In loving memory of Frank Michael Izzo, known by most, as Paco. He left his earthlybody on Friday, February 16, 2018, peacefully in his sleep at the age of 68. Although he left his physical body, his soul will remain in our hearts and memories, until we meet up with him again. He is survived by his wife, Pattie Aitoro-Izzo of 46 years and sons Christian 43, Frank 32 and his niece Beth Swiderski. He was born in Norwalk, Connecticut. on December 7, 1949 to Sal and Lucy Izzo, now deceased. Paco is also survived by his siblings James Izzo of Florida, Rosemary Jennings, Marian Flynn, Florence Sheridan and their spouses, all residing in Connecticut. He is further survived by nieces, nephews and many other relatives and friends. Paco graduated from Central Catholic High School, Norwalk, Connecticut in 1967. He was a fire protection sprinkler fitter for 25 years in local Chapter 709 and took great pride in his work. Paco and Pattie were married in Norwalk, Connecticut in 1972 and resided there where they had their first son, Christian in 1974. The family then moved to Manhattan Beach, California, in 1979, for the California warm weather and beach life. They loved going to the beach, local taverns, softball games which Paco played in for many years, as player #2 on various teams. They entertained family and friends at their beach house often and always had an open door policy with them. In 1985 their second son, Frank was born in Torrance, California. Paco thoroughly enjoyed coaching and attending both of his sons in little league baseball games.He also provided softball coaching for his niece Beth from middle school thru High School. They all attended Dodger Games on a regular basis. Paco was an avid Dodger fan to the point of obsession. He passed this obsession to his children. He was so thrilled to see the Dodgers make it to the playoffs last year and the games they played made him proud! Paco loved to cook many Italian dishes, “sausage & peppers”, anti pasta and “RED Gravy”. He cooked breakfast every weekend for the kids which they loved him for! Pattie remembers one of their favorite pastimes was playing gin rummy. Paco was hard to beat with the exception of Pattie. He played gin with his son Frank on their last Thanksgiving together, when Frank took him for some cash. Another pastime was watching movies. He enjoyed the classics, spaghetti westerns to modern day films. His favorites were John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, The Godfather collection, Robert Redford,baseball, war movies, and history documentaries. He was often known to quote from his favorites on everyday life occurrences. Paco was a history buff and shared his wealth of knowledge whether you wanted to hear it or not! But that is just one of his traits that made him so special. He enjoyed going to and making friends at the local beach area taverns, The Shellback Tavern, Ercoles, The Castle and most recently TheThirstyClub. He played pool and socialized with many friends over the years. Paco and the family took yearly vacations to San Diego and trips “back East” to see family and friends. He loved to eat out on a regular basis,his favorites over the years, Mama D’s in Manhattan Beach, Georgio’s in Palos Verdes and Paisanos in Hermose Beach. All Italian of course! Paco was a very charitable person with family and many organizations, as American Cancer, Diabetes, Heart and various Veteran Associations. You name it, even with his gruff exterior he had a giving heart of gold! In closing, we loved Paco for his originality, tenacity, strength and as his niece put “too cool for school” look. Paco loved his family and friends more than anything in this world and Pac We Love you back.

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  1. I use to enjoy quoting obscure lines from old movies with Paco, he was the only one who understood. He was good with the kids and he loved my mother and treated her like his own. Thoughts and prayers are will all you guys. Love, Mary

  2. Paco was a good friend of mine. He was always there for me. I enjoyed playing tricks on him, like hiding all his clean socks or removing the batteries in his tv remote. He was my buddy. He welcomed my family and fur babies in his home for many meals. We enjoyed dodger games together w my niece and bestie. I could go on for ever. I will miss his stories and his rough exterior. He was gental, kind , and selfless. I am unable to attend serivices next week, but will ( as promised to him) visit as often as possible. Rest in peace paco. GOOD Bye

  3. “Paco was a history buff and shared his wealth of knowledge whether you wanted to hear it or not!” Ain’t that the truth!! Paco was a very entertaining guy. I appreciated his friendship over the years.

