September 2, 1965 ~ November 14, 2020

Born in: Honolulu, Hawaii
Resided in: Hermosa Beach, California

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  1. candle 2My sweet michael, we are all so sad.
    It is unbelievable that you have suddenly left us.You are the ultimate healthy son.
    You never deviated from you healthy lifestyle since you dedicated your life to sobriety.You bike ride everywhere.You are the ultimate friendly guy that is friends with everyone.I asked you over and over to come with me to Bishop Montgomery basketball games(my Alma mater).At first you didn’t agree to go..sometimes to busy..or working.
    But eventually we did go together. I enjoyed your company and we really developed a super father/son togetherness at the games.I know you didn’t think little Bishop Montgomery could compete with Mater Dei and Sierra Canyon…
    But in 2017 in the open division..the final 4 teams in the Southern California CIF tournament were: Bishop,Mater Dei, Sierra Canyon & Chino Hills…
    Remember we went to The Galen Center in Los Angeles…
    Bishop Montgomery beat all of them and were State Champs…
    You were really surprised..me too.
    That was our ultimate basketball father/son experience.
    I will be continually be remembering our many experiences together as a family.
    You really love your mom…you 2 have the Hawaii connection. You both were born in Honolulu…You and mom have many other connections…you and mom are kinda doing caring…never met a stranger…love everyone..
    Mike you are an inspiration to everyone with your positive outlook.
    I will always envy that wonderful attribute you have. Your brothers Scotty and Marc love you sooo much..and of course your sister Shareyse loves you sooo much and misses you…
    Remember she use to defend you if some bully’s tried to mess with you while walking home from Casimir School.
    I will remember you being the music guru that answered all of our questions when we heard songs.
    You know every song artist…
    That’s quite a compliment.
    I will always let you know how your favorite basketball team is doing..the LA Lakers.
    Mom and I miss you Mike
    But we know you are in a better place
    You are in Heaven with your brother Scotty and your cousin Brittany…
    We don’t understand God’s plan
    we are only human and can’t understand.
    We are missing you all.
    I will be connecting with you quite often on this funeral site.
    Whenever I flash back and remember things,
    I will let you know.
    If you can send us a spirit of yourself to let us know you are watching over us…
    I’ll close for now..
    We love you
    We miss you
    You are our Champion
    Mom, Dad, Marc and Shareyse

    • He was one in a million 💔💙💙💙✝️🕊🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 We are here for you Mikee and Diane 🕊❤️🙏🏻 We love you.
      Forever in our hearts 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💙✝️
      Fly Home, Mikee Jr, God is waiting…

    • Hi too all of Mike’s friends and Family
      Music is what made Mike and I friends! We would always trip each other out on who we knew and liked in Music. We both would have that look of mutual appreciation and admiration in our eyes. I can see that expression now!
      I will miss those times!

  2. candle 4Your Uncle Jim and Aunt Janet want you to know that you will always occupy a special place in our hearts. We love you and do believe that you are in a better place with your brother Scotty. We will cherish forever our times together and especially remember when you would come to Vegas for a concert and we would get together for lunch. RIP and may God bless and keep you always.

  3. Linda Hartley. Mike. There are no words to convey my shock and sadness of losing you so soon after your brother. Your face is in my mind of the last time I saw you. You were so full of life and the picture of health. We don’t know why things happen the way they do but we have to hold on to the fact that God has his reasons. You were such a sweet and kind person. You always had a hug for me when we saw each other. You always told me at Christmas how much it meant to you when I gave you your gift. I will miss you and pray that your parents can somehow find peace with losing you and Scotty. A parent should not lose their children but I pray you and Scott can find a way to comfort them. I will pray for all the family

