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  1. From your extended family (the Ruiz”s family) in Norfolk VA, our hearts are saddened and we are Praying and we know God is with you and he Will give you strength, courage and comfort during your time of grieving. Rest in Heaven Keenen…We Love you

  2. Grandson, I love you and will miss you. Life will never be the without you. I know you are watching over us. Tell Grandad Oaks hello for me

  3. Nephew, you are loved and will be missed. May you always be blessed and remembered. As you remain in the hands of God, may you take care of yourself. We love you.

  4. Keneen I am in shock, I cant believe it. It doesnt make sense. I miss you man. Getting to know you was a great experience in my life. Rest in Peace my friend.

  5. I still miss you EVERYDAY. The pain of this loss is often times unbears le.
    But knowing you aren’t suffering and are watching and praying over us that are left here, gives me hope and strength in knowing that I’ll see my son again and embrace him with ALL the love and strength within me. As welook down on our remaining loved one in joy, pride and ever vigilant eyes and our arms wrapped around them.
    Love Dad.

  6. candle 4Dear Keenen,

    It’s been four years since we last spoke but I just found out that a very important friend of mine passed away. In August 2016, you were mistakenly shot in California. Its hard to write this because there are so many things I wish were different, things I mostly wish I had tried to change because I now see how stupid the situation was. You and I had an unfortunate falling out for a few years, which, upon retrospect was so trivial and naive. Regardless of how it played out, I was the selfish and cowardly one in the long run. You had my back through one of the darkest periods in my life. It was around the time my great grandparents passed away, sometime in high school, when we met. We became friends fairly quickly although you used to like telling people that you thought I was some sort of stuck up scholarly type because early on when we met I was going through a suit jacket phase. It was just that was the trend with the indie/emo scene at the time. We quickly bonded over music, and girls — as most HS boys do. Really though, our bond was on a deeper, less explored, but mutually acknowledged level of hurt, insecurity, and skepticism. We just got each other. We could stay up until 4am talking on the phone, sometimes not even saying much, just randomly saying stupid stuff that came to mind. When I was going through a rough breakup, or issues at home, you selflessly helped me through it, no matter the time of day or night. You kept me from falling off the earth. You introduced me to the second band I was in. There I learned to scream. Now I want to scream at myself to wake the up! I wish we talked less about me and more about you. I can only hope that your selfless act of helping me, somehow helped you talk through your own struggles. The night you and I fell apart I should have been a better friend. I should have talked you through it. I shouldn’t have left you vulnerable because I wanted to impress a girl who, surprise, didn’t stay in the end. But you did man.
    A few years passed and we reconnected because you reached out to me when you saw me struggling, again. By now you were living a new life in California. It sounded like things were working out well for you. I wish I knew more. The last time we spoke we agreed to meet next time you came to Vegas, but oddly you warned me that people thought you had changed, for the better. I thought that was weird that you phrased it that way but you’re sarcastic like that sometimes…you always had an interesting way of keeping your guard up and it took me too long to really get that.
    A few months before you passed, out of the blue you gave me your number. It took me too long to call you. I’m sorry Keenen. I could have been a better friend but I always let my own setbacks get in the way. I love you bro. There’s so much I’d like to tell you but so much more I wish I could hear from you. You are an incredible person and the world is slightly better because of you.

    Rest Well, Keenen.


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