Hinds, Christian Orville Chris was born August 21, 1960 in Hollywood and was a victim, of a drive-by shooting on August 14, 2004 near his home in Carson. He grew up in Gardena where he attended 186th St. Elementary, Peary Middle School and Gardena High (1978). He went to Cal State Dominguez Hills, earning a BA and a Masters in Education. He taught Special Education students at Gage Middle School in Huntington Park for many years. He loved his students and his work. His annual SRO Christmas show, performed by his students, was an emotional experience for all students, parents, faculty and administration who attended. In 1994 he married the love of his life, Ana Maria Fausto, and they had two beautiful children, Hannah Kristen(4) and Ian Duane(1). He was a devoted husband and father. He enjoyed gardening and making constant improvements to the home where he lived for 15 years in a quiet neighborhood with good neighbors. He was an avid sportsman and sports fan, most particularly USC Trojan football and basketball and was a Laker fan since he was six years old. As a youth he was a competitive skateboarder, the winner of many California titles and the holder of an International Freestyle Championship which he won by performing flawless routines set to music. He was a runner, golfer, skier and basketball player. He loved to travel throughout California and the Southwest with his family and especially enjoyed mining and ghost towns. Chris had a talent for entertaining guests and staging parties. His Halloween parties, when he transformed his home into a house of Terror, have been a tradition for 20 years and were much anticipated by his friends. He already was planning this year's event, his always successful goal being to make each affair better than the last. On Christmas Eve his home was a winter wonderland (including at least 6 fully decorated trees) and Chris himself starred as Santa. He loved music and at one time was the lead singer of his own rock band BPS, which performed at small clubs in the Los Angeles area. He wrote the music and lyrics to many of the songs he performed. Most of all, though, he enjoyed spending time and playing with his children, Hannah Kristen and Ian Duane, who survive him along with his adored wife Ana. He is also survived by his parents, Duane and Betty Hinds of Gardena; his brother Mark (Marisela) also of Gardena; his aunt Margaret McArdle of Clearwater, FL; his in-laws, Paulino and Luz Fausto, his brothers-in-law Gilbert (Christina), Edward (Victoria), Frank (Claudia) and George; his sisters-in-law Bertha Fausto (Steve Madonna) and Laura (Felix Ramos); plus 7 nieces and nephews, all of the Los Angeles area; a large extended family, and numerous friends, In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Education Fund for Hannah Kristen and Ian Duane Hinds. A visitation and Vigil will be Monday August 23rd from 6 - 9:00 PM at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Gardena with a service at 11:00 AM on Tuesday, August 24th.

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  1. I met Chris thru Terry Prowell and we hit it off right away. Chris was my USC buddy and would help me talk smack to Terry and Rosemary. He was the strongest Trojan fan I knew.When I met Chris, USC was just starting a 13 year loss cycle to Notre Dame, and we held strong and would console each other, when we were getting abused by Terry and Rosemary. We went to a Raider game in San Diego one time, and Chris and I got tickets for throwing a football in the Charger stadium parking lot. I paid my $60 fine and Chris never did. He never got a warrant or any record of the ticket. Whenever I would see Chris he would laugh about that. I didn\’t see Chris often, but whenever I did, he made me feel as if we were best friends, and we had a special relationship. My deepest sympathy to you and may God bless you and keep you. I will miss Chris, but will always remember him, as a kind and friendly person. \’Fight On! Love and Mercy Greg Wines

  2. Dear Family and Friends of Chris Hinds, My name is Terri Reeves and I went ALL through elementary school, junior high school, and high school with Chris and he was in MANY of my classes!!! He was a wonderful friend and as time goes, I have lost touch with many of my Gardena friends and am VERY sad to hear of the passing of Chris, the tragic way it happened to a wonderful guy no less and the pain that his family and close friends must be going through!!! My prayers go out to ALL OF YOU!!! Looking at the post below me and seeing the name Terry Prowell brought back a VERY FUNNY memory of Chris!!! When I was at Gardena High School, Terry Prowell was also a good friend of mine and Terry asked me to be in the Senior Yearbook with him in a picture advertising a dry cleaners and Chris was relentless with me and would tease me in saying, “Terry and Terri in a picture together…isn\’t that cute!!!” He loved to tease me about that picture!!! I had my many years of teasing him also…like the first day of school almost EVERY year of my school life when the teacher was doing role call and they would say, “CHRISTIAN Hinds and he would say…CHRIS and I would giggle and he would turn ALL RED with blushing. Chris was a great all around wonderful person and friend!!! It is nice to read of all of his accomplishments and what a wonderful family man he turned out to be and his love for children and all of the other things I read about him, BUT to me that is just Chris, a GREAT FRIEND and ALWAYS WONDERFUL to EVERYONE!!! I am NOW living in Hardin, Montana and heard of his passing when my mom, who remembered the many years of hearing the name Chris Hinds during my school years, sent me his obituary and I was sooooo saddened to see his picture and said OH MY GOSH…That IS Chris 🙁 !!! I know he will he deeply missed by ALL, BUT as my Catholic Faith tells me, he is now in heaven with God and safe with him and WE WILL ALL be reunited one day with Chris again!!! Amen to that!!! I am sure he is smiling down on all of us and is laughing at me right now about that picture with Terry Prowell!!! MY DEEPEST SYMPATHY and LOVE goes out to ALL OF YOU and Chris…REST IN PEACE…YOU WERE DEEPLY LOVED BY EVERYONE THAT HAD THE PLEASURE OF BEING BLESSED BY YOUR LOVE,FRIENDSHIP and PRESENCE THROUGHOUT YOUR WHOLE LIFE!!! LOVE and PEACE be with YOU ALL!!! In Love and Friendship, TERRI

