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  1. Mrs. Chichester was a kind hearted person who believed in making a difference. Her simple Hello my dear and smile will be with me always. She inspired me to be a better person and to follow my dreams. She will be greatly missed.

  2. I never met Nancy in person, however, she quickly became a guiding light and my inspiration through our telephone conversations. During my recent mastectomy and cancer treatment. Nancy gave me the encouragement to see my life as a gift and gave me the courgage to fight every step of the way. God bless you Nancy

  3. Nancy helped me through many hard times in the years she worked at Fries. She always had a positive outlook on any situation and could make you smile on the days when all you wanted to do was give up. She invited my sister and I, with our families, to join her family, on an unforgettable houseboat vacation, in which we got to know them all and love her that much more! Watching her interactions with our students, you could just see the love and respect they had for each other. She was the one who could get any student to do anything! Any moment they could spend with her made their day and they returned to class with gifts and a smile. We have experienced a great loss, we are feeling it tremendously, and we miss her. I, personally, want to thank her family for sharing her with us all these years, and I am truly sorry for your loss.

  4. I can say I have truly been blessed by having gotten to know Nancy as we both worked on the Student Success Team (SST) for several years. I learned so much from her as I saw her interact with parents at the SST meetings. She would often invite a parent to stay after the meeting if she saw them in distress. Nancy always had a smile and told me that we had the most wonderful job in the world. I know that her work made her happy. Her love and attention to our personal needs will be remembered forever. I will miss her and am deeply sorry for your loss.

  5. Words are not adequate to express how significant Ms. Chichester was during a very trying time in my life. I will be forever indebted to her for guiding me and offering her solid support. I know that anyone who ever encountered her was forever blessed by such a noble person and loving heart. She truly had a passion for helping others and did it without asking for anything in return. A star has returned to the heavens to be a beacon of light for others. I will miss you Nancy! May your family find solace and peace in the memories of a life lived to the fullest! Thank you…

  6. We are deeply sorry for your loss. Nancy was a wonderful, caring, and generous woman who touched so many lives. I will never forget the family trip we took with all of you to Lake Shasta.It will be a memory that I will never forget. My boys still talk about fishing and jumping off the houseboat.Your mother was awesome, she touched so many lives, not only the children she worked with, but all adults around her she helped everyone out, never thought about herself. I will never forget when she helped me out with Dominic. She always had positive things to say and always complimented people around her.She was always in a great mood, no matter what was going around school. Nancy will forever be remembered in our hearts. You know everytime she saw me she would say, hey there captain!!!Our thoughts are with all of you during this difficult time and I know words cannot express the huge loss you are going through. You are in our prayers. Love, Iliana, dominic and derek

  7. It is with great sorrow that I extend my condolences to Nancy’s family. As someone who worked with her for 3 years, she demonstrated an inspirational tenacity to serve the most marginalized of our community. Her value as an educator is only dwarfed by her value as a human being!

  8. Dear Family and Friends of the lovely Nancy Slover Chichester: Nancy was a very nice, warm, outgoing, caring and competent person (and professional). She took many new psychologists and other educators under her wing, assisting them with both professional and personal issues. Nancy will be missed greatly by so many. This is a typical story pertaining to Nancy. Her death is even more tragic because she had a valiant fight with and overcame breast cancer. She was afflicted the year before I was diagnosed. She barely knew me when I first became Field Coordinator of Psychological Services South/K; yet, she made a giant get well poster card bearing signatures and wishes from the staff that she, personally, delivered to my husband at St. Johns’ Hospital In Santa Monica while I was in surgery (so that I would see it upon returning to my room). As I recuperated, Nancy made a number of meals for my family; brought flowers and babysat for Donnie (who will be 11 on April 8) as I recovered. I have very fond and loving feelings for and memories of Nancy, who was a friend as well as a “go to” psychologist. She was as kind and gentle as she was competent. Her loss is very, very great. My deep and sincere sympathies to all who mourn her, and that is a very large number of people. Sincerely, Bonnie Shannon

