Roberts, John Perry, a 44 year resident of the South Bay passed away on Sunday, July 27, 2008 in Torrance, CA. John was born in Hawthorne, CA, John was 44 when he died. He worked for Video Applications in Tustin , CA for 12 years where his co workers where not only his co workers but he considered them as his family also. John loved to surf and could surf the day away. John was passionate about life and living life to the fullest.He was very passionate about being a father and husband. He lived to make his family happy. John is survived by his loving wife, Evelyn Roberts, Mother, Anni Roberts of Graham, WA, Daughters, Ulani and Kiani Roberts, Sister, Amanda Barber of Orting, WA, Sister, Rosanna Hayes of Graham, WA, Brother, Thomas Roberts of Lander, WY, Sister, Angela Schoepflin of St. Paris, OH. He was preceded in death by his father, David Roberts. Visitation will be from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, on Friday, August 1, 2008 at Rice Mortuary, located at 5310 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, CA.

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  1. My dearest Roberts family, May God bless you and carry you through this very difficult time. may the Lord give you peace in your heart and know that John is now in his beautiful paradise where he can live free of pain and watch over all of you with a smile and full heart of love. My deepest sympathy and love, Michelle Kovacs

  2. My dearest Roberts family, May God bless you and carry you through this very difficult time. may the Lord give you peace in your heart and know that John is now in his beautiful paradise where he can live free of pain and watch over all of you with a smile and full heart of love. My deepest sympathy and love, Michelle Kovacs

  3. My dearest Roberts family, May God bless you and carry you through this very difficult time. may the Lord give you peace in your heart and know that John is now in his beautiful paradise where he can live free of pain and watch over all of you with a smile and full heart of love. My deepest sympathy and love, Michelle Kovacs

  4. I remember back to a day when I was a teenager and my Uncle John asked me join him for a walk in the park. He began talking to me about how he had felt he was going to be alone for the rest of his life, that he did not think he was ever going to have the family he always would dream of having. He wanted a wife who would love him for who he was, and little girls that he could give all his love to. Little did he know his dream was going to come true. I am so happy for my uncle that he was able to achieve his most sought for dream. A family of his own to love. Not many people can say they have achieved their dreams. Evelyn, Ulani, and Kiani… John loved you more than life itself. Remember always that he lived his life to the fullest, and loved his life with you in it. In memory of my dear Uncle John, who I will miss incredibly. Lisa and David Chavez

  5. Ohana is an Hawaiian word that means family. John loved everything that word stood for. Ohana for John was his lovely wife and daughters, his parents and siblings, and all of the people that called themselves his friends. John was a big part of our VAI family and he will be dearly missed. We have laughed with him and cried with him, worked hard and even goofed off a little over the last 12 years. We will always be Ohana and will keep his memory in our hearts forever.

  6. This is a message from one of my dearest friend and I would like to share with you all. Where sand meets sea and sea meets sky That€™ll be John€™s heaven when he dies A perfect day at the beach; sand, sun and surf He€™ll want heaven to be how he lived on earth No more pain though, no more heartaches or grief Our dear surfer John will soon be at peace Cry my dear friend, but rejoice for he is well The cancer has truly made his life hell Be strong for the girls they€™ll need you to be If you need anything you can always count on me Live life knowing that you had the love of a wonderful man Know that he€™s walking beside you even if you can€™t feel him holding your hand Let his girls know that they will forever be in his sights And if they want to see him, he€™ll meet them in their dreams at night Teach them all you can about love and life Let them know how privileged you are to be his wife Hold them close to your heart; tell them how special they are Let them know that wherever they go his love will not be far When you begin to feel sadness find solace in knowing he is at rest Remember that whatever we think we know, God always knows what€™s best He knew John was suffering and that it was time for it to end John left you ensuring you€™d be supported by family and friends Find comfort in the fact that John touched and inspired us all His strength and silent suffering encouraged us to get back up when we€™d fall I am a better person for knowing him and feel honored to call him my friend I count myself blessed that I was with him at the end So every time you€™re in Hawaii or near Avenue C Picture him smiling and surfing, that€™s how he€™d want things to be So cry if you need to and scream if you must You know he€™s in a better place and in that fact you can trust You know the last thing he would do is leave you, but it wasn€™t his choice We can only answer when we hear the call of God€™s voice

