December 11, 1999 ~ August 24, 2021

Born in: Los Angeles, CA
Resided in: Los Angeles, CA

Kevin James Abarca was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He passed away on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at the age of 21 years old. For those who knew and loved Kevin understood how he loved and cared for those in his life. Since a young age, Kevin has had a love for animals, dogs mainly, fine dining, and his admiration for his fast cars. Kevin took great pride in being young and successful in his tow trucking business. He had many things still yet in life he wanted to accomplish that unfortunately he wasn’t able to.

Kevin is survived by his mother, Pearl Gilbert, Step-Father, Nestor Gonzalez, Father, Bladimir M. Abarca, brothers and sisters, as well as nieces and nephews.

A gathering of family and friends will be held from 5 pm to 7 pm on September 20th, 2021 at the Lighthouse Memorials & Receptions. The funeral service will also be held at the Lighthouse Mortuary on September 21, 2021 at 11 am with burial at Inglewood Cemetery.

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  1. candle 8My beloved grand son Kevin will remain in my heart for as long as I shall live. Every night in my dreams I see you I feel you that is how I know you go on. Far across the distance and spaces between us you have come to show you go. Near far , wherever you are Kevin I believe that the heart will go on. I will Always love you.

    Love Mama

  2. candle 2Kevin was pretty funny at times, ill always cherish the good memories ive shared with my brother, and the bad ones too. I love Kevin even though he was a little much sometimes, he was pretty cool and got me a lot of the things that I own today.

    Love For Ever And Always, Brother Joseph.

  3. candle 8Hey Kevin “The Great”, didn’t think this day would come so soon. I am finding myself wishing I had been a better friend and spent more time with you. I see that I’ve missed so much. One thing for sure you spoke with great wisdom especially when folks thought you were difficult. Although, you’ve made this journey before expected I know it was The Most High Abba who has you where he needs you. I can only imagine you’re talking to God and chillin with Jesus while getting answers to the whys of the things we couldn’t answer. It’s my prayer that your new adventure will bring you all together in heaven just one more time. its not easy for my friend to let you go but one thing for sure your mission has been done. keep the duces up and flow with grace till we meet again in Gods time. OH and tell Michael Gabriel to watch over your mom and family… They’ve always been your biggest fan.

    • Thank you for sharing your memory of my son Kevin and your caring and thoughtful words. May God bless you and your family.

      Love Always …

  4. candle 4The Sky opened up that unimaginable day and there was that moment in time where God swept you away That moment, I feared was here and it was clear that this was it you would no longer be near. My heart aches in agony and I’m shattered throughout. I’ll never be the same again, this I know. I’m flooded with memories of you everywhere that I go. This hurt is so deep in my soul, I just don’t know what to do. Sometimes something tells me I should be gone and not you. The truth of the matter is; my son I love you so much I would give anything to see you just once to say it again how much I love, and I miss you, and give your face one last touch.

    Kevin my son Mom loves and will miss you everyday till my time here is done..

    love you forever Mom.

  5. candle 1My little kevetho , this was the last thing I had in mind to even try and type with so many memories going along in my head with you , 😔. I loved you so much as a baby , especially with that specifier in your mouth. You always gave me my juice kiss when I asked for it and I love u for that . I’m so sadden that this had to end this fast for us , ways know I am your cousin and u will always be in my heart. Nella💝

  6. candle 4Kevin I remember when you was just a little boy I would rock you In my arms till you fallen asleep. When i heard you went to spread your wings I paused in Disbelief. I REMEMBER YOU AS THAT LITTLE BOY IN MY ARMS. Kevin you will never be forgotten. GOOD BY FOR NOW. LOVE YOU 💘

  7. candle 7I love u kevin we all miss u here, miss u deeply bro I still can believe your gone everyday I wake up I feel lost but I remember u never give up and strive for the best and greatness, u were never selfish always willing to lend a hand to anyone who needed one u had a big heart u did a lot of good bro, and for the family everything u did was done in good intentions u accomplished alot for ur age I wish we had more time together and more on this earth but this is what we will all have to experience at one day u have to live, to die, and Kevin you lived ur life doing what you loved being a boss, business man, brother, son, uncle , tow truck driver, you did what u loved but god has a bigger plan for u bro love u forever never forgotten I’ll see u on the other side, 😞 missed deeply and loved very much My dad loves u misses u deeply he’s heart broken but he knows he has to stay strong for u, and Chapin misses u too he’s here drunk reminiscing everything we done together or the things u to told him Kevin we love you too much bro u were special and heading for greatness 🙏❤️😞
    Abarca and Gilbert family stay strong
    For Kevin he would want the best for the family. 🙏 💕

    Love Jr, pops, and the abarca family see u one day 😇 little brother 🙏❤️ I’ll never forget you my little brother 😞🥺💐

  8. candle 4Hey lil bro i miss you a lot I miss you’re good vibes and the way we look up to each other I don’t know how ima do with out my best friend/Cusin i don’t accept the fact you’re gone but I treasure the good times and can feel youre spirt around me I love you one day we will meet in heaven no doubt

  9. candle 4Miss you bro I wish u was still here bro I miss you’re good vibes bro the got alone so we’ll and I admire you’re big heart and motivation to succeed I knew u had a lot more to do in this word young boss I know one day we will meet again in a better place with is heaven as Angels of god

  10. candle 2Kevin It broke our hearts to lose you
    But u did not go alone a part of us went with you the day God took you home if tears could build a stairway and headaches make a lane, we will walk our way to heaven and bring you back again
    In life we loved you dearly in death we love you still in our hearts you hold a place no one could ever fill
    Kevin you were a good guy, funny, you were full of life alwys been there for ur everyone that needed you, u might be gone but never forgotten we thank God for the time he let u stay here in earth n we thank you for all the memories u left us.

