June 18, 1925 ~ January 9, 2021

Born in: Los Angeles, California
Resided in: Torrance, California

Joe Angel Andrade Jr., 95 and Bernice Myrtle Andrade, 93

Married 73 years and passing together, side by side, in their home with many of their children by their side, Joe Angel Andrade Jr, 95 passed on January 9, 2021 and Bernice Myrtle Andrade, 93 passed on January 12, 2021, a beautiful ending to long, rich and shared lives.

Joe, a devoted husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather and uncle was born June 18, 1925 in Los Angeles, CA to Joe Angel and Therese Opal Andrade. Joe was an only child, raised with many aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents in Los Angeles. With stories of riding the streetcars, wild tales of his tight-knit group of relatives and retold fables, Joe enjoyed his upbringing in Los Angeles, attending Mount Carmel High School in LA, where so many classmates were intertwined for the remainder of his life.

Bernice, a very loving wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, sister and aunt was born on February 20, 1927 in Des Moines, IA to George Edward and Myrtle Emma Day. Bernice was the oldest of three; she protected and doted on her sister, Dorothy and brother, George. Bernice along with her mother and her siblings joined their father in Los Angeles in 1938. They all attended Freemont High School in LA where Bernice majored in photography and began her lifelong love capturing life in photos. Bernice never lost contact with her Des Moines relatives and made it a point to reach out, visit and host their visits to Los Angeles.

In 1943 Joe enlisted in the Navy to serve in WWII but before he was shipped out, he met Bernice in September 1944, during her senior year of high school. After only four dates Joe left to serve as an electrician on a ship in the South Pacific, writing love letters to Bernice back home where she was working as a photographer at Clifton’s Cafeteria and waiting for his return.

Joe returned from the war in March 1946 where they finally got a chance to get reacquainted and become engaged before Joe left to go to college at UC Davis. Then on Sunday afternoon June 22, 1947 at St. Aloysius in Los Angeles they married and honeymooned in Laguna Beach. They moved to Davis, CA while Joe pursued a degree and where he and Bernice had their first two children, Joey (Joseph Edward) and Vickie (Victoria).

School was cut short when Joe re-enlisted in 1950 for the Korean War. After two years apart, Bernice and their two small children joined Joe where he was stationed in Japan by way of a long, difficult sea voyage. They enjoyed their time in Japan and made life-long friends there. Before their third child, Marsha, was born they took a military cargo plane trip back to Los Angeles with two small children and a very pregnant Bernice holding hands with Joe during the scary air crossing.

After settling in Hawthorne, CA with their three small children, the family soon moved to their long-time neighborhood in Torrance, where Jimmy (James Anthony) and Juliet soon followed. They remodeled their home to include a second story and rooms for their five children, but the family continued to grow with Terri (Therese) and Angela. The neighborhood was full of young families where the Andrade swimming pool and big house became a gathering place, and life-long friendships began.

Devout Catholics, Joe and Bernice were very involved with their parish and the school, sending all seven children to eight years of elementary school at St. Catherine Laboure. The priests and nuns were their friends, and church was a main focus of life with the family walking together for mass each week, and with Joe chairing the church ushers and managing all of the janitorial work at the school and church. As the family grew older, all of the children attended Bishop Montgomery High School in Torrance where Joe headed up the annual fireworks sale fundraiser.

While their first trip away from their children did not happen until their 10-year anniversary trip to Las Vegas where they were thrilled to see two shows a night, travel became a passion for the couple. Starting in 1970 with their first trip to Europe, a four-week guided tour through several countries, travel ignited a desire to see the world. They accomplished that, visiting 68 countries on 6 continents with Israel as their favorite. In 1998 they went on their first cruise and loved it so much they became avid sailors as Star Mariners on Holland America, with their last cruise in 2015 to Australia and Indonesia where they checked off a long-awaited bucket list item, seeing the Komodo dragons.

