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  1. My Very deep Condolences go Out to Marcesdi’s family. I want to share that this Mighty MAN was and still is Wonderful. God gave me the privilege to Be in His life, for what Now seems to be such A Short period of time! He truly Blessed me in Sooo Many ways, I can’t manage to Explain. From demonstrating not to Litter, not even a tiny piece of gum wrapper, to making my Faith more Forceful! Yes I questioned emotions, but there He was. Never complained, Always smiling, he explained that I NEVER need to worry about what I should do, that I would get through it and would ALWAYS be Alright. Though things may not be the Same without him I can truly say Cesdi Helped me find Myself, made me shine Even Brighter Now 🙁 Forever my Heart will sing about how Great You Are!!! “If you can’t beat ’em, cheat ’em”. You were Right Baby memories do Last as Long as You want them too! Forever in My Heart is where your at! You will NEVER be forgotten, Your A Great Guy! may there ALWAYS be an Angel by Our Side!

  2. My Condolences, love and support goes to the Cheatham Family. I feel like you gave so much to everyone never expecting anything in return. You always found the humor and made everyone laugh. I can only imagine the lives you impacted and touched with brilliant character and personality. I am honored to have known you and been your FRIEND…. LUCKYSTAR

  3. “Imagine if I was given one moment, just a single slice of my past. I could hold it close forever and that moment would always last. I’d put the moment in a safe, within my hearts abode. I could open it when I wanted and only I would know the code. I could choose a time of laughing, a time of happiness and fun. I could choose a time that tried me through everything I’ve done. I sat and thought about what moment would always make me smile. One that would always push me to walk that extra mile. If I’m feeling sad and low, if I’m struggling with what do so. I can go and open my little safe and watch my moment through. There are moments I can think of that would lift my spirits everytime. The moments when you picked me up, when the road was hard to climb. For me to only pick one moment to cherish, save and keep, Is proving really difficult as I’ve gathered up a heap! I’ve dug deep inside my heart, found the safe and looked inside, there was room for lots of moments, in fact hundreds if I tried. I’m building my own little library embedded in my heart, for all the moments spent with you, before you had to part. I can open it up whenever I like, pick a moment and watch it through, My little library acts as a promise, I’ll never ever forget you!” LUKSTER, I WILL MISS ALL OUR CONVOS, OUR LITTLE GET-TOGETHERS AND ALL THOSE LAUGHS WE SHARED. REST IN PEACE LITTLE BROTHER, BECAUSE WE WILL MEET AND LAUGH AGAIN! 😉

  4. Taken so young, with so much talent and spirit. I know you will be missed by many. My prayers go out to your family and love ones. May you rest in peace and your family continue to cherish all of their memories of you forever. Love, Cunningham

  5. Lucky was a friend and coworker for many years at the Buchalter law firm in Los Angeles. What a fine young man he was! We shared our birthday (September 18th), and even after he left to pursue his training, he would call me on our mutual birthday or send greetings via mutual friends to wish me a happy birthday. My heart breaks for his family at the loss of this wonderful person.

  6. Cheatham….from the Academy to the job, you were hilarious, genuinely a solid guy and my heart is still saddened by this tragic and too early of a loss, but as I am a Christian, have to walk by faith and know that you are in a better place.

  7. Cheat….by far the funniest dude i ever met. I am saddened by our loss of a true friend, a true partner….but i rejoice that you are in heaven. You won’t be forgotten. 1 John 5:13, “These things I have written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life”.

  8. Lucky, you are gone from us now ,your memories and your beautiful smile resides inside our heart.And that will light up our darkest days.We love you so much.Inzunza Family

  9. my prayer goes out to the family i will miss you calling me mom when you come over my son christopher is falling apart love you

  10. sorry for your loss. I haven’t seen him for about 4 years. He was my brothers best friend in high school. When he came over he always made us laugh. He was a sweet and kind person. He will be missed deeply.

