James Richard Gerstel a 34 year resident of Hermosa Beach , passed away on Friday, August 9, 2002 in Hermosa Beach. Born in Quincy, MA, James was 62 when he died. James had served in the Air Force from 1958-61. He is survived by Mother, Marian Gerstel of Weymouth, MA, Sister, Nancy Curtin of South Weymouth, MA, Brother, Robert Gerstel of Braintree, MA, many nieces and nephews and his extended family at Momentum Textiles. Memorial services will be Saturday, August 17, 2002, 2:00PM at White & Day Hermosa Mortuary, 338 Pier Ave., Hermosa Beach. Inurnment will be at Riverside National Cemetery in Riverside. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Common Thread for the Cure, P.O. Box 43, Lexington, NC 27292 ATTN: Patty Younts, or to a charity of your choice.

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  1. I just wanted to let Jim\’s family know that Jim will always be in my prayers and thoughts. I worked with JIm at Momentum. I miss the way he would say “hello” to me every morning. It was not just hello but as if he was so excited to see me. I will miss talking about football with him. He has touch my life and I will never forget him he will have a place in my heart forever.

  2. Dear Nancy, Robbie and families, I\’ve talked to you so many times in the last several days, but I don\’t know if I\’ve adequately been able to express my deepest sympathies to you. I know that this has been a difficult time for all of you. I hope you can take comfort in knowing that Jim was truly loved by his co-workers. We will mis him. Love, Joanne

  3. I worked with Jim at Momentum Textiles for 7 years. What a dear man. I was writing to him on a monthly basis when I heard he\’d been diagnosed. Just didn\’t want him to “feel” alone. I also wanted him to know I care. My heart breaks for you his family and I will always consider Jim a treasure of a guy. Such a kind heart and oh what a gentleman. May God comfort you his family.

  4. Football at Momentum will never be the same. Jim\’s enthusiasm was contagious. He was happiest during this time, winning or losing a weekly pool. But his spirit extended to others from things such as birthday or anniversary cards. NO one could bring a laugh to me more easily than he did with these thoughts. May this same wonderful spirit now be shared with others who have passed on. He cared deeply and will be missed by us all.

  5. I\’ve only known Jim Gerstel for 3 months. A very willful and passionate man… to say the least! Always greeted me with a smile, and his stern voice would bring back memories of my dad. Jim was a real stickler for detail constantly keeping me on my toes. His quizzical remarks regarding “ETA” verses “Lead Time” verses “Actual Delivery” showed me how keen he was. I only wish I had more time to get to know the real Jim Gerstel like the majority of my co-workers. The little I did learn for him will always stay with me as a constant reminder of what a friend and mentor he was to me. You will be missed my dear friend… you will be missed.

  6. I am pleased to have shared many years of friendship with Jim @ Momentum. We had many laughs, along with the abund- ance of knowledge on many subjects he had acquired through the years, and shared. Jim will be sorely missed.

  7. Jim was a nice man to work with even if we were across the country from one another. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

  8. I knew and loved Jim for 12 years. He loved to discuss his favorite books and television shows. Ally McBeal, Friends, Survivor and of course FOOTBALL. Jim would start notifying us via email about 6 weeks prior when the 1st game was scheduled to be played. Jim always remembered birthdays and anniversaries with his cards. Cards that he had spent time and sentiment in selecting. I always looked forward to Jim\’s cards. As anyone who knew Jim would know His sense of humor. Funny, Funny, Funny! I am going to miss Jim\’s “buzzer” comments. But more that that I am going to miss Jim. He was a great part of my everyday life and nobody will ever be able to fill his shoes. I loved him very much.

  9. I was so very saddend to hear of Jim\’s passing.I had worked with Jim via the phone on a weekly basis for over 3 years. He made a great contribution to Momentum and will be missed. My fondest memories of Jim would be his return phone calls to me. Jim would always give you the Pacific time, as well as the weather forcast which was always beautiful.We sparred back and forth regarding delivery dates and it was quite fun. I will so miss Jim, and his New England sense of wit. My condolences to his family and friends.

  10. Jim and I shared two passions – football and reading mysteries. We traded books all the time and we talked about “my” team the Minnesota Vikings and all the Sunday games every Mon.AM. I had just introduced him to an LA mystery writer- Michael Connelly and he was anxious to read and talk about the book. Watching football just won\’t be the same. I keep thinking of how happy he was that the season was about to begin. My sincerest condolences to the family. I will miss him so very much.

  11. Jim will be greatly missed by many. I will always remember his thoughfulness…he never forgot a birthday or anniversary and always asked how Brandon was doing. Football season will not be the same this year with you gone.

  12. My deepest sympathies go out to Jim\’s family and friends. I worked with Jim just over a year and even though many many miles separated us, I could always hear his smile on the phone. I really appreciated how helpful he was to me and our Canadian customers. What a wonderful man he was. I will miss him.

  13. I was so sad to hear of Jims passing. I have worked with Jim for 10 years at Momentum and always enjoyed his sense of humor, his weather updates, his warm heart. Jim always remembered my birthday and anniversary, and would leave a message with kind words. I will miss him dearly and offer my condolences to his family-Jim was a great man.