  4. candle 5Mike I miss you terribly my dear friend. Work isn’t the same without you. I’m going to miss our music adventures , going to shows acting like kids , our endless conversations about music and movies, sharing our lunches and just goofing off to pass the time. You made everyone feel so very special and cared for. We all knew you as “Tattoo Mike” or “Grandpa” (inside work joke) you are loved by so many and I thank you for always being a wonderful friend … Until we meet again 🤘🏼⚡️🖤

  5. candle 8Hi Michael auntie tennis🎾miss you so much . I watched the tennis channel today and it was a rerun of the Australian open that you love. We would text about those tournaments so many warm memories. I miss my god son. For Ever loved Auntie Brenda♥️🎾♥️

  6. Knock Knock (He’d always knock and leave so when I opened my door no one was there.) I’d get a knock every day. Sometimes I’d leave my door open in the mornings to wish him a good day at work.

    I had a rock and then I had my anchor.

    On July 1st I met Michael Hartley – this year. I asked him to help me carry my mattress from the UHAUL truck parked outside, up to #12, and of course, he did. “Now? – Mike asked, well I have boxes on top of the mattress, give me 15-20 min to clear stuff out – I said. I need to go soon -Mike said. I’ll make it 10 – I said. 10? He asked. Yeah, I can do it.” I said. He gave me a look I’ll never forget.

    When I first saw him I thought to myself “He’s a kind soul”. I could have been wrong about that, but I wasn’t. Little did I know, over the next few weeks, I would be schooled on life and leadership. I don’t think he knew he was teaching me …maybe things I already knew but I needed a refresher. I had shared with him my desire to pursue higher education in hopes of becoming a better manager. We never know where we will learn things and who or what will teach us.

    After he’d get home from work, we’d take midnight walks. We’d walk the strand, from The Francis (Our apartment complex) to the stairs (right before Manhattan) 2.4 miles to be exact. The walks were at least an hour. Our pace varied depending on the tone of our voice and conversation. We talked about everything and anything. He’d tell me about his life, I’d tell him about mine.

    A week after we met, his brother Scott passed – July 8th. Our walks continued, you can imagine the topics of our conversations from that point. We worked on understanding and accepting what happened.

    We talked about death.

    We were both grieving …different things, of course, I didn’t know his brother, but we were grieving together and making sense of life together.

    Mike invited me into his room one day to show me his art. “You paint?! Me too! – I said with much excitement. I haven’t painted in a long time – I said. Same here – Mike said” We agreed on picking it back up and making a trip to Walser’s Art store in Torrance. Mike spent a good amount of time looking at everything in the store. He studied what he was going to buy very carefully (took forever). He wasn’t about whatever. Painting became something we did together. Instead of taking walks we started painting together. Mike and I would talk about colors and brushes and different techniques. I’m going to miss that so much!

    We shared music with each other. He had a very eclectic collection. He often shared with me how much he loved his mother and brother Scott.

    I never had a down day when Mike was around. Mike would always end our daily conversations with “Did I ever tell you you’re a badass? You’re a badass!” I’m so thankful for his encouraging words.

    Whenever I went on a date, I’d come back home and tell Mike how it went especially the bad ones. He was a good listener. He let me rant (as girls tend to do) until I was done telling him about everything.

    Mike was so strong. Mike was incredibly brave. He was a stand-up guy. Kind, generous, loving, caring, hardworking. Mike didn’t have weird habits, he had mad discipline – military style. Mike was boss. Mike liked things organized and clean. He liked to snack. He liked dried salted seaweed and pita bread with garlic spread from Trader Joes. Mike liked the nature documentaries on Apple TV. Mike collected matchboxes. Mike… thanks for sharing but your coffee was terrible. He liked coffee black and dark with grounds in it. Mike loved to ride his bike. If our bike chains weren’t oiled he’d say “shame on you”.

    Mike, you were a leader. You lead by example. You didn’t walk in front of us or behind us …you walked with us. I told you on one of our walks that you were a leader and you said you didn’t see yourself that way. I reassured him he was.

