Ellison, Berry Stanley a 43 year resident of Torrance, passed away on Wednesday, August 3, 2005 of natural causes. Born in Guyman, OK, Berry was 83. Berry had served in the United States Army during World War II, was a member of Masonic Lodge of Missouri for over 50 years, and a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He owned and operated a precision machine shop for 38 years, was instrumental in the design and production of the modern jet turbine, and did precision machining for the nation’s space program. His many interests included restoring antique Maytag washing machine motors, woodworking planes, and he was an expert on vintage hit and miss engines and antique sewing machines dating back to 1852. He was an avid swapmeeter, and grew wonderful home grown tomatoes. He loved the old classic movies, especially westerns. He enjoyed his time with his many friends at the local Senior Centers. He is survived by his Children, Carolyn (Paul) Weatherly, Teresa Andolino, Berry Ellison II, and Bradley (Linda) Ellison, Grandchildren, Deanna Weatherly, Berry Ellison III (Sarina), and 3 Great Grandchildren, Madison, Mason, and Jackson, his Brother John Ellison of Torrance and Sisters, Naomi Revoir of Vista and Juanita Rich of Web City, MO. He was preceded in death by his wife, Virginia (Irwin) Ellison; Father Berry and Mother Ida (Boyce) Ellison, and Grandson, Russell Weatherly. A gathering of family and friends will be held at Rice Mortuary on Tuesday, August 9, 2005 from 4:00 P.M. until 8:00 P.M. The Service and reception will be held at Rolling Hills Methodist Church on Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 9:00 A.M. Burial will follow at Riverside National Cemetery. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Humane Society; American Cancer Society or the American Heart Association

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  1. Dear Berry, I was very sorry to hear about your loss.I can identify with you pain and grief. You have my deepest sympathy and condolences. Stan

  2. Dear Stan We’re very sorry to hear of your dad’s passing. We are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers. We know what a difficult time this is and if there is anything we can do please let us know. Love, Jamie and John

  3. Dear Stan, I am very sorry to hear about you father. I know how much you loved him and what a great loss this is for you. I will be thinking of you and praying for you. Love, Beth

  4. Stan, My thought and prayers are with you during this difficult time. I am thinking of you and will be in touch when you return. Remember to take care of yourself. Cathi

  5. After his passing, to reach for the stars is the hope for his new adventure. With sympathy and thoughts of all of you, with love, phyllis

  6. I didn’t know Berry but I know his son and if he’s any indication, Berry must have been a man full of love of life and who was able to find humor in everyday things. I am sorry for Stan’s loss, but Berry left a wonderful legacy in his son. – Madeleine

  7. Dear Berry, I was saddened to hear of your father’s passing. My thoughts are with you. Sincerely, Hilary

  8. Dear Stan, We are so sorry to hear about your dad. Please know we are thinking of you and that we miss you. Much love- Alex and Scott


  10. Dear Stan, I was so sad to hear about your dad. I am truly sorry for your loss. As I have said to you many times over the last several years, your father was a lucky man to have such a devoted son as you. I am certain that over the years you gave him much happiness. Love, Elizabeth

  11. Dear Stan, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how you looked forward to the time you spent with your Father. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Sincerely, Susan

  12. Berry was a great friend, he was there to help you in anything that you would ask him about. He share his knowledge with you and went out of his way to make sure that you understood what he had said. He will be missed, but never forgotton.

  13. Stan, It sounds as though your father led a full and interesting life. I’m sorry for your loss and I hope you and your family can remember wonderful times and help each other through this tough time. A loving family is probably your fathers biggest accomplishment and something he would be most proud of. Take good care of yourself. Love, Karen

  14. Dear Stan, The brief biography of his life, the number and content of the condolences, and your deep love for your father are a reminder of his great gifts while living. Thank you for sharing his memories. My deepest sympathy during this difficult time. Cara

  15. Dear Ellison Family, I would like to send my condolences for the loss of your loved one. I have heard stories about what a wonderful person and role model he was. You have my deepest sympathy. Love, Karyn Stern

  16. Dear Stan and Family, I have know Stan for over 23 years and have heard a lot of wonderful stories about your father and your family over the years. My thought and prayers are with you at this time of your sorrow. Cindy Jacobs

  17. I am so sorry that pap lost his fight. He looked so spunky when I saw him a couple of weeks ago, while visiting my mom in the hospital. He had such a nice smile and sparkle in his eye. He was so excited about his quilting projects and taking his red scooter to the swap meet, he seemed happy and content. I’m sorry that I cannot attend the service, but my thoughts will be with you from Idaho.

