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  1. Dad , God knew that you were suffering, That the hills were hard to climb. So He gently closed your eyelids And whispered “Peace be thine.” A million times we have needed you, A million times we have cried. If love alone could have saved you, You never would have died. In tears we watched you sinking We watched you fade away, Our hearts were nearly broken You fought so hard to stay. In life we loved you dearly, In death, we love you still. Within our hearts you hold a place No one else can ever fill. It broke our hearts to see you go But you did not go alone, For a part of us went with you The day God called you home. My father ,My friend , My everything . I love you Daddy….

  2. I miss you grandpa Clyde so very much, More then you can even imagine. It doesn’t even seem real yet, I keep thinking that your going to come home and walk threw that door, and tell me how your day at the race track was. When the phone rings, sometimes I think its you. I think about you all the time, and sometimes start to cry. I know if you were here you would tell me its okay, not to cry and think about the happy times. But I cant be so selfish because, every time I see your smile in picture or in my head, I think to my self that your in a better place. And as you said, “lived a longg happy life” and you get to see grandma too. Grandpa I have so many happy memories some sad to, and I will NEVER forget you EVER! every time I got a new piece of clothing especially a dress or I change my hair style you’re the first on I want to show. Anytime I needed an opinon on something, I would ask you because you tell it how it isJ and I loved that hoesty. You ecen taught me how to ride my bike I remember I used to try to our ride you while you ran along side, it never worked, haha. And that one time at my 4th grade olymics you ran along side the race and beat all of us. And in 5ht grade when you took me to my bike rodio and I took second place in the disrict, then you took me to get any I cream I wanted. I can go on all night but I’m going ot stop here. I love you so much grandpa and you will always be in my heart and you will Never be forgotin. And one day I will be able to see and hug you once again, Both you and grandma. Much love always and forever , Your granddaughter Chelsea Louise King Written June 3, 2009 Here’s a beautiful poem I found that I would like to share: It broke our hearts to lose you, but you never were alone, for a part of us went with you, the day god took you home. A million times we missed you, A million times we cried, If love could have saved you, you never would have passed away. To the grave you travel, Our flowers placed with care, No-one knows the heartache, as we turn to leave you there. If tears could build a stairway, and memories could make a lane, we would walk right up to heaven, and bring you home again.

  3. Every day and every night I miss you .I walk in to your room and always I start 2 cry . Each night I go 2 say good night but you have gone away. It hurts so bad 2 think that thats the way it will always stay. I will never see you smile or hold your hand or talk about how we spent our day

  4. Life is so lonely now since you went away. Nights are much darker I know that’s how they’ll stay. The sun is not as warm now when it shines on me and the cold seems so much colder than what it used to be. Smiles do not light my face like they used to do before the greatest times are in the past they cannot be no more. My thoughts often take a stroll away down memory lane and as I walk around a bend I see your smiling face again. Rolling tides of yesterday wash wonderful memories of you ashore and as I gently sift through each one my aching heart feels very sore. Life changed all too quicklyLeft alone with out your love, with out my friend ;;;; HERO and # 1 Dad I love you Daddy …..:( after

  5. Rest in peace Grandpa Clydee
    Im wringing again because
    Its been six months without you todayy;
    i cant belive it;
    it still dosent feel real to me
    i still think everyday your going ot come home & hug me
    you went to soon
    and i trully love you with all my heart
    i miss you garandpaa&happy thanksgiving ! <3
    i wish you were here
    tell grandma hello for me too and thant i love her. <3
    January 27, 1925 – May 26, 2009
    I hope everyone had a nice day with their familys.
    Hahaha imsoooo stuffedd i know my grandpa would of lovedd the food! (:
    Love always && Foreve; Chelsea Louise Kingg

  6. Rest in peace Grandpa Clydee
    Its been six months without you todayy;
    i cant belive it;it still dosent feel real to me
    i still think everyday your going to come home and give me a hug
    tell me about yor day.
    you went to soon grandpa
    and i trully love you with all my heart
    i miss you garandpaa ! & happy thanksgiving <3
    tell grandma hello for me too and that i love her.
    January 27, 1925 – May 26, 2009
    I hope everyone had a nice day with their familys.
    Hahaha imsoooo stuffedd i know grandoa would of loved it (:
    Love always && Foreve; Chelsea Louise Kingg

  7. Not a day goes by that I dont miss your smile. Need your love or wish you didnt have to go away. I feel so alone with out you love .