    Without making this about me. When I arrived at The Francis I was in a moment of transition in my life and I needed help (most of us do when we arrive at the Francis). Mike helped me.

    I looked up to you Mike and needed you for strength and guidance when I felt weak and lost. I never had the chance to tell you how much you meant to me and how much I respected you. I think many of us felt that way about you.

    I had calendared you in for all of my important life events on the list of top 10 invites. I thought about telling you this but we had just met. That would have been weird right?. (Run bro – she’s nuts.)

    They say success is on the other side of failing time and time again. You were the most successful.

    We underestimate the impact our actions, words, and presence can have on people around us, and if we are mindful of that and treat everyone around us with kindness the way Mike did we can change the world.

    I am incredibly lucky to have met a man of your caliber. I will be eternally grateful for the support you gave me. Thank you for being brave enough to let me lean on you. You were my good friend.

    I wasn’t a witness to your life – what do I know. I can only speak about the 4 months and 14 days we shared together.

    Be my angel sometimes will you?

    #wemakeeachotherbetter #badass #boss #CommanderInChiefofTheFrancis

    Love you Mike.

  7. candle 5Grandpa, you truly are an amazing soul. Any room that you entered burst into light because your energy is so contagious. This world got a lil dimmer with you leaving but your memories and strength has touched so many people. You will always be missed and loved Grandpa. see you in paradise.

  8. candle 8Artist, music lover, friend, the official unofficial Mayor of Hermosa Beach, The Prime Minister of Positivity, The Governor of Good Vibes, the human coloring book, sharp dressed motherfucker and most important my brother. I’m so blessed to have known you for so many years and to have the opportunity to create so many memories with you. I am blessed to be counted as one of your friends, one of many that will miss your thoughtfulness, your humor, music suggestions, positive attitude, inclusiveness, loyalty, friendship, love and so much more. A true box of crayons, recognized everywhere and so full of color, both your skin and your spirt. You were one of a kind and I miss you terribly already. Thank you for the many years of friendship, I love you. Rest easy.

  9. What can we say? Uncle Jimbo and I are at a loss for words. I meet you when you were 20; Uncle Jimbo knew you when you were in you mommy’s tummy, and now God called you home ✝️🙏🏻🕊 While I know I can’t understand his plan at times, I know he has one 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 And I have to accept, no matter how hard it hurts 💔💔💔

    I will never forget our long deep talks about life, your journey with sobriety and receiving God back into your life. The special times we had here in Vegas and our lunches and dinners. And just being in your presence.

    I can’t believe our last conversation was 9/29/2020 at Scotties Memorial and had I known that would have been our last, I would of have said “I love you so much” and I am so proud of you.

    Instead, we talked about Scottie, your job, wearing masks and what a hassle it was, you showed you mask 😷 guard and where to get in Amazon, your last bike ride and then Auntee Sandra joined and our personal conversation stopped.

    I will remember it forever, never forget you and Uncle Jimbo and I will be there to support Momma and Papa, Markee and Shari.

    Until God brings us home to you, praying for your eternal life and you can now take care of you Scottie, which hopefully can give us some comfort and peace.

    We love you 💙💙💙Mikee, Mahola🌈🌈🌈🕊🕊🕊✝️✝️✝️

    Uncle Jimbo and Your Auntee J 🐱💜

  10. candle 3Good morning my shinning star..
    Mike it’s dad…
    Today is Thanksgiving..a day to give thanks..
    I’ll start by thanking God for giving you to our family…
    You were born in Honolulu, Hawaii on September 2nd,1965
    I remember your mom ,on your birth day, a suntan beauty.
    She said after delivering you, and waiting for the nurse…a Lilly white blond, walking up to mom with you. (a red, blond baby)…..
    The nurse said “here is your son…”
    Moms comment was “he’s a “Haole” baby..(Hawaii slang for white”)
    You were the only non tan skin baby there..a funny memory I have…that mom said…
    That was the beginning of your legacy..
    Mike I will continue to pull up so many memories and stories. I will be commenting about these treasured memories in the upcoming days and weeks ahead.
    These reflections will keep me forever connected to you..
    Until my next remembrance and comments…
    Please check in on Scotty.
    Both of you please send us your spiritual love and guidance from Heaven.
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are our superstar
    You are our champion
    Mom, Dad, Marc and Shareyse

