Mary Estella Enomoto

mary enomoto

June 9, 1926 ~ October 30, 2015

Born in: Stuart, Nebraska
Resided in: Torrance, California

Mary Estella Pettinger Enomoto was born in Stuart Nebraska on June 9, 1926 to Sylvia and Ray Pettinger, and had two sisters, Therese and Sister Elenius, as well as three brothers, Albert, Clarence and Len.

Mary was a wonderful and loving Wife, daughter, Mother, Grandmother, Great grandmother, sister, Aunt, cousin and most important, a Good friend to all.

Mary went to her heavenly home On October 30, 2015.

On December 26, 1952 Mary was married to Herny Enomoto and later, was blessed with two children, Carlene and Joe. God did not stop there, and blessed Mary with a Grandson, Joey Jr. the blessings kept right on coming and Mary was yet blessed again, with a great-granddaughter, Adrieana Salm.

Mary was a devoted wife, mother and grandmother. Her family was everything to her. Mary also, was very devoted to her church, St Catherine Laboure where she was on the altar society for over 20 years. Decorating the altar with flowers, was one of her favorite things to do, especially during the Easter and Christmas seasons. Mary would volunteer for as many events as possible, such as carnivals, bake sales, fish fry’s, parish school religion, and teacher’s aide. Mary was in charge of the fundraiser “the white elephant” as they called it, which was usually twice a year. She would even make sure that the school children would be able to submit little arts and crafts to be sold, so that they would have money, to buy gifts for their families, during the holidays. Mary had a heart of gold.

Mary was a Shaklee distributer for many years. She was devoted in keeping her family healthy with vitamins and protein shakes that she would prepare for us each morning without fail.

Mary devoted much of her time with her grandson. She took care of her grandson, Joey by babysitting him while his mother worked. Mary would walk Joey to school and back and help him with his homework and everything that goes along with taking care of a child. One of their favorite things to do together, was play catch. Mary and Joey had a strong bond that could never be broken and this bond continued throughout their lives.

Mary enjoyed traveling with her husband. While her husband Henry was owner of AAMCO transmission, they travelled on yearly conventions, all around the world. Mary would come home and tell us all about her many adventures,and bring us beautiful gifts from afar. Mary and Henry would also take time out of their busy lives, to visit Mary’s family in Colorado. It was a special place for both of them, for it was where they met and fell in love.

Mary loved and enjoyed camping in her motor home. She always called it her second home. She always had it packed up and ready to go, at all times. Mary’s grandson Joey would always ask if he could drive the motor home, but Mary was very strict, and told him he had to get his drivers permit. And sure enough, when Joey turned 15, and got his permit, Mary and Henry let him drive them across country, for two weeks. Mary talked about that special trip for many years.

Mary was an amazing woman; Mary taught her grandson’s mom Gloria how to drive a car when she was just 19. She helped her study for her driver’s test and when she failed, Mary encouraged her and said “never give up” we will be back tomorrow, to take the test again.

Mary helped Gloria in so many ways with bringing up Joey JR, Mary instilled so much unconditional love, devotion, and dedication with every task, in helping Gloria raise her son. Mary was the best Grandmother a child could ever hope for.

Mary enjoyed watching her grandson play baseball, from the age of 4 all the way through his college years. Mary and Joey, collected baseball cards together, and watched Dodger games together, when they were not playing in town, or they would go to the Dodger Stadium. Mary and Henry had season tickets for many years.

Mary had so many wonderful friends, one particular and special friend she knew for 50 years was, Lillian Rodriguez, she met her at St. Catherine’s when their young children attended school. They were on a bowling team together, during their younger days, and had many wonderful adventures together. Another dear friend named Rose would style her hair, give her perms and spend many hours together. Jeannie and Senny were also very dear and close friends for many years, as well as many others. How wonderful it was for Mary to have such good friends while living in California.

Mary did not have any family here in California. Mary and Henry left Colorado in the mid 50s, shortly after they were married, and drove to California. Mary was behind the wheel of the family car, and Henry behind the wheel of the truck, that held all their belongings, as they followed each other on the road, to start their new life in California. So for Mary to have met so many friends, that she cherished in her life, for so many years, was truly a blessing.

Mary and Henry were so very close, and always together. When you would see Mary, you would see Henry. They were inseparable. They always attended the Enomoto family functions together. Mary was very special to all her nieces and nephews she was called “Auntie Mary” and was very important to them. Mary was very much loved and respected by all Enomoto Family members and she looked forward to the family celebrations together during Fourth of July picnics, Thanksgivings and family reunions.

As the years went by, Mary and Henry lived out their senior lives together, in their home. As they grew older, their grandson would now be taking them camping, in their motor home, up to Mountain Lakes in San Bernardino, to their favorite RV resort campground. They had been members for 40 years. He took them to Dodger games and out to eat and everywhere they needed to go.

Mary and Henry enjoyed their great granddaughter Adrieana for the past four years of their elderly life. Adriena brought so much joy into their lives. She was so special to them. Mary and Henry spent all their time with her, with fun things to do, such as finding Easter eggs, opening up her Christmas presents and seeing her dress up for Halloween and birthdays and so much more.

ary and Henry got their wish, and that wish was to remain in their home with their family until God saw it fit to take them to their heavenly home.

When Mary’s husband was called home, Mary must have missed him so much that she went to be with him just six weeks later. Mary just closed her eyes and our Lord took her hand and brought her to heaven to be reunited with her beloved husband. After 63 years together on earth, they are now in heaven together for eternity forever.

A letter to Mary, Mom/Grandma

You have always been a beautiful woman with a golden heart. We will cherish our memories of you and hold them dear to our hearts. You were so important to us all. Thank you for being a great Mom and grandmother and great grandmother, and for all you have done for us. Thank you for Baking cakes for our birthdays and for all the goodies you gave us. Thank you for your warm hugs and kisses and your laughter and for the sparkle in your eye whenever you were with us. You have given us so much love and care, and we will miss you so much.

We will always remember the flowers in your garden and the green apples on your tree that you made apple pie with and the lemons on your lemon tree that you made lemonade for us. We will always remember the perfume you wore (white shoulders).

You gave us an example of a good life to lead, you said the love of God in our hearts, will give us guidance, strength and joy in our lives. You told us, that was the most important thing to follow, always.

You were always there for us in our time of need. You were always there for even the smallest things, such as sewing a button on our clothes, that was ready to fall off, or helping to take a stain out of our shirt, with your Shaklee products. So many little things and so many big things, you assisted us with. Thank you for always making our holidays perfect and our holiday dinners so delicious. We can go on and on of how you affected our lives and of how much you loved us.

We will always love you mom/grandma and words cannot explain how we feel, now that you are no longer with us. On your last days, we sat beside your bedside, and our hearts were crushed because we could sense how much you missed your husband. In our silent tears, we watched you missing him more and more, as each day passed. We listened to you carry on conversations with him. Although our hearts were breaking we knew you missed dad/grandpa so much that you did not want to stay.

We never shall, or never will forget you mom/grandma. You shared over half a century with the love of your life and it was time to be reunited with your wonderful husband. We understand why you left so suddenly. We are very saddened by our loss of you but we also hold joy in our hearts because we know you are now with dad/grandpa and you are looking down on us with happiness.

Thank you, heavenly father for your word from Jeremiah 31:13

I will turn their mourning into joy

I will comfort them, and give them gladness for sorrow.

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