Lori Jean Barrows

lori barrows
In Memory of Lori Jean Barrows January 22 1958 - November 27 2002 Lori was born in Torrance, CA on Jan. 22, 1958. She lived in Redondo Beach until the age of nine, when she moved to Torrance. Lori graduated from Torrance High School in 1976. Lori’s last place of employment was at Silla Cooling in Compton, California. Lori is survived by the love of her life, Tim Schafer, parents, Fred and Dolores Johannsen, brothers Richard, Jeff and James, nephews Ronnie, Tim, Mathew, Jake, Jared, and Jeremy, nieces Ashley and Robyn, aunts Coleen, Ila and Mary, uncle Roy and cousins Debra, Robert, Janine, Joe, Margaret, Robert as well as numerous second cousins. Proceeded in death by her brother Albert, uncle Hank her 3 grandmothers Grace, Iris and Lois and 2 children Shannon and Chucky. Memorial service will be held at Rice Mortuary, 5310 Torrance Blvd. In Torrance on Saturday December 7 2002 at 3:00 PM A Hero Although a life threatening condition confronted Lori, you would’ve never known it. Full of sprit, overflowing with happiness and love, nothing could stop her will to survive. When most would feel saddened and give up, Lori continued to live a full life and she never gave up. Even when the doctor told her that the cancer would eventually take over and win, her immediate response was, “Bullshit!” With her cocky sprit she brought so much to so many, and touched so many lives in such a special way. Her memory will forever live within us. To know Lori was to love Lori…. That my friends, is a real hero. For more memories visit http://www.jjsplace.com/lori

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  1. I come to your website quite often to reread your memorial, it is such a beautiful tribute. I still can\’t believe your beauty and soul isn\’t occupying a place on this earth, but I know that you are a true Angel in heaven and that the skies are very blessed to have you. You are in my thoughts daily !! God Bless ! Love Karin

  2. How do you described your sis, best friend, and true buddy? One word, “Lori”. Lori and I have been buddies for over twenty years. She has always been there for me, and visa-versa. She also became my childrens “Auntie Lori” With that, she started a tradition with my children, called “Donut Sunday.” She came to visit us just about every weekend. She would get the kids up early in the morning, and take off to the Donut store, without parents. My son “Thomas” was very hyper-active, and Lori knew this. She would be told only ONE donut for the kids. She would get to the Donut store, ask the kids what do you want? Thomas and Sarah, my kids, and Lori\’s adopted niece and newphew, would always pick out more that they could eat, and Lori, would let them eat donuts at the shop, with Chocolate milk, (Lori and Thomas\’ favorite), then come back with a bag of donuts, and swear the kids didn\’t eat any yet. She would then let them eat one donut at home. By this time the sugar had kicked in with my son, and he began bouncing off the walls. Lori would then start getting her things together to go home, and say “I have to go home now, call me later Paula”!!! She loved to do that every sunday! We will never forget Donut Sunday, or any other day that has meant so much to me and my family. I have so many wonderful memories of Lori, that I would be here all day typing them out! She was a true sis, and buddy to me! I love you Lori, and always will!!


  4. Lori, although years had passed and miles had extended between us, I want you to know that I never once lost sight of our friendship. I found you in many of my conversations and thoughts over the past years and to this day my girls get a kick out of hearing about the adventures we once shared. I wish our friendship would have extended across the miles and covered the last years. I don\’t know why we drifted apart, but I will always regret that we did. We were instant friends when we met more than 20 years ago. I don\’t know if it was the moment when we realized we shared the same middle name, or the same interest in music, friends, clothes or Harley Davidson. But we clicked and that\’s all that mattered. I will remember fondly and cherish the memories of the times we shared as best friends, whether we were listening to Aerosmith for hours on end, talking the night away, dancing at a local club, writing song lyrics that we only dared to sing, or attending concerts. Girlfriend, we worked together, we played together, we laughed together, we cried together, we shared crushes together. All in all, what we shared doesn\’t come often in friends and I will always thank you for being a very special part of my life !! You will be greatly missed !!! God Bless You Lori, Love Karin

  5. i loved lori with all my heart and will miss her smile, her caring nature, her company and her humor.she has changed my life forever for the better and i will miss that. but mostly i will just miss her.

  6. My Niece, how I loved you. Your closeness with my daughters is always remembered. The times we shared at the Hollywood Bowl with your Mom (my Sis!) and Janine are so precious to me. You gave me so much warmth and love, and such great homemade presents at Christmas. There just isn\’t enough time to go around in our busy lives to be able to spend the time with those we love, and certainly not enough time with you! I\’ll always remember your 40th birthday party, all the family and friends that were there, and your favorite “group” The Twisters. We had such a good time! I\’ll always love and remember you. Love, Auntie

  7. For my cousin and my very best friend always and forever. Happy Valentine\’s Day – I\’m sure you are up there flirting with Cupid himself. tee hee hee You are my BROWOMAN – MY SISTA!! You are also my hero and mentor as you always saw and shared the positive in everything, life itself. I just hope I can follow in your footsteps all the way to Heaven. I love you and I miss you so very much. I can\’t wait to see your smiling face when I reach the pearly gates. Keep on Twistin\’ Love Neiner

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