  4. Paco has known me since the second I was conceived. He knew my dad before he was killed, he knew second dad after that. Then he became the closest thing I had to a dad. But now he’s gone. Thank you for the time you put in while you were here. Not only for me but for all your family and friends. You most definitely will not be out of site out of mind Paco. You will be the nostalgia bring tears to my eyes type. I love you.

  5. I am Pattie’s cousin from Norwalk, CT and remember meeting Paco for the first time. I thought…wow – look at this guy. He turned out to be the nicest, sweetest guy. I have not seen him for many, many years and my heart goes out to Pattie, Christian and Frank. Rest in peace Paco. xoxoxo

  6. Charlie Luege-Met Paco in Manhattan Beach, knew him for over 25 yrs in MB we’re I played softball with him for 5 or 6 yrs. I loved spending time with him talking Dodger baseball & Paco was a huge Jets fan as well. As a Miami Dolphins fan we had many back and forth discussions on football games. Recently enjoyed with Paco & Girb a bar-b-que at Mario’s House in Hermosa and as always he was very critical of my Dolphins & he was always standing up for his favorite team the Jets and we talked about getting together this season & watching a Jets vs Dolphins rivalry game. Paco I love you and I will never forget you R.I.P my brother

  7. I only know you through Pat’s memories. But, I always know…regardless of everything, she loves you, and only you. May love and peace surround your family during this time of grief.

  8. I love you Paco. I’ll remember you always. Thank you for sticking close by my side after Dad died and keeping an eye on me, I’ll always be grateful for your friendship and love. Give Dad a BIG SQUEEZE for me – I know you both likely need it and I’m sure you’ve missed each other. See you again, friend. xoxo

  9. I met Paco when I was 16 years old and he, and a few others, all hung out together in Norwalk. Although we hadn’t been in touch for many years, the happy memories will always remain. Rest in Peace……

  10. I met Paco when I was 13 or so when he started dating my Sis Pat. It was nice to have a man around, with all the girls in our house, my sisters & Mom, right after our Dad had just passed away. He would take me to the Norwalk ‘drive in’ with Pattie on their dates to see Clint Eastwood marathons and various others. I couldn’t believe he made room for me on their dates. Just goes to show how thoughtful he was, especially during that difficult time in our lives So that is where my love of Westerns came from and continues. My Mom loved him and loved that he enjoyed coming to our Sunday dinners with her great cooking and company. He always called her “Ma”. I could go on & on but you all get it! And my eyes are welling up. RIP Pac! I thought you were invincible but these last 2 years that changed terribly. And now you are with those that passed before you. Love, Lisa aka lee lee.

  11. I am so sorry for the loss to your family. I remember Paco from CCHS and years after when him and Pattie were kind and extended a helping hand when I was in need . RIP Paco

  12. To: My teammate, my neighbor, my partner in crime, and most importantly, my friend. I am a better person for having shared with you laughs, meals, stories, ballgames, beer league softball championships, beach days, holidays, and so much more. I am a witness to how much you cared about your family and how much it meant to you to provide for their needs. Today, a sadness, an existential angst, and a void surfaces whenever I think of your end. The journey we shared will offer no more at bats, however, so many fond memories will soothe my pain. Adios mi amigo.

  13. Paco was my best friend. He had my back forever. I will miss you terribly man. I was so saddened when i was told of your passing. He welcomed me into his home was there every day in my darkest time. To Patty and the kids as you can see by everyone else’s comments please comfort yourselfs knowing how much he was loved. God bless.

  14. Hey, Patti, Lisa, Beth — this had me crying, and remembering the good old times on Bayview Avenue and that little place on Route 7, playing cards and just hanging out. Loved seeing the pictures of everyone, including Aunt Chris, and Christian, who I spent a lot of time with in Norwalk babysitting, while you two went out. Our men, like Jim, Rudy, and now Paco, were too young to have checked out of this life, for sure. Really nice tribute. This is difficult, even though they were difficult when they were alive, as I well know. Life’s changing, not ending. Thinking of you during this time. Love, Cousin Donna

  15. When i first met you i was 10yrs old, & i thought, wow what cool dude, i loved that you joined our family but most of all that you had each & everyoness back, you included us in everthing & i will always respect you, love you forever, ” love Gracie” yes you gave me that name & boy did i earn it , you knew me well❤❤❤❤❤