When they were not traveling abroad, they took their children on long cross-country trips with a station wagon and pop-up camper trailer. Many memorable family stories grew from these long adventures to Iowa, Arizona, Mexico and many more. Their travels continued with many extended family vacations with their children and grandchildren to local lakes and beaches; camping, hotels and vacation rentals, where just being together was the goal. The grandchildren now have their own extended family vacation tales.

Joe’s longtime career at ATT came to a close at the age of 90 in 2015 with 62 years of service as a communications technician and CWA union steward. While raising seven children, Bernice took on outside sales for a travel agency where she enjoyed planning trips for others and using her experience as a world traveler.

In 2001, with their children grown, they downsized and moved to South Torrance where they became parishioners of St. Lawrence Martyr. Many parishioners remember Joe and Bernice fondly as the very senior couple with their special seats at mass. Over their lifetime they rarely missed mass even on their many travels. They celebrated their last sacrament together in their home prior to their passing.

Over the decades, Joe was always an active fitness enthusiast, faithfully exercising daily, joining gyms before they were popular and becoming a competitive racquetball player. Bernice was an enthusiastic antique collector who was an expert in depression glass and ceramics. She attended a weekly antique class through adult education for nearly 40 years.

The number one priority for Joe and Bernice was family. Their seven children, 19 grandchildren and 29 great grandchildren were their pride and joy. So many memories and events; Christmases, birthdays, baptisms, 4th of July’s, family vacations, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations of all sorts were enjoyed and shared by all. Not a moment, or milestone, or event went without a gathering or a celebration. Joe and Bernice enjoyed them all.

They lived a full life surrounded by their many family and friends. Their children and grandchildren have been blessed to have had them for so long. Each had a different and special relationship with them; all are grateful for their time together.

Their first child, Joey preceded them in death. They are survived by their daughter-in-law, Donna Andrade and children, Vickie (John) Dynice, Marsha (Tom) Cooper, Jimmy (Marion) Andrade, Juliet (Bryan) King, Terri (Jeff) Hargleroad and Angela Andrade (Kristian Peterson); 19 grandchildren and 29 great grandchildren. Bernice is survived by her beloved sister, Dorothy Devereaux.

A private funeral service is planned for Wednesday, Feb 3 at Pacific Crest- Palm Court Lawn. They will be laid to rest at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, CA on Feb 11.

In lieu of flowers the family asks for donations to Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny – Retirement Fund, to support the retirement years of the many sisters who taught their children, became their friends and hold a close place in the hearts of Joe and Bernice.


Cluny Sisters

(In memory of Joe and Bernice Andrade of Torrance, CA)
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  1. candle 1I’m Rick Daniels (the oldest son of Chuck and Peggy Daniels) and I grew up on 170th street in Torrance, a few houses down from Joe and Bernice and their large family. Here are some memories…

    I think Vickie Andrade was our babysitter a couple of times.

    Marcia Andrade was in the same grade as me at St. Catherine Laboure. There were two classes for each grade and we ended up in different classes, so never really hung out. Back in the 1960’s in a Catholic grade-school, it seemed that boys didn’t really hang out with the girls. Oh well.

    Jim (“Jimmy” to us) Andrade was part of the group of neighborhood kids I hung around with which included Johnny Roy Slack, Jim Delziet and Skip Chism among others. I seem to remember an incident between Johnny Roy’s shovel and Jimmy’s heel (ouch).

    At some point I think I bought insurance from Joey Andrade.

    When I was at El Camino Jr. College, I played racquetball many times with Joe Andrade and my dad. I remember Joe as being a fierce competitor.

    The last time I saw Joe and Bernice was at a funeral reception for Al Chism on 170th street several years ago. It was a great time to catch up with both Joe and Bernice.

    Joe and Bernice were some of the friends my parents knew the longest (i.e., since the mid-1950’s) and they ended up being neighbors yet again when they all move to their place on Sepulveda.

    I think most (or probably all) of the members of my family have many memories of Joe and Bernice and their kids. Joe and Bernice will be missed because they were part of our childhood.

    I pray for God’s blessings for Joe and Bernice and their entire family.

    • Thank you for the story Rick. It is so wonderful that our parents continued to be neighbors for 60 years. Beautiful.

