Athielene Tillman Wolf awakened on this earth on October 27, 1925 in Tulsa, OK. She was the oldest of 4 children born to R. T. Tillman and Caroline Fields. After graduating from Booker T. Washington High School in Tulsa, OK in 1944, Athielene continued her quest for knowledge. Shortly after graduating from High School, began working as a riveter during WWII. On September 11, 1951, Athielene married Sifes William Wolf. There were five children born from that union. In 1962, Athielene graduated from Los Angeles Trade Technical College with a certificate as a Licensed Vocational Nurse. She would then work at The California Hospital from 1962 until 1970, and later continuing school, Athielene graduated from Los Angeles Southwest College in 1976 with an Associates Arts Degree in Liberal Arts, then at the age of 56, she graduated from El Camino College with a second Associates Arts Degree in Gerontology. In 1986, Athielene was a part of the 1st Peer Counseling class in the United States. She was a peer counselor at the Inglewood Senior Citizen Center for many years to follow. She also spent her spare time working for Meals on Wheels. Athielene is survived by her brother Rudy Vallee Tillman of Tulsa, OK and a sister Jane Rosetta Sewell, also of Tulsa, OK. (Deceased Brother: Wayne Tillman); five children, Sifes William Wolf Jr., Bishopville, SC Lt. Col (Ret) USAF, Rudy Duane Wolf, Hawthorne, CA, Paulametrius Diane Wolf, Los Angeles, CA., Rochelle Denise Wolf-Reaves, Palmdale, CA, and Athielene Tawana Bridget Wolf of Hawthorne, CA and several grandchildren; Daiman Wolf, Marcus Reaves, Brigette Reaves-De France, Jason Reaves and Markees Williams all from CA., and a host of great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Athielene was a strong, brilliant mother and grandmother, who spent her life showing us how to live and how to attain greatness. Her remarkable spirit and personality will live on through the lives of her family and friends. Athielene’s time on earth was a tapestry of sacrifice, and an enduring spirit and triumph of love. Athielene will be greatly missed, but we were ALL fortunate to have had her touch our lives.

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  2. Happy Birthday to you Mom, on what would have been your 82nd Birthday today! I LOVE YOU, AND I MISS YOU VERY MUCH! YOUR BABY DAUGHTER, ATHIELENE TAWANA~S.

  3. August 19, 2008 Tuesday Momma, We meet again… And it’s been 2 years now since the Lord called you to be with Him, and I miss you as much or as more since the day you left me on August 19, 2006. Momma, I have been through so much these past 2 years–negative & positive–yet I know you’ve been watching over me as you promised me you would. Momma, I try my hardest to remember all you taught me, and Momma, I know that while God is with me, I’m physically alone, but please don’t worry, because I won’t be alone much longer, for God IS sending me that special ‘someone’ we always talked about, and that I love. Mom, I am fully confidant that we’ll see each other again, and that we’ll both be in much better places in our lives–I’m sure of it! I love you Momma, and I miss you, and know you’re always on my mind–always. You left such an indelible mark on me, and I want you to know that I will follow in your footsteps, and be the woman you said I always could be, and the woman I AM now. With much love, and I’ll be here again this time next year and every year. I love you Momma. Please tell Brotha hello for me. I love and miss him also!! Don’t worry–I won’t be alone for long–and you know that (smile)…. OXOXOX Until Wednesday, August 19, 2009…. Your Baby Daughter, Athielene Tawana Bridget Wolf~S.

  4. Mom, it’s been a year to the day since you left me to be with God, and I miss you just as much or more. Mom, I am praying that you are watching over me as I asked you to and that you help to guide my steps, and that whatever my life turns out to be, I will have made YOU proud of me. I love you Momma, and until we meet again, KNOW that nothing or no one will EVER replace you in MY heart, because I will never meet another person like YOU who had the deep and profound effect that you had on my life. Your baby daughter~~ Athielene Tawana Bridget~S…. I LOVE YOU MOMMA!