  11. candle 7I didn’t know you very well, but I remember you were always kind to me at Casimir, and North.
    A lot of alumni are praying for your family during this time of grieving.
    RIP Saxon brother…dance with Jesus
    Class of 83 Rocks!

  12. candle 1Brother Mike- My brother Brown, Pete nice, McShamus, Peter, Petey eye!
    I’m lost for words as we lost another brother. I’m still having a tough time processing that you’re not with us. Just so sudden. My heart dropped my friend cuz we where just making plans to hang out and see bands play When they would start up watching live concerts somewhere! Richard Ashcroft to be exact! You were always kind and a sweet man. Always proud to call you and your family my friends. You always had a corky personality! We sure had some fun crazy adventures. 90% of the times I spontaneously said let’s get out of town you said let’s go. You’d pack a backpack full of snacks and waters and we’d see where the day or night took us. We would show up to a sold out concert with no money and say let’s just hear it from the parking lot. Let’s just go. And we would but we always somehow ended up inside and sometimes even for free because someone had extra tickets and would just give it to us.. hahaha we would always be surprised and happy. We would always make fun from nothing!
    I think to myself that Scotty needed his big brother and that helps me get by. After thanksgiving dinner we played a game of top four super band and there was a picture with cartoon characters of legendary musicians and singers. It was an eclectic bunch but popular as well.
    I had –
    prince as singer
    Bootsy on Bass
    Tom marillo on guitar
    And John Bonham on drums.
    I thought brother mike would get this band.
    And just then my mom says
    if brother mike was playing he would have the best top 4 band here! He’s like the almanac of rock and roll. And we laughed!
    No kidding bud you most definitely would’ve!
    I imagine you and Scotty joking around a camp fire up in cloud 9 hanging out back stage with other legendary greats and telling fun stories!
    I love ya man and I will always remember ya my dear friend! Please rave in paradise and always be at our backs protecting and guiding us brother!

  13. candle 2Hi Mike
    I’m still trying to understand why you left us.You are the healthiest eating person in our family..So I just don’t understand..
    We miss your visits..your trips to Tokyo central..getting your favorite Hawaiian foods..
    Sashimi, Poke…seaweed salads and more.
    Carol in Hawaii is just sooo sad
    Also your friend Denise..Carol’s daughter..she was waiting for your return visit to Oahu…
    I’ll miss telling you how good Bishop Montgomery basketball is doing…
    I will still tell you tho..hope they will be good…
    Mom and me always counted on you telling us and recommending movies for us to watch at home….
    You are a worker bee…
    You always had 2 jobs….
    You would say to me:
    You had to make money to pay your rent..that’s a commitment to your desire for independence from mom and my house..
    You wanted your freedom..you found it in Hermosa…20 feet from the Hermosa Beach sand….you loved it in Hermosa
    You know so many people..so many friends there…
    Pete your landlord really liked you…
    He was amazed at how you stored your bikes in your small but adequate room..
    Your military background helped you.
    I’ll close for now..
    I’ll talk to you again soon…
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my Champion
    Please watch over us
    Please hang with Scotty
    Both of you send us some love
    Thank you
    Mom..Dad..Marc..and Shareyse

  14. candle 4Hi My Beloved Michael…
    The days are crawling by since we lost you..
    We are always asking ourselves why?
    Your happy outlook will never be heard again..
    We look at your pictures in our house daily..and our tears start flowing.
    We still are in a fog…
    I know you are in a much better place ..
    You and Scotty are in Heaven together.
    Our 2 Super Stars watching over all of our family …
    We struggle daily but we know you guys are sending us your mercy graces..
    We miss you
    We love you
    Always thinking of you
    Mom, Dad, Shareyse and Marc