    I have known Joe since 1958 when Peggy and I moved to 170th Street. Joe has always been the most goal oriented and driven man I have known. He wanted to achieve his goals and got to accomplish all but one, to live to be 100, that I know of.
    Joe and I played racquet ball at El Camino for several years. He made it a challenge to do his best every time. He was very proud of his family and all they accomplished. One of his great interests was boxing. He enjoyed the fights and I watched several championship fights with him. He was very proud of the job he did taking care of St. Catherine Laboure school and grounds. Joe was a very devoted Catholic and practiced his faith with great fervor. I am happy that I got to know and spend time with both Joe and Bernice. We were able to spend evenings here at Courtyard Villa Estates visiting us and reminiscing about family and the three neighborhoods they lived in since we met them. They loved the little house on Pacific Coast Highway. The stairs got to Joe and he finally decided to move here, after a visit to see our new home. We will miss both of them.

    My condolences to the Andrade family,
    Chuck Daniels

  3. candle 8MY FRIEND BERNICE
    I have known Bernice for 63 years, since 1958, when our family moved to 170th Street. We ended up having five children and Bernice had seven. Both families were very involved with St. Catherine Laboure Church and School. Several of our children were close in age to the Andrade family and spent time together. One of my fondest memories was when Bernice graciously invited the mothers with babies to come to her home for coffee and conversation. There must have been five or six mothers who brought their babies in their infant seats and Bernice suggested that we place the babies around the top of the table as we all sat next to them. She helped to make the neighborhood so family friendly. She loved to have fun and enjoyed entertaining.
    Bernice and I have always had a wonderful friendship, she called me her “sister” and I felt the same toward her. We shared our challenges of raising a family which brought us so close. She was a very loving and devoted wife and mother, so proud of all her children’s accomplishments. She lived a long life and was able to enjoy seeing her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Bernice was always so proud when on Mother’s Day at Mass, the Priest would ask all the great-grandmothers to come up to the altar and tell everyone how many great-grandchildren they had. She always won first prize for the most, no one came even close to her.
    It is so difficult to me to accept that Bernice is gone but God has truly blessed her in that she and Joe are reunited in heaven. She is at peace enjoying a life well-lived and lovingly remembered by her loving family and many friends. Memories never die, I will always remember Bernice and Joe, who was an amazing husband and father.
    My deepest sympathies to the entire Andrade family,
    Peggy Daniels

  4. I am Diane Daniels Ringer…the middle child of 5, parents are Chuck & Peggy Daniels.
    Oh my, I am overwhelmed with emotion and memories of the Andrade family. Juliet and I were close friends for most of our lives as we met as 2 year olds when my family moved into the neighborhood. I recall both Joe and Bernice as loving, involved parents.
    Joe never raised his voice but he could get your attention by turning on and off the hallway lights rather than yelling at us upstairs or just walking into a room, everyone stopped what they were doing to see what he had to say. When I was younger I thought he was a bit scary, as I grew to adulthood I knew he had a soft heart for Bernice, his children, extended family and friends. Joe was so competitive and very proud to be in good shape to play racquetball with younger guys. I went to watch him and my brother Rick play a few times, very impressive!
    Bernice I knew a bit better as she was home whenever I was there. She would let us go swimming often, she was creative in that she asked us to clean the pool tiles when we got in, it was actually fun to clean while cooling off. Juliet and I loved to go in the attic and dress up in Bernices clothes that she had stored up there. She didn’t really like us playing with her things since she had it all organized and we youngsters would leave it a mess! Bernice didn’t really yell at us, she would be exasperated by us. The Andrade’s had a player piano which Juliet and I enjoyed playing and singing at the top of our lungs to Down Town and Moon River just to name a few. Still makes me smile and think of my time at the Andrade house all these years later when I hear those songs. When the Beatles became popular Vicki and Marsha had the first album. Juliet told me I had to pick one of the Beatles as my favorite…I said, I don’t like any of them. She said you have to pick one…I chose Paul and have loved his music ever since! Funny how I remember exactly where I was standing when Juliet showed me that album cover!
    I was invited to most of the Andrade family weddings and caught several of the brides bouquets! There was always something going on with the family since it was so large and lively.
    My parents continued a lifelong friendship with Joe and Bernice as they all ended up living in the same building after moving from the street we all grew up on. I would see Joe and Bernice on occasion when I visited my parents. We will all miss them.
    My heart is full of love and fond memories of your wonderful family. I know you will miss your parents everyday but I hope your memories will bring you peace and joy.
    With love and respect,