  18. Dear Ellison family, I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Ellison when he and hia aon Stan attended a performance of a show I had written at the Mark Taper Forum. His positive spirit and straightforward delight are deeply etched in my memory; he was obviously a deeply good man with a kind and generous heart. I know he battled his disease with grace and courage, and am so sorry that he eventually lost that fight. But I’m confident he left the world a better place for having been here.

  19. Jackie and I will long remember the fun times we all had during the lunches at the Y. I will charish the talks with him about his experiences rebuilding old sewing machines and especially his model T’s. We, I, had a lot of fun going over his T and remembering all the fun times we had as youngsters. Berry was one of the favorite people around our Y lunch table and will be sorely missed.

  20. My sincere condolences to the Ellison family. I throughly enjoyed “Pap’s” company, our lunches at the YMCA, fun times at flea markets, or just sitting around the table at home discussing old cars and our memories. Berry was a good friend and I will miss him very much.

  21. Dear Stan, Please accept my most sincere condolences. I am so sorry to hear about your father’s passing. I know he’s been ill for some time now, and that you’ve been at his side as much as possible. I hope you can find comfort in the fact that you did all that you could , and that you were a good son to him. I sincerely wish that you can find time to celebrate your father’s life, for there is ample time to mourn his death. Also, I hope your fond memories of him will comfort you at this time. Sincerely, Norma Siciliano

  22. I am proud to be Stan’s friend. I know how deeply and how well he cared for his father, constantly flying back and forth from New York to take care of him. My sincere condolences to the whole family and a big hug for Stan. George Beraka

  23. Dear Ellison Family, I am so sorry for your loss, there are not words to describe all the emotions that you must be dealing with . I only hope that you can find comfort in knowing your Father is in Gods care. This last year I had the chance to get to know him a little better and I am so glad that I did, he had a certain charm that was all his own. He was such a gentle soul, but was a true fighter when it came to his heatlh. His last months were spent doing the things he loved, Keeping his mind and hands busy. I know he will be greatly missed and time will help to heal your pain. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and hold on to those special memories that each and every one of you can cherish. God bless, Lauri

  24. Stan, I got your message. I’m so sorry. There is nothing to say at a time like this. I never met your dad but I felt like I knew him through you. Your devotion to him was amazing. I offer you and your family my deepest sympathy. Take care. Love Jodi

  25. Dear Stan, It is a terrible thing to lose a parent, no matter what the age or the circumstance. I did not know your father, but he must have been a good man to have raised such a good son. No one could have done more for a parent than you did when he really needed you. From the photo I see a handsome and sweet person and you have conveyed that to me in our many conversations about your dad. And what a successful and important business he created and ran. Words cannot convey how sorry I am for your great loss. With sorrow and love, Elaine

  26. Dear Butch, It was evident from the moment I met both you and your father, you cared deeply about him. I was impressed by your questions about the senior programs that your dad could participate in at the Bartlett Senior Center. It was fascinating to hear your dad describe his life to us. Even with his medical challenges, he appeared very involved, working on the sewing machines that he successfully bid on E-Bay. Listening to him describe the model T”s cars, and especially the machine shop days was like being transported to another time. I’m so glad that the Torrance City Cable was able to capture some of his life when they featured him on one of the shows. I have very fond memories of Berry sitting at the lunch table with his buddies and his wonderful chesire grin. He seemed so content, with his kind, blue eyes, patiently taking everything in. Even though it was only for a few years, I feel very fortunate to have known Berry. I’m so happy that he was part of our senior programs.

  27. Dear Stan and Family, My sincere condolences to you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. With love, Noelle

  28. Dear Stan, Your father sounds like he was a really amazing man. I’m impressed! His trials of this earth have ceased and he is now at peace. Maybe he has already designed a cosmic jet engine for a plane he and your mother are zooming around heaven in, through the clouds! Or maybe he is chatting with John Wayne about western movies and life in California. Love, Nancy

  29. Dear Butch & Family, I was given the opportunity to have a glimpse into the life of your father Berry in the last few months of his life here on earth. The days spent were focused on the making of quilts and going to the swap meet looking for one more sewing machine or more fabric for the quilts. He wanted to make a quilt for each of his sons and daughters. I was very happy when he asked if I too wanted a quilt…and so we made one. His sweet smile, his laughter, his quiet demeanor, his self-determination, his strength to persevere no matter how bad he felt, his courage in the face of death…never complaining not once. This is what will always be remembered. What grace. What a gift to have known him. Love always, Dura.