  15. candle 4Hi Mike..
    I just want to say hello…
    I know you and Scotty are having a great time in Heaven…
    Please shine your light down on us…
    We got your ashes…
    We will be spreading them at sea..the same place as Scotty’s …
    And on cousin Frank’s friends boat…
    But not until the weather warms up..
    We need to get someone to provide us with music…like you did for Scotty
    Love and miss you my son..
    Dad..mom..Shareyse..and marc

  16. candle 6Alohas, Mike.

    I know we never really had the opportunity to build on our connection, but I do remember your belief in me…when I was starting my t-shirt company. The gold & green, long-sleeve (with the PT logo;).

    Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your love & support.

    You and Scotty look out for one another…Rest in Paradise, Bruddah Mike!

    Much love, Eric

  17. candle 4Hi Mike
    Time is near a standstill since you went to heaven.
    You’ve been gone 4 weeks now…
    It is still so unreal…
    We go through daily lives here but sometimes I say and feel “ what’s the point”
    Your friend Josh called me a couple of days ago..
    We both were reflecting on you and your love of life…we both cried on the phone…
    I told Josh he can have your box of albums and CD’s…
    He said he would cherish these ..forever
    Love and miss you my Mike…
    The Kakers are playing preseason games now
    The season starts in another week…
    I’ll be sure to update you on their season
    We miss you dropping by..on Sunday’s
    Anyway Mike give Scotty a high 5 for us
    Miss you both…
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion
    Mom..Dad..Shareyse..and Marc

  18. candle 7How’s it Bruddah McShamus?
    I was out shopping for the holidays and for Arielles birthday present for her birthday today. I remember when you would come with me to go visit her when I first found out I had a daughter and you would come with me for support because I was very nervous around that side of the family and you would come for support and help take the attention off me. Also while standing in line today I saw someone with a pair of 8 hole maroon Doc Martin’s. I remembered I traded Scotty for something I don’t know what I traded but I’m sure knowing Scotty it was a pretty good trade. Maybe even for a few Scooby snacks not sure.. hahaha anyway funny how I remember this today when I saw them shoes. You and I started to get close and hang out and go to concerts a lot and you saw my shoes and said. Those are nice I used to have a pair like those and you traded Scotty for clothes or something for a pair like that. And you said made you’ll trade him back for them so we both could have matching pair… hahaha I was like umm I traded Scott for these boots. These were probably yours at some point… and we both laughed… I wore those until they had no sole anymore I had to throw them out… crazy how I remembered that today! Miss you guys man! Sometimes I wonder if you guys got the better end of the stick with this weird world we are living in now with politics and pandemic and new world order rising crap. Anyway I wish I could text you both and laugh about these funny stories and memories! Talk to you soon bud!

  19. candle 2Hell my sweet Mike..
    I just wanted to say hello…
    I’m thinking about you..
    It’s still very hard without you being here…
    It’s just not fair that you left us ..
    I told you I would be letting you know how your favorite NBA team the Lakers are doing..
    Tonite they started the season playing the Clippers…the Clippers are leading in the late 3rd quarter… I hope the Lakers can win it…
    Miss you Mike..Xmas Eve is only 2 days away…
    Our celeb will be very sad without you
    Please watch over us
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my Champion
    Mom,Dad,Shareyse and Marc

  20. candle 2Hello my sweet Mike
    You are a new great uncle again
    Michelle gave birth to Lilah Lynn
    Now Hudson has a sister he can protect
    Mike we miss you so much…
    I miss talking sports with you…
    You know basketball so well
    The Lakers are 2-2 this season
    They will get it going..you will see
    USC is 5-1
    UCLA is 5-2
    We are hoping high school basketball plays…the season is scheduled to start March 15th
    Bishop will have 10 returning players…
    4 Seniors
    3 Juniors
    4 Sophmores
    They will be real good team
    I will update you after the games
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion
    Please shine your light on us…
    Mom,Dad,Shareyse and Marc

