Mark Vincent Bayley was born in Manhattan Beach, CA on July 23, 1962, the second youngest of 8 children. He resided in Manhattan Beach most of his life. In 2001, Mark met and married his wife Amy and moved to Redondo Beach. He became ill in August of this year and passed away on October 19, 2007 at the age of 45. Mark graduated from Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach, and attended college at El Camino Jr. High. While at El Camino, he demonstrated a remarkable ability in Mathematics and a natural talent with ceramics. Mark spent many hours potting and his Mother, Shirley, still cherishes many of his beautiful pots and vases. Mark followed in the footsteps of his Father, Hank, and several of his brothers and began learning the craft of custom house painting at the age of 20. Mark's dad had been a contractor in the Southern California area for over 30 yrs, and Mark learned the craft from him. After his Dad passed away on April 15, 1980, Mark continued in the painting profession, working with his brothers, Dave and Andy. Mark's interests included target shooting, fishing--both fresh and salt water, spending time in the desert and High Sierras, and perhaps, most importantly, playing with his three adorable little girls. Mark especially loved fishing and would go out often with Dave, Andy and their good friend, Scott Parkinson. They fished for albacore and dorado in the waters Southwest of San Diego, and for trout in the Eastern Sierra, most often on the Upper Owens River and Lower Rock Creek. Mark was a skilled builder of custom fishing rods and, in his lifetime, produced many beautiful ones. He gave many of these to friends and family members as gifts. Those of us who own one, consider it a prized possession. Certainly, the center of Mark's universe, aside from his wife Amy, was his daughters, Laura, Sarah and Kayla. Anyone who knew him would tell you that Mark loved those girls more than just about anything in the world, as they did him. Mark enjoyed nothing more than coming home from work at night and playing with Amy and the girls, watching TV, taking them to the park or for a walk around the neighborhood. One of their most special times was going to the Redondo Beach Pier to play arcade games and go on the kiddie rides. When they had spent their last quarter, and played their last game, Mark would always made sure each girl got a prize. If they hadn't won quite enough tickets, he would discreetly slip the attendant whatever was needed so that no one left empty handed. He was that kind of a Dad. Another favorite thing of Mark and Amy’s was taking the girls out for ice cream -- one big bowl with sprinkles and three spoons. To those who had the pleasure of knowing him, Mark was a loyal friend, a caring brother and son, a loving and devoted husband and father, and a humble and gentle soul. It's a tragedy that a guy like Mark should come to the end of his days at such an early age. He will be dearly missed and his memory will not soon be forgotten. Those of us who are left behind will miss Mark, but we’ll also look forward to spending Eternity with him, relaxing on a sun-drenched hillside, playing with the girls in the afternoon sun and heading down around sunset with him to cast our lines into the water together.

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  1. MARK: You are my best friend through all these years. Now, there is a hole in my heart. I could not have shared my friendship with a better person. Godspeed Mark. All my best to your loving family. Mike Q

  2. I miss Mark very much. It’s helping grieving his loss to watch the video tribute. I didn’t realize how really beautiful it is. Love you Mark. Chris

  3. I’ve known Mark since I was 6 years old when I move to walnut st. in MB I remember hide-N-go-seek, ditchum and bike ditchum, not to mention stringing cans to cars and egging cars. We use to make bike ramps and jump 15 kids laying down side by side, I remember riding motorcycles with Mark and his late father Hank. Me, Mark & Andy were inseperable for years. Fishing on the breakwall and venturing in to the caves like “Yellow hells” and “purple haze”, two caves they named at redondo beach breakwall. But I got to say more than anything!!! What I remember about mark the most is the genuine kindness that just exuded from him! He was with out a doubt the kindest Human being I have ever known on this planet to this date, hands down, with out a doubt! He taught me about Bob Marley, Steel pulse and the “Lord of the rings”, and whenever I came to town even a couple of months ago, we would go fishing and eat a fish dinner together. I loved his laugh, his pranks and his kindness and most of all the genuine friendship that we shared our whole entire life!!! Mark I will miss you soooo vey much my friend!!! But I ask you to be my guardian Angel from this day forth, cause I know that if there is a guy like you watching over me, I’ll be safe! I know in my heart you have the ear of the Father! To shirley and the rest of the kids, Will, Jack, Sue,Dave, Mary, Chris and Andy, and all their children, my deepest condolences to you all for I shared my life with you all as well!! God Bless you all and may your days be filled with joy and laughter, for I know Mark is home and we’ve just yet to get there!!!Sincerely David John Pahk 10-28-07

