October 15, 1958 ~ July 22, 2021

Born in: Maryland County, Liberia
Resided in: Lawndale, California

Our Mama, Ms. Lucy D. Wilson affectionately called Girl Lu by her children went home to be with Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ on June 22, 2021 at 2133 Pacific Time at Little Company of Mary Hospital, Torrance California.

Our sweet, wise and beautiful mother was born October 15, 1958 in Maryland County, Liberia unto the union of Chief Moses Yawdey Ylome Wilson and Mrs. Mary Gbe-Hodey Wilson.

She is survived by Four (4) beautiful daughters, Felecia McJerry, Dodey Russell, Wisu Griffiths Kabah and Vero Griffiths Kanneh, an adopted son, Charles Pinto Wilson, her sons in laws, Eugene Russell, Bill Kabah and George Kanneh; nine (9) grandchildren, three (3) siblings, uncle, cousins many nieces and nephews and a host of many relatives some of whom she adopted and raised as her own children, extended family and friends.

While mediating on the importance of motherhood, one realizes that choosing a mother is a choice that no one has ever had the privilege to make for his or herself. No person has ever chosen their birth mother. GOD Almighty left that responsibility to Himself. I believed it is something very sacred that only a Divine GOD can handle. This unique phenomenon reveals how special and unique mothers are and our dear Mother, Ms. Lucy D. Wilson aka Girl LU was no exception.

There are so many qualities about our mother but to highlight some of the most important ones: 1. her relationship with the LORD JESUS CHRIST, 2. the value she placed on education and 3. Her love for family and people in general (she saw everyone as a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister).

Mama had so many experiences and life lessons to last another lifetime. Some of the most important life lessons she taught us and emphasized not only to her children but also to anyone she had the opportunity to talk to, young or old, she would gave these advices:

  1. Always put GOD first in everything you do, He will never mislead you.
  2. Be yourself, do not seek validation from man, seek validation from the LORD, you’re not living for people.
  3. Be content with what you have and don’t envy people for what they have or where they are in their life. You have no clue how they got there.
  4. Work hard and sincerely for what you desire. Don’t take shortcuts; you may have to start over.
  5. Always be truthful to yourself and to others no matter what but do it in love and respect. Do not sugarcoat anything to please anyone; God will hold you responsible for not telling the truth.
  6. Go to school and learn to the best of your ability. Take education very seriously.
  7. Don’t cover up wrong behaviors especially in your children. Raise them right.
  8. Respect and cherish your relationships no matter what, work together to build your home. Don’t look down on your partner, no condition is permanent.
  9. Respect people big or small. The respect you give will be the respect you’ll receive

Our mother was a fighter and a survivor even surviving three brutal Civil Wars while caring for her young children alone. She loved and cherished her children and grandchildren so much. We were her pride and joy.  If she could, she would move heaven and earth for the sake of her children’s wellbeing. Our mother made so many sacrifices for us and in the end she was proud. She was a woman who respected and simply love people in general. Although she was the youngest of her siblings, she could easily be considered the family Matriarch because she was everyone’s confident, adviser and supporter. She genuinely cared for people sometimes too much but that is who she was, always putting others before herself. She was always a cheerful giver, rarely receiving but never complained. She would say “There’s more blessing in giving than receiving”.

She wanted the best for everyone whether young or old. She believed education was a way to a brighter future. So if you desire education, her home and her resources were always available to you.

As a result she sacrificed everything she could in order to give her children, nieces and nephews the chance at a good education. She would rather deprive herself to accommodate anyone in need. She was a self-employed market woman. She had a deep love for education so much to the point that at 55yrs she went to school to become a mid-wife which and she became. After, she arrived into the United States five years ago, her first request was to attend an adult illiteracy school and she did. She always finished what she started no matter how long or difficult. She had a strong faith in the LORD.

Her love for Christ was first and foremost. She had scriptures for every situation and every council she gave. No matter what she was going through, the Name of the LORD never departed from her mouth. She was very prayerful. She lived a fasted and prayerful life. She was a servant, always willing to serve people and serve in the house of the LORD. She served in Liberia and wanted so much to serve here in the USA in any way she could whether it was cleaning, scrubbing or working in the kid’s ministry, if it was available she was willing to do it and she did it. She served the LORD by the way she served people and she always did it with a huge smile on her face. She served the LORD with the way she handled circumstances and adversities in her life. She had a purpose and she lived her purpose.

To the most amazing woman in our lives and in our world, if we had the option to choose a mother, no doubt, no question we will choose you over and over again to eternity. Your steadfastness, your strength, your discipline, selflessness, resilience and your tenacity were unparalleled and exceptional. If we could write a script of a phenomenal mother, you are the epitome of that script. We watched you live an extraordinary life, fought so many battles and never gave up. You continued to fight and hold fast to the promises of GOD ALMIGHTY that He will never leave you nor forsake you. The Bible says those that trust in the LORD are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken but endures forever; we can confidently say you trusted in the LORD and no matter what the enemy projected at you, your faith was unshakeable. You trust and you endured and you taught us to do the same. You were not a secret Christian. You never stop testifying about His goodness even to your dying day. You lit up your world and brought flavor to everyone you met, in everything you did and everywhere you went; you were a salt and a light. When you had a rough and challenging day, you had a smile on your face never giving the adversary reason to rejoice. As a result, we saw you win every time and even now you are still winning. You always won because, you never lose hope. Hope was not a figment of your imagination. Hope was real and tangible to you. Christ was your living hope and you saw light in the darkest times.