  14. While I only worked with Jim for a few months, he left a lasting impression on me. We all know that Jim was a very private person, but we all know that he was also a very caring person. I\’ll always remember him as the old Curmudgeon who never forgot anyone\’s birthday, service anniversary, or Christmas and always had a card for everyone on their special day.

  15. I met Jim 16 years ago when I started working at Momentum and we have been like family to one another ever since. I feel like I have lost a dear part of my family. Jim took me under his wing when I started at Momentum as I did not know anybody in Southern California. He has touched my life and made it so much better for having him a part of it. Of course, Jim and I shared a love for football and as I just gave birth to my first baby, I looked forward to introducing him to Jim dressed in his 49er outfit. I know Jim would have gotten such a kick out of it. Jim attended my wedding in 1998 up in Northern California and it is something that I will always hold close to my heart especially since getting on a plane, renting a car, buying a new suit and staying in a hotel is not something Jim did easily. I love you Jim!

  16. i am greatly saddened to hear of jim\’s passing. i worked with jim for three years at momentum. i always looked forward to our talks about our favorite television shows and the lakers vs. kings basketball games; and i loved the way he always called me kiddo. he never once forgot my birthday or anniversary while i was at momentum, and when i moved home at the end of july he gave me a wonderful card that i will keep always. he encouraged me, made me laugh, and always assured me that i would be a success in life. i will greatly miss jim. my heartfelt sympathies go out to his family and friends. goodbye, jim – you will always be in my thoughts.

  17. Jim was a wonderful man with a beautiful big heart. He welcomed me with open arms at Momentum and I will always remember him. May it give us a sense of peace knowing he is in a better place. My deepest sympaythy, Arielle LaRiviere

  18. Jim will always have a special place in my heart. I worked with Jim at Momentum for several years. He was a very special person who encouraged, motivated and taught me alot. For that I will always be grateful. Jim was all about business but also had quite a sense of humor. I feel fortunate to have known such a wonderful person. My condolences go out to Jim\’s family and friends.

  19. Jim was one of the reasons as a recent college grad I decided to stay at Momentum to start my career. He was always such a true gentleman, treating me with nothing but respect. Thank you, Jim, for your encouragement, friendship, and thoughfulness to remember each birthday and anniversary for these past 10 years. I\’ll always remember you for your “realistic” expectations for new product delivery dates, reminding us all not to take life too seriously. I will miss you dearly, Jim. With warmest regards, may you rest in peace.

  20. Jim, how I will miss your morning hello\’s and your waves as I walked passed you each day. My deepeset sympathies go out to your family….you will be greatly missed! May you be at peace, at rest, and with God.

  21. I\’ve had the pleasure of working with Jim for the past 5-almost-6 years. He has always been one of my favorite co-workers. Although I work in Florida and have been with him in person only a hand full of times, we have had a great phone relationship all along. He was a true professional and excellent at what he did. His knowledge was endless and invaluable. I had nothing but the utmost respect for Jim. He was someone I could always count on to come through on a special request. If there was any way in the world product could ship early – Jim could make it happen. Standard answers weren\’t good enough for Jim. He took pride in his position and was excellent at his job – the best. And, always, along the way, he would make me laugh and feel good. I love Jim and will miss him terribly.

  22. Dear Mrs. Gerstel, Nancy, Robert and all of Jim\’s many nieces and nephews, What a great man we no longer have with us. I\’m so sorry for your loss. I worked side by side with Jim in the purchasing dept of Momentum from 1985-1990. Jim was always honest and full of integrity. He demanded the same from others. He definately maintained a “raised bar” atmosphere in our department. I learned much from Jim, this being my first job out of college, and carry with me many memories. We kept in touch with our Christmas cards every year and each time something new would happen in our lives. For me it was usually an announcement of my growing family….to which Jim would promptly send a congratulatory note. For appearing rough around the edges, Jim dearly loved babies. He rarely held them when employees brought them in to share, but rejoiced with all just the same. “God love \’em” was his standard reply to a baby or a story of one. Jim was awfully proud of his MA. family. I truly loved hearing the stories he\’d share of his nieces and nephews. He also had great tales to share about his youth (though it was quite clear HE DID NOT MISS THE COLD!). Jim didn\’t take just anyone under his wing, and I always felt proud that I had somehow earned that “right” to be there. I din\’t take this honor lightly, but let him know in so many ways, that I was privileged to be his friend. I will not be able to attend Saturday\’s service, but will be praying for your comfort and your peace in this rough time. God bless your family, Leslie Harrison

  23. I worked with Jim for 6 years at Momentum. I remember how excited he was to buy the new car, talk about football in the middle of summer and get a shrimp taco at Rubio\’s. I will miss your daily greeting and your laugh. I miss you and will remember you always. Janeen

  24. I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jim since I started at Momentum in 1989. Most of us that have been at Momentum for many years place a lot of value on the unique and pleasant working environment here. Jim was one of the people that has made Momentum such a great place to work. I had many opportunities over the years to work with Jim on improvements to the software and systems his department used. He never took anything for granted and always thanked me anytime I made an improvement. He could be set in his ways and a little resistant to change at times, but once he adopted a new procedure he would execute it like a Swiss clock from then on out. To use the word \’competence\’ to describe the way Jim carried out his job would be a severe understatement. Every \’i\’ was dotted, every \’t\’ crossed, and data entry errors were unheard of. And no one could miss the excitement Jim would bring into the air at the beginning of football season. His countdown emails beginning with the pre-season exhibition games were enjoyed by all. Jim, we will miss you.

