Correa, Julia Erlinda a 67 year resident of Gardena , passed away on Tuesday, February 7, 2006 in Inglewood. Born in Los Angeles, CA, Julia was 67 when she died. Julia was a member of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church and she is survived by A gathering of family & friends will be Monday 2:00 P.M. The Service will be St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church-Rosary 02/13/2006 7:01 PM Holy Cross Mauslm-Mass-Risen Christ Chpl-Large Chapel 02/14/2006 11:30 AM M -Gardena-Pub-Reception Room-Reception 02/14/2006 1:30 PM 5:00 PM Burial will follow at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City. Eulogy Good Morning and Thank you for being with us today as we celebrate the life of my Mother Julia Correa. My Mom was born 67 years ago to my Grandparents Helen And Charles or as many of you know them as Aunt Blondie and Uncle Blackie. She was a beautiful child who flourished into a beautiful adult and an extraordinary mother and grandma. It seems very appropriate that we gather here today on Valentines Day, a day of love and friendship because Mama loved the holidays and this particular holiday was very special to us because it was my Grandmother’s birthday. So it just seems right that we celebrate this day with My Mother and wish her well on her new journey. My Mom was somewhat sickly the last few years but she was always full of life. She passed a lot of time at home because she was afraid to go out with all her health concerns. She watched a lot of John Wayne and Elvis Movies and smoked a lot of cigarettes. She loved her family and never let us down even though her health sometimes kept her down. Easter, Halloween and Christmas were her Favorites and she definitely knew how to make them fun and full of cheer, especially for the grandchildren. She loved her grandbabies, All eight of them, whether in Japan, Washington State, Mexico or close by her, they each carried a very special place in her heart. Those who visited her would see the wall-to-wall pictures of her grandchildren. Those who called her had to listen about the latest antics of David, Her youngest grandson. They were the apples of her eyes! But she did not forget about her daughters either. She spoke frequently of Carmen and her special way of calling her 100 times a day! Often she spoke of the day she was reunited with Juanita and Sylvia, and what a happy moment that was. She would talk about how proud she was of Julie for being a single Mom for so long and never having to ask for anyone’s help. She would speak about the how proud she was of me, for being in the military. I remember she made a homemade decoration, “My daughter wears combat boots!” it read. I felt proud. Very Proud. And she never forgot Little Ricky, who made his way to the lord’s arms four months after his birth. My Mom was never in the military, she joked about being in the Maternity Marines because she had so many children. However, she was a patriotic fanatic. She loved her country and stood behind all that it stood for. If you visited her you probably came across the dilemma of should I sit or Stand and Salute! That was my Mama. Many of you had not seen her for a while before these last few days, and I want all of you to know that my Mama loved all of you here. Some more than others and she never forgot the good times. Weekly visits to Viola’s on Friday’s when we where younger, Blue Bird meetings with Mary Pander, Visiting Aunt Bertie, Poker nights at Aunt Nellie’s, The family gatherings with all the cousins, Aunt Cookie, Aunt Teresa, Aunt Monie, Aunt Cita, Aunt Lindi, Uncle Terrell and so on, My Mom loved all of you and it saddened her heart when everyone went there own way. But the saddest thing that my Mom dealt with in the past couple of years was the loss of Uncle Teddy, her partner in crime. The relationship they had was very special because they were more than siblings they were best friends. She spent a lot of time listening to “toilet tapes” that he made for her. Well, I guess Mama is happy now because although she will miss all of us very much, she can now hug her baby boy, argue with Uncle Teddy, play poker with my Dad and Aunt Nellie, Once again visit with Nana and Tata and most of all she can spend Valentine’s day with Grandma and Grandpa Bear!

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  1. Julie en estos momentos dficiles por los que esta atravesando tu familia, se que no hay palabras de aliento que calmen el dolor por la perdida de su mam, pero con todo cario y respeto deseo compartir este mensaje con ustedes. Ahora que part, no deben atarse a mi con lgrimas, desprndanse y djenme ir, porque tengo muchas cosas nuevas que ver y hacer. Luch con todas mis fuerzas para quedarme ms tiempo, pero Dios decidi que hasta hace poco estuviramos juntos, pero en estos aos los cules trate de disfrutarlos al mximo, yo les di mi amor y ustedes deben de estar seguros que siempre me hicieron percibir el suyo y me hicieron muy, muy feliz. Le doy las gracias a Dios porque me permiti ser Esposa, Madre y Amiga y como bono adicional una persona muy amada. Yo no estar lejos, porque la vida contina y si me necesitan llmenme y yo vendr. Aunque no me podrn ver ni tocar, yo estar cerca y si escuchan con su corazn, escucharn a su alrededor muy suave y claramente mi AMOR. Despus, cuando les toque venir por este camino, yo saldr a recibirlos con una sonrisa y a darles la bienvenida a la casa de DIOS. Que Dios tenga en su santa Gloria a su mam. Con todo cario Sol

  2. Julia was one of the most beautiful babies I had ever seen. I was four years older-we shared many good times together. we were very close. We viewed each other as sister`s. I will miss the frequent long phone visites that I looked so forward to. I so loved her. She is now in God`s loving arms. One day we will meet again. My heart goes out to her daughters-they so loved her—-as she loved them and her many grandchildren.