  7. John was the kind of guys who made you feel like you were cool just because you were in his company. I loved being around John and had the best time when he would come have lunch with us girls at Belkin like it was the last supper. We are really gonna miss him but we are glad he has found some new pals to surf with. Surf on Surfer John. Peace out.

  8. John will truly be missed but I can rest easier because I’ve got one of the sweetest angels looking down on me now. He was a wonderful father, a great husband and an awesome friend. His concern for others is unmatched, no matter what he was going through he always made sure that those around him were ok. In death as in life he is an inspiration. He is loved, he will be missed and he will always be amazing! For John.. the waves are perfect, the sun is forever shining bright and he is at peace.

  9. We are so sorry for your loss. Please accept our condolences. may God be with you and your families.

  10. John was one of the coolest dudes I’ve ever met. With everything he was going through, he was always in a good mood, smiling & comforting others. I’m greatful to have known him while his time on this earth and will miss him dearly. May you find peace in heaven and live on forever in our memories. With love always, Tiffany and Brian Vaughn

  11. Dear Family, We are so sorry that we can not be there with you. We want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time and our hearts are there with you. Please remember how much we love each and everyone of you. You and all the family have been in our prayers and will stay there always. Love to each of you. Aunt Diane, Uncle Lowell, Eric, Suzette and Brittany. When telling Eric he remembered the trip John made here and stayed with us. John had given him a football jersey and I know he had it a long time. He remembered that and wanted to send his love to each of you also. I remember our trip to CA and our visit. Of course Uncle Lowell has many more memories from when he was out there when he was younger and of the trip back for David Memorial. Please hug each other for us as and know that they are coming straight from us. Love Aunt Diane

  12. I know I am late in writing here. Finding the right words is difficult. We are so sorry for John’s family’s loss – his mother, Anni, his wife, Evelyn, his daughters, Ulani & Kiani, his sisters and brother and other family. We are sorry for his friends’ loss too. We know you miss him so much. We were in Maui in July and thought of you Hawaii-hearted folk every day, and remembered seeing John surf while we were with him a while back, in Lawndale. We didn’t see John a lot because of the distance, but we miss him. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. We love you guys. May God be with you.

  13. You know I had only met John a couple of times at my Dad and Dorthy’s house, but oddly enough he remained in my thoughts. I continued to ask how he was doing and was happy to hear he was surfing and living his life. It was a pleasure to have have met him and how lucky you have been to have had him in your live. What a cool guy!

  14. When I think of John so many memories come to my mind that I can’t seem to focus on just one. We’ve shared so many things on this journey but I can say with all honesty that his life really began when he met Evelyn. He was not whole until he met her and it became complete with the birth of his two daughters. He loved life and he loved his family to the fullest. His love of them, surfing and Hawaii was something that he always shared with us. My heart has broken even though I know that he’s happy and free. I want Evelyn and the girls to know that our love and support are there for them always.

  15. We first met John at his “home” in Hawaii. From the first minute everything just clicked. From that moment on we were friends. Although we were seperated by many miles, our friendship was strong. We often talked about how weird it was that we became such good friends so quickly. We always stayed in touch and talked like we had been friends our whole lives. Even in his times of suffering, he always thought of others and not himself. We will go the rest of our lives honored that we called John our friend, and that he called us friends. John, we will always remember and love you. You are always in our hearts and minds. Until we meet again our friend…We will see you on the beach in Heaven. Love Michael & Melanie

  16. I just wanted to say that I am so thankful that John had met Evelyn when he did and though he didn’t get to stay as long as he would have liked,she made him happy. He loved his girls, and his very good friends. You will alway’s be apart of our family. Love YOU

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