  21. candle 4Hello my sweet Mike
    Happy New Year 2021
    Our celebration will be very hollow with out you here
    I’m trying to be happy but it’s not easy without you with our family
    Miss you
    Love you
    You are my champion
    Mom,Dad,Shareyse and Marc

  22. candle 2Hello my sweet Michael
    My daily visits to you pictures in our house continues to remind me that you aren’t with us anymore…
    I can’t understand why…
    But time here just continues to creep along…
    I miss your Lakers comments…
    You always had a basketball theory..
    We miss your e-bike drive by…
    Today is Jan 15
    The Lakers have the best NBA record with 20 games played…
    UCLA is 6-0 in pac-12 play..first place…
    No high school sports yet..COVID..
    So Bishop basketball probably won’t happen
    Well Mike ..I know you are having a great time in Heaven..
    We all will be together soon in Heaven
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion…
    Mom Dad
    Shareyse and Marc

  23. I saw a documentary today on Napster and the end of record stores. I remember you had a library of CD’s and you’d let me copy them. I would tell you why don’t you just download the music like Scotty and I do for free. You had to have the album cover and the lyrics from the album. That was your thing. You later asked what happened to all my CD 💿 collection and I said I sold them back to the record store after I downloaded each album into my computer. And you said if there is a way to make money or get something free you are on it! Hahaha I was just ahead of the times. And then you sold your CD collection and got a music stream app like me where we would just pay $10 a month instead of $40-$50 a week on albums…

    But you knew it right away. You said watch the concert will go up in price cuz no one is buying their albums. And sure enough we were over paying or getting crappier seats at a show just to see them play.

    Anyway I miss sharing new music with you and Scotty.

    Take the time to make some sense of what you want to say and cast your words away upon the waves / Sail them home with acquiesce on a ship of hope today, and as they land upon the shore, tell them not to fear no more / Say it loud and sing it proud today.”
    – Oasis

    Love you buddy

  24. candle 4Hey Mike,
    I can’t believe you’re gone! We just recently connected after losing touch with one another for so many years.
    Bennet and I were talking a couple weeks ago about all the memories we all shared.
    I’m going to miss you little Hart!
    God speed

    Jim Simpson

  25. candle 4Hi my loved Michael
    I miss you so much big guy…
    Miss coming to Hermosa area and visiting with you…
    You know that Shareyse is now with you and Scotty in Heaven…
    Please remember us down here and watch over us here on Casimir Ave…
    Mom and me really miss you..
    We won’t ever understand why 3 of our children have been taken away..
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion
    Mom..Dad ..Marc..
    We say farewell and soon we will be together

  26. candle 2Hello my sweet Michael
    I’m sitting in the living room writing to say hello and miss you..
    You are always on my mind..
    Mike you are a hard worker and reall enjoy life..always on the go
    Working do hard for uncle Dennis and the cheesecake banquets..
    You always tell me “dad, I have to work..I have rent to pay..I don’t want to come back home”
    You are amazing..always giving me and mom your latest opinions on everything.
    We really miss that..
    We enjoy your help during mom’s BBQ cooking…
    Also your BBQ ing for Scotty and Marc when we were gone ..you came over to do it for them
    That’s your loving O’Hara
    Uncle Steve misses you and your wit..and your bike rides…
    Aunty Carol and Denise say hello
    Reggie too
    Please get with Scotty & Shareyse in Heaven and do a three some hi 5
    Please watch over us
    Mike it’s been 4 months since you left
    Seems like more recently
    Some day we will understand why God took you
    God took you Scotty and Shareyse,
    I can’t comprehend why…
    All of you in a short time span..
    We are trying to keep moving forward
    And we always will
    We will all be together some day
    Until we meet again
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion

