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  1. I was going to send you flowers today but then I realized how you would laugh because you know how much I hate them, and you would tell me I was funny for my lack of not knowing what else to do. So instead I am going to light a candle tonight by your Dogers jersey and say a little prayer for you since I can not be there today. I still cant believe that your gone from this earth and It broke many hearts here in the Bay. You will be missed so much! No one forgot about you here and I am sure you know that now. I am not sure what else to say but you will hear my prayer for you tonight. With love always Felicia

  2. It was great to have met u through my cousin Jannette. I know that you will be missed and my family and I will never forget you. Thank you for everything and for the fun times we had at my cousins house. We will keep you and your family in our prayers.

  3. My Johnnybear, am so glad to have known you for these wonderful 9 years… we had our ups & downs but regardless you were always my best friend. You knew me in a way no one else ever has or ever will.. you were my protector here on earth and now from heaven.. I know you will protect all those who loved you. So many loved you. I will miss you forever. And as our movie the notebook says… I’ll be seeing u <3

  4. Little Poem for you: Jonathan, we miss ur voice, ur hugs, ur understanding ways we wish u were here to tell us things will be okay you came and let us kno wht a sweet man u are So good of a man God had to take u and turn u into a special shining star now with our hearts filled with sorrow we don’t kno how to go on with tomorrow you were there for us all in the good times and the bad which is why now tht ur gone, we’re all left feeling soo sad Sports is just one thing tht will never be the same without u to argue about who’s gonna win the big game What will the Lakers & Dodgers do without their biggest fan? They’ll probably still hear you yellin as we all kno you can.. On my birthday, when u would be the first to call from now on.. i feel like not even answering the phone at all you never left me, you were my best friend, my johnnybear tht’s why i kno when i look up.. you will still be there You touched all of our hearts somehow.. someway and although with us we wish you couldve stayed We kno you are smilin down at us and will never let us feel alone We know you are in Heaven.. In God’s special Home. Rest With The Angels johnnybear <3

  5. One more for you… U taught me so much Jonathan… There’s a special angel in heaven That is a part of me Tht’s not where i want him But tht’s where God wanted him to be He blessed us all for a moment Like a night time shooting star And although he is in heaven now He isn’t very far He touched the hearts of so many Like only an angel can do He expressed so much love As only he knew So I send this special message To the heavens up above Please take care of my protector And send him all my love <3 miss u.. love u always

  6. Ohh Jonathan..Where do I begin? I always loved you and will forever. You are the sweetest, most caring man I have ever met. You were always there for me and I hope I was always there for you. I hate that you left us but God wanted you. You were too good of a person to be stuck in this world of hate and violence. I will never forget all the times you made me laugh and all the times you were there for me when I cried. Im sorry if I ever hurt you, for you were the only person in my life that didn’t deserve it. As I write this I can’t stop crying, it hurts soo much to lose someone soo special. You are gone now but I can’t wait until we meet again, and that time I will never let you go. I know you are here with me, I feel you. Plz stay with me because like I told you I need you in my life. Help your family and Julie get through this very hard time. I know you will. God Bless you and rest with the angels. I will love you forever and always!!! Amore Amore

  7. My Dear Jonathan …. I know we hadn’t talked in a while but i thought of you regularly, also about a week before i heard you were in the hospital i was going to send you a message on myspace & text you but i got busy with my new baby and just lost track of what i needed to do … anyways you will be missed and you are loved! You were wonderful friend & listener! I will always cherish our long talks …. thanks for being there and hearing me out! Miss you THUMPER!!!!! lol … REST IN PEACE …. Love you!

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