  16. Met Paco at work LAX Hilton, sprinkler industry. Great person to know, alway’s treated me good. Had a connection with him right from the start, my wife is Itaiian and from Conn. Got to be best of friend’s. RIP, Paco

  17. Years ago I was Paco’s Apprentice, and worked with him on many jobs including LAX Hilton. He was a great Forman and knew how to run big jobs. He treated me like his little brother (maybe because I am Italian). We became good friends. I have many great memories of him. He used to make and bring me sandwiches for lunch. Paco and Patti even came to our wedding. He used to jokingly give me a hard time claiming his youngest son Frank was conceived that night. He was a character! He was also a very caring person and would give you the shirt off his back, but don’t ever cross him! LOL! The last time I saw Paco was at the union hall receiving his 35 year pin and I was receiving my 30 year. Same old Paco, pulling up in a brand new Cadillac, Frank Sinatra blaring from his radio. I was shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. RIP Paco. Our prayers are with your family.

  18. I met Paco “lzzy” as a 2nd year apprentice working for Cosco in 1986. I was scared when he said ” I hate apprentices” after I introduced myself. He promtly took me to his house which was nearby for lunch. Not so scary after all, in fact, a really great guy and pleasant foreman to work with. I have good memories of my time working with him. Rip Paco. May God comfort his loved ones in this time of sadness. Gary Benjamin Sr.

  19. This is Pattie Izzo, Paco’s wife. I want to thank all of you for your prayers, thoughts, and beautiful stories. As you know, Paco was a storyteller and would be thrilled to read and remember all the good times. We had a wonderful marriage and remained friends after some hard times. We had each other’s back through thick and thin throughout the 46 years. He was my rock and I could always go to Paco for help or just have a good dinner out. I already miss hearing that sexy voice telling me what to do. Paco cherished his family. He loved his sons very much and they him. It’s been difficult for them as well with each day a little harder to face without their Dad. I was very glad Paco’s family came from CT. to say their goodbyes. I was the luckiest person in the world to marry into such a wonderful family. I’ve always knew after meeting his family that he would be a good husband and father. Friends were an important part of Paco’s life equal to his love of family. He would do anything for a friend. He was incredibly loyal to all the people he knew and loved. I can talk about Paco for hours but you all know how unique, colorful, and special he could be. Again, on behave of our family please accept our gratitude for the love and kindness you have expressed. Please know if Paco has anything to say about it, he is in your hearts and his spirit will live on forever.

  20. PACO my friend. I am deeply saddened to hear of your passing. I will miss hearing your gravely voice..P-A-C-O….J-E-N…. I will always remember you being a good friend to my late husband Tommy and myself. You were always there help when we needed you. Especially when the water heater needed to be replaced! And you when you needed a swing set put together! Patty, Christian, Franky, Beth and Lisa. I am sorry for your lose. Paco was a big personality and full of life and a kind soul. He will be missed. When I heard of his passing I looked up to the heavens and said the four amigos are together again; Paco, Tommy, jack and Ted. Rest i’m Peace my friend. And say hello to my husband and the boys for me.

  21. Pattie, This the first time I’ve seen this. I am so sorry for your lose. I’ve tried to reach out to you and Paco and for no good reason I couldn’t. Paco was my teammate in many softball games we always had a good time. Even at our wedding when I hit him with macaroni salad, he was good natured. Patti you have my heart felt sympathy. If you every want to talk, please contact me or Liz.

  22. Frank and I lived in the same building 1466 Manhattan Bch Blvd. He was the cleanest, neatest person in the whole building, and I might say very bossy. At first we didn’t hit it off, because he was so bossy, but I got used to him and discovered that was just a persona that he liked to display and he would do everything to keep the building looking clean. We became good “building mates” and I liked Frank very much. I knew that I could ask him to help me with anything in the building and he would. He loved his sons and they were frequent visitors along with his many friends. I would always smell that delicious aroma coming from his unit and knew that someone lucky was going to be treated to something wonderful. I’m so sorry Frank had to leave so soon, he loved life and his family and friends and they will miss a very nice person. He was really the nicest person in the building and loved his home.

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