  3. to the hinds family, i want to send my deepest condolences and let you know that my thought and prayers are with you. i don\’t know if you remember me but i grew up down the street from you. chris and i would ride skateboards together. one of my fondest memories of chris will always be watching him spin endless 360\’s on his skate board. i remember the summer before my 10th grade year at gardena high i was taking tennis and chris would come and start spinning 360\’s for me right next to the tennis courts. i would sit there and try and count how many he could do and ask him what number he was up to. the number just kept climbing and he would get so much joy out of raising that number up. he was a master on that skateboard and i could barely ride the thing. he could see someone do a trick and master it so quickly it made my head spin. i also remember going to freeman park with him and he would compete in the freestyle contest. he was the first person i know that could do a handstand on a skateboard. chris once told me that his real name was christian orville hinds and i never forgot that. i haven\’t seen chris in what must be 25 years but i would think about him always. i would say to myself, i wonder what chris was doing? i saw a truck once that said hinds nursery on it and i wondered if he owned it. when my dad told me that he had read about someone named hinds that grew up in gardena being the victim of a drive by shooting my heart dropped. i made him go home and call me with the name of the person and couldn\’t believe it was chris. i am so sorry for your loss but more importantly the world has lost a great and noble man who put everyone ahead of himself. i will truly miss him.

  4. dear friends and family my deepest condolences for a gentleman that i really never knew as an adult.however i had plenty of memories of Chris went i was a kid and teenager growing up in Gardena.I first met Chris in my 6th grade class with Mrs.Kanimoto what I remember most about Chris was his boundless energy whether it was rooting for the trojans or skateboarding The Beach Boys or whatever he had lots of energy.I remember that I had the honor to go to a Dodger game with him on his birthday somewhere in the middle 70\’s and seeing that big screen at Dodger Stadium wishing him a happy birthday and I thought that that was so neat.I went to my first concert(to this day I\’m not sure how my parents let me go)with Chris. I remember or think I remember the day of July 3 1976 with the Beach boys and America and watching the people rock the stadium until the big scoreboard at Anaheim Stadium told us to stop rocking or it (the higher levels)might fall but we rocked all the more and had a great time and a great laugh.I became a little more of a friend of Mark\’s also as he drove us around town in his 1964 Chevy Malibu.After High School I moved from the South Bay to the Mid Cities area(Downet,Norwalk,Artesia,etc.)and lost contact with him.Thereafter moved to San Diego County as time really passed.It wasn\’t till I was online one day at work(the day before my wife had told me that I could go to white pages and maybe find people from my past and also my oldest daughter had dug up old yearbooks of mine)and printed in the name Chris Hinds I saw his name and was quickly startled and wondered what should I do give him a call or not but I did and his wife answered the line and it was the Chris Hinds that I finally got to talk to.This was around late June or early July and we spent around an hour or so talking about old times.Then to here the news yesterday was a shock.Why in the world did the Lord allow me to speak to Chris one last time being that I have not talked to him in Twenty Five years is only a mystery.However I\’m now ever grateful for the chance.And I thank the Lord for that.Once again I\’m sorry to all the family,friends,aquaitences,fellow workers and everybody else that knew Chris.He was certainly a great fellow and not worthy of this fate.My prayers go out to all of you.

  5. Thank you for being you Chris! (aka White-e w/ Lars) To have been taken away from us in such a way, reminds me of my mission to continue to fight against violence and make a difference, however small, to change the world we live in. It was your mission in this life to touch so many people and live a life of such greatness. Your spirit will live forever in all of us and in your beautiful wife and 2 children. Thank you for your smile and good cheer. You will never be forgotten. Until we meet again…. Raquel

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