  4. Thanks to everyone that signed the guest book. We really appreciate hearing from Mark’s friends and their recollections of a great and courageous brother. Since I am the oldest I probably knew Mark the least. Mark was 5 when I left the house we grew up in. I knew Mark as a quiet, compassionate and generous human being. These traits came natural to him because he was raised by parents who overflowed with all those qualities and more. Mark was gifted with my Fathers apptitude for Mathmatics, hard work and his love for the outdoors, hunting, dirt biking and fishing. I remember my son Blake and I were going deep sea fishing and he made sure we had one of his best poles, reels, tackle, etc. He was always there for his friends and family. As has been mentioned Mark was a natural Father and family man which are traits that was also passed down to him, it just came naturally to him. You could see the love in his eyes for his family. I was able to spend a few priceless hours with Mark before he passed. He was positive and optomistic until the end. It takes courage to hang on as Mark did when things are not going well. Mark did that with a smile on his face. We will all miss Mark as long as we live and he will be an inspiration for all of us as we go through life. He has left a legacy of hard work, generous giving and a beautiful family.

  5. I just wanted to join Will in thanking everyone who has signed the Guestbook. I really enjoyed reading your heartfelt thoughts and sentiments. It’s comforting to hear how much Mark was loved by those who knew him well, and reminds me again of what a painful tragedy it is that he died so young. Shirley does not have a computer, but I will print out your comments so she can read them. I know she will appreciate them as much as we do. I also wanted to let everyone who won’t be able to attend the Memorial Service know that the Service will be WebCasted by Rice Funeral Home. To watch the WebCast just go to Mark’s web page on the site and look for the WebCast link. It will be broadcast live, on Sunday, Nov.4, 2007 at 2:00 PM, PST.

  6. My prayers go up for Marks family left behind, his wife Amy and girls. And Mom, and all of us. We all miss his gentle smile and quiet ways, so much. It is so comforting to hear your thoughts and feelings, David, and Mike, and Mrs. Chiodini. Thank you for that, and I am sorry for your loss as well. David, and Mike, I hope you guys and your family’s are doing great. I was doing some writing about Mark, and it pretty much says exactly what you guys said. Mark was also my best friend and brother. And we all had so many simple, good times together. Mark was a friend. He had good friends. Not everyone can say they had even one best friend. He was the gentlest and kindest soul I have ever known. Thanks for all those who have visited, and we’d look forward to hearing from you. David or Mike, if you happen to look here again, it’d be nice to hear from you. Or any other common friends of Mark, drop me a line. Blessings to you all. Someday we’ll be fishing, having a burger, or just hanging and laughing together, up there. And like Mark, he’ll get the most fun out of watching others catch fish first. But as always, he’ll catch the biggest and most. Funny how that works. Blessings to all. Chris

  7. Mark was my best friend. For the last eighteen months before his passing I have spent every weekend being a stand-in mother to his twins-Laura, Sarah, and his three year old this month-Kayla. To the twins and Kayla I am mony, I have many wonderful memories of my Brother Mark. We’ve been close for a very long time. Even before Amy and the kids came along. Mark is the only one besides my mother shirley and my Father Hank who really understood me and never made me feel that anything I was going through was my fault. He loved having a big family. One time he said “There are eight Bayleys’ out there and I am proud to be one of them” Now he is a Bayley in Heaven along with my son Henry who would be the first Bayley Grandchild of Mom and Dads’ in Heaven. Now I feel I Have two angels in Heaven. I Love you, Mark, and I always will. Good Bye till we meet again. Mary

