David Murray Davis (known to many as "POP") past away on Friday September 15, 2006 at his sons residence in Torrance. Those who were lucky to have known Pop enjoyed his engaging personality, his beautiful humor and his love for helping people. Surviving and mourning pop are his brother, sisters and family, his son David Jon Davis, Davids wife, and 3 granddaughters, his son Christian Alexander Davis, Christians wife, and a granddaughter. He will be missed by many teachers and students at North High School in Torrance where he loved to teach and took pride in doing so for many years. His memorial service will be held at Rice Mortuary 5310 Torrance Blvd, Torrance California on Thursday September 21, 2006 at 11:00 am.

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  1. Our sincerest condolences. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you at this time of sorrow. God bless and should there be anything we can do, please do not hesitate to call. We love you much.

  2. We’ll miss him dearly. I have never met a man like him, nor will I ever meet a man as wonderful as him.

  3. Dear God, Please spare our loved one’s the pain of losing a loved one.Help them to be strong thru this hardship we all share.God bless Pop, we know he is in a better place.Thank you God for the memories.Dave and Chris,we share your sorrow.

  4. May God give you the strength to overcome your great loss. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you.

  5. Loosing a loved one can be difficult I know. Loosing your father hurts to let him go. Deep down inside there’s this incredible pain. What you would do to bring him back again. Though you have family and friends, their all around You look for your father, Oh! If he could only be found. Though the father is gone, he’s not too far away. You may not believe this now, but you will one day. Hold on to those memories deep down in your heart. One day the memories will show you “You are NEVER that far apart”

  6. I was the principal at North when Dave first started to sub at the school. He was always cool, calm and collected, which is a hard disposition to maintain as a substitute. Even after a very trying day, his comment would be something like ‘Today was Doozie’. He never was one to put gas on a fire. Quite the opposite, through his calm demeanor he could influence students in a very pleasant way. We could always count on him to get the job done. I enjoyed many conversations with Dave early in the mornings before school started. Dave was a Saxon all the way. He was a fine man. I am sure for his family it is a great loss.

  7. I will miss Uncle David (as I know him) at the Family Christmas Party. He made me feel welcome and always had something enlightening to say. I am sorry for your loss. He is remembered as somebody who made a difference.

  8. When I read the name in the paper, it rung a bell. I had a class in Torrance High School in 1990 with one of the WORST teachers ever, who did not care if his kids graffitied his walls. People would throw food on the floor and he would not care. He was absent EVERY OTHER DAY, I am not joking. David M Davis’s name rung a bell because a substitute always had to fill in a report of how the day went. The report he made was taped to the bullitin board in November 1990– and it stayed up till the end of the year, since the teacher did not care about the looks of his filthy classroom! I sat next to the bullitin board and saw that substitute report every day til the end of the year. I still remember it like yesterday: Substitute’s name: “David M. Davis” Period 1 comments: “You have my sympathy” Period 2 comments: “Raging hormones– God help you!” Period 3 comments: “Same as Period 1 and 2” Period 4 comments: “Closest class to civilized so far” Period 5 comments: “Back to square one!” Overall, he did not let a room full of crazies make him loose his sanity. Remained very calm with what he had to deal with, a class used to a regular teacher who could not care less about the students (I’ll leave this teachers name anonymous). All I remember before leaving the class that day is one of the students asking Davis if he will be there tomorrow after an hour of kids running amok. He calmly stated with a smirk “Hell, no!” My sympathies to the family and friends of a man who loved what he did and managed to roll with the punches the job brought. I can tell you there were subs throughout the year in that class who had to put up with even more delinquency than that day! Rest in peace. Signed, Anonymous in Torrance

  9. I want to say that Dave touched my life in a big way. I met Dave when I first moved to 235th st. 32 years ago. He was always there for me, when I had kids, a miscarriage, a divorce, remarriage, good times, and bad. He was a good listener, a shoulder to cry on and always supportive. One time my roommate Laura and I were so broke and Dave brought us 2 big coffee cans full of pennies and it saved the day and touched our hearts, and that story has been told again and again, never to be forgotten, just as Dave will never be forgotten.

  10. I remember the first night I met Pop. I was 15 years old. (about 30 years ago.) I was at a party at Hillary Watson’s house. His son Dave was playing in the band and I just happened to sit next to his other son Chris. We were talking about playing guitars and Chris invited me to come jam at his house. I remember it like it was yesterday. The house was filled with awesome musicians and people who really cared for each other. Pop made me feel so welcome and loved. He greeted me with a big hug. I thought to myself “this is the coolest place ever!!!”. Needless to say I spent every weekend and many weekdays there for the next 4 years. Pop gave us all a place to hang out and a hug when we needed it. He gave me love and acceptance during those hard teenage years when that is exactly what you need. I am thankful that Pop was a part of my life and I will miss him. Dave and Chris – I will pray for you because I can imagine you will miss Pop most of all. I love you guys! Love, Melanie p.s. I’m sorry if this is my second entry. I wasn’t sure if my first one went through.

  11. I remember Mr. Davis very fondly from my high school years…the video tribute is wonderful and it’s great to see him at such a young age……..I can’t think of ever hearing a bad thing about Mr. Davis and the world is missing a good soul by not having him around anymore. R.I.P. Mr. Davis and I hope you are having a good ‘ol time up there. -Crystal Henning

  12. “Pops” was really a nice, gentle person. I will miss his humor and the talks we had. So long, “Pops”, til we meet again in Eternity, may the Good Lord bless you and keep you. Your friend, Ira

  13. I was starting a new job at Hughes. Pops introduced himself to me at the coffee pool. When he found out that I am Chinese, he told me about his Chinese friend, Wilbur who was teaching him some Chinese phrases. I imagined a nerdy, fresh off the boat type and hoped never to have to meet him. A while later, while Pops and I were talking at the coffee pool, we “ran into” Wilbur by chance and Pops introduced us. I didn’t know at the time that there was a back door to the lab and that I had been set up. Three years later, Wilbur and I were married. By the way, neither one of us drinks coffee. We both drink tea. Pops was a very special person and we will miss him.

  14. He will always be Mr. Davis to me- my favorite substitute teacher ever. And yes, he did smirk a lot. You could tell something hilarious was ALWAYS running through his head, although he usually thought better of saying it aloud! I appreciated his humor nearly on a daily basis for four years. I am a very lucky girl because I was able to meet such a wonderful person in my lifetime.

  15. Some of my fondest memories by far are the years spent down the street at Dave’s with Chris and David and “the gang”… what great times..precious times..the memories come flooding back and i can’t get the smile off my face! He was a very unique and kind soul and he will be missed and always, always loved. He’s to you Dave!!

  16. Whether it be a “steely” glare to know if I dissappointed him, or the slightest grin to know of his approval. It never changed the look of “love” for me in his eyes. Forgive me, if I do not give my condolences to Dave and Chris, that’s only because I share your grief as a brother, for the loss of our father. I’ll miss you, Pops.

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