No Llenen Sus Corazones No llenen sus corazones de dolor y tristeza, Pero si recuérdenme en cada mañana. Recuerden la alegría, Las risas, y la sonrisa. Solo fui a descansar por un momento. Aunque mi partida cause dolor y tristeza, Mi retirada ha calmado mis penas y me ha dado alivio. Entonces sequen esas lagrimas y recuérdenme, No como estoy ahora, Pero como siempre fui... Porque, Yo los recordare a todos Y les cuidare con una sonrisa. Comprendan, En sus corazones Solo fui a descansar un momento. Siempre y cuando yo tenga el amor de cada uno de ustedes, Podré seguir viviendo en sus corazones...

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  1. “Dad”, My heart is so heavy with the pain of missing you but yet my heart is filled with so much joy for the love that you had for me and the boys ~ I could not have asked for anything more from you and you are going to be missed but will forever live in my heart and in the Boyz! I was told this is not good-bye but rather see you later. May you feel no more pain and keep watching over me and guide me. Love you and miss you so much, Victoria

  2. Grandpa, Thanks for always being there for me ~ I loved the way you would always take us to watch soccer games and how you loved to watch boxing. I knew that I could always see you at Golden Eagle and you would eat with me. I will always love you and I miss you so much “Grandpa Enrique” You were like another dad to me and I want you to know that I will always love you and miss you. Your always in my memory. RIP, Chuyito

  3. i love you Papi, i thank you for showing me right from wrong, caring for me, being there when i needed you the most. i will never forget the things you’ve shown me in life. You will me Missed Grandpa

  4. I am truly sorry for your lost and may GOD bless you all in this time of need so that your hearts can be at ease

  5. My Dad who and what did my dad mean to many? He was a father to few, a Grandpa to many and a friend to all. A hero to all that called him for help. he may not have had a cape or a mask, but a hero nevertheless and boy he knew his politics, if I had a question to verify something, I’ll miss that the most about him. He was a good decent human being with good advice always. My Papi understood life, family and friends, he worked hard to keep his family above water. I grew to know this man and began to admire him, everywhere I went people would ask “How’s your Dad?” and felt blessed that I still had him here. Always concerned about others till the day he passed when he asked “How was your trip?” While hardly able to speak, my son answered good and smiled back, thinking how nice grandpa is in caring. We should all take his example and take the time to think in others before ourselves and we would be as lucky as him – A real DON! DON ENRIQUE. I’d often here this prestigious title, not just anyone gets this honor. With this title comes respect, honor and truth. Please don’t cry, for every time he’s thought of he lives; Every time he’s spoken of, you bring him back; Especially every time you follow his advice he’s alive. So please speak of him often, think of him often and practice caring for others feelings and help keep him alive in our hearts and in our lives. (Speech written by Enrique II for funeral)

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