Zieman, Bryan Keith, a 7 year resident of Redondo Beach, passed away on Sunday, September 2, 2007 in Redondo Beach. Born in Coos Bay, OR, Bryan was 27 when he died. Bryan made everyone he came in contact with, smile! Career notes - Started as a commercial fisherman in Alaska at age 10 and went on to become the youngest account manager in his companies history. Considered the "superstar!" Hobbies - Customizing his car Passions - Music and foreign travel Fan of - USC Trojans He is survived by Mother, Cheri Shaw of Inglewood, CA, Father, Dennis Zieman of Beijing China, Son, Brendan (4) and Lacey of Las Vegas, NV, Sister, Kayley Zieman of Inglewood, CA, Maternal Grandfather, Robert Olson of Cerritos, CA, Maternal Grandmother, Valerie Camp of Las Vegas, NV and Paternal Grandfather, Edwin Zieman of Sylvania, OH. The Service will be held at Rice Mortuary Chapel on Saturday, September 15, 2007 at 1:00 P.M. A celebration of Bryan's life will follow in Rice's Lighthouse Reception room from 2:00 P.M. until 4:00 P.M. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the following charity. Boys & Girls Hotline 234 Monsky Drive, Boys Town, NE 68010

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  1. I will miss your smile and your silly, sarcastic sense of humor. I will miss our banter about UCLA / USC Football. There is so much that I will miss, I can’t even begin to express it. Most of all, I will miss you, “New Guy”. You are forever a part of my heart.

  2. Bryan, Words can’t describe the sorrow I feel. You were an amazing person inside and out. Your energy and good vibes always lifted me. I will never ever forget you or the moments we shared. Big Love, Kristina Sky

  3. bryan i will miss you, one of the best memories i have of you was on new years. when we were all celebrating at your house and you had me and a few other girls put a big chunk of chew in our lip… you thought that was the best ! you even took our picture. you are a great guy and i will remember your smiling face always.

  4. B- I will never forget your smile or your sarcastic sense of humor. I will always remember you and the memories we shared. From White Castle memories to our winter memories to our cheesecake memories. I will forever miss, love, and adore you, and you will always be in my heart. -Sweet Tooth

  5. Hey Bryan, Although we were miles apart, you were always a great friend. I will miss your beautiful smile, caring soul, and those good days of clubbing together. Also, I still have those tank tops that you gave me when you worked at Filter. I will miss you and you will always be close to my heart. Love you.

  6. ~What the heart has once known, it shall never forget. I will never forget you Bryan and I will miss you more than you ever know.

  7. Bryan, You will always be known as one of the sweetest guys that I have ever met. I may have not seen you for some time, but you were always in my thoughts and forever will be! You will be missed and loved always *twinkle* Angel Rose

  8. Bryan, You were the one granson who called me almost every week just to talk. I’ll miss your visits and beautiful smile. May you rest in peace now. Love and always your Grandma

  9. My deepest sympathy and prayers are for Bryan (may his soul rest peacefully in the arms of our Almighty God). And for the love ones he left behind, may our heavenly Father grant you peace and acceptance.

  10. Bry, even though you are in a better place now, I will miss you deeply. You were an everyday part of my life for the past year & it will be difficult not seeing your smile or hearing your voice. You will always be in my thoughts, heart & prayers. Every football season will bring me warm memories of you & I will root for your team going forward. May your soul rest in peace. Susie I.

  11. Hey New Guy, Why did you leave us to cry tears heavy with questions? Was your life so complicated you needed a simple choice? Or, were we not listening to hear your voice? Did you feel that no one would understand your secret and hold you tight? Or, did you just crave that eternal Light? What was consuming you that we could not see? Was darkness at your doorstep SCREAMING, “Come to Me?” Whatever it was that was so dire and depressing, Please know that you were loved by many who’ve been left guessing. Jillzie September, 2007

  12. Although our relationship was strictly professional, you have probably taught me the biggest lesson of my life; to love truly and unconditionally, to appreciate and be receptive, to express and find release. And that regardless of the burden, it is my obligation to those that I hold dear in my heart to not only hear them out but to listen with great intent. Often time’s life has us caught up in this, that or the other, that we loose sight of what is really important and for this your life has had a direct and profound affect on mine. May God grant you the peace that brought you to him and may he bring solace to those you left behind.

