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  1. I read the following eulogy at Papa’s memorial and funeral services: Our Papa was a very thoughtful, highly intelligent man. He loved mechanical problems, puzzles and riddles. He emphatically adored his wife (our Grandmother) of 68 years, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren – and excitedly looked forward to the promise of yet another great-grandchild. His face would light up when any of us would come into a room, or call him on the phone, or hear news of any of us. He was always interested and curious about our lives. He always had smiles, hugs and kisses for us. He was very affectionate and kind and gentle and we always knew we were loved and adored and valued. He emanated warmth and love. He was our quiet angel. Our guide and protector. The root of our sense of humor. Our Papa. From tweaking the plumbing so that hot water would reach the back of the house whenever it was needed, to finishing Grandmother’s crossword puzzles whenever she got stumped on the last few words, his mind was always busy. He once bought a 99 cent puzzle for his great-grand-daughter, Artemis, that was plastic and round and complicated. Papa opened the package, found a thin piece of cardboard and proceeded to trace each piece of the puzzle on the cardboard, in sequence, and colored in each outline with the corresponding color of each plastic piece so that if Artie ever got stumped, she could refer to his “cheat-sheet” and learn from it before becoming frustrated and demoralized. He always seemed to know the answers to the jokes and riddles we would present to him, and he always laughed with us. Since I was his first grand-child and lived close by, and eventually with, I got the most time time with him. As a child, I remember quietly sitting with him for hours, working on puzzle after puzzle with him. When we would get to the last few pieces, he would start handing me those final pieces so that I was the one who finished. I got to feel that sense of accomplishment. Then we would smile at each other, admire the picture, then move on to the next. I remember sitting in his lap, being mesmerized by his deep, gentle voice as he read story after story to me. I remember him setting me up at the piano, the player-piano in the family room. I loved pumping those pedals and making music!!! And Papa would sing with me!! He would even wait patiently and sing through when I’d get tired and slow down the pedaling, or momentarily stop to catch my breath. He’d always smile and laugh with me no matter what we did together! I loved being with my Papa. He had such a deep perspective of the world. He had a deep love for his Maker. I remember coming to this very church, sitting in this room, watching my Papa sing in the choir. I was so proud of him. He was so special. He was serious, but joyful. He was loyal, trustworthy and responsible. He was a loyal Patriot. After Pearl Harbor, he was drafted into the Army only after being previously rejected by all four branches of the military for a blind eye! Then qualified as a sharpshooter!! He would’ve signed up again, if they had needed him! He worked for one company his entire career. He was a quality control manager for North American and he was perfect for it. As a perfectionist, he slowly and quietly planned-out each of his projects in great detail. He was always working on something, always tinkering and never wanted to stop. He had a great and curious mind, a warm, encompassing spirit, a wicked sense of humor and an open, joyful heart. He was “Our Papa”. And we are forever Blessed.

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