  9. Words cannot express the depth of my sorrow upon hearing of Nancy’s passing. I will forever cherish the years I worked with her at Fries. She was an exceptional psychologist that fought hard for the students and their teachers. Nancy was loving, caring, kind, generous, and so much fun to be with. A group of us “retired folk” from Fries had lunch with Nancy a week before her passing. I will never forget her warm embrace, big smile, and words, “Hey you, how is life treating you?” I am so proud that she called me her friend. Dearest Nancy, you were called Home way too soon. Your memory will live on in the hearts and minds of all those who loved you. To her family, you have my deepest sympathy and prayers of comfort. Sherry Pulley

  10. The sadness I felt when I learned of Nancy’s passing is hard to express. Having worked with Nancy on the Student Study and the IEP teams before I retired from teaching, I will never forget how wonderful she was as our school psychologist and great advocate for the children, families and staff at the school. Nancy was a true professional who people loved to be with because of her great intelligence. warmth and terrific sense of humor. She cared so deeply for us all! In all she did, Nancy inspired the best in everyone who was lucky enough to meet her. I feel honored to have known Nancy and I am deeply sorry that we have lost this shining star. Her memory will shine forever in the hearts and minds of all who knew her.

  11. Nancy! Such a beautiful spirit! I will miss you so much. You brought many smiles and laughter into my life and the world is a bit darker now without you in it. I will never forget you. Sean

  12. Susan forwarded your e-mail to me this morning. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. My prayers go out to you and your family in your time of sorrow. Renate

  13. I’ve known Nancy for 11 years. We shared the same birthdate and almost the same birth years. In all the time that I knew her, Nancy always had a kind word for everyone. She was always friendly and upbeat, no matter what was happening at work or at home. Just writing this now makes me smile as I think of sitting next to her at our staff meetings. She truly made a difference in people’s lives. We are all going to miss her.

  14. Nancy always thought of others. Around Christmas and Easter she would take the time and put little gifts in each of our boxes at work. She made our day a little more special.

  15. Fries will not be the same without our Nancy. She was our sunshine. She’d brighten up the room when she walked into our meetings. Always with her coffee mug in one hand and treats in the other. She’d always expressed how much she enjoyed working at Fries. We were her second family. She was and will forever be loved and remembered dearly by her Fries Family. Nancy, you were an inspiration to me. You always had nothing but kind words to say to me and for that I will miss you. You will forever be in my heart.

  16. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom passing, Amber. Susan called me then sent the email. You and your family are in my prayers.

  17. I met Nancy only a short year ago when Linda Michel invited her to join our Dining Damsels group. Nancy was a lovely addition to our group. She always had a funny story to tell and I found that the more I got to know her, the more I liked her. We developed a friendship that I will miss greatly. And our Dining Damsels will always feel that something is missing when we get together without her. My sincere condolences to Nancy’s family.

  18. I was so saddened to learn of Nancy’s passing. She was a true professional who cared about the well-being of both children and adults. A light has gone out at Fries Ave.

  19. Unfinished Business Unfinished IEPs Unfinished SSTs Unfinished PALS assessments Unfinished counseling sessions Unfinished world to save Unfinished roads to pave Unfinished hearts to heal Unfinished emotions to feel Unfinished adventures and trips Unfinished relationships Unfinished love to give Unfinished life to live Unfinished time to share Unfinished ways to care All of these, such delicate signs, that dear Nancy, it wasn’t time It is not for us to say, when it’s time to go or stay All we know is though you’re gone, in our hearts you will live on