  25. Uncle Jimmy, Just want to drop a note to let you know how much you will be missed by Brian, Tommy, Joey and myself. You will always be in our thoughts and dreams. Thank you for being there and most of all thank you for being you!!!!!! Love, Missy, Brian, Tommy & Joey xoxoxoxo

  26. Dear Jimmy, I was so sorry when you passed away. I remember you came home for a visit and it was a pleasure to meet you personally. You came to my house and you brought me chocolates for our Thanksgiving dinner with your Mom, Dad, Bill, and Nancy. Your sister is a wonderful daughter to me and she loved you very much!!! I love you Jimmy and my prayers will always be with you. God Bless You Dorothy Curtin

  27. I learned many things from Jim over the 25 years I worked with him. I learned the importance of being accurate in conducting business, because he would certainly call you on it if you weren’t. I learned how to accept constructive criticism , because Jim was not afraid to tell you what he thought. But most important of all I learned how important it is to build good friendships, because Jim was always an example of how its done and he reaped the benefits of doing so. He never forgot your birthday or anniversary, he always had a smile for you and when he asked you, you knew he really cared how you’re doing and wanted to know. I’m sure everyone that worked with him would agree that sometimes there may have been a rough exterior to Jim, but there was always a warm heart on the inside. He was a strong man and a good man. He will be truly missed. My condolences to all Jim’s family and friends. So long “JG” from “GJ” I’ll miss ya.

  28. Uncle Jimmy- How Happy I am to have gotten to know you over our weekly conversations. Our great talks and your words of encouragement will not be forgotten. I thankful for the time we did have together and will miss you. I love you, Amy.

  29. I have worked with Jim for 6 years- all pleasurable and now cherished. Jim was a good man that always had a happy smile and a hello that followed for everyone. Never forgot a birthday or anniversary. An avid reader he was kind to loan me some books that I kept for some time and we would chat about them. A hard and diligent worker (always on top of those fabric ETAs), Jim never wanted to go out to lunch so we would bring Wahoo\’s in and eat it at Momentum on occasion. I miss Jim! My deepest condolences to all who knew this lovely man.

  30. To Mrs. Gerstel and Family, My Sympathy, Love and Prayers go out to the Family. I worked with Jim For over 25 years. We were truly a Momentum Family. Jim was always there with the best of Greetings for all occasions. The Football always!. Jim was a friend in many ways. My children coming into the office, Monica and Joe. But most of all my Grandson Devin. Jim spent lots fo time with him talking about Dinosaurs and Bugs. Lunch time they shared Pizza, etc. We Love You Jim and will miss you. Stella, Joe, Monica and Devin.

  31. I had the pleasure of working with Jim at Momentum for over 5 years. He was truly a unique individual. Like so many other Momentum employees, I looked forward to his birthday and anniversary cards. I was always amazed at the time and effort he put into this wonderful demonstration of kindness. It made me feel special and valued and loved. His caring spirit was also evident by his support of Momentum\’s community involvement team. Jim was almost always one of the first people to step up and donate to a worthy cause, especially activities aimed at helping children. His smile, his character, and his presence will be greatly missed.

  32. Dear family and freinds, My condolences go out to each and everyone. I very much enjoyed working with Jim, at Momentum, for sixteen years. He was a kind and generous person who was always happy to help. I\’ll treasure my memory of Jim. God Bless all and peace be with you.

  33. To the family and friends of Jim Gerstel, I extend my heartfelt sympathy and prayers. I have worked with Jim for ten years communicating over the miles to make sure his customers were always satisfied. I never had the pleasure to meet him personally, but I did get the feeling he was a “top notch” guy. I will miss our frequent conversations and his laugh. God Bless you, Jim.

  34. I\’d like to tell Jim\’s family how very special and loved Jim is. I worked with Jim for 6 years. I left California to move to VA 8 years ago, but I looked forward to the holiday cards Jim would send and the little notes he\’d write inside telling me about the Momentum news. Jim knew what a chocoholic I was and would never miss an opportunity to sneak a chocolate bar onto my desk or along with a card at my birthday. Even though I left Momentum in 1993, I always feel that I am still there in spirit and Jim is always in my heart. Diane

  35. I started at Craftex in January 1990, Jim was my first challenge, those who worked with him know what I mean. He knew what he needed and let you know when he wanted it! Ever since that experience I\’ve enjoyed every call, every story, every demand. He is a customer who will sincerely be missed. I always associate Momentum Textiles with Jim Gerstel, one in the same. Although everyone at Momentum is a pleasure to work with, it won\’t be the same. I\’m glad I was able to know him. My sincere sympathies.

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