  8. Dad not a day goes bye I dont miss you . Kaylee still asks when u will come home. Home is now so cold and dark with out my best friend. I love u““““““ miss you !!!

  9. This year we will share no Happy Birthday song . There will be no birthday cake. No longer will you blow out all the flames . We lost you nine long months ago ! Someone I held so dear. I would of baked your favorite Banana layer cake . And wrapped your gifts in gold. I close my eyes and I can see that giant smile on your face, As you smile from ear to ear .Then you open your arms and hug me tight and tell me how proud & lucky you are to have a daughter like me .Our home is not a home any more now that your gone away . I sit here and wonder if my heart will ever mend , waiting for the day to come when my eyes no longer cry . Its so unfair I never told you I love You enough. I didn’t even get to Kiss you & say goodbye. I’ll never forget your final words or the tenderness in your voice. I love you to Daddy!! And as you wished “I’m doing just fine” Oh and Kaylee always says My papa is not gone ,he’s way up high in the sky with all the angels.

  10. Grandpa; its been 12 months and seventeen days since God called you home. i still dont believe your gone. i try to understand, but i just cant grasp that your neve coming back here. i sleep in your room now; sometimes i think i hear you talking but i know your not really there. but your in my heart. i can talk to you whenever i want. and i keep your picture in my pillow. i miss you grandpa and grandma too. it didnt hit me so hard when grandma passed since i was so young. but i do still remember her too. well i just thought i would stop and write a bit. talk to you soon grandpa and grandma too. i love you both so much and miss you <3 love; your grandaughter chelseaaa

  11. What Makes a Dad God took the strength of a mountain, The majesty of a tree, The warmth of a summer sun, The calm of a quiet sea, The generous soul of nature, The comforting arm of night, The wisdom of the ages, The power of the eagle’s flight, The joy of a morning in spring, The faith of a mustard seed, The patience of eternity, The depth of a family need, Then God combined these qualities, When there was nothing more to add, He knew His masterpiece was complete, And so, He called it … Dad Happy Fathers Day I miss you so very much. I feel so lost with out you .

  12. Daddy the bees came back . Again we have tried to make the hive you so wanted to have . I miss u . need u more then ever. I cry less now but still feel the sadness every day . I miss seeing you eveyday . Our family outings. But in my heart u will never die .

  13. Clyde J Dawson , My Hero Today January 27, would be my grandpa Clyde’s eighty seventh birthday! However, May 2009 he passed away. He always told me that one day when he’s gone not to be sad, to be happy because he” got to live a long beautiful life, surrounded by people he loved” I always agreed to stay happy for him. Let me tell you, that is so much harder to do then I imagined it would. I grew up looking at my grandpa as a father figure, he was always there for me, giving me advice, telling me stories, let me watch my tv shows on his tv, take me to school, take me shopping, we would garden, he’d cook me food, anything I needed he was there. We would go on little adventures to random places. His favorite place to take me was Hollywood Race Track, their corned beef sandwiches are the best & during the summer he would buy me ice cream & walk me down the jungle-gym that smelled like pee & looked like it was going to collapse any minute. I have so many wonderful memories with this man, considering I did live with him for fifteen years, to this day I still miss him on a daily basis. & to be honest when he had first ‘left’ I was beyond sad, depressed, I had lost one of the most important people in my life. I was down for weeks, & I hate to say it but even thinking of all the happy times didn’t seem to help. But as I thought more about it, more about him I came to a realization that no matter how much I sit around & cry about it, it wasn’t going to change ANYTHING. I now keep him as a positive thought, knowing he wouldn’t want it any other way. Don’t get me wrong there are days where I am sad, maybe even shed a few tears, but I KNOW my grandpa is out there somewhere watching over me & my family, & he is ALWAYS in my heart. When I miss him I just think of all of our good memories, look at pictures, I will cherish these memories the rest of my life & tell EVERYONE what a great man my grandpa was, like my mom says, “They don’t make people like him anymore.” Anyways the point of writing this I guess was kinda to share, & to tell my grandpa, Happy Birthday! We even made him a birthday cake last night. I miss you so much Grandpa & I love you more than I can ever explain. One day I will be with you again, but until then I’ll just keep you in my heart. Happy Birthday Grandpa, even though you didn’t really like birthdays, but loved cake! Give grandma a hug for me..

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