  13. MR. B I want you to know that I will miss you always, I will miss your big smile, your HEY!!!!! and your cute snap every time you use to walk towards my desk. I will never forget the times we hanged out, good times… Thanks for being a good friend… You are in a better place now, may your soul rest in peace, you will always be in my heart and prayers. “UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN” HEY!!!!!!

  14. Bryan, I will never forget your wonderful smile and all of your text messages just to say hi! I will miss you very much. May you rest in peace.

  15. Good men must die, but death can not kill their names —Proverbs I’m happy I got to know you and I will miss our talks about life, love and work. I admired you as a friend and I regret not reaching out more often. I find myself thinking of all the missed opportunities to talk to you. You were always honest and readily gave me your opinion wanted or not… 🙂 I will remember your big smile and boyish charm. I am deeply saddened that you must have felt so alone and empty inside to come to this conclusion. There were so many people that loved you and would have stepped up to help you out of whatever lead you here. You will be missed and it will never be clear in my heart why you would leave without saying a word.

  16. Bryan, Somewhere there is a list of top ten reasons to love Bryan Zieman. You were so brave for reaching out to me and taking a chance in our dorm hallway. I will always remember that moment. Thank you.

  17. “I WROTE YOUR NAME ON A PIECE OF PAPER BUT I ACCIDENTALLY THREW IT AWAY. I WROTE YOUR NAME ON MY HAND, BUT IT WASHED AWAY. I WROTE YOUR NAME IN THE SAND, BUT THE WAVES WHISPERED IT AWAY. I WROTE YOUR NAME IN MY HEART, AND FOREVER IT WILL STAY!!!” Bryan, For the past 9 years that I known you. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think about you. I see you in our son’s eye’s and hope to raze him the way you wanted him to be razed. I will let him know that his daddy always loved him. I hope to make you proud of our son and the things that he’ll accomplish in life. One day we can be the family that we should have been. Until that day that we all can be together. I hope you’re looking down on us guardian us. May you rest in peace. Candice and Brendan

  18. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful memories! There is no “good” in good bye, but where ever you are please know how much you have meant to us and how loved you will always be. You have left a hole in our hearts but a smile on our faces just remembering you.

  19. Bryan, I never actually got to meet you in person but I feel like I knew you through your father who I consider one of my closest friends, I could always tell when you had called or emailed your dad cause he would be smiling from ear to ear. My deepest sympathy to your family and friends. ~mike

  20. Our deepest love to you all. We will miss Brian more than you know. We have fond memories of our time together and his smile will live with us forever. Love Matt and Renae

  21. I feel for your loss. We will all miss him. He was a great cousin and a good man. Bryan will always be in our hearts and memories. love Cousin Crystal, Ashley, and Shelby

  22. Where do I begin? Over the past 16 years we’ve been the best of friends & the worst of enemies. We’ve seen some good times, some bad times, and some bitchin times. But thru it all, I knew I could I always count on you. I miss the days in 6th grade when you would call me at 1am to tell me you were taking pictures of your tv screen because the “Baby Got Back” video was on. I miss the day you gave me the nickname “Vegemite”. I miss the last day of high school when you got them to play “Stayin Alive” over the PA system while you did the 6-shooter down the hallway. I miss the last day I saw you 7 years ago when you stayed with me on your way down to your new home in Cali. My memories of you will always be never ending and never forgotten. I love & miss you Bryan. Until we meet again… BFF Reyna Sylene

  23. Bryan will never be forgotten. He was one of my very best friends and the impact he made on my life will stay with me forever. I will miss him.

  24. Bryan, Your friendship is special to me. Your words of comfort and joy always made me smile. You always called me the ‘The Transformer’ cause of my move here from NY. I will always remember your smile, laugh and all the crazy names we had for our fellow co-workers, LOL! Hope you are at peace now and may that beautiful face light up the place you are at now. Love Ya, Sue Sue

  25. Dearest Bryan, You text messaged me on Saturday and asked me “what I was doing?” I responded, “family stuff” and you replied, “cool.” I didn’t take the time to explain that I was on my way to a funeral but I keep wondering if a phone call from me and one of our motivational conversations would have made a difference? I am so glad we maintained our friendship even after I left the company. Thanks for your advice and pep talks. I never got a chance to return the favor and make a music cd for you. …I meant to. I don’t know what could have happened, I don’t know why, especially when you were so happy about the the way things were going and the things you had accomplished in such a short time, at such a young age. Congratulations again on your promotion. I guess we won’t be chatting on the phone for hours about our career goals.. or text messageing which is (or was) more your thing. I’m so sorry I didn’t call you on Saturday. My thoughts are with you. Your friend, Dish

  26. Hey Bryan, You’ll never be forgotten, and will be missed. Sorry that we haven’t had the time to catch up. I know we kept making plans to hang out but our schedules just wouldn’t match up. You’ve always been an honest and upfront person ever since we met in line with Azad and Kristi for both Armins in Vegas and L.A. It was a pleasure getting to know you and may you rest in peace.