  5. Mom, it’s been a year to the day since you left me to be with God, and I miss you just as much or more. Mom, I am praying that you are watching over me as I asked you to and that you help to guide my steps, and that whatever my life turns out to be, I will have made YOU proud of me. I love you Momma, and until we meet again, KNOW that nothing or no one will EVER replace you in MY heart, because I will never meet another person like YOU who had the deep and profound effect that you had in my life. Your baby daughter~~ Athielene Tawana Bridget~S…. I LOVE YOU MOMMA!

  6. January 1, 2009 Happy New Year’s Mom! I just stopped in to tell you that I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU so much. But I KNOW you’re always with me and I feel your love, our presence as you continue to watch over me, and I most assuredly still remember your wise words to me, and our long, deep and wonderful conversations as well. Momma I’m being strong, continuing to hold steady to my faith, and I’m also continuing to pray consistently as well, because we both know that God DOES hear all our prayers, but it’s up to HIM as to whether our prayers receive the answers from HIM for various reasons. I now know NOW 2 years later, that you were ready to go, but I did have you with me for my 45 years of life, and I cherish all the memories we had, and call upon them when things are difficult, and when I have my triumphs as well. I know we’ll see one another some day, but like I told Brotha, I know YOUR love, presence and strength STILL help to sustain me in those moments when I have doubt about life and about ‘things.’ Please know that. Momma, I also know that you know I WON’T be alone for long, so you won’t have to worry about your ‘baby’ being all by herself, as you and I always knew I wouldn’t be–and we both know WHY, right? *wink.* I LOVE you dearly and truly MISS you, but you know I’ll NEVER forget you–ever. I will never meet anyone like you down here on this earth, and I was extremely blessed to have someone like YOU in my life for as long as you were there. I LOVE YOU Momma and MISS you, and I’ll be back in 2010–God willing–and we’ll touch bases again as usual. That’s if you’re not too busy listening to and enjoying your Blues Music, and having a ‘cold one’ *smile.* Your Baby Daughter, oxoxoxoxoxoxo Athielene Tawana~S.

  7. A year ago today Mom, we said our official good-byes to one another, but I want you to know that as we discussed a million times, we WILL see each other again, for a mother-daughter love like ours lasts forever and ever. But for now, with only my memories of us, please remember to watch over me and guide my steps as you always promised you would. I LOVE you and MISS you Momma, but I know that your spirit is ALWAYS with me~~ There will never be another person just like you EVER! I will never forget you, and ALWAYS remember our times together…. Your Baby Daughter, Athielene Tawana Wolf~S.

  8. August 19, 2009. Wednesday. Hello Momma, Well, this is the 3rd year of your departing to be with the Lord. I sure do miss you–and everything about you. I miss your smile, your words of love and wisdom. I miss our long talks, and I miss your voice–I miss all of you Momma, yet I KNOW you are now healthy and in a better place with the Lord. I ask that you continue looking down on me and being with me in all that I do. I have not given up on dreams one bit, and soon, I’ll have that ‘someone’ by my side we always talked about 🙂 I Love you Mom, and miss you. There’s is not a day or minute that goes by that I don’t think of you. I know that I have to live on, and continue doing what I have to do. PLEASE know I love you and miss you. Keep a positive thought for me okay Momma? Come to me when I need help and Still come even when I don’t. I believe in the hear-after, and know we’ll be together some day. But until THAT day comes, please wish me the BEST and continue sending me ‘signs’ of inspiration and of courage to carry on. Mom, I love you, and don’t you ever forget that glamor girl. Enjoy your blues music and cup of coffee. Tell Brotha and Daddy and all the rest I said ‘hello.’ You all watch out over me, guide me and be WITH me in all that I do. I promise to make you all proud of me. And Mom, I promise with all I have to be healthy and to also help the elderly someday, and those LESS fortunate than myself. I PROMISE you that 🙂 Until August 19, 2010, I’ll see you, and please know that I love and miss you SO much. You will ALWAYS be a part of me, and be alive in ALL that I do in life. ****Until we meet again**** Your baby daughter, Athielene Tawana-S August 19, 2009. P.S. I won’t be alone much longer–OUR Time is coming soon to be together 🙂