  8. Every time i begin to miss my uncle Mark, I turn around and one of his little girls either bring positive memories to my heart or say something to brighten my spirits. When I look at Laura and her tiny little face and big brown eyes, I see Mark and am reminded of the amazing person that he was. Never sad, never doubtful, and always quietly saying something to make me laugh. Sarah says her prayers and night and asks Jesus to take care of daddy in heaven, reminding me of his caring attitude and of how much he loved and faught for his girls. And of course Kayla…today she saw the background on my computer which is currently a picture of Mark, Laura, Sarah and Kayla and pointed to each person while excitedly saying their names. ” Bridge! That’s me! and Laur! and Sarah! and DADDY! Daddy died, hes with Jesus in heaven and Jesus is holding him.” Without the twins I know that most of us would be having a much harder time mourning the loss of Mark. But as I have been spending time with them since i returned from my trip, I am begining to understand that they are helping me get over the loss in a more positive way. I remember Mark as my big uncle, the guy who taught me how to put bait on a fishing hook, the sports fan that taught me the names of all of the Lakers basketball players, and the happy soul who showed me his passion for Bob Marley and regge music. But most of all, what I have gained from Mark is his will to fight and never focus on the negative things that were surrounding his life. The last time I saw Mark i was able to visit him alone for a while. The entire time he was asking me about my life and wanting to know how the family was doing, while making sure to wish me luck on my road trip and journey to Europe next year. I couldn’t beleive that he had no desire to complain and feel sorry for himself. I am very glad to have known him and to have been able to se how he loved and cared for his family in the most sensative and humble way. I will miss him but I know that I can take these qualities with me as I travel and grow myself. I also know that any time i start to cry, I can think of Kayla and the twins and hopefully turn my tears into smiles.

  9. Mark, I know i haven’t seen you in a long time but my parents would tell me that you and the girls would stop by on Holloween and that you were doing good. Like Dave Pahk, i too grew up with your family just down the street and have great memories of stringing cans, ditch-um with kids on the block. You and Andy took me fishing at King Harbour running around the docks hiding from harbour patrol..good fun! Mark was always polite and fun and always had a smile. You will be missed by many. The time i did spend with you has had a positive influence in my life. Gods speed Mark. Love to your family. Peter Napolitano

  10. The Bayley family has had it’s share of challenges and Mark’s passing is one of the most stark. May the relief of his suffering, help all of us to embrace each other, and live as though every moment we share truly is a gift.

  11. God Bless Marks Soul .. I Remember many memories with the Bayley family, the ones with mark would be playing in the pool with Mark and Chris and all the other games we did as kids. God Bless the Bayley Family Forever.

  12. The following sentiments were from an e-mail sent to Will from Gregory Cull. Thanks, Greg, for your thoughtful words and for your prayers. We really appreciate hearing from old friends, at this time of loss. Dear Will ……… I am terribly sorry for your family’s loss. Its hard to describe and put into words, all the feelings that well-up inside, when a family loses one of their own loved ones. Please accept my deepest and most sincere feelings of sympathy in this most solemn time of grief, you and your families are going through. It is my hope, that God will comfort and console you, as well as, strengthen you, in dealing with this family tragedy. As, I am the oldest in my family, as it is, with you, I remember feeling a great loss when we lost Jamie many years ago. I felt no pain like it and yet, I had to bear up and do what I had to do, to make it easier for my parents and my brothers and sister, to weather his passing and move on in life, the best way I knew how. Being the oldest, bears its own set of responsibilites and burdens, whether we like it or not as, I came to find out, especially, when my Father and Mother passed away, years later. Will, I was moved by your family’s memorial tribute, for it brought memories back to me, that had long been forgotten. In closing, please convey my respects to your family. I will include Marks family in my prayers, that the Lord eases the burden in their hearts, in their time of sorrow. God Bless You All. Best of Regards Always,Your Friend Gregory Douglas Cull and Family

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