  27. Bryan; I am deeply saddened that you were hurting so badly, but i will remember all those happy times you were smiling and made me laugh. Your enthusiam for life and people was contagious. You were truly a man of action. You touched all our lives and we are blessed for having known you. You were an amazing worker and i knew you would excel at any job. You were an integral part of our lives and our work and i always knew we would all be successful someday. Life is complex and at times confusing. It can be a challenge to navigate through rough waters but we try to persevere. I wish you had the strength to reach out more but i know you are finally at peace.

  28. Bryan, I sit around and think about all the talks we had, and all the advice you and I have given each other. Even though you are not here any longer you will always have a place in my heart. Your smile will never be forgotten.

  29. Bryan you will always be in my heart. The memories we had together were incredible and there was never a dull moment, you always knew how to put a hug smile on my face 🙂 I will never forget our times together, which they were always amazing. I still can remember going to the ski hill almost every day just to see you 🙂 and your great Smile 🙂 After I heard this horrible news about you passing on…I franticly looked to see if I had a picture of you…I do, the one me sitting on your lap out at Jeppson Pond kissing you on the cheek 🙂 I will Miss you so much Bryan! May you rest in peace! Love , Nikki

  30. Bryan, I miss you dearly. You are the ray of sunshine that I will always feel. My heart breaks that I can not chat with you. I will love you always. Cheri I’am so so sorry. He will be missed everyday. My heart goes out to you. Stay strong. Love Charlotte Stephens

  31. Bryan, the first of my godchildren, who came to us in very young years in Reedsport, and who stayed in touch with us until now. The one who left imprints on our hearts and souls, who gave us a dimension in life that we would otherwise not have known. From bicycle rides to cooking, being Baptized and becoming an acolyte, to helping his godmother with electronic equipment, laughing at and loving her kitties, driving her van and telephoning and visiting her on many occasions. Bryan will always live in my heart.

  32. Bryan, I remember the time when we hung out together every day, we had some great times together. I will miss you so much Bryan. I’m sorry that we drifted apart after our lives went separate ways, but I will always remember you for your kind spirit and great friendship. My heart goes out to your family and friends, I hope they draw peace from the fact that you are in a better place now. Until we meet again, Preston

  33. Oh gosh where do I start. You were a really good friend and I am so very sad to see you gone. We sure did have good times in Cordova together one of them would have to be when we went Trailblazing out the road back in the day 🙂 I will always have you in my heart and will always remember your wonderful smile 🙂 I know you are in a better place and I will see you again some day. Your Friend, LaVon Johnson

  34. Bryan, Jason has told me many of times that we need to go to Cali to see you and in this demanding world it never happened, I have so many memories of you and Jason growing up together you will always be a part of our family. My mother just the other day said she can remember over the years you calling her grandma that really meant alot to her. I hope that you are at peace now and I also hope that your family is doing ok. godspeed

  35. It was a privilege to officiate the service for Bryan. My Prayers and my condolences are with all of the families and friends of Bryan. It was a privilege meeting all of you God Bless, Pastor Rick Capstone Fellowship – San Pedro, CA

  36. We remember you coming to our house all the time and jumping on our trampoline and falling to the ground on your rearend. We also remember when you lost part of your thumb boy you were really hurting, Grandpa Ed or (Eddie) said you just need to take it like a man . We really liked it when you worked with our Mom and My grandpa at Alaska Power Services, you use to call my grandpa ed – (eddie all the time cause grandma connie called him that. We will miss you & chating with you, Love Melissa and Austin

  37. What can I say, and how can I say it? I just don’t have the words… You were one of my boys and I loved you so much. Cheri, my mothers heart is right where yours is and I’m broken… I love you friend and am so very sorry. He was special to us too. I’ll be in touch. Love, Audrey and Family

  38. I was blessed to know Bryan and his fond memories will always to dear to my heart. Bryan, you were the sweetest, most infectious person I have ever met. Late nights in college, hanging out with friends, movies, music, hugs and stories is what you were about, and you will never be forgotten. Thank you for the imprint you made on my life…

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