  9. October 27th, 2009 Happy Birthday Mom, on what would have been your 84th Birthday. You know I love you and miss you VERY much. So many things have gone on in my life since you’ve gone to be with the Lord, and admittedly, most has been very challenging to say the least. However, The one thing I learned from you Momma is to HOLD ON–Just HOLD ON, and God will make ‘fix’ it. I feel that God IS ‘changing’ things around now and He’s setting things up for ME and you know who 🙂 I KNOW that my trust HAS to be 100% with God and with His will for me and my life. PLEASE know I feel your strong presence is always with me no matter WHAT I’m doing and no matter WHERE I am, and I promise you I will continue to hold on, and be STRONG. I’ll be back here on October 27th 2010 to wish you a happy 85th Birthday. I LOVE YOU ‘Glamour Girl.’ Your baby daughter, Athielene Tawana~S. P.S. We KNOW what that ‘S’ stands for don’t we 🙂

  10. Happy 85th Birthday Mom, You are truly MISSED. It’s hard to fathom that you’d almost be 90 years old, but you’re with God and and your Mom & Dad and siblings and at peace. I fight the good fight daily, although it has been an extremely difficult 4 years with you and Rudy passing away the way you did. There has also been terrible hardships/strife–but as I say, I still try to fight the good fight. It gets difficult, but I still fight ON. PLEASE watch over us down here. We always need your love, guidance and direction even from the other side. I LOVE and MISS you Momma, and IF there is SOMETHING I need to KNOW, and something I need to be DOING, please let me know what that IS. I truly ask for your guidance from beyond–especially now at one of the most trying and difficult times in my life. I love you and I KNOW we’ll all be together someday, but until then, PLEASE WATCH OVER US ALL DOWN HERE. Your FAMILY. WE NEED YOU MOMMA! LOVE ALWAYS, Forever your baby daughter, Athielene Tawana~

  11. Happy 86th BIRTHDAY MOM!!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH. I’m still fighting the good fight. My luck ‘seems’ to be changing too! Please watch over us down here, we need you! YOUR BABY DAUGHTER, TAWANA 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxox

  12. Hello Mom, and Happy Sunday to you. It’s Been 6 years since you left us all. You were TIRED, and I understand and accepted it. SO much has changed. SO much hasn’t. Sometimes I find myself still NOT understanding why things happened the way they did, but they happened the way they did for a reason. I Cannot look back. I can only keep my gaze looking forward. I miss you, but cannot cry because if I DO, I’ll never stop. Must be strong. One day I WILL have that final “cry” when my life is more settled, but before that I must get a hold of my OWN life and take care of ME first. I love You Mom and surely MISS you. Tell all I said “Hello, and that I love and miss them also.” Another year older. Another year a bit wiser. Another year a bit more scared. Another year of finding out WHO I am. Another year of finding out why I’m here. Another year you’ve been gone and it seems like forever instead of 6 years. IF there’s ANY way you can hear me asking you questions about this life and what to DO, I’d appreciate an answer back from you to the questions I’ve asked you. IF you don’t answer me back, then I’ll carry on as best as I can on my own. I’ll be alright. I KNOW for sure that you LOVED me!!!! I LOVE YOU Momma, and God-willing, I’ll be back here again on Monday, August 19, 2013, the 7th year of your passing. Your Baby Daughter, Athielene Tawana <3....

  13. Happy 87th birthday Mom. I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU.

    Things are not the same, But I know it was your time to go on that Saturday Morning, August 19th, 2006. I took care of you the BEST I knew how. PLEASE forgive me for the things I did wrong or when I sometimes lost patience with you and cried. PLEASE watch over me and guide me if there IS such a thing. You promised you would, because I surely need your help from beyond IF there is such a thing right now. I’ve REALLY Been struggling mightily lately–well, ever since 2006 to be honest, and in a lot of pain and angst. I pray to God for Forgiveness and for peace and healing and a way out of the situation I’m in now. I pray for a life, health, LOVE and for NEW beginnings in 2013. God Bless us one and all. I LOVE YOU MOMMA! PLEASE WATCH OVER ME AND GUIDE ME. PLEASE….

    Your one and ONLY Baby Daughter,

    Athielene Tawana <3

    Again, Happy 87th Birthday Momma. ‘Till we meet again here, God-willing, on Sunday October 27th, 2013.

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