  3. Well Mama, Things have a crazy way of turning. This has been a good year for me. Thanks for the presents. I love my new house and I adore my new son. His name is Luis Garcia and he was born at Thanksgiving, he was suppose to come at Christmas but like his Grandma has to do what he wants when he wants. You and daddy would have adored him… well you guys do. I feel you near each day and David confirms that he sees you and daddy every once in a while. Luis and I are good, He will be going to Guatemala soon for the last of his paperwork. The girls are excited, they just did their first comunion and they gradutaed middle school they are now heading into High School. So you and Daddy will have your hands full watching over their shoulders. They are good girls, we did a good job and they are in love with their brothers. I really miss you. Erlinda finaly came back to us. She is better, says that her and Irwin had alot of issues the same as usually only this time it was more abusive. Please watch over Irwin, deep inside he is a good person, he and Erlinda just were not meant for each other and they both were just to proud to admit it. Carmen is good, still in the same rut, I hope you and daddy can give her some guidance, her relationship with Chicken has gotten very abusive but she is stubborn and just stays. I offred her a home but told her she had to work and pay rent and that turned her off. She has gotten to used to the freeloader way of her husband and would rather stay in her prison than pay for her peace of mind. I can not give her things for free because I won’t be helping her but it really hurts me to see her like that. She is hurting but she won’t stand up for herself. Please give her some extra energy and guidance because she does not get it. Especially now that Erlinda is back in our lives, she thinks that I am being mean to her because of Erlinda but I really am not. I love Carmen and her daughter and I want the best for them but neither seem to understand that just because chicken is the biological father does not mean he is the best role model or father for her. Look at Luis, he has been the best thing to happen to Marina and Silvia and even though some people say he is just a step father and will never love them like a real dad, they are so wrong but they will never understand. Luis has been a good husband and a great father because he has the gift of being able to love all four of our children equally. Well, I guess that I will let you go for now, but Mama and Daddy please know that I love you and that I thank you everyday for staying close to us so we can get thru the day to day stuff. i don’t know what you whispered in Erlinda’s ear but thank you for sending her back to us. I am pretty sure that you and the man above worked miracles. I love you. 🙂

  4. Hi mama…here it is 2008 and you have been gone for 2 years now and it is still hard to think that you are gone…to anyone who reads this understand that if your parents are still living cherish that time because once they are gone it is not easy….I miss her alot more these days because she was always there to listen and give me advice….I do know that she is in a better place andis not suffering….God Bless all who reads this and please sign her book

  5. Hi! I miss you so much mama I love you and Melissa loves you and misses you very much and to my sisters i love you with all my heart. We all will be to gether again in the future. with all are love Mother and Daughter Carmen and Melissa Correa

  6. Hi! Mama I can not believe it’s going to be three years since you past away it feels like it was today. I miss going to your house on the weekends and miss the story’s you use to tell us. Mama I know that you are not going to believe that me and Julie are not fighting anymore we are spending time with each other when we can and we finally found Erlinda so she is also back with us and so you don’t have to worry we are all together again we may not be living in the same state be we are in contact with one another. Julie finally has her new house she always wanted and she is happy and mama I am happy for her. Me I am still with Demetrio we are having some problems but i am alright. Melissa your granddaughter is doing very good in school she is going to graduate the 8th grade and is going to high school soon I can’t believe it feels like it was yesterday that she was in elementary but she is growing up so beautiful. Well I wish everyday that you were here with all of us but I know that you are in a better place and you are not suffering anymore but I still miss you very much I love you Mama bless you and watch over all of us.I hope your having alot of fun with little Ricky,Grandma,and Aunt Bertie tell them all hello for me and that I love them. Well I am going to let you rest me and Melissa miss you very much and we both love you with all are heart. If any one reads this please sign my mothers guestbook thank you god bless anyone that reads this. god bless you mama my #1 Angel with lots of hugs and kisses from your daughter and granddaughter Mother and Daughter Carmen and Melissa Correa

  7. Mama was a loving person to all…yes she had her days but she had a place in her heart for everyone…I will miss her dearly…I drive past her street everyday and sometimes still want to make that left turn to go visit before I go to work as I did often…I’m really going to miss her stories about the way life was when she was growing up and about her and Uncle Teddy’s adventure’s(her brother who passed) I will always remember how proud she was of me for going into the ARMY. MAMA I love you and miss you Always your loving daughter Erlinda

  8. The holidays are over and we made it. I did not think we would, no thats not true, I knew we would make it thru, I just did not know how hard it would be. I was afraid, but it is over and everything has changed. She was the spirit that we all lacked this year. She was the glue that held us together.It was a year for new traditions yet, nothing seemed good enough. I know with each year it will get easier. I went to Mamas grave and it was bare, As if she was not there or had been forgotten. I think she has by some. However, she lives is in my heart and my mind daily. I feel her near but it still hurts. Especially when we visit her grave and David runs around looking for Grandma. The girls cry because he will not remember her hugs and kisses or how special he was to her. I finally cried. Her anniversary date is coming soon and I invite everyone to visit her and pray with me that day at the cemetery. I miss my Mother.