  20. Memories of Nancy Making tamales with the Marrufos – One December all the Marrufos got together at our brother€™s house in San Pedro. We had invited Nancy to come join us. She was so excited. She spread the masa, added meat and folded the corn husk to make her own tamale. She kept on saying how awesome it was. (I think this was one of her favorite words.) After making tamales with our family, Nancy was given one of our €˜tamale aprons€™ to take home. She thought this was such a big deal. She started to cry. She kept on telling my sisters and me how much we made her feel like she was a part of our family. I did not realize how much it meant to her. She was always so sensitive. Nancy you will always be part of our family. Walking the Lights In December, of last year, Nancy invited Becky, my sisters, and our children over for dinner. After dinner we had planned to walk the neighborhood and view the beautiful lights that were displayed. Nancy had planned it all out. We ate dinner with Nancy€™s family, had some wonderful conversations and laughed a whole lot. After dinner Nancy broke out with the hot chocolate and hot apple cider. It was freezing cold outside! We walked and walked and walked. Nancy would say, €œHey, let€™s go this way. There€™s a great house I want to show you.€ All I know was I was frozen and boy did my feet hurt. Nancy had us going for about two hours. Boy did she have a lot of energy. We finally arrived back at her house and began to thaw out. At this point my batteries were running on low. But not Nancy€™s. She broke out with this little hand held game. We broke into two teams. No one really knew how to play the game very well. It would display a song title and you would have to hum or sing the song to the other team. The bad part was that you couldn€™t mention the title at all. You can only imagine how great we sounded. Poor Chuck, it was already about 11:00 p.m. and all these crazy Mexicans were in his house singing away. Nancy was loving it. When we finally left all we talked about was how much fun we had. This is one memory that I will always cherish. Nancy in the classroom €“ Last school year Nancy would constantly pop into my classroom to check up on certain students. On every visit she would ask my students if they remembered her name. No, they did not. For some reason they just could not say, €œChichester€. There was a lot of Ch Ch Choster€ After some time she told my students that whoever guessed or remembered her name would get a prize. Boy, were they excited. But guess what, they did not get her name right. Nancy had such a fun time teasing the students. I was the one getting frustrated. One day I told my students, the next time Mrs. Chichester comes into our classroom call her Rumplestiltskin. Well, here comes Nancy ready with her famous question. €œWell has anyone learned my name yet?€ They all shouted out €œRUMPLESTILTSKIN!!!€ Oh, she just thought that this was the funniest thing she had ever heard. She laughed her beautiful laugh and the rest of us joined in. I think that Nancy and I were the only ones who understood the joke but the kids cracked up anyway. All I remember her saying was; €œNow that was a good one.€ The students loved Nancy so much. Every time she would walk into the classroom they would start asking, €œCan I go with you this time?€ She would always promise next time. She really did keep her promise.

  21. What can I say about Nancy that hasn’t already been said. We have lost a kind, caring, and loving soul. She helped me without me even realizing it until after the fact. Nancy went with me to have a mammogram last year. She insisted on going with me as long as I agreed to have lunch with her. I thought to myself, “Nancy is such a considerate friend to go with me and then to take the time to just hang out and chat.” She always had something nice to say about me, my family, and our friends at work. She always made sure to say, “I love you and I appreciate you” in such a genuine way, that you would feel better in an instant. I will miss hearing her contagious laugh and seeing those bright, beautiful eyes of hers. My children, especially my daughter Elisa, were saddened to hear of her passing. Elisa said to me that Nancy was now in her heart with her Grandpa and my grandmother. I know that Nancy would give her a huge hug for saying something so kind and innocent. I will never forget the friendship I had with Nancy. She was a true friend and I do miss her. I know that I am not alone when I say that Nancy has made a difference in my life and in the lives of our staff, children and community.

  22. What a great sense of loss I felt upon hearing the sad news of Nancy€™s passing. I know that I am not alone in my sorrow. To me she was a mentor and a friend. She taught me all I needed to know about those IEP€™s and a lot more. She gave and gave of herself, to the children, to the parents, to the staff, and even people she didn€™t know. Her generosity knew no bounds. She was all that I hope to be; elegant, energetic, vivacious, generous, intelligent, compassionate, fun and funny. She was always ready to learn new things – even Spanish. She was a perfect woman and a great friend. God bless you Nancy, and all those you hold dear.

  23. We want to extend our sympathy to Nancy’s family. We were sadden by her passing. She will be greatly missed.

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