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  1. My sincere codolences to my aunt whom I loved very much She was like a second mother to me, You will be missed very much much love RIP my love yours Gilda

  2. Tia, Thank you for everything that you have done for us with mom. You were God sent to us.You will be missed. You’re now with family and God. I LOVE you and you’re always in my heart .Thank you cousins for all your help with mom too. Nicky

  3. Grandma, I still can’t believe you’re really gone. The family that you built will cherish you forever. I know you’ve been waiting to be reunited with your love, so I can take solace in that. You and Grandpa truly created a legacy. You taught me what love and family mean. I will hold in my heart a lifetime of memories and happiness brought by you. Thank you for always being a light in my world. Be at peace, and know that although we mourn, we honor your memory always. Give my mama a kiss from me.

  4. You accepted me as one of your own from the moment we met. Kind, loving, amazing women.
    I was lucky I got to call you Grandma.
    Being called Mija by you was an honor.
    The tone of your voice was a comfort I enjoyed listening to.
    You always had a story to share or were eager to listen. I admired your love for your family, as person, and a mother.
    The love for your family shined brightly in your eyes, so much that it made me value my own more.
    At gatherings, your smile would brighten watching family talk to each other.
    I use to think I could only be so lucky to one day love and be loved like you.
    You would tell me how lucky you are for the life you have had.
    The day we last spoke you stood next to me in your bedroom and told me as you pointed to the wall…
    “Look at my Beautiful Children. (All of the high school portraits hanging above her bed)
    They all grew up had good lives did good things.
    I’m so very proud of all them and the grandchildren they gave me.
    I love them all very much… I did a Good job, huh?” You laughed and we hugged.
    I told you that you did an amazing job and had a beautiful family ….you will be missed by many, Lucinda Guillen,
    Wife, Mother, Grandma, Great Grandma, Great Great Grandma, Friend.

    A beautiful light has left this word, leaving it darker, but now when we are all called home, heaven will be brighter.
    Love you all.

  5. Mama,
    What a wonderful love we shared together. I have so many treasured childhood memories thanks to your motherly love; you brought the magic of Christmas into our home, the glory of Easter into our hearts, the anticipated joy with every birthday celebrated; you brought our house alive with your piano playing. I have an indelible memory of the aroma and the sizzling sound of you cooking Spanish rice it still brings me joy whenever I make a dish of rice. Every celebration that we experienced in our family had your loving touch – we were fortunate to carry forward these family traditions throughout our adult lives with you and our extended families.

    I love you for your kindness, purity, relentless work ethic, and inner strength. I will always remember you as a brilliant light; your eyes and smiles gave me joy. Thank you for the dresses you sewed for us as children, we were the best dressed girls, and for all the clothes you made for me as an adult, from bathing suites, to double breasted suites for work. I was spoiled and didn’t learn a stitch. But believe me I truly appreciated every gift you sewed and or crafted, I cherish your talents and am grateful for the reminders throughout my home.

    Mommy, we shared such a long life together I can’t put my thoughts clearly into words (right now) – I’m so ever grateful that we spent so much quality time together. And for all the stories and dreams you shared, being with you was easy and comfortable. My confidant, I took your precious advice to heart. And I was honored to be there for you when you needed an empathetic ear, a daughter’s helping hand was yours with an abundance of TLC.

    My beautiful mother you are missed. I love you. I thank God for the blessing of having been with you and Johnny as you entered God’s gateway. You lived and died quietly with so much grace and dignity. I hold you forever in my heart. It pains me that we have so many funeral restrictions during this coronavirus pandemic, but I know you see us doing all we can for you, and our immense love with fill that gap. I will see you in a blink of an eye. Peace be with you, gentle woman.

    “Pray For Us, O Holy Mother of God, That We May Be Made Worthy of the Promises of Christ”

  6. Momma,

    When you found out you were pregnant again after you had four beautiful daughters hoping that maybe this time you will have a son. Six months into your pregnancy you told me you had a dream you were cradling a baby boy with long legs, and since that dream you were convinced you were going to have a son.

    You always had good intuitiveness. I was blessed into this family and couldn’t have picked a better Mom.
    I feel fortunate to have had a compassionate Mother, seen your genuine friendship with neighbors and family and was blessed to have worked with you for 10 years in the semiconductor industry.

    The first few weeks working at the same company I saw how co-workers cherished your friendship, everybody “loved Lucy”. You were a hard, dedicated conscientious worker and you instilled those traits in me.

    You were the family Matriarch of this family and did it with grace and honor.

    I remember the story you told me of a bank teller who looked at you and said you have a powerful aura, and that she was psychic, she asked if it would be ok to touch your hands. You reached out and she said “you are going to be a very rich lady” you smiled and said “I’m already a rich lady, I’ve been blessed with a beautiful family”.

    I’ve been blessed to have been your caregiver the last few years. We’ve gotten through some hard times together, but we persevered with love and humor. And when you were having a difficult time with a simple task and asked for help you would look at me with loving eyes and say “I don’t want to be a burden to you” and I would reply “Momma, you can never be a burden to me, never!”

    I miss and love you so much, but you left in peace and grace in your loving home and will return to your home above in God’s grace, free to fly and meet with all the departed love ones who will be happy to be with your loving heart again…a gentle woman…a loving Mom.

    Your one and only son


  7. She is a woman with a beautiful heart & soul, and she will be surely missed by all that loved her and knew her especially by me.

    May she rest in peace!

    Love, Stephen Lynn

  8. Mama,
    With the coronavirus I feel you have been deprived of what your so deserving of. This isn’t something I would normally do but I feel you would want me to say something. To express what’s in my heart I would be writing a book. Your still alive in my heart and will always be. So for those reading your messages my Mama is truly the meaning of one word and that word is LOVE. Mama I miss you but I know you are still with me. All my love, your daughter, Eva

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