  9. Two days ago was my mothers birthday and I really took it hard. I find myself still at times wishing to see her or wishing to pick up the phone and call her. This February was 4 years since she passed away and sometimes i feel her so near that I could touch her. I smell her perfume (Charlie) when there is no possible way for it to be around. I know that I am blessed because I have a wonderful husband and four beautiful children and an abundance of friends that love me and share their lives with me but it is true the void that a mother and father leave in their childrens life once they are gone. I took up gardening in my yard because it reminded me of my dad and i feel close to him when I garden. With my mom it’s different, I feel her closest when I am sadd and I get signs like the radio comes on by itself and its one of her favorite country songs on. When I clean and I have the urge to listen to classic country, buck owens, faron young, patsy cline, lorretta lynn and conway twitty. I know it sounds cucu for cocoa puffs but It helps me cope and move on. Thanks to everyone that checks in on this guestbook and may God bless each and evryone of you. Love you all.

  10. Well Mama, Hi it’s me your big baby girl I just want to let you know that I am alright good and melissa is alright boy it has been 4 years and several months since you passed away and it seems like today that the doctors told us that you were gone I think of you everyday when I pass a pay phone I stop and dial your phone number and right before I put the change in I stop because I know that you are not going to answer and if someone does it wont be your voice I here it would be someone else mama I do miss you alot I miss talking on the phone with you and going to visite you at your apartment.I have been to where you live and I will tell you its different I looked up at your old apartment and the door is closed and when I go in front and look up the windows are opened but the thing is your not there and when I left I looked up again and thought I saw you waving Hi and bye and I just smiled because I know in my mind you are still here and that will still be your apartment to me because I will remember the great times I had with you and the way you were with your granddaughter she is doing good she is now in high school and doing good in all of her classes and she is in choir at school and going to have her first performance and she tells me I wish that my grandma was here and I tell her that you are here and it works for now she misses you very much as all of us do but I know we all have to take the journey one of these days and I know when that day comes i know you will be there to welcome me with your arms open as the lord above bless you mama for everything, your love ,support and especially your advice I love you and your granddaughter Loves you we all misses you I know I miss you alot well I will let you rest talk you soon love ya. who ever visits this site may god bless you and sigh my moms guessbook and thank you love your Daughter & Granddaughter Carmen Correa Melissa Correa

  11. It’s late and I was just thinking about you. I know that you can’t read this but it makes us all feel good that we can write you. I miss you and I have four children now and I wish you could be here to know the boys. They are so adorable. The girls will be going away soon, no boyfriends but they will be going off to school, work and life in general. It’s funny how life works, one day your small and carefree, then you wake up and become an adult and things change. Then you have your family and again they change your life’s course. Then they grow up and you move on to yet another era in your life….. and then its over. How sadd…..I remember you at my age. I was four years old. It seems like only yesterday.i miss you. Hugs and kisses always. I love you!

  12. So its been 12 years since you left us grandma and what I’ve learned about losing a loved one is that you never move on from that pain you just get use to it, its becomes you and makes you a little stronger. So when you passed I was 11 now I’m 23 going on 24 in a couple months a lot has changed and there’s so many things I wish I could share with you and wish you could of been there for but that’s not what god had in the cards for us and only he knows why. I can honestly say maybe u weren’t the perfect mother but you definitely made up for it with you grandkids. I thought of you today randomly when I was watching this show about calling your mom which got me thinking of my mom and at the end of the show Elvis’s song “mama loved the roses” song came on and I couldn’t get you out of my head lol to the point that I found myself looking up this website… When I think of you I think of all the good times and the holidays and how you made them so special and how its never been the same since you passed also I think of my little brothers David and Jr how my David remembers you by the memories we tell him he had with you and the pictures with you and him, I just wish he could remember on his own, OMG grandma lol Jr is a riot I swear you would of had so much fun with that boy cause he’s definitely a character and both have a big heart they remained me so much of me and Silvia growing up. I know some how some way your still there and I’m glad to know I have you and grandpa up there on our side watching and guiding us that truly gives me comfort during the hard times and knowing that everything happens for a reason. I love grandma and ill never forget you.

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