I do believe God gives us Angels on earth, they may be embodied in a couple of forms...and Margaret was an Angel. She was an unerringly, pure and beautiful soul who deeply cherished the ability to love...all that Margaret was embodied love. In all her life-given roles they always came back to love. Margaret magnanimously gave all of her heart and soul as a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother. These were not just titles to Margaret, she made them an art. She wonderfully devoted herself, committed, and greatly cared for her family. When one needed someone for any type of help, or to talk, she was there to comfort, console, listen and laugh with, share the beauty and truth of wisdom; always like your best friend. At times she gave a firm stubborn love and one could still feel her unspoken understanding, and gave truth when one needed to hear it, and she gave it with a bit of fierce expression--we loved that. Margaret had a love with her husband Dean that was magic. In fifty-eight marvelous years they still had just as much romance and insurmountable love for each other as they did in their beginning. She made connections with her children that were such powerful bonds they sometimes needed no words. . .with her Grandchildren she cherished them just as much, the joy that seeing her grandchildren gave her, was beautiful, and her presence always a constant light of love and humor in their lives. We can hear her voice in our heads as she always would end a conversation with "I love you" or "love all of you." We all will remember another act of love was her insistence on fairness, equality, she never wanted one to feel as though they were less, or that she gave less to them. She just wanted you to know your worth, and see that you know it. She was immensely proud of her family. We saw that in her eyes, her delicate, precious smile--she adored us, and knew we could achieve whatever our heart wanted and our mind put forth. She always looked forward to seeing us. She would often say to us she got so "lucky" and "blessed" with the life and family she has . . . but Margaret, God blessed us with a priceless gift that day--you and your expansive heart, and we will carry you with us in our heart until we meet in eternity. Another significant part of Margaret was her great strength; she had a strength and courage in life that was also admirable, unwavering and inspirational. She experienced all of life and gave meaning to it, and lived it her way, like a great novel with the end torn away. Her humility and sense of wisdom allowed her to make the best of any situation in her life, for herself and her family. And Margaret could be modest to a fault, so I could hear her with a canny wit saying, "flattery won't get you anywhere." She had a genial humor of levity and quick-witted comebacks, which was sometimes like a femme fatale character from 1940's Film Noir. We all looked forward to hearing what she came up with the next time. Margaret said, "You have to have a sense of humor in life," and we made connections by laughter with her. Margaret wanted for you to be happy and shared her unending love of giving. Just as much as she embodied love, she also had an unabashed faith with the Lord, and great belief in him, in the high-minded power of faith and love. One can say everything in her life all came back beautifully full circle to love. The most significant and honest unspoken lesson she taught all of us is to love and never stop, love with an open heart, pure and free, which is the essence of love. Her love gave us freedom, the freedom to be. By honoring ourselves, being the best we can, and doing what our heart tells us, we honor you Margaret and carry you in all of that goodness. She knew the key and most fundamental purpose of life is to love, unconditionally; pushing all boundaries, because with unabashed love there are no bounds. One can say Margaret did live each day as if it were her last because every day she lived with all the heart that God gave her to her family. "Full of love" as she said, she gave a deep love to us all, even at times a stubborn love, a bit indignant, but with an understanding. And if you crossed her, she was like dynamite in a little package! Margaret lived a glorious life; a life with her husband and family complete with passion, light, sorrow, joy, happiness, laughter, wisdom, lessons, learning, love, and giving. Margaret had a beautiful grace and elegance and she won at life, she and Dean were champions. We know that Margaret wants us to remember, whenever we see a Vegas slot machine, silver dollars, coins, Laughlin trips, jackets for the cold, blissful soft blankets, or the smell of her home, smell of that warm comfort food we all 'still have enough room to eat,' wear crazy warm socks and cozy pajama's, smell the serenity and invigoration of beachy air, her favorite wine-colored lipstick, learn more about Kansas and her remarkable work on the farm, stories of Grandpa in the Navy, or remember her compassion for animals, know she is not gone. Her spirit and heart is eternally with us as we live our lives, while she and Dean dance in their glory with all their family already at the party in the life of eternity.

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  1. It was such a joy knowing one another. Remember the coffee breaks, remember the voters (and Micky Mouse) and remember all of the fun with the vests for the “Sepulveda Singers”. You will be missed Margaret. Love in Christ Donna Jones

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