’s so, so hard to have to say goodbye. I’m very thankful that she did not suffer and passed very peacefully. God bless her.

  2. Uncle Tom and my cousins, I am so sorry for your loss, I hope that the memories you have will keep her close to your heart. Aunt Pat was a great lady and my favorite Aunt. We spent a lot of time with her as kids. Many summers at Green Valley, lots of fond memories of fishing off the dam, the puppets that my mom and she made and the weekends spent going to craft fairs. The holiday dinners and crazy Christmas Eve parties will forever be some of my favorite childhood memories. I will forever cherish my Christmas tree skirt that she made for me. I use it every year and will always think of her when I see it.

  3. Mom … Your love and support for me never wavered. I will carry your memmory and love in my heart forever….. kevin

  4. Thank you for everything. I can still feel your warmth, humor, and spirit. You will always be in my heart.

  5. Thank you Nunu for all the guidence and lessons you’ve taught me. I will forever remember the places we have gone and the things we have done.


  7. I don’t know why I thought of this story but it always brings a smile to my face when I think of it. So here goes… When I was pregant with my first son I really wanted to make all his comforter and bedding stuff (go fiqure I never had sewn anyting before). I was having troubles with the comforter because one ruffle wasn’t good enough I needed to have three. I called my mother and she quickly told me to call Aunt Pat (She’s the sewer I’m not) I called her and was trying to explain what I was doing and she said just bring it up and I will help you do it. So I go to her house and she looks at it and tells me that one ruffle is fine just leave it alone. I tell I want three ruffles can she help or not? She takes out of my hand and tells me she will just do it and I tell “oh no” I must do this myself just show me. She showed how to do it and I went home to work on this project. Two days later I called her crying because I had not only ruined all the work I did but everything she did. She told me come to house I know you don’t want me to sew but come up and I will sit with you and help you. I know that it drove her nuts but she never made me feel like this would be so much easier if Susie just got out of the way and let me finish this comforter. When I finished it she smiled and told me I glad you finished this. I love Aunt Pat and will miss her. P.S. to this day she does not know that Dane threw up on the comforter the first day I ever laid him down on it. (Well maybe she does know now) We Love You and will miss you!!! Love Susan

  8. We all knew my mother in different capacities and in different but equally wonderful lights she was a wife, a sister, a neighbor, and friend and to me she was my mother. She was a woman ahead of her time. When girls merely graduated from High School, She went to UCLA got her Bachelors degree. When girls were getting married and starting families, my mom literally traveled the world. She had trinkets from Israel and stories about Russia. My mother valued independence and education. She taught her sons to be compassionate and her daughters to be competitive. (Which is way she explained to me I was signed up for soccer and not ballet). My mother loved her family and adored her grandchildren. She was funny, intelligent, delightful and direct. Her advice was always gently offered and keenly correct. My mother loved reading, fishing, movies, and the Dodgers. Patricia Ann Fanning Theberge was my mother, my mentor , my friend and my confidant.. My grief is immeasurable- Our loss is Heaven’s gain …..and for that my heart is broken. Thank you mom for everything- We could not have done it without you. It was both an honor and a privilege to have had you in our lives for as long as we did. The pleasure was truly all ours. I love you mom. My Eulogy for Mom -7/22/05 (Mom – as Carol said please stay close- none of us are ready to let you go).

  9. My mom lived a very full and interesting life. She is also a very interesting person. I’m using the word “is”, rather than “was” because to me she will always be at home sitting in her chair, reading her book, or watching her TV. A proverbial phone call away. My mother once said she was the “Queen of Denial” and, well… I am my mother’s daughter. It’s very hard to talk about someone’s life. There are many memorable moments over the years, some public and some private. Memories of childhood events such as asking my mom for help because my sister was holding me back from playing, and being so grateful as I watched her offer Nancy a penny if she would help her fold laundry. Apparently, she knew a penny meant a lot to Nancy. There were summers at the cabin with the cousins, fishing and bingo. The yearly surprise of MC Donald’s while attending St. Lawrence Martyr School and the green Saint Patrick days shakes. Carpools, Brownies and Girl scouts. Sewing never ending puppet dresses and shirts. The craft fairs and working at the store. The infamous station wagons. The summertime 10:00am drop offs at the beach during the week and the submarine sandwiches she packed for us on the weekends. Friday nights at Akia. The weekly Friday gorge after grocery shopping. The amazing meals she always made for us, especially on Sunday nights. The food and babysitting co-ops – all the cheese and Carob/yogurt covered raisins you could eat. Frozen pizzas from the little league snack shack. The trek to the Hostess Bakery outlet. Books, books, and more books and of course the library. I also have some very personal memories of the help and support she gave me in finding a way to go to college with a small child and her efforts to make it possible for me to attend graduate school. The vast amounts of time she spent helping me with Chris, including the weekly drives to Riverside. And our long talks during the drives from Riverside to Los Angeles. She also gave me numerous bits of wisdom such as “stay away from the public school kids, they’re wild”, and “don’t chew gum, it will make your jaw square”. She cautioned me about wearing jeans, sunburns and premature aging. The value of education and the concern for equality between the sexes. My mom was always very patient and quick to forgive. There are so many memories. Through it all, my mom was our safety net and always encouraged us to do well and to strive to be successful. She set an example about what it meant to be a person, a parent, and a professional. She lived during a period of great social unrest and changing expectations for women. She struggled with the myths of her generation, but always demonstrated how to be in control of one’s self and future. To me, my mom often defined the meaning of the word independent. She’s traveled the world in her twenties and told stories about the places she’d been and the things she’d seen. She was formally educated, very well read, and always up-to-date with current events. There wasn’t a subject she didn’t seem to know about or lacked an interest in. She enjoyed reading so much that it didn’t seem strange to me when she would tell me how she and my father did not own a TV when they were first married. Although, I think her children corrupted her over the years because she really enjoyed spending time watching her TV shows, movies and of course her beloved Dodgers. My mom was very sick, but you are never really ready for someone’s death, no matter how much advanced warning you might have. The doctors told us that her cancer was very aggressive and that she had only a matter of months to live, but her passing away on Tuesday was still a huge shock. We all have known people who’ve been given very grave death sentences by their doctors only to prove them wrong. This was the case for my mom a few years ago. She was near death and we were told that she was not expected to leave the hospital, but she did. She proved them all wrong and I just knew, I knew in my heart, that the doctors were wrong again. I’m very grateful that my mom was able to pass in her sleep and especially in the comfort and familiarity of her own home. She had said just a few weeks ago, regarding her brother’s passing, what a blessing it really was for him to have passed in his sleep. It appeared to have been very calm and peaceful. I am so grateful that she was blessed in this way too. So, Mom, there are so many aspects to you and I can feel your influence in so many different ways. Thank you for everything. You are a very special person. I know you love us all. Even though I may not be able to see you anymore, I feel your presence and hear your voice. Please stay close. I’m not ready for you to leave. I love you. Eulogy for my mother 07/22/2005 Carol

  10. Some people like to talk over coffee, And Some people prefer to ponder the questions of life over a cold beer….But Claire and Pat preferred their quaint discussions over a nice fresh bowl of goldfish crackers. If Michael, Carol, Kevin and Nancy are reflections of their mother’s parenting, and I believe that they are relections, then I only hope to be as good of a mother to my children: Claire and Ryan. Thank you Pat for your guidance and inspiration. Love Dorian

  11. Pat lived a full life. She made the most of every opportunity that was given to her. She was compassionate, kind and sensitive to others. Pat was fortunate to have siblings and children that loved her deeply, and a husband that loved and cared for her. She will be missed.

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