Westergaard, Craig Allen November 23, 1963 - November 30, 2003 Craig passed away on November 30, 2003. He was a lifelong resident of Torrance and a graduate of West High School (class of 1981). His ever present smile and friendly, easy-going nature will be remembered by his many friends and family. Always willing to lend a hand to someone in need, he gave generously of his time and possessions. He was truly a genuine person with a big heart. Once you met Craig it was hard not to like him and he will truly be missed by those lucky enough to have known him. Craig was hard working, multi-talented and skilled in many trades. He took great pride in his work. His sense of humor and knack for telling a good story will be missed as will the entirety of this young man who was taken away from us all at the very young age of 40. Craig died of natural causes at his home in Torrance. God must have needed another good man in Heaven. Though knowing Craig he wouldn't want his family nor friends sitting around mourning but rather remembering the good times they shared over the years. He is survived by his beloved parents, Gary and Pauline Westergaard; sister and brother-in-heart, Terry Omanson and Gregg Sanders; nephew Jason Omanson; and nieces Jessica and Tiffany Omanson; brother Jack Steele; and brother and sister-in-law Dan and Janet Westergaard; and nieces Meagan,Brenna and Madison Westergaard. Also his two dogs and four cats-who are surely missing his caring touch. Visitation will be held on Monday, December 8, 2003 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at the White and Day Colonial Mortuary, 901 W. Torrance Blvd., Redondo Beach, CA 90277. Services will be at the same location on Tuesday, December 9, 2003 at 2:00pm.

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  1. I think of you in silence I often speak your name All I have left are memories And your pictures in frames My heart and soul still ache with sadness And the loneliness… Knowing I can’t reach you To stand under your loving heart and arms The silent and loud tears flow What it meant to lose you NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW If I could have you back… Oh, if we could only have you back…

  2. “Still to this day and I’m sure for the entirety of time…Craig, the much missed company of you is greatly missed…I can’t wait till the time when we will meet once again.”

  3. Dear Westergaard Family, I\’ve known Craig for 9yrs. I am very sorry for your loss. A Friend Jamison M. Utley

  4. Dear Westergaard Family: Warrioville (West High Alumni website) sends sincere condolences to your entire family. It\’s always hard when we lose a “Warrior” and I just wanted you to know how very sorry I am. I put Craig\’s obituary information on the front of for his classmates. I had received emails from many asking me if I had heard anything. It\’s very clear he was well liked and loved by many. Sincerely, Kathy Fawley-Frankforter

  5. My thoughts and Prayers are with you all at this time of sorrow. Craig was always so funny… he will be missed by all who knew him. Sincerely, Elaine Williams-Bevington Class of 81

  6. As all who knew Craig, I am shocked and deeply saddened to hear of his passing. Although Craig and I lost touch of eachother in our adult lives, I would like to share a quick childhood memory that I have of him. When in the eighth grade, I tranferred from a Catholic school to Burt M. Lynn where Craig attended. We did not know eachother prior to my transfer. Most kids, cruel as we know they can be, did not welcome me with open arms – I was viewed more as the “geek” Catholic boy. The one outstanding exception was Craig. As soon as we met, Craig showed kindness and compasion towards my ackwardness at being the new kid in school. He went out of his way to make me feel welcome, and introduced me to his many friends, making my transition much easier. Even at this young age of 13, Craig demonstrated the goodwill and kindness that made him so well liked by so many people. Although this act took place 27 long years ago, I have not forgotten and likely never will. Thanks Craig, and may you rest in peace.

  7. Dear Westergaard Family, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and support go out to you at this difficult time. Sincerley, Antoinette Wood WHS Class of 1981

  8. Dear Westergaard Family, My thoughts and prayers go out to you all. Craig was special and will be deeply missed. Sincerely, Lisa Vincent-White

  9. Dear Westergaard Family;I am so sorry for your loss.My thoughts and prayers go out to you.Craig was one heck of a guy to be around,always so funny and upbeat.He will be missed. Sincerly, Chris Utley

  10. Gary and Irish, Teri, Danny and Jack, So sorry for your loss. I will miss Craig. He was truely my good friend. Shelly Jo

  11. Wow, what a loss! My deepest condolences go out to eveyone in craigs life.(especially family!) At the same time, it was an honest blessing to spend the little bit of time I was able to spend with him. He was the coolest, most easy going guy in the south bay. I last saw craig on his birthday, on his way to a car show, he was so cool and unforgetable…. Love ya always Craig….. Miesha!

  12. Mr. & Mrs. Gary Westergaard, Danny, Janet & the Girls, Terry, Cowboy & Jason, Jessica,& Tiffany and Jack: My thought and prayers are With you in this difficult Time. His loss has been painful. He is truly one special person in my live I Love him dearly. Sincerely, Brandi

  13. Craig; You have been just a wonderful friend and the most colorful neighbor (in your own special way-as only one in two million can be…)…You have turned out more prior \’anti-country\’ music haters to \’can appreciate\’ if not \’now love\’ those “dang twangy, She took the dog and left me…”sad songs as well as the happy & upbeat genuine – Johnny Cash…Heaven must have needed you – but we all will miss you and your funny jokes and stories as only you have told them…You have left behind a lot of lessons that we shall continue to share in your memory, and you will NEVER be forgotten…I can only suspect you\’re in the best of company, with Johnny at your side, having a Jack & Coke and telling him the joke about the time you….. Cheers to your memory, my friend….. Raquel Real

  14. Our deepest sympathy to the entire family. It has been said that there is no loss greater than loosing a child and It breaks my heart that Gary and Pauline had to experience it. My families memories of Craig come from his childhood and teen years and they are memories of smiles, laughter, skateboards, a great sense of humor, and just being a really special nephew. Our family will keep our memeories of Craig close to our heart. I have no words to express my sympathy for your loss. Just know that you are in our thoughts daily. God needed one more good man so he chose Craig. We love you all, Linda and Mike Mathew, Jennifer, Robert, Paula, and Daxton