  5. Dear Andrades, I was so sorry to hear of the loss of both Joe and Bernice. I only met them a few times, but was well aware of the positive influence they had on multiple generations of Andrades…from Joe’s impressive work ethic, to Bernice’s love of her family and home. May you find comfort in the many shared happy memories. With sympathy and love, Maria Nunez (Jason’s Mom-inlaw)

  6. I have so many happy memories…. but what came to mind was Mrs Andrade shuffling through the house in her slippers and wearing her mumu, but she always had her hair done. Mr Andrade always greeting you with a kiss on the cheek. The sleep overs and swimming during the summer. I always felt welcome at your house💗. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family.
    Love to you all, Corrine (Creen) Hidalgo

  7. How lucky you were…

    I accidentally ran into Joe and Bernice’s obit while looking for my friends and was intrigued to read such a lovely and descriptive obituary and view the unique memory video. I felt as if I knew them as I grew up in Torrance years ago.

    Bless both of them and all of you family members – how lucky you were to have them in your lives for so long…

  8. candle 2To all in the Andrade family~ Our condolences in the loss of both father & mother. What wonderful parents to a wonderful family!
    We will be keeping Joe, Bernice and all of you in our thoughts and prayers. Love and blessings,
    Mary & Richard

  9. Growing up with the Andrades was certainly a lot of fun. Because of Joe and Bernice, we have a lot to be thankful for. Love you all.

  10. Uncle Joe, We love you very much. You will always be in our memories. Miss you always.
    Rest in Peace, Sherri, Willem, Bronson and Heath

  11. candle 7My prayers & sorrows to the Andrade family. I just realized that I worked for Joe back in the late 50’s doing odd jobs at the church and also his home. That was my first job while going to El Camino College and then eventually starting a job at Little Company of Mary Hospital. What a long & prosperous life Joe & Bernice had.

    • I worked with Joe in Grdn02 for many years. I always enjoyed talking to him. We loved to talk about Dancing with the Stars; I think that was his favorite show. Every Christmas, he invited everyone in the building to enjoy a meal; chorizo and eggs, tortillas and Bernice‘s chili beans. Looked forward to it every year. They were a very special couple and will be greatly missed

  12. Joe, Mr. Grdnca02. It was always a pleasure working with you and serving in the union with you. Rest well with your lovely wife.
    You deserve it.
    Brenda Harris ⚘

  13. Joe I smile every time I think back to June 26, 2006, The Madison Complex Reunion. Who ever thought you and Bernice were so smooth on a dance floor! It was a true delight watching the two of you glide and twirl about the floor with love in your eyes.
    Forever together
    Joe ❤ Bernice

  14. candle 4Remember the joy, forget all the pain, let all your tears fall like rain, remember the fun, the happy times past, the sadness you’re feeling won’t always last.

    In deepest sympathy.

    Margaret Williams
    College of Business Administration

  15. candle 6We are heartbroken to hear the news about Joe and Bernice. We met this wonderful family through church when we were newlyweds. They watched our growing family and Joe loved to hold the new babies. We loved cheering for them each mother and Father’s Day when they won every year the most great grandkids.
    We truly loved them and will miss them so much!
    Jen, Kwasi, Zoe, Jonah and Mackenzie

  16. candle 1My parents knew Mr and Mrs Andrade back in the ‘50’s during good times at St Catherine Laboure Parish and school. I followed Vicki’s (daughter’s) posts on Facebook in the recent past few years. I was sorry to hear of their passing. God bless the Andrade children and grandchildren.

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