Nelly Angelica Lombardi

nelly lombardi

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  1. Where do you go when time is no longer linear? When the moments of your life fold in upon each other We call it Alzheimer’s or dementia. It is being lost in time Losing one moment to the next. Being in a place where the rest of the world Moves in a predictable rhythm forward. But only seeing a brief window before a new one, Or an old one, opens or closes. It is baffling, and a victory When you can hold on to yourself. The things I will remember about Nelly are her laugh, which she did often, her sense of humor, which was sly and often surprising. Even in the last few years, she would come up with a joke when you didn’t think she was paying attention. She loved her family, she adored her son and her grandchildren. She was the best Grandma at spoiling her grandchildren. She would chase them around and say “I am going to hug you and squeeze all the juice out of you” to squeals of delight. She loved all children, she could not pass by any child without a smile, a wink and a coochy-coo. She had planned to have a dozen kids, but life didn’t give her that, so she gave all her love to the one she had. Her life with Richard was a partnership of enduring love. They dated for seven years and were married for sixty-five years. They pragmatically married on Dec 28 because the family would be together for Christmas. She was brought up an only child, and was so happy to be a part of Richard’s large family – he was the youngest of seven. She became an integral part of his family – taking care of the kids at the children’s table was her job at family gatherings in Buenes Aires. When they left Argentina to make a new life in the US, they embraced their new country. They didn’t understand why none of their relatives would not join them here. She had the ability to make friends anywhere. She was generous of spirit and fun to be around. She was very intelligent. Her co-workers at Saks would give her the difficult customers because she could always calm them down. She loved to read and was a member of several book clubs when I first met her. Richard would often read to her at night when she could no longer concentrate on the books. She and Richard had travelled the world. They loved to learn and be exposed to new ideas and new cultures. They were lifelong learners. Which is why the dementia was so debilitating. It took away her ability to learn more about this world which she had an insatiable curiosity Nelly was an independent, strong, smart, wonderful person. She built a rich family life from a lonely childhood. Made a new life for herself an a different country. Explored new places through books and travel. Her loss will be felt greatly, but her spirit lives on through her friends and family.

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