Neva Rita Gutierrez

neva gutierrez
Neva Rita Gutierrez, a 70 year resident of Redondo Beach passed away on August 19, 2008, at her residence in Tehachapi Ca. Born on 3-31-36 in Los Angeles, she was 72 when she died. Neva was a fun loving caring women, she touched everyone's soul that she met, Her passions was her family, she was a fan of musicals, old movies and she loved to have a late night snack. Neva was loved by everyone.. She is survived by her two daughters Paula and Annette, her mother Ysolia, her brother Ramon and her sister Nora, and her four grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. She is now reunited with her husband Moses and her brother Richard. Neva will be truly missed by every heart that she has touched. Funeral Services will begin at 11:30 AM, on Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at Holy Cross Christ Risen Cemetery Chapel, located in Culver City , CA. Interment will immediately follow the chapel services at Holy Cross Cemetery .

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  1. Auntie Neva was one hell of a woman! She was onery, playful, kind, generous, loving, protective, strong, ambitious, outgoing and frankly in one word “REMARKABLE”. She was a shining light in our lives while she was here and now… heaven is one star brighter. I love you Auntie give Uncle Moe a hug for me. LouAnn

  2. I just wanted to send my love to annette and her family. I had only met her mom on a handful of occasions, yet you could see what a loving fun mom she was. My deepest sympathies. Lisa Hoffman

  3. When I think of Auntie Neva I will always see her smiling face and remember all the holidays, birthdays, graduations, baptisms, first communions, confirmations, weddings and funerals we all attended as a family. The family always got together to celebrate life. And now it is time for us to gather once again to celebrate the life of this wonderful Mother, daughter, sister and aunt. Auntie Neva will always be a part of the legacy of love we all carry with us. How could any of us forget all the love that was shared on Blossom and Gates. May you rest in peace Auntie Neva. Give our love to Uncle Moe, Uncle Richard & Tata. All our love to you, Annette, Paula and your families. God bless you. Lisa, Kelly & Addie

  4. I just want to say how much Auntie Neva will be missed. For as long as I have been in this family, Aunt Neva has always been the relative that you say “oh yeah, she is the laughing, loving happy one in the family”, every family has one and our family’s was Aunt Neva. I don’t have any memory other than that of a smiling, joking loving woman. God bless you Annette and Paula and all in the family who will so miss her. Keep it right with God in your lives so that one day we too will be together again, with Neva, Moe, Richard and all our loved ones. Take care…..Kerri

  5. Auntie Neva had the most wonderfully sparkling slanty eyes! And she wanted each of us girls to have them too. Nette-Nette and Paula and me (when I’d spend the night) would somehow always end up in the morning with a pony tail that was so tight, we looked like eight year old girls with face lifts. Poor Nette-Nette never did recover, her eyes are still slanty. Tia Neva always lived her life to the full. She lived it that way because she was a devout Catholic and Thank God for all our sake! She showed us by true example how to live, love and nurture. And man could she doll herself up. Remember those fantastic hair-do’s! She always dressed like she was going to be on the cover of vogue. And at about nine yrs old, when Annette and I made chocolate cake for her and her ladies group and we cut the entire cake into about 100 pieces and then tried to put it back together with tooth picks, Auntie Neva just smiled and said, “Thank You the girls will love it.” She didn’t care that her kitchen was a mess and that we could possibly kill someone by choking on a wooden skewer. She was gracious and beautiful and I have always loved her for those qualities. Auntie Neva would always sign her cards with a picture of an (aunt hyphen ie, Neva). I’ve carried on that sweet little tradition with my nephews and nieces, because I think of how loved she made me feel. And I want to extend her love through the years of my life to those I love. Aunt-ie Neva you are missed but never forgotten. Your lessons of life and love, live on here with each of us as you unite with Christ. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Thank you for helping me to build a strong Catholic Faith so that I can exist in this world and know my path without fear. Thank you for putting 11 screaming kids in your car each week and taking us to CCD class & Mass. Job well done my sweet! I’m sure that you heard, “Welcome into the joy of My Father”, upon your arrival. I have NO DOUBT because of YOU! Thank God for You! Thank you for being a wonderful Godmother and living example of love. Kiss the family for me. Don’t stop praying for me until you see the white’s of my eyes, PLEASE! Peace be with you. With much Love and sincere gratitude, Lorie

  6. We miss and love you. You will always be in our prayers and hearts. Tell uncle Moe and uncle Fats we say hi. Sooner or later we will all be reunited.

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