  11. I am deeply sadden by lost of a good person that I have had the pleasure of knowing since the 7th grade… my prayers go out to Marcesdi’s family & friends… he will always be missed…

  12. My Husband and My Gentle Brut, I love you with every ounce of my being!!! I chose you out of all the men in this world to be my husband!! I thank God for blessing me with the last four years of your life on this earth with us. We were inseparable from the day we met one another and we never stopped laughing!!! I was tremendously blessed to be your wife and to love and be loved so deeply by you!!! We experienced a lot of firsts together that I will always hold forever close to my heart. You’re an amazing man of God and I was blessed to with the opportunity to watch you mature greatly as a Christian. Please know you will forever be my king!! I know your in heaven making Jesus and His angels laugh :). I know your watching over me with your arms wrapped tightly around me hugging me close and showering me with kisses like you always did!! There was never a time when our bodies weren’t touching in some way!!! I will always be your Beautiful Baby “B” and your bride!!! I love you more than you can ever imagine and I will see you again!!! Always with love, your wifey.

  13. Life… fragile, Loss….so sudden, Heart….so broken,…in the wake of such a loss, we are haunted by things we dont, and may never understand. Yet the solace we seek may not come from answers. So we look for comfort in the belief of love’s everlasting connection. May that love lift you and hold you close, and give you peace. My fond and beautiful memories of Marcesdi Cheatham are full of happiness and laughter. He always knew and found a way to lift your spirits and comfort you in any possible way that he could. I am very happy and proud to say that I spent very special months with Marcesdi and Brandy, as they met and fell in love. Two great people became one and that will continue for an eternity.


  15. May the Lord be with you in your time of need. My prayers are with your family. I graduated with marcesdi from Crenshaw and he was a great friend. The heavens have a great angel.

  16. My prayers go out to the family. Marcesdi will truly be missed. I have been knowing him since sports academy. He was one of the funniest persons I know.


  18. Talked and prayed with Cesdi over the phone and I’m glad he knew Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior. While those who knew and loved Cesdi are hurting, Cesdi is in Paradise. My prayer, is for every single family or friend of Cesdi to know/accept Jesus as Lord & Savior. I’m sure Cesdi would want that too. There are NO tears,sorrow,hurt in Heaven, so I’m sure Cesdi is smiling down on every loved one right now 🙂 — Hebrews 4:7 says “TODAY when you hear His (Jesus) voice,don’t harden your hearts”. Accept the free gift of Christ and one day you will also join Cesdi in Paradise.

  19. Lucky Inzunza, what a great man we have lost! I still can’t believe you’re gone man, after all the memories we just created in Vegas, this still seems surreal and truly unfair. You were one of a kind, the funniest man I knew, always making everyone around him laugh and always, always so loving to everyone. You are truly going to be missed, I just hope you know we love you and will never forget you. I love you Luck! RIP.. til we meet again. With love, “the problem” aka Liz Inzunza xoxo!

  20. My deepest sorrows goes out to the Cheatham family. Marcesdi was one of a kind. Only you can take a terrible situation and reverse it into laughter. May God look over your family in this time of need and grief.

  21. Our dearest “Lucky” you left us too soon! We were blessed knowing you for 10 years. We will never forget all the great times we shared together, laughs, silliness. We love and will miss you so much. Our condolences go out to the family. We pray that you guys will be strong and get through this. Lucky would never want to see us sad. You’re an Irreplaceable Friend!

  22. Luck was the true definition of a FRIEND. From day one, he was about laughter & so much love. He was a MAJOR part of our family and he will be greatly missed. LOVE U LUCK!

  23. Dear friend, Words can’t express the void and sorrow that is left in my heart with your departure. But I smile and laugh at the memories you left in my lifetime. I never met anyone so funny and vivacious as you. I know our heavenly father has called your name to be with him. So it is not goodbye that I say to you my friend, but see you later. Thanks for the laughs and goodtimes you gave everyone that had the honor to be around you. God Bless

  24. Lucky, words cannot even describe the loss we feel. You were apart of our family, our “nanny lucky” to Jason. Luck you were taken too soon from us with so much more to offer. We will always have the memories we made throughout our lives to remember you by. You will forever live in our hearts and prayers. Lisa, Jason and I were proud to be part of your life and have you a part of our family. Love you Bro Bro 🙂

