Eddie was taken tragically and unexpectedly from us, but his memory still resides in our minds and hearts Eddie Baez October 21, 1984 – August 28, 2005 Eddie had a happy soul. His smile was vibrant and full of life. He had personality unlike any other. A part from this, Eddie had a heart that cared about people. He often talked about how much his family meant to him as well as his son Jonathan. One of the hardest things that any person can do is change. Eddie tried to change in every which way possible to improve his way of life and leave the past behind. One of the things he tried to change was his temper as well as his impatient attitude. Somewhere along the way he realized that there was more to life than being mad all the time. He was the kind of person that befriends everyone even if it was at a bus stop or on the streets driving. Everyone liked him and had many friends who enjoyed his company. Eddie brought joy and laughter into everybody’s world when they were feeling bad. He would give up his shirt to anyone who needed it. He wasn’t selfish and appreciated all the smaller things in life. Above all, Eddie was loved by a great deal of people who grew to care for him and his well being. There were a few individuals who were first intimidated by his looks but once they got to know him, he was nothing but warmhearted, joyful, and hilarious. While Eddie was growing up, his friends knew him by “Lonely.” Eddie will be missed by all who knew him. He leaves behind his mother and father, two younger sisters, two younger brothers, a great deal of friends, and his girlfriend, and is survived by his son. Eddie we love you

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  1. Eddie was taken tragically. He was very lonely when he was a child because his mom didn’t like him. He grew up to be very sad and lonely. He left behind two brothers and two sisters and they really miss him.

  2. my brudder waz the best well he still is the best even though hes not here i know his still with us he has a great heart….. i love him so much and i miss him with all my heart but it’s ok cuz one day well be together again……..,’) I LOVE YOU!

  3. Well how can I start off, maybe by saying that I miss you Eddie and I love you very much. Well I didnt have many memories with Eddie because I did not know him for long and pur relationship was cut short by the people that took him away from me and his loved one. The one thing that I will never forget is when I first met him. I met him at a club on 6/15/05 at 11:30pm. That night we danced together from the minute I met him until the minute the club closed. He didnt let me out of his site the whole time. I knew that from the moment I met him that he was that special person for me. That night when my friend dropped him off I remember him getting me hand and taking me away from everyone to tell me how much he liked me and how beautiful I was to him. Then he asked me for my phone number, right after i gave it to him I turned around to walk away and he grabbed my hand turned me around and then kissed me. That was the first time his lips had touched mine. I’ll never forget that because I felt as if I was in heaven. Later that week we spent the whole weekend together at my friends house in Burbank. I’ll never forget that weekend, especially when we went to the queen mary. he paid for everything and when I would take out my wallet to pay for something he would always take it away from me and tell me that he was going to pay for it. He always made me feel like I was a queen and whenever I would want something he would make sure that I would get it and if I didnt he would be upset with himself as well with everyone around him. I love you Eddie and I miss you mi amor. I still look at our stars every night before I go to bed.


  5. wow brother we miss you day by day and night by night well hope you to see you in the other world love you and you always in mii and the families heart love you rest in peace……..

  6. mo apasado el tiempo siges tan sercas de mi estas en el ahire en mi tiempo em mi pensaniento en cada minnuto de mivida en mis tristesas en mis alegrias y cada dia es eterno sin ti siempre seras mi gran amor etermo te amo teamo

  7. mo apasado el tiempo siges tan sercas de mi estas en el ahire en mi tiempo em mi pensaniento en cada minnuto de mivida en mis tristesas en mis alegrias y cada dia es eterno sin ti siempre seras mi gran amor etermo te amo teamo

  8. Brother i come close to you’r ashis every day to talk to u… People tell me you can’t hear me because you’r gone, I just tell them, “You might be gone in there eyes but not in mine.” Because ur still in my heart and always will be.. I cry when i think of u but people ask me, “why?” I just tell them how i felt about you, and that I still love u brother, and that I miss you so much.. But people tell me thers no point in still loving you beacause ur gone, and you will never come back and I agree with them.. You are gone but never forgotten, and one day we will meet again I promise.. I pray to god everynight asking him to keep u safe and I talk to him about meeting you again.. I whanted to kill my self just to se u again in heven, but then I knew you wouldnt whant me to do that. I try to be happy but I cant when I know that I wont hear ur voice for a long time.. I always thought I could live without you brother, but I realy feel I can’t, I never thought u would have left us.. Are mom said, “God just needed an angel!” I ask god,Can I be his next angel so I can be with you.. But he never replies.. I even ask God, “why? Why did he take you, and make me hurt so much.” I don’t think anyone really knows how much it hurts to be missing you Eddie.. I hate you not being around, I wish I could even see u one last time so i could say good bye.. No one understands me anymore, no one understands… Understands that I will allway love u brother.. I never knew this would of happend, no one did, I wish that.. That I could look back on the goodtimes with you but that has all gone, everything has changed brother, and even thinking about it makes me whant to cry.. Cry so much, but are mom tells me not to cry, she told me you were looking over us and you wouldnt whant us to cry, I tell her “Im sorry but thats all i can do..cry!” She told me I could look back at the good memories, but I said I can’t do that with out you, because I need you to be with me while we look back and then she says, “why?” And i replide I need to see my brother smile, and feel his toch while we smile together and look at the good memories, then are mom said, “why dont u tell me and him the good memories.” But then I tell her I wish I could tell you.. She told me I can because you will always be ther with us.. Then she said “You would never give up on us because you love us to much and we love you!” “Me ur sister loves you and forever will brother!” “I LOVE YOU!”

  9. brother is ben 6 years & i stil fell like its ben reasent ther is no day i dont think about u…. i love i miss u so much i just some times wish u was hear may b things would b so much better i miss u with all my heart brother i never thought u would leave me… u was always ther n u looked for me when they didnt let me c u fuck idk why u had to leave me:/ i love u brother tu ermanitah natalie:*

  10. â„¢Brother I miss u so much :’/ I NEED U!! Te xtranio muchisimoâ„¢!! Till this day I cry im still hert.. I still ask “WHY?” :’/ I know ur still with me but I would rather have u hear physically:’/ ur always n my thoughts brother I love uâ„¢

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