  27. candle 3My Sweet Shareyse…
    I’m writing this as I sit in our front room…
    I’m at a loss how to begin:
    Shareyse..when I got the call from the Arkansas Coroner..saying he was calling about Shareyse Thorpe…my heart was crushed be cause the coroner’s call isn’t about an injury…it’s about death..
    Shareyse I knew that recently you were depressed..because you told me so & you weren’t returning my texts quickly.
    But you said you got your meds..so I hoped all would be ok with you.
    Sweet Shareyse I will always remember you my darling daughter..
    When you read this please know my intentions for you were always the best.
    We helped you in Arkansas quite often with $$…
    I never judge people harshly..
    For sure not you my sweet.
    You know the phrase”daddy’s girl”
    I always sent help to you all there…
    I didn’t know how down your were recently

    You lost 2 brother’s..and your Arkansas kids are struggling…so That’s a lot to deal with..
    Only God knows how you were affected
    Shareyse I will always cherish the 2 weeks you were here for Scotty’s celebration of life.
    You were so funny..you me and mom sitting on the porch for coffee in the morning
    You and mom really got closer..
    You know your mom really loves you
    Arkansas is so far away..it was hard to be close..
    She loves you and misses you and your memories…
    Remember..taking our chevelle to 7-11
    You were 14 yes old
    The police called us at 2 am
    Also you took our Buick and got rear ended…
    Totaled the car…
    Great memories right…
    I remember your time playing on the softball team…you played catcher…
    You could really hit that ball..
    One Saturday at Hamilton ..
    You had a game
    Scotty had a game
    Mike had a game
    All at the same time..mom and me went from game to game to game…
    Wow what a wonderful memory
    Shareyse I’m sure you are happy that Me & Bryan & Josh went back to Arkansas to see you at your funeral and the next day to your life celebration..
    I’m glad we saw you there…
    More memories of my sweet Shareyse..
    Your grand daughters are cuties…
    We enjoyed visiting with them
    Lilian a just got 9 teeth capped….
    She’s a cutie…
    Shareyse I’ll close for now…
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion
    Mom Dad Marc

  28. candle 1Hello my champion Mike
    I’m out back tearing up missing you visiting mom and me…
    You always brought us joy
    You updated us on everything
    The Lakers
    The latest music stuff
    Your concert trips
    You are the chairman of Hermosa Beach
    You were the life and action of your Hermosa apartment…
    Everyone there loves you..
    Pete says hello..
    He really praises you…
    You are a hard worker..flyers going..
    Cheese cake factory worker…
    And working any other pickup job to bring in money for yourself.
    You are a model of dedication and we miss you so much
    The Covid pandemic is winding down but we all are vaccinated and the whole country needs to get vaccinated.
    Concerts might be restarting soon
    We have your Eagles ticket..
    I know you’ll be hovering over us when we attend..if an whenever it happens
    It’s so unfair that Hod allowed you to leave us…
    We really miss you
    Shareyse was taken away also
    So unfair that she’s also gone
    Her 5 children are missing their mother
    And her 6 grand children also.
    Please get with Scotty and Shareyse and have a great time in Heaven
    Watch over us here
    Show us a sign you are hovering over us..
    A butterfly or a hummingbird or any other way…Love you
    Miss you
    You are our champion
    Mom, Dad and Marc

  29. candle 2Hi Sweet Mike
    We visited El Porto today
    Went to Scotty’s rock..
    You took a picture of Scotty sitting on a rock when you 2 took a bike ride on the strand
    Me and Marc…visited the rock
    Now we call it Hartley’s rock
    We speak to all 3 of you
    Shareyse, Scotty and you..
    It’s our way of staying in touch..
    I know you 3 hear us..
    Please watch over us
    Love you
    Miss you
    You are my champion

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