  25. Lucky, words cannot even describe the loss we feel. You were apart of our family, our “nanny lucky” to Jason. Luck you were taken too soon from us with so much more to offer. We will always have the memories we made throughout our lives to remember you by. You will forever live in our hearts and prayers. Lisa, Jason and I were proud to be part of your life and have you a part of our family. Love you Bro Bro 🙂

  26. Lucky, words cannot even describe the loss we feel. You were apart of our family, our “nanny lucky” to Jason. Luck you were taken too soon from us with so much more to offer. We will always have the memories we made throughout our lives to remember you by. You will forever live in our hearts and prayers. Lisa, Jason and I were proud to be part of your life and have you a part of our family. Love you Bro Bro 🙂

  27. Words cannot describe the sadness that I feel or come close to describing the overwhelming sense of loss you must be feeling. All that I can offer is that Lucky and you are in our thoughts, prayers and hearts. Please know that we loved Lucky very much and will miss him dearly. He always made me laugh, brightened up the room and was a very good soul. We will remember him fondly, often and always. xoxo

  28. Cheatham my brother, my friend my co-worker you will be missed dearly. I remember when you first started at YTS everyone kept saying have I met my lil brother, & when we finally met thats what we became and thats how we greeted one another from that day on. I miss that smile, I miss my shift swap partner, I miss that kind heart & that great personality.I was in church listening to the great TD Jakes when I heard that you were no longer with us, it’s funny how one minute your filled with the spirit and the next your just lost and sad my heart was lost I cried myself to sleep that night just thinking about how every since YTS closed nothing good has came out of it. But you are in a much better place even though you are & will be missed for ever.. RIP lil brother I love You but God Love you Best:):)Keep smiling on me

  29. I met Marcesdi (Lucky) where he worked at Buchalter Nemer. He was quite a character — a very good one. He always kept me laughing and he was always a gentleman with me. I would always tell him to tell his mother that she did a very good job in raising him. I gave Lucky an add to go apply for the job as prison guard in Chino. He did and he made it. I was very proud of him. I’m sad to know that Lucky has left us and know that with the good soul that he has, he is with our Father. May the family find comfort in knowing that. My sympathies to all. Barbara Miller

  30. Cheatham (aka Go Get Em) I always enjoyed working with were always making everyone laugh and getting out minds away from the work was a great pleasure getting to work with you. You will be missed but never forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family….peace brother, until we see each other again

  31. I will miss you my friend. You made me laugh all the time. Heaven just became a much funnier place. God just recieved a beautiful person. My prayers are with you and your family. God please comfort Cheatums family threw this difficult time like I know you can. MISS YOU BROTHER!!!

  32. Cesdi, I don’t think its real yet. Saying that I wont see you again still resonates in my mind that you’ve gone on a long vacation or something. I’m going to miss you. I miss you already. Its so hard to believe that I’m not going to get to talk mess with you again, take your advice again, or give you advice again (that I know you’ll ignore). You left your body but you will always be here in my thoughts and memories. I will always be your little sister and when I think of you, I’ll smile knowing that one day you’ll make me laugh til I cry for eternity. Tell God I said thanks for sharing you with me for a little while. Love you brother. No goodbyes. I’ll see you later.

  33. God bless your loving family and give them strength in this time of grief. It was a pleasure meeting you and knowing you the time that I did. When I heard of your passing I was very sadden that such a young wonderful man full of life was gone. It gives me great gratification to know that you are a man of GOD. See you when it’s my turn to leave this world. While I’m still here I will be looking out for your lovely wife Brandy. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Lot’s of LOVE,

  34. I met you in the 7th grade at Audubon, and you’ve been a close friend ever since. There was never a dull moment when you were around.I remember when we went to a function and I hit your moms car the look we gave eachother was priceless! Love you bro! Rest in Paradise

  35. Cheatham, it’s amazing how one person can stand out in your life as just amazing. There’s not one person out there that could have a bad thing to say about you, you were always smiling, and encouraging, not too mention hilarious. I’m so sad to have to say goodbye so soon, but like other’s have mentioned, it’s not goodbye, but see you later. I know from my own experience in the past that there’s sooo much more to this world than the human experience. It comforts me to know that you are in a better place, but it still hurts to say see you later so young. My prayers go out to your wife, family, friends during this difficult time.

