Mary Ann
My name is Mary Ann, and I died of cancer at the age of 48. I decided to write my own obituary because they are usually written in a couple of different ways that I just don't care for. Either, family or friends gather together, and list every minor accomplishment from cradle to grave in a timeline format, or they try and create one poetic last stanza about someone's life that is so glowing one would think the deceased had been the living embodiment of a deity.' I don't like the timeline format because, let's face it, I never really accomplished anything of note. Other than giving birth to my wonderful, lovable, witty and amazing son (Matthew), my gracious, understanding and precious relatives and friends Tita Rose, Flor, Wheng, Joana, Edessa, Jess, Jr, Tita Tessie, Tita Cristy, Kuya Oca, Tressa, Sharon, Ricci, Deisy and so on , and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal savior — I have done very little. None of which requires obit space that I have to shell out money for.' 'I also didn't want a bunch of my friends sitting around writing a glowing report of me, which we all know would be filled with fish tales, half-truths, impossible scenarios, and out-right honest-to-goodness-lies. I just don't like to put people in that kind of situation.' 'The truth, or my version of it, is this: I just tried to do the best I could. Sometimes I succeeded, most of the time I failed, but I tried. For all of my crazy comments, jokes, and complaints, I really did love people. The only thing that separates me from anyone else is the type of sin each of us participated in. I didn't always do the right thing or say the right thing and when you come to the end of your life those are the things you really regret, the small simple things that hurt other people.' 'My life was not perfect and I encountered many, many bumps in the road. I would totally scrap the years of my life from age 16 to 20 … OK, maybe 14 to 22. I think that would eradicate most of my fashion disasters and hair missteps from the 80s. But mostly, I enjoyed life. Some parts of it were harder than others, but I learned something from every bad situation and I couldn't do any more than that.' 'Besides there are some benefits to dying youngish, for example, I still owe on my house loan and the joke's on them [because] I'm not paying them. Plus, I am no longer afraid of serial killers, telemarketers, or the IRS. I don't have to worry about wrinkles or the ozone layer and/or hide from the news during election season.' 'Some folks told me that writing my own obituary was morbid, but I think it is great because I get a chance to say thank you to all the people who helped me along the way. Those who loved me, assisted me, cared for me, laughed with me and taught me things so that I could have a wonderful, happy life. I was blessed beyond measure by knowing all of you. That is what made my life worthwhile.' 'If you think of me, and would like to do something in honor of my memory do this, 'Volunteer at a school, church or library.' 'Write a letter to someone and tell them how they have had a positive effect on your life.' If you are smoking quit now, if you drinking and drive stop. Take away all the electronics and spend time with your kids.

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  1. Thank you Mary Ann for all the wonderful things and support you have been given to us unconditionally. We will never forget you and we love you so much.

  2. It’s 3:18 am. I’m laying in your bed and I’m typing this on your iPad. I miss you so much. The amount of heartache , grief , sadness , and utter disrespect we have had to endure Is unbelievable mom… I know you are watching from above and ensuring nothing we can’t handle will happen further. We have learned so much in so little time . But we have also accomplished immense things in this little time as well. Though this constant strive to get to the end of the tunnel is challenging I know in my heart I can do all things and accomplish all things with love and faith . I know you must be so disappointed in those cowards you once called a family. They sure aren’t what you expected huh? People can be very dirty and coniving when there is shining jewels and dollar signs involved … However I guarantee you from the moment I met you till on your death bed that I and my own family will always be the greatest family your son could ever have besides you . One day when we start our own family our very own children will know about you for we will speak so fondly of you as mid you still existed . Thankyou for visiting me in my dreams , thankyou for watching over us everyday , thankyou for the things you have left behind for us to remember you by , thankyou for the memories we won’t ever forget , and thankyou for the love and wisdom that will remain in us forever on . We will be seeing u , we got to go to target now mom ,remember? Mahal kita .

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