  30. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. We read about your father’s wonderful life, career, and family. We are confident that the memories of your father will help you through this period of grief and sustain you as you go forward. Herman and Judy

  31. I am sorry for the passing of your dad. I know that your relationship with your father has greatly deepened while you have been caring for him. My prayers are with you at this time and hopefully this scripture verse will be of comfort to you. “And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Psalm 23

  32. Dear Stan, Through all the years I have known you, I know that you loved your dad very much and enjoyed spending time with him. This is a very difficult time for you now and my heart goes out to you. I will continue to pray for you and know that God’s heart of love will keep you through this time.

  33. Dear Stan, I understand the pain of your loss and trust that your wonderful experiences and time spent with your dad will always be “sweet memories”. You described your dad as gentle, kind, forgiving and persistent which are all fine qualities. I trust his legacy will live on through his family.

  34. Dear Stan, On behalf of Maestro and myself, I send deepest Sympathy on the loss of your Dad. As you and your family both mourn and celebrate his life during this difficult time, may you find comfort and joy in the many memories of great and special times shared together that will last forever. With warmest regards and love, John

  35. Dear Stan, No words will comfort at this time, but my thoughts are very much with you. I am so sorry for the loss of your dad. You made it clear now very much you loved him. How wonderful for both of you that you shared this bond. With sympathy and love, Sally

  36. Stan, As you know, I’m thinking of you. You will find the words when the time comes. I know your father will be with you forever in ways you can’t imagine right now. God bless you and your family. Fondly, Lydia

  37. mr ellison was a sweet heart and was loved by everyone and is going to be missed very much it was wonderful knowing him since i was a heart heart is with you stan and all the family god bless you all and be with you allway’s loretta bostad and family

  38. Stan: I am very sorry for your loss. I read your father’s bio, he was quite a man. My condolences to your family. Flo

  39. Stan, My dearest sympathy to you & your family. You did an incredible job juggling your personal life to be with your dad. I know how much you loved him…soothe your heart by remembering the enjoyable days you shared together. With love, Lia

  40. Dear Stan, I never met your Dad, but felt I knew him through my talks with you. He was quite a man and was blessed to have you, a loving and caring son, with him to the end. May God be with you and the family. My deepest condolences, Bill

  41. Dear Stan, You have spoken so lovingly of your father and now that I have seen his picture, his image fits the words so perfectly. His eyes say it all. His sensitivity and love of life shines through. What a full life he led and how fortunate he was to have a son and best friend like you. Now he starts his new journey and now his joy can be full. My prayers and heart are with you and your family. God bless, Kathy

  42. Stan, our heart felt condolences to you and your family. We know how commited you have been to your father’s well-being the last several years, which has been very inspiring. We know others surely feel the same. Our best to you. Mike and JoAnne Sirgado

  43. Stan, The world was a better place with your father in it. While I did not know him, it is not hard to recognize that he did a wonderful job raising his son. You’re a good man. Kathy and I are thinking of you and your family at this sad time. Respectfully, Daren Taylor

  44. Berry ( Stan )- You look so much like your dad! My love and prayers go out to you and your family. It is a difficult time right now, but the lifetime of memories and the love you shared will be with you forever.

  45. Stan, I am so sorry. Your dad, your friend, your camping companion and fishing buddy, fellow quilter and machine monkey. My prayers are with you in your grief.

  46. “To humanity, which sometimes seems lost and dominated by the power of evil, egoism and fear, the Lord offers as a gift his love that pardons, reconciles and reopens the soul to hope.” Pope John Paul Teach us how short our lives really are so that we may be wise. Psalm 90:12

  47. Dear Carolyn, Our thoughts and wishes are with you and all your family at this sad time of your loss. Please accept our condolences. With love, Stan and Jessie

  48. Dear Stan, Having had the distinct privilege of meeting and spending some time with your father, I feel blessed to have known him for such a short time, and doubly blessed to know you. Having passed many of his talents down to you, your successes have also been his successes. I am certain that as honored as you feel to have had him as a father, he felt the same in having you as a son. My love to you and your family in your time of grief. Love, Pam

  49. Dear Carolyn and Paul, We are so sorry to hear about about the loss of your Dad. We send our most heartfelt sympathy to you and all the family. love Heidi and Mark.

  50. Dear Stan – I am very sorry to hear about your loss. There is no easy way or right time to lose one’s parent. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Lots of love, Madeleine

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