Life is a series of hammer blows of pain; Sweet candy brushes of pleasure and bliss. Pains from the loss of a beloved, The end of love and a friend's betrayal. As life unfolds we shall see more colors of our lives; Blood of wars, gold of wealth, sorrow In blue and white of peace. After the colors come the songs of memories; We witness the pleasures of birth, of union and separation. Enjoy the bliss of adventures, new lands, people and custom, We then sleep, dream and rise with hopes of new sparkles. We are scarred by youth imprudence and contrition of old age, We watch the rising and setting sun, Until we search no more for the greener grass. But contentedly smell the flowers of our garden, Looking for signs that the tides have ebbed, So we lay our hands on our chest, And sigh, farewell and goodbye! Ernani Cruz Pano Poet, Author, Lawyer, Bookworm, Judge, Justice Editor-in-Chief

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