  15. Dear Westergaard family, Brandy, & friends, Although most of you don\’t know me, I knew Creig. He will be missed by a great number of people. He was as funny and caring as all of you say. My experiences with Creig were basicly sitting around trading plumbing secrets and solving the worlds problems. I just want to say one more thing CREIG could you put in a good word for me to the plumbing Gods. With Love and Respect Mike Hobi

  16. Gary, Irish, and family, we are so sorry to hear of the loss of Craig. We have very fond memories of him. My first memory of him was the California boy wearing bib overalls when visiting in SD. And our most recent memories being that of him ushering at our wedding, he was bound and determined to take the garter back to California and he did! There are no words of comfort for the loss of a son but please know that you and Craig are in our daily thoughts and prayers. God be with you. Mark, Lisa, Seth, and Cole

  17. We will long remember the time Craig and Kenny were helping move grandma Jensen and of course Ken was carring all the heavy stuff mainly small buckets as he said he would get all the heavy stuff and of course Craig was busy woeing Theresa as he was not a lot of help either.There will always be a lot of wounderful memories of Craig for us to remenber.Our thoughts and prayers will be with you Irish, Gary and your family.We will keep in touch Sheldon & Judy

  18. I would like to offer my deepest condolence to Craig\’s family. To Brandi, Stay strong, and always remember the good times. Finally , to Craig, I wish we could have gotten over are differences. I will always miss your sense of humor and your company. You were a “stand up guy”. You will be greatly missed.

  19. “My Deepest Condolences goes out for you and everyones very great loss Westergaard Family”. “Craig was and always will be such a dear friend indeed, he had/has such the knack to bring a smile and enlightenment to whomever met him, he will always and forever be genuinely loved and missed by us all!…”Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awaken us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom and kindness. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon and because of them….We aren\’t the same!”

  20. Dear Gary,Pauline,Brandi,Terry,Greg,Jason,Jessica,Tiffany,Jack, Danny,Janet,Meagan,Brenna,Madison,Louie,Raison,Motorboat,Razor,Suki,Jazzy and Rex. Craig was more than just a friend to me.He was a brother.I can\’t remember when we first met,But I`ll bet we were causing trouble or getting in to trouble some 35 years ago.We`d shared just about everything in life together (except women)Losing him has devastated me.Craig played a big part in my life and I miss him so very very much.I`m so lucky to have so many memories of us,like the time when we were kids,Craig and I decided to paint the street one day . Later that night when I was getting ready for bed,There was a knock on the door,and there stood Craig with paint thinner and rags.Remember that one Gary? Craig and I were just talking recently about that episode.And I can go on and on…. I`ll never forget Craig and that smile of his. with all my love Byron.

  21. Dear Pauline and Gary, Danny, Jack and Terry. Although Craig and I didn\’t always see eye to eye, he was in fact a great friend of mine since our childhood. We played football at Tower\’s school, we raced our bikes on 190th and Flagler, we raced motorcycles at Ascot, and we shared many memories about life. He was a great guy and was a good friend to many people. I am sure he is looking down from Heaven above, making sure his grass is watered and his pets taken care of at all times. Please know that his life was filled with love and warmth and we will all miss him very much. Craig, take care of your family and friends from above, we we will all be there in our destined time. Mark Haan(Reiman)

  22. Pauline & Gary and family, My heart goes out to you, Craig was quite exceptional. he was the 1st friend Byron introduced me to. and soon became my friend too. last year when i needed my sprits uplifted, Craig and Brandi were there for me. I waould always leave smiling.(where i had been crying when i arrived) Every time i make lemonaide I think of Craig, he would get a bag of lemons and ask me to make lemonaide , and tell everyone i made the best. i\’m so glad i could do something for him, that he really enjoyed. I will also always remember when Craig, Brandi, Byron and myself went to the San Franciscan for my birthday, it was the best lobster dinner i have ever had. Your son sure had class. thank you. I know you miss him fiercely. You\’re in my prayers. Sincerly, Judy Vosburg

  23. Dear Craig, I can\’t believe I\’m writing to you under these circumstances, but you didn\’t give me a chance to verbally express my never ending friendship and love for you. The depth of loss felt regarding your extremely untimely and abrupt passing is far greater than any mere words I could ever muster up… the human vocabulary just isn\’t vast enough to convey the gravity of never being able to be with you again on God\’s green Earth. Not many people got a chance to let you know just how much your unique friendship touched their lives. I spoke to a few people that hardly knew you and even they were quite broken up. They could obviously sense how your friends felt about you and no doubt also feel gyped because they don\’t ever get a chance to be one of your best buddies. I love you man, more like brother, and I know I will never ever lose this sad strong feeling of longing to see and be around you. You added a special charismatic kind of spark to my life. So much that I counted on you as an almost daily positive constant, even if for only a reason to have something to smile about. And I completely relied on you to always be there in that respect, because you always were! I miss you more than you\’ll ever know Craig. I sincerely convey my deepest heartfelt sympathy towards the terrific Westergard family, relations and friends. Definitely a loss no one could ever see coming or be prepared for. Sincerely, Love, Jim Brewer. Or Jimbob Billybob, (as Craig so affectionally referred to me as).

  24. I think of you so offten…Craig…I dream of you soooo often…Love and miss you… your Branddis :-)…xoxoxoxoxoxox

  25. Brandi?… Bless your loving heart, That poem was rightous and beautiful! It brought a tear to my eye and then a smile lay upon my face from the sky above. 8^)

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