Henry Nikolaus Linden 2.17.31 ~ 7.7.09 Henry Nikolaus Linden was born February 17, 1931 in Boden, Sweden. He was the second of four boys born to Salvation Army officer parents. In his youth, his parents were appointed to over 15 different corps. At the age of 16, Henry moved to Stockholm on his own to study engineering. He was a soldier and a bandsman at the Stockholm 7 Corps. Not one to stay in one place for very long, Henry immigrated to Rockford, Illinois in 1957. One year later, his fiancé Siv joined him from Sweden. They were married upon her arrival in Hollywood, Florida, and then returned to Rockford. Henry and Siv were soldiers at the Rockford Temple Corps. In 1959, they moved to California and soldiered at the Congress Hall Corps. A dedicated bandsman, Henry played trombone in the Congress Hall band and marched in the Rose Parade several times. Henry and his family have been soldiers at the Torrance Corps since it opened in 1979. Henry worked as a design engineer in the aerospace industry for 25 years before taking early retirement at the age of 62. From a very young age, Henry had a passion for travel and photography. He was an adventure traveler who traveled extensively all over the world throughout his lifetime. One of his proudest accomplishments was skiing to the North Pole at the age of 73. To describe Henry as an "amateur" photographer is really not accurate. Although he would never say so himself, his photographs were of National Geographic caliber. He was a very modest man who was never boastful, and he was very critical of his work. Friends and family alike always enjoyed seeing his beautiful photographs and hearing tales of his adventures. Henry will be dearly missed by all whose lives he touched. He is survived by his wife Siv, daughter Dianne, son-in-law Alex, grandchildren Nikolaus and Sylvia, and 2 brothers and their families in Sweden. Henry's brothers in Sweden wrote the following eulogy, which was read at the memorial service on July 25, 2009. Eulogy in the Memory of Henry Nikolaus Linden Dear Friends of Henry . . . When summer at last had come, bringing light and warmth, our feelings of happiness were suddenly transformed into deep sorrow. We have lost our brother, our impressive brother, big and strong. He had a will, so full of energy, which could overcome anything. He struggled a long time against illness because he loved the life God had given him. But at last God decided to take him home. We lost our brother, but we haven't lost our bright memories of him. No one can take those from us. He was our "big brother over there"—full of new ideas, new adventures, new explorations. Nothing was too dangerous, too difficult or too tough. He said, "If you really want it, you can do it. Never give up." Henry loved challenge. But God's will is above all human will. We need to keep that in mind. We were so impressed with all of his activities, jobs and trips. In our opinion, he was never retired. He had so much to do with all of his endeavors—and he insisted on doing everything himself. When he wasn't working, he traveled—all over the world—hauling several cameras and lenses with him. On a few occasions we had the honor to travel with him to different and strange places. We admired him. His life was a glorious journey—from very plain circumstances as a child of Salvation Army officers in Sweden to a top position at Hughes Aircraft Corporation. Henry had an enormous work ethic and loved to have many irons in the fire at one time. He was larger than life, as you say in USA. But in spite of having lots to do, he never forgot his relative here in Sweden. He had a deep sense of loyalty to us and to his friends. Henry had a big, warm heart. Whenever he came to Sweden, he had gifts for us. It was a festival whenever he visited his homeland, and we longed to meet him. A human being is composed of so many parts and we know only a little part of that. Henry had so many facets. . .so rich, so talented. Our circle of brothers consisted of four from the beginning, but now it is reduced to only two. The older generation gives way to the younger generation and their approach to life. Ages come Ages pass As generations come and go Nothing can silence Heaven's own echo We head for Paradise. Henry had a firm relationship with Jesus Christ. Now he is Promoted to Glory. We pray that God in His wisdom will take care of Henry until we meet again—When we all will join together, free from sorrow and illness. We feel deep affinity with Siv and Dianne and her family, who have lost a husband, father, and grandfather. We share their deep sadness in the loss of Henry. However, we are thankful to have had Henry and all that he has given us. Henry had his roots in Småland, a part of Sweden, and he knew very well this song from this county: Thy holy wings, O Saviour, spread gently over me, and let me rest securely through good and ill in thee. O, be my strength and portion my rock and hiding place, and let my every moment be lived within Thy grace. The Lindén relatives in Sweden through Bjarne Lindén * * * * * * * * *

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