  36. My friend, my brother I’m soo lost for words. I’ve been so emotional these last couple days. Never thought I would have say goodbye to my friend. You’ve been on my heart so heavy the last couple of months and now I understand why. We have so many good memories, and those are the ones that keep me smiling throughout the tears. I wish I was there to say “see ya later”. I love you brother. And know that you will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember how you would keep me entertained at work just to make time go by or how you make me laugh throughout the entire church service when I shouldve been paying attention. LOL!! I will keep your mom & sis in my daily prayers cause you definitely will BE MISSED!! Love, Mimi <3

  37. Cheatham I’m really thankful to have had you as a friend…Thank you for all the laughs. I’m gonna miss all the jokes and debates we use to have. Work will never be the same without you. You will be forever in my heart. Keisha

  38. Cheatham, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you and watch the love between you and Brandy begin and grow. The 160 family will never forget you or your smile!

  39. Cheatham, It was a privilege to work with you! I’ll miss your funny self and sense of humor. You were one of the good reasons to go to work. You will be missed! God speed brother!

  40. I just got the chance to meet you and share some good laughs at work with you. I am extremely grateful I got to know such a great individual,your character always kept people with a smile. You will never be forgotten my brother….

  41. Cesdi, My memories of you always include your smile and that big laugh of yours:D Never a sad moment and the same in this situation. You are in the best place anyone could be in, the arms of our Lord. Man, I love you and thanks for being my friend. -Ash

  42. cesdi, My prayers go out to your family, you will truly be missed. you were such an amazing man and shared so much laughter @triedstone. you will never be forgotten. R.I.P cesdi.

  43. Cesdi you’ll be greatly missed. I know youre in heaven making all the angels laugh. Your big smile lights up a room and your jokes kept the tears flowing (good ones of course).. Save a place for me in heaven. This isn’t goodbye but see you later.

  44. My deepest Condolences go out to your family. You have been heavy on my mind for the last few months. You were my friend that kept me laugh’n even when I was down. Even though I haven’t seen you in few years, the memories I have of you will last forever. Marcesdi you have left an imprint in everyone’s heart that you came across especially mines. Thank you for being there for me and being my friend. I’m happy God brought you into my life…

  45. Cheatham…what a huge loss this is for those of us who knew you. Your smile and sense of humor leave us all with a great lasting impression…you will truly be missed.

  46. I just want to say you will truly be missed my many. You always kept me laughing. Thanks for the good times. I bought my first car from you. We Love You Cesdi!

  47. Lucky and I shared a bond, a connection, a true friendship. We both believed in being good ppl, a loyal friend and the eternal source for smiles and laughter. As others may read this, Im sure youre smiling at this very moment because you know the words I write of my friend are forever true. I can only imagine Lucky greeted our Lord with a smile, an embrace and made himself right at home. Lucky I cherish the moments we had and look forward to seeing you again friend.

  48. Cheatham, We will all miss you. You were our sense of humor in all situations. I will never forget the 5 hour ride home from the academy listening to the “white people crazy song” (pennywise bro hymn). Who would have ever thought that song would be appropriate. I and we from Kiowa will always miss you.

  49. Cheatham, We will all miss you. You were our sense of humor in all situations. I will never forget the 5 hour ride home from the academy listening to the “white people crazy song” (pennywise bro hymn). Who would have ever thought that song would be appropriate. I and we from Kiowa will always miss you.

  50. Cesdi, As I read some of the notes to you I see how many lives you touched so deeply. I am glad I had a chance to know you. RIP and know that you are truly loved by all who knew you. Tell Jesus I said Hi!!! and I will get to see you again in the great by and by. Thanks for letting Darryl play in your room!!!! LOL 😉

  51. My Nigga< I miss you dearly last time I saw you was Laker Championship and you were at my house on 9th Ave 2oo4. Cant believe your gone . You will be truly be missed by the old friends. All I can here in my head is the last time I heard you call my name . Dummy Dame!I can still here your voice thats why I know you are still living in the hearts of all the people you knew and touched. I never got a chance to tell you congrats on all accomplishments. so CONGRARDULATIONS . AND I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! LOVE DAMIEN LEE ROBERSON(DUMMY DAME)MISS YOU!

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