  11. candle 2Little brother<3… I wish I didn't have to write this… because God knows this is something I'd neverrr imagine taking place. I feel like this is me reminding myself that this is reality happening here, and I don't wanna face it each and everyday that passes and youre not here. I hate to admit that i miss the missions you'd have me on,, whether it was for food, your vehicles, or your late night weed requests. Life is still and dull without you here!! Your absence is painful to us all, all of us who love and care for you. I don't understand why this is, why your time came too sudden in the way it did, but all I know is that it must be for the highers purpose… But I just hope you find peace and all of the more wherever you may be now. Whether on your journey, in the skies above or even if your still trying to find your way. Member brother I love you oh so much. Always have and always will forever and ever!! You took a huge part of me and mommy by having to go like this.. All we can think of is why?! But, besides that I dread the day ill have to say my last goodbye to you ),: I guess we will have our days again sometime in the future huh lil brother…. I miss you big head…. Everything I been through with you. How you've always had my back and looked out for your big sis. I'm proud of your achievements and productive doings in life. I'm even more proud to be able to call you my lil brother. Soon your gonna be an uncle…. I just really wished you could've been here to witness and be a part of it… it breaks my heart over and over just knowing it won't be that way.. I will hold you in my heart forever & more. Love you plenty.
    -Your sis, Amanda.

  12. candle 4Hey Kevin Man I’m going to miss you so much man.I can’t believe something like this happened to this family bro. I keep wishing that I can just woke up from this nightmare. We’re all heartbroken but I know your up there looking after us now. We’re going to keep your memory Alive always. Pops loves you bro he’s being strong for all of us. I’m going to cherish all the moments we had man us playing when we were kids every 4th of July popping fireworks playing soccer, riding our bikes, playing call of duty, an a lot more. I Love You Kevin I’m going to miss you lil bro. I know when my time comes you be there waiting for me. Your big brother Edwin love you forever and always!!!!!!!

  13. candle 4There are no words that can describe how devastating losing you is, all of us that were close to you and love you feel the unfairness of seeing you go way ahead of your time. We all believe that you had a lot more to achieve and offer in this life. The heartache that we bear in a heavy burden with only the comfort that you are watching over us with our Lord Jesus making sure that we’re ok. I wish we had more time to share with our family. I’ll always cherish the good times we had. You’ll always live in our hearts and you won’t be forgotten until we could all be together again.

    See you later bro.

  14. I love you Kevin. Thank you for alway being open to help me out which ever way you could. Specially when I would get into at home with the wife you were always the only person that would pick me up and we’ll end up working together… I fuckn miss you bro, you became a Boss just like you would always scream out when we used to be on 109 st and Figueroa. You are such a good person, friend, and a brother to all of us. You are the definition of a real loyal friend something this life don’t have much left in it. Just know my boy Kevin you will always be in my heart and I will always keep your name Alive perrito. May you travel well on your journey to heaven remember you can always count on me for whatever it is. Until we meet again on the other side I dedicate you (2pac- life goes on

  15. candle 7When sunlight turns into darkness, when all is quite, when all is calm, when all is at peace,my silent night is with you sleep in peace, knowing you are loved . There are some things we do and say that makes us love each other with every passing day, when nights are long, and days are dark there’s no more suffering, no more long nights , no more dark days, you will always be in my heart and my thoughts R.I.P Kevin you will be missed.

  16. candle 6I would never imagine this happening this way. this is how u know u can’t even trust yo own “family” that part . But my baby u literally talk to me throughout my days and share with me your loving and strong presence (which I love) and make sure that I feel you too!!🤭✨ but you know how we Rocking KEVIN for the WIN FOREVER BITCH 🧞‍♂️🛻🪝🪄🏆 -his Fav Bopp

  17. candle 5Thinking of you Kevin….missing you …wishing that you were still here. Remembering you and times and all the memories there’s so many memories….
    Loving you now, forever, and always…

  18. candle 4Dammm it my nigga I can’t believe this bullshit excuse my language!! But I’m so disappointed it caught me by surprise I can’t believe that same morning it happened I was calling you and you didn’t answer my phone call who would of ever known that at that moment I was calling you. You was going through your last minutes. My words are so short brother but I thank you for everything n every single second we shared together . Thanks for giving me a chance n the best times of my life . I look up too you Kevin abarca the winning team for ever … I love you may you Rest In Peace 🙏 your boy g.eyes always…

  19. candle 3Here just thinking and missing you so much brother! I’m just here parked, 3 min away from where you took your last breath. I wish I wouldve somehow felt something or anything to trigger me to act upon the situation before it had happened.. I still can’t believe this :,,,( I’m so incomplete and lost without you here Kevin. But I’m trying…. I’m trying to want to try, but it’s difficult. I just wish we had you back with us at home. You turned my life colder than what I already knew it was.. I love and miss you Kevin, my little brother til forever more《3 love your big sister

  20. candle 3Yo
    Nunca dejamos de aprender, la vida es una lección, sigo tratando de procesar todo esto. Ni siquiera se si escribir aquí sirva. Pero tal vez me de alivio.
    Por que tengo ese sentimiento de que me haces falta paso por los lugares donde nos posteavamos y veo a las personas con que nos tocaba estar y siento ese vacío esa inestabilidad emocional yo se que tampoco voy a estar aquí para siempre. Pero yo estaba loco de verte triunfar como siempre dije sos mi líder el pawer ranyer rojo de nuestro equipo. Y estoy 100% seguro que nos vamos a volver a ver solo que el tiempo aquí se hace lento. Todo lo qué hay en este mundo no tiene valor alguno al que tiene la familia o el amor. con todos mis más sinceridad i love u mi perro

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