Girl-Lu we are beyond blessed to be your daughters. We are even more blessed that our children got to see you and experience you as their beautiful, jovial stern glam and grand-mother.

We are extremely grateful for your time spent on this earth. For sixty-two years you lived an impactful life touching everyone you met.

Mama you were and will always be an amazing mother. For us you’re not dead, only absent from the body and we can boldly say you are more alive now than ever. The Bible says,” Our God is not a God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive”.

Mama you’re in our hearts and in our memories and in the great legacy you left behind through your teachings, training and discipline. Mama you remain alive in the many lives you influenced and impacted. Your presence is greatly missed and absent will be felt but we will not grieve like people without hope. We will strive to live by what you taught us and the advices you gave us and by the grace of God make you proud. Long live your memories, long live your legacy. Live on Girl Lu and remember us down here. You ran a great race; you finished your course diligently and steadfastly and now your crown awaits you. We love and will miss you dearly. To our dearest and most beautiful Mother LUCY D. WILSON; WE LOVE YOU MAMA, ALWAYS AND FOREVER…..YOUR GIRLS.


Viewing: August 27, 2021 6:00 pm - August 27, 2021 8:00 pm

Restoration Life Christian Church
4234 W. 147th Street
Lawndale, CA 90260

Service: August 28, 2021 10:00 am

Restoration Life Christian Church
4234 W. 147th Street
Lawndale, CA 90260

Graveside Service: August 28, 2021 12:30 pm

Pacific Crest Cemetery
2701 182nd Street
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Reception: August 28, 2021 2:30 pm - August 28, 2021 4:30 pm

Restoration Life Christian Church
4234 W. 147th Street
Lawndale, CA 90260

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  1. candle 7To My Loving Mother aka Girl Lu
    One can have many fathers, friends, associates and many of other things
    But we can have only one mother. Mothers can assume and adequately take the roles of all of the above and more, but no one can take their place. Mothers are irreplaceable. They cannot be replicated or duplicated. They are uniquely and specifically created and chosen. No wonder the choice of a mother is left to the the Divine Hand of GOD Almighty alone. Mama, Girl Lu I am the most blessed child in the world because I get to call you my Mother, My Girl-Lu. You will forever live in my heart. I love you with every beat and breath of my heart and lungs. Long Live your Legacy.

    From your Daughter, Felecia

  2. candle 7Dear Mama,
    I am thinking about one of your characteristics, PATIENCE
    Girl-Lu I know there were times I broke your heart, there were many times I made you angry, times you told me to go right but I went left. I did not always do the right things, did not always make choices and decisions as you would have wanted me to. But despite all my wrongs or rebelliousness, one thing I was always certain of and still is today, is that you never stopped loving me, you never stopped praying and fasting for me and never stopped blessing me and steering me in the right directions. I am what I am today first by the Grace of GOD and because of you. I praise GOD for your life and for the privilege and blessings of having you as my Mother. You are irreplaceable not even us, your children can replace you. Thank you so much for all the sacrifices you made for me and my siblings. I am so grateful to GOD for the 62years He kept you on this earth, for the many lives He impacted through you. You were always his available and worthy vessel and I am without a shadow of doubt He pleased with you. You were a blessing to the world and every one that came in your path. You ran a very good race Girl-Lu, you finished your course down here on earth and the cares of this world are no longer your concern. Oh I can’t wait to one day see your glorious crown. My sweet and loving mother, there’s a big void in my heart that no one can fill but JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF. I miss you so much Mama and I love you always and forever in Jesus Name.

  3. candle 7Dear Grandma,
    I am thankful that God blessed me in my lifetime to have graced your presence. Your smile is infectious, your voice is soothing and your heart is so pure. I am still in shock that your warm, loving presence will no longer greet me when I come over to visit. This absence I will never get used. However, I know that God needed you for an even greater purpose in heaven and this is the only solace that I find in this unfathomable loss. You made such a difference in so many lives in such little time. I will forever remember your radiance, glow and zeal not only for God but for life. Thank you for impacting my life so tremendously in the few years that we saw each other. I celebrate you forever and I love you! Rest now angel.

  4. Beloved sister Lucy , I want to thank you for being a blessed sister to me since I know you.I appreciate your sisterhood , your kindness , your good heart for the work of God also for being a great mother to your kids and grandkids . Every time I saw you with your children it showed your lovely heart for how you love people therefore I pray the almighty God to remember all your good work and love for everyone especially to the children church department and grant you your heavenly crown of life in Jesus Christ his son.
    Sister I miss you and I love you . Rest in the arm of our precious lord Jesus forever Amen.

  5. candle 7Mommy you are a wonderful example of a mother’s love. You call everyone your children. There is never a moment you do not offer sound and advise. Your love for God is undeniable and your influence in your family is unforgettable. Your legacy will live on in your children and grandchildren. You are one of a kind and we